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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Farmington, New Mexico Syi imy morn into it Bryarly 4,1962 volume no. N my to laity a Xci a Fifer try m a new it dict Torti sections new it my newly a Lect officials of the san Juan a qty democrats left to right mrs. Woodrow will in. Chairwoman Maurine Greer Wright Secretary Charles Craven chairman mrs. Bernard Smith tre Aijrer and Wade beavers vice chairman. Mrs. R. E. Sitta vice chairwoman was not present at the time the photo was taken. Times photo demos reorganize after Foutz walkout by tal Cooper daily Timet staff nation to Central committee had declared been Quot unable to meet Quot and that he had been informed by Coy that two Young att Meyi today Quot expected me to pick up headed the san Juan county dem a Jap Jujj Ead. Quot Crau following their election Ati continued that party a convention punctuated by the regulations had not walkout of j. L. Foutz. Mayor Oft adhered to for several years Farmington. And former county of econ we is steam Rotter technique j. L. A to a i fat find san Juan county demoed Cha airman said lit it the Quot Ich red Quot con Venti Imi sit Odir because the meeting was Quot carried of amp in com pm Ete disregard of party Rul and Fouti also said the party had become a new Quot attorneys democratic party pushing Lor the Aleo tion d Jan Campbell As Gover Campbell spoke briefly at the meeting and was the Only one of the three invited candidates for governor to attend he added the meeting was conducted with Quot steamroller some sources feel that though Foutz has not expressed openly any preference for a democratic it was the first Public an gubernatorial candidate he is announcement of mrs. Campbell s lined to lean toward mayor Leo resignation Murphy of Santa be. After a voice vote Craven de following the convention Foutz dared the motion unanimously issued this statement. It 0. Tunis. Mite a a regular county con tfx to iii in iii school chiefs Mort plan for chairman. The convention adopted and. Appointed a credentials committee before calling a by their own admission the proper procedures were not Fol a attended by st Tuting the rules and regulations recess to allow the committee to Lowed. Congratulations Are in or Quick draw test for anniversary Santa be up new Mexico s Golden anniversary celebrations Liis year will in elude a National Quick draw contest at Lincoln the anniversary commission reported saturday. Tie commission headed by Sute sen. Fabian Chavez a Santa be is seeking contributions from new Mexico businessmen to help co memo ate 50 years of statehood. Donations Are being requested to build up a budget of $51,900. The commission has $3,740 in its account. Following Craven s opening re the meeting read idea Quot he new attorneys demo More than 200 persons was persons sought the Ouri Foutz had gone. A cratic party of san Juan coun fan the county courthouse. Including Foutz but nor a w a to. Foutz quit the meet my As a another Farmington j Foutz ought recognition from Quot the to called convention was gesture that he did not attorney was Given three times but was sue carried on in Complete disregard it As a duly consult used Conven Bijj moved that the convention a aces soul Only once. That was when of the party rules and by Laws of tion he has been critical that a resignations of both Coy Craven was proceeding with the the san Juan county Democrat the rules and regulations were not go Campbell As Sec meeting without having had in Eric party As to the Call conduct being followed in the naming of and Attiat All irregularities Quot official Call to convention Quot read and proceedings of the meeting. Okay state Board As session voice Santa be up a a Meeyung of new Mexico school superintendents and local school boards endorsed the state Board of education saturday As their spokesman in the coming legislative session. The school leaders also endorsed Quot Basic principles of the Mort plan for guaranteeing certain state support for Public schools and changing present methods of Dis pot for his group s leadership Tributino the Money. There appeared to be a few the action in a joint meeting of a Acks in the United front. of the there were expressions of sep of school administrators and the ism the legislature would Swal school boards association was the Mort plan this soon. Also several superintendents All time Low with legislators Quot chairman Virgil Henry of the state Board said in asking sup aimed at presenting a United front for the educators in the special session starting feb. 12. Quot the prestige of professional educators in new Mexico is at an a successor to Arthur Coy. To Quot if there be any Irreg which was done after Foutz re resigned As chairman of the Par charities and that the meeting be minded of the procedure to in december. During the More than four hour 1 i or up a democrats lauded chairman and Wade beavers. Farmington attorney vice chairman mrs. Woodrow Wilson was elected chairwoman mrs. R. E. Sitta vice chairwoman mrs. Iii Miniad a san Juan county democrats convention after being elected Anc mrs. Bernard Smitn areas resolutions and were a chairman and mis Vastie fowl Conven Uon also saw tiie visited by three candidates former was named Secretary. Mrs. Ado Puon of several resolutions state offices at their county con Woodrow Wilson served As Sist. On wide Munig the san Juan Ventini in Aztec sturday. Jant Secretary. Jack Cooley fam county Young Republican group Jack m. Cabell. Speaker of my on at Orney was appointed i. Narf Flat Pant to House of representatives was parliamentarian. Go los rent of u i three invited Crux of the 11 municipality Chie Young gop a Quot a a Quot parliamentary procedure went out the window in the Best steamroller technique and Sam Ray bum must be turning Over in his grave at the dispatch shown by the self appointed chairman of the meeting Charles Craven in refusing to recognize any person for discussion of the initial motion that turned the meeting into a farce. Quot now that the lawyers pushing Campbell for governor have got this far in to Weir efforts to reorganize the san Juan county democratic party for Campbell i presume that the regular democrats who through we had a Par Lotical control Over any to invited Crux of the j 1-Page new rules to that functioned within the a candidates for governor and regulations adopted was a framework of our rules and by for tax package Cuba imports choked off pm a dark a. Plan t. Ran who a a an All gop slate in the next justices Irwin s. Moise provision that the vice chairman and be empowered to act in event m. E. Noble both announced they the chairman resigns or becomes Farmington municipal election. Re election in the May unable to act for other organization what it is suppose named for recommendation top Jmary a party leaders said this was noted to be. The state Central committee As Campbell who was introduced the Case in the old regulations. Delegates to the stau convention by by Shepard said the Onisi were b. J. Rupert mrs. Daisy the democratic Paity can be i 1 Graham and Robert Maddox in the general election look a Chance All of whom were re elected and by Quot uniting Quot and Quot burying All for part switching mrs. Aint Odom. Hatchets Quot after the primary elec Fouti was accompanied m Leav Kion. 1 Santa be up ii monday ing the Meeyung by James b. Moise and Noble were introduce will be the last Day for Republic Cooney attorney for the town of de by dist. Judge c. C. Mccurl cans to become democrats or Farmington and Felix Briones. A Lough. Democrats become republicans member of Cooney s Law firm. Several other persons reportedly also left. Ity of the United states and other nations of the the embargo proclamation itself says. The United states in accordance with its International obligations is prepared to take All necessary actions to promote National and hemispheric Security by isolating the present govern ment of Cuba and thereby reducing the threat posed by its alignment with the communist policy of allowing limited exports of food Medicine and medical caucus on Reb. In supplies from this coot try to ctr Quot Santa be tut a democratic a for humanitarian purposes. State representatives will caucus this has amounted to $13 Mil in the House chamber on the lion in the past year. Kennedy s order was a follow up to the foreign ministers of Hobbs has notified fellow legis conference at Punta Del Este gators the meeting will Start at Uruguay where members of the it 30 . To plan party business Quot i Hope that their ability to pro organization of american states for the on school finances Washington up president Kennedy saturday ordered All imports from Cuba choked off to Stop the Fidel Castro regime from getting dollars to promote communist subversion in this hemisphere. The ban effective at 12 01 . Wednesday will Cost the cuban Economy about $35 million a year obtained mostly from u. S. Imports of tobacco. But the president left unchanged the u. S. Laws will in due time take what Ever action is required to make the san Juan county Democrat spoke favourably of the Gott plan for school finances which apparently will be backed by gov. Edwin l. Mechem and most legislative leaders. It is a modified version of the Mort program. The joint Resolution at today s meeting appeared to be a rejection of one recommendation made last week by two committees of the new Mexico education association Host for the Unity session. The Nemea legislative and finance comfy Trees went on rec against any immediate change in the school finance distribution sys tem. However the chairman said they would Call meetings Toon to approve the endors Yenta. They Are Raton supt. Harold Lavender and Albuquerque supt Charles Spain. The state education Board will meet a few hours before the opening of the special session feb. 12 and present its legis wive recommendations state school supt. Choc we tax com the lag i Latum the Nemea has a Poftak a $94 off Lumi budget for next year re quart of the Lam Naken to find an additional $19 Millie my Woey said he thought the it Obi of the education Lioard f finance it tidy Mem rom i Rould be Home. What in than Itti the meeting waa cosh ducted by farming Tod supt w. H. Flt water. Chairman the Idiol adn mra tors. Chairman pm. Qty al the school boards association led about 25 fellow Board mantes in pledging support to the Atoka Board and the Mort plan. Quot whatever proposals the state Board presents the state legislature Quot will be acceptable the Anthony Board member said. Quot if state and local boards solve the school prob lon. It will be solved correctly Quot Wood said. Supt. Henry Trujullo 0 the Santa be county scam is said he favored the Gott plan at Titis time. Quot the Mort plan is something that takes study Quot he argued. French riot in prison Paris up right Wing political prisoners rioted in Santi prison for the second consecutive Day saturday. Tanks and thous ands of armed Security guards 01 a round the clock Alert at thi Gates of Paris kept the City Calm As it began a crisis weekend. Premier Mich a him in 1 Jecen at Tom Wiley said. They Are expect there in t much difference quote Gove Wnent of in eve of the feb. 12 special session. Limmea proposals. Nemea exec the joint and the i a r i e s de Gaul stands finn on its foundations Quick caucus chairman Mack Easley. Enactment of the Quot tax package Quot the walkout went Quot a a mentioned until late in the meet my when a Resolution said Craven stated that one party a Njg by who has since left Itoe meeting Vav without further burdening stated he we going to wreck the taxpayers of the state of new Mexico pm an unequal with that Milton Archuleta of the Resolution declared that the Blanco arose to declare that schools would always be a Quot this democratic convention in t going to be wrecked by one Craven opened the meeting at in new Mexico before the Pri i one of the resolutions con Rupend Jmary election de the democratic legislators for that also is the Dale for gov. Edwin l. Mechem to Issimil the official proclamation for the May 8 election. Paramount Quot concern of the Den crat in party. Another Resolution instructed Duce votes for the democratic voted to the Castro regime i and 1961 tax Laws. I party is half As Good As tji Eirand expel Cuba from the inter lability to steamroll themselves to american system Jhugh j a White House statement made t Foutz did not identify those to it Plain that the Trade Cut off was whom he referred As Quot new actor maimed at preventing Castro from in gym a a carrying out red Aims among i other latin american countries. It editor s note the Quot Campbell a a Aid \ for governor club Quot is headed by Quot the loss or this income will state rep. Austin Roberts and reduce the capacity of the Castro Jack Cooley both attorneys. Sev regime intimately linked with the eral other attorneys Are in the is no soviet blot to engage in acts group but the organization also of aggression subversion or other j includes Many other democrats activities endangering the seer Chain reaction crash plagues lady Driver Normal or myth facilities 1 20 ., amid rumours that the party leaders to Contact con legality of calling the meeting Gres Sivial and state delegations a convention would be questioned j to urge passage of Laws affording some thought the session would j voting rights and privileges to a be to elect a chairman to succeed Vajo indians j Coy and at the convey on would resolutions were adopted be called at a later Date. Presentation by Johnston Craven said Smice Coy s Jeffries Aztec attorney. I Lyndall Butler presided at the �600,000 question to face voters in school election by Dave Apker daily times staff dec. To 11 12 13 a 14 15 16 17 1� 1� 20 21 �z2 j3 34 25 26 7t n n 30 Ai Low 12 0 -34 -31 -3 -14 -10 0 -7 .7 .5 -4 .14 -12 -14 -14 us 12 f -10 -11 High 24 is 12 10 ii 3s 24 h 27 30 31 30 it 23 20 25 23 23 2t 25 2t 32 Snow a in. 3 in. Track t in. In. 1 in. F09 Foft Mercury Start upward push rooms All purpose room and rest rooms $121 ,�30. Northeast school four class rooms restrooms $72,�00. Swinburne school All purpose room rest own $69,207.,school officials say that the and Farmington will be ask classrooms Are needed to first of a school Bond is sue feb. 14.1 series on the election. De a $600,000 question on feb. H. 1hh an average growth m enrolment of More than 300 pupils per year. What the question amounts to is this Are you willing to go to the Cost Courtesy of Jerry Sheehan Lone Star trailer soles 910 w. Main a 5-6041 in 1960, 5,835 youngsters were c r d a paying for Hadly needed Addi attending classes in the Public san Jim Basin tem natures tons at seven of the town s pub schools. The total jumped to 6,175 edged into the mid-40s saturday he elementary schools Quot in 1961 and then to 6.448 year and similar readings were fore Sci tool officials Are wiping that the projected enrolments for the cast tor today. The will be next two years Are 6.750 in 1963 saturdays High at Farmington included in the figure and 7 050 in 1964. Muni apal aii a was 44 degrees. A re the costs of the following pro a it is significant to note that the a 45-degree top was predicted fori posed projects a schools have had the 300-plus a the afternoon. Animas school All purpose Urage increase during the past fair weather was forecast to room and Utility three years a time during which ithe town s population stabilized four class thus school officials nude their Ian. A 7 f pm it n 12 13 14 15 u 17 it if n �z1 n n 34 As u v n �o9 a 31 Low 11 -10 in -10 -10 4 i n a a a -14 -11 f f -15 -�4 of f w �4 33 �1 i f a -4 f 1 t High u n a a 76 33 3� 33 4fi h 21 it n 79 34 a a it u 40 46 40 3t u u m w n w n 3� n show Day with the possibility of Snow Roon $67 676 or rain looming on monday. Bluffview school saturdays Low was 18. Temper Ooms All purpose room and rest atom Agam were dropping in rooms $124.069 that direction Early this morn country club school four class rooms. $75.564. Ladera 1 pm 1 in. Tic i in. 1�. W9�s for pop broiled Ham Steak with candied Sweet potato and salad. Filet mignon. $1.95 rib Steak $1.95 Pic a rib 2204 a. Main school All purpose room restrooms and Utility room $68.984. Mesa verde school four class All purpose rooms hah to he omitted when some of the elementary schools were built simply because the amount of Money j available would not stretch to include triese facilities. While classrooms must come first in a building program All purpose rooms Are needed for Many reasons. They provide a i place for physical education pro Grams school programs and As i semlies hot lunch programs music and Many other school activities. School officials see a vital need for the voters to support the Bond Issue. The elementary school additions must be built now because Large classes already Are coming into the Junior High schools and soon it will i a imperative to turn attention to the construction of added Junior j High school facilities. I if the Bond Issue fails to win a one thing led to another for a woman Driver in farming ton saturday Mornini. Here Accordini to City police. Is what happened to mrs. J. L. , who lives at the Royal trailer ourt. 725 Vav. Broadway mrs. Lawrence cliche al into her Ink Sedan and hacked into a Joizil station a on. Oun de by Ruthie l. Wajd who also lives at the trailer court. Thin the car hacked into a 19.&Quot>6 Sedan owned by another trailer Couit resident. A e. Maston. After careening off Maston s vehicle. The Lawrence Auto slowed into a 1%6 Sedan owned by Tive Secretary Charles Wood said. A Quot a by of crush any up sing by he indicated opposition earlier to a a secret army organization seeking legislative approval of the a of Algeria to Block an al Mort plan at this time. Mgerian peace settlement. No mention was made at thei a Quot ii Paris was Calm Durini meeting of How much Money the Quot a tension increased a iii Hyfa i As police resumed their search of suspicious persons Anc cars. There was one plastic bomb a explosion Friday night and i Small hotel fire allegedly set by ithe Oas. No injuries Wert re i fior ted. I there was real fear of an up a rising in Algeria where the Oas has carried out a Campaign of violence since Jan. I to oppose de Gaulle s plans for an Independent Algeria. Charles r. Frani who also gives at the trailer court. After bumping Frani s car the Lawrence vehicle travelled feet and hit a 1957 Auto owned by Carl m. Rhodes. The Lawrence car then careened 25 More feet and rammed a Concrete lain first. The car lain Joist Colli Siun ended the Freak Chain reaction. In All. The Lawrence Auto had travelled new feel police said. Mrs. Lawrence was admitted to san Juan with Back injuries. Her condition saturday Niht was listed As satisfactory. Justice Noble due to Aid judge Walker i Santa be Iund Justice m. K. Noble of the state supreme court will preside in the third judicial District for two weeks a starting monday. Chief Justice j. Pc. Compton said saturday. Judge Noble will work with dist. Judge Allan d. Walker in division two of the District that includes Dona Ana Lincoln and Otero counties. Enrolment forecasts on the basis of a Normal growth in population. Also worthy of note is the fact that school enrolment is up 5, Proval. The schools could not 139 since 1950. What about uie need for All Pur pm room at five the schools proper another Issue under j state Law. For two year. Passage is important if a Quot school Gap Quot is to be avoided officials say. Tank. mrs. I. M. He Artri Dollar Day specials i one group of a cocktail dresses. $9 see our and on Page s3 or our fabulous. End of season sole Wool pastels for Early Spring Wear reduced one fourth Fleur de lis 103 s. Locke Quot last chancer Quot All fall and Winter dresses i Price a Cradle 219 w. Main would person or period who have telex logging tool please Calls telex a 5-3544bigbankruptcy Sale set and on Page 7b in today s paper Young fashions Jos w. Broadway final Winter clearance candidates at convention Niiler Stefi observers at saturday s san Juan county Denio cratic convention left to right. Dist. Judge c. C. Mcculoh. Supreme court justices m. E. Noble and Irwin s. Moise who said they would seek re election and Guy Shepard. 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