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Farmington Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 4

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Farmington Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Farmington, New Mexico April to 1174 teb ii pm n pm my tim editorial Page another boost for area the new Mexico Public service commission s api Morval Friday of a proposed Soo Kilovolt transmission line through a 257-mile corridor in the Western part of the state was Good news for this area. Running from the san Juan generating station near Farmington the transmission line will parallel the route of an earlier approved 345-Kilovolt line through portions of san Juan Mckinley Valencia and Catron counties in new Mexico before crossing into Arizona for an additional 146 Miles to Tucson. The san Juan generating station is jointly owned by Public service co. Of new Mexico and Tucson Gas amp electric co. But the latter is owner of the transmission facilities to Tucson. It should be noted As the Public service commission did that the 50 m Kilovolt line parallels the 345-Kilovolt line and there will be virtually no additional despoil ment of the environment As a result of the second line. The commission s approval Means that the general Fig station will proceed with plans for two additional unit which will mean audit Kcal electricity for Consumers in new Mexico. In addition to the Short Range benefits of employing about 300 workers during the approximately 18 to 20 months of constructing the audit Kcal transmission line the four new Mexico counties affected will receive a sub Tun tial boost in their us bases. Constrict xxi of the 3454 in it Volt line currently is und emay while work on the Soo Kilovolt line is expected to begin in about three years. The additional facilities not Only will Benefit the private utilities and governmental entities involved but win be a substantial contributor to meeting future Energy needs. A part time position les Houston campaigning for the democrats nominate it a for lieutenant governor in the june 4 primary election is missing several important Points concerning the office. In Farmington last week the Albuquerque lawyer attempted to make an Issue by claiming that one of his primary opponents state sen. Bob Ferguson of Artesia is involved in some sort of Quot Deal to return the lieutenant governorship to a part time of. Whether Houston or Ferguson feels the Job Shoukal be Fuu or part time there Are Many new Mexico citizens who recognize that the present lieutenant governor Robert Mon Drapon has done Little but use the office As a platform for political ambit Xis since the Job was made full time in 1971. Mondragon a salary currently is 115,000 per year it a far cry for the $50 do Are per Dav the lieutenant governor s Job formerly Pami when he was presiding officer of the Senate and acting governor when the governor was out of the state. If sen. Ferguson is in favor of returning the Post to a part time basis As Houston says the taxpayers and voters should commend Ferguson s position. Inside the capital conservative group lists contributions Santa feb la a Good commit tif rect Ltd con psf Unis a Sov a a to co mind do Roll in in cop i a in Ai a a Umit Siwl Wiiri Lohi find iii ii . Mom to fran for ten to pout Icil cup Tibt. Weft bar Corpora Osif May Doratt to Fanpi Lisit for of flick Bilow the Fodora Imelli id a Hutton. Tip Commins not Polt Tkal action Momy will by old Quot for do modal support of dts or tbs candidate in hit total of Aclid m la him for Tea political adlon Ehrmon to Teck Houat Candy data. Ii.41i for the political rib Cawon div won. He ii.41i incl Dob in in in Ftfe i ii a a a my in a a a a m m a -1 a 4� a a for in Conw Nikiaa a of Ovinna. Hit now count lao i Cand dalt Uona can Htoo mat last Leweday in a a a dui it by noi Fow room limb Wallona of Domondon for the Cora Mao to Flynn no. Tip Fidfl let it it pity comm too of dlr Odora will wait Stead a in aft ii car qut. Nolter ooh Toni Paul air too will probably by aat Dion. A better the Good Cofer Newt gom Mitton win pm Bedat Namoa of cd Idalia it win poetical Odt Catlon dollars acct Tod from clip ovations and part nor Stipa will Flanco tit Coop Litso s a a j a a a a a a a acc i a a a. Now tiny Ano a Babio Uio Ouw Nonna al�?--1 a �4 a non on to Isis Uirt Ana set loom Saya Quot for to win Fot into fiscal Oil Lars Loran Stala Fly Ash a to to s Bibb bars win the by the Board ite Aday. A _ ,1 a a a a i i ii la a a i my a Huq w now Malico goo graphic and a minors . Ton it san a near Saab nara in cart win the Mal Talbort in ite Iner mss so that Damo Crata and rap Bucana Aro Early times 30y�arsa9o \ a mrs. Pm Mcgaa of Rani did Lon Baa is Cavad the first late sri to bar son 8 a a 8t Ksn Notti l Mcgaa bald a part sons of War the Gunnan . Mcgaa in a to Stibing raid Over Eor Opo last Yaar was item Down and at firm was of ports As Arias inf in action. Latar it was Tomid the bad landed and was Taten Primo or. Fit says the is foaling Fino and sisal. Vonty Mit new Penl Ruilin plants in the . And Canada soon win of into the ii a i al i 11 a a a a a a a ii a a acc proof Cimon of san Cire a Quot a of iii magic drag to sat ite aads of As ill Saviro a Ness Sud 2,8ii, null Der Ouss in the Annad Forcada. Soap tit the inc Razaa in production Bottar pan Lullin win Only the Ava Blablo to Dolliana we cannot the Traastad with ite sulfa Dnn a. What it thi to we a ii. Local ate of Eph a the Small society by Brick Mansan Juan digest Mas can mph Wajman Basra Gona into ban incas concentrating on trains Tulli a in a ii get hmm a a i in i nil m in Orang Daci Nauru Lai wms in cilia wild Niru iii big wage Noni am iii Iliin of in recall aral work in the u.8. 15 years ago panamanian Matte ratios took British tel Lorina Dame Margot Fonteyn into custody last night and planned to it Toston ter today about Oporta ite and bar panamanian bub and Bava plotted to oyo Dauw ite goo Vanant. The dancer s bids band Formor amb Aamador to London Robotto Arias Baa Baan charged with smuggling Anna into Panama. Ite Ariaa in san Jvan and Mckinlay Coon a my the Navajo Rawsn Fallon to the of Nicod by Ival Romaina Undt Flani Broo Hoor mooting Yos Torday at City Hall. Do locations Woro pros ont from Many Parta of new Malico. Gunfire and dynamite to implosions by my on by i Parant unionist Dia it Satt faction Wmk company hiring policy Brote out anti in staid Iron n.c., a Tana Miu town today Dat Pisa ankh a Rauf Catlon of a Latriko onding to editor to iwo in at it in Tum of to a in a nerf a a it a a a Imit of Quot a a \ al o mgt a a nne a ill no we to of Fri a a Row it a a a a. A to Toltec door in is Sponaas to Carol door s and Sundus Melv Apro 14 i would Ute to at sapi to Sanawor her Provost of Sahnnon Retina archaeological a Anarch Contor ate on for on Tranco for a. Door s ism piss of Faroo Podaca Honal of Flaa Anch As Maslac and Chaco Raina Aro Fod orally Aappo Tad who Bolack s nah Iivari item ite office and q Paar Nai aral Una co. Ara ony Ruwa. Salmon Rains la dlr Adad by fat san Juan Organ Salon Wilth a spends upon i Fly the shia of in the a soda lion and primary Apon Whin Aspoas to Payfor by Val Cooper congratulations to pretty Lisa Conley editor of the 1973 scorpion for the Fps school newspaper winning a coveted first place rating by the prestigious coh Imbia University Scholastic press association. Lisa is the daughter of or. And mrs. Gerald coid 2013 Summit drive. Surdy now the scorpion is Worth school funding to but its own camera. So far All of the scorpion pictures have been taken with cameras belonging to staff members and r their sponsor mrs. Evelyn Gantner. Louche Farmington s Judith Turano and her husband Robert Gregori who have been in Germany fulfilling operatic sin ing contracts Are becoming in demand in other circles abroad As news of their talents spread. Itie singing duo Are scheduled to present a dinner concert of popular american show tunes billed As an evening on Broadway Quot at the Ramsten air base officers club on May 4. After announcement of the concert appeared in the base newspaper the Eagle one service num from Lan Stuhl wrote a letter to the editor asking Quot who is Bob Gregori and what interest does the army have in him Quot the editor replied Bob Gregori is a baritone who has Sung in More than so musical comedy roles and about 60 operatic roles in Europe and . And has made recordings for Columbia records and United artists. The Eagle is unaware of and interest by the army Althou Gregori was interested enough in the so Kliers at Lan Stuhl Hospital to sing a concert there to retire july 1 As manager of dreamland dairies and Dick pm tor is slated to succeed him. . Buckingham who retired a few months As manager of rust tractor has assumed the manager hip of Border machinery co s new farm ii on office. Nash Hancock Santa be automobile dealer who recently developed a Large shopping Center in the Ca Metal City was lunching with former mayor . Bill Nygren at the country club Friday leading to up actuation that Hancock is one of the associates with Nygren in a proposed development in the Northeast part of town. But Nygren says Hancock and his thira and youngest son Scott flew Over in Mieir private plane Only in an advisory capacity. Today s chuckle Steno umphers Are becoming so Independent that one of them recently asked her Boss to Stop using words that caused him to complain about her spelling. By Cheass coated press today is sunday april 21, the a Lith Day of 1974. It Ere Are 2m Days left in the year. Quot inlay s highlight in history on this Date in 7s3 b.c., tradition has it Fiat Rome was funded by Romulus. On this Date in 1909, Henry pm became King of England on tiie death of Henry in. In 18�, the Black Hawk Indian War began a big the upper Mississippi. In ins texans led by gen. Sam Houston Defeated a mexican Force in the Battle of san Jacinto. In in the United state recognised the Independence of Cuba. In 1964, . Air Force planar began flying French troops Hon France to Indochina to bolster the French bastion at Dien Bien Phu. In 1909, surgeons in Houston tot., made the first implant of an artificial heart in a human. In 1997, the greek army a Tatad control of the government in Athens and set up military Rule. Ten years ago. A 17-nation disarmament conference at Geneva was informed off Chauy that the United states and tie soviet Union had agreed to Cut production of materials for making nuclear weapons. Few years ago police and demonstrators clashed in Londonderry in Northern Ireland As British troops moved to protect key install Attona. One year ago. The United nations Security Council passed a Resolution condemn ii Israel for an attack in Lebanon. Hie ., tie soviet Union China and Guinea abstained from voting. Thois it for today most people Koukl succeed in Small things if they were not troubled with great Wadsworth Loii Ferow american poet 1907-1912. Washington merry go round troubles confronted Early congresses too has it win support with Campaign Rapia Aarstad of ahoy. Us Praia has not been . Ajit Alwaan he new Jar Parllee the widely Pebb dad a a goad 0<ya bad Guys Quot ust of Prsa Sot Sass Mem bars was not in Abdal mat of we Nama by iii of 0ipiimm Pynoos my uii a indicated 21 Quot Good Gays Quot Matty conserva Ivaa Aad 19 Quot bad Gays Quot mostly Mann Bra of the mama us houss maim a keys Bava the House More than four years. Good la9n9. 2 a am m. M Ugi Alatore and Ai la Makara regarded a Snaar sativa Are choir in and school operating Coats to Imp sae a charge or Aasu use. The Moazam Raca Ivaa no operating Fonds from san Jaan of panty nor for anyone olae. A Agama Mast charge and to meat ai9snaaa and Adow for hism of of for Vlcan. U Indle Adnala Ware Aowad in All Macau by one of charge foam they appreciate what maa eans have to offer. Until Auch time a the commom s total operating a ans a Are ass and by a Only the a atom Mast charge adm Aaion. Al though the maa Aam Charoon 99 Osala for a Sils sad 21 Capalb for 9 to 19 Yawara of age the a 29 Par a set Diacont for Oda Suomi groups who pay As a Hie . Wrays Are flying to Hawaii this week for a vacation Ney plan to stay in Paul Alm quist s Swanky condominium apartment. Almquist asked them to take akm something for the apartment. Guess what a Fly swatter Here n there . Curt Curtis is scheduled by Jack Anderson Washington for a respite from uie Haat of uie head Unaa a Brief history lesson May help. A look backward at the human comedy As it has been performed Here ukes some of the sureness out of watergate. The moldy annals of uie Republic reveal that in 17s3 Congress experienced its first serious face to face confrontation with a group of disgruntled americans. Troops of the contine Nul army marched into Philadelphia demanding pay and urea tuning violence if they did not get it. Setting a precedent for future years. Congress acted promptly. It decided to skip town. For uie next seven years. Uie heat of government was on tour. Like an unpopular band of minstrels Congress roamed up and Down the Eastern Seaboard. Travel had its adva Nuges. Rapier Ian visit uie Federal govern inside report struggle for survival by round Evans and Robert Novak Washington the daemon Jan on All governs no potty of or Saiant Nim s a Sparata Staggie for a was fait on Capitol he last week Congo Ostonal Republican received this message pres Klynt Ninn win Vato any my to refinance the Community action Beskos Caa acc thay Inch Ida rap. The Salmon Rains Rowau Viiga i Ai Rab. Is Bart ,999 altar Wib the not an abti4�oana Lacy Lilieni Bimbo totbsesamlltoato9l9.tte a a Good Gafari to the pm ii As lag Alatar 9199 Ai rap. Ekner l Fly Lemr. Do if Ltd. 919 afro j. Rap. A Many wipe 9m a sub. Sad Ai Lap. Al Heidel a Uvea to. 9199. Tito totes Joe get a car Labud. 919 rap. Dubarry. A i rip. Bsh Mem. R to Gardon Davis director rips and tears 9199 9199 Coom Bittle b. W. , Bay Ara a try sisal Baard Palit Kiana Are tool Row syn al Omick Roarab actor say 9199 Howard r. Miber. 9199 my Wald a Tanto. 9199. Only Inch Ridgal a. A a Cepter to the Pou ucal Aztlan Fand. fori Ningon Dolly to tries to. 4w a a a i Umi no imi my my a my wlm Xii in this a it let a i Lack who a a a ii v a my a my min i Oil a a Rifat of mtg a a a a in Imp it my a Hammi 0� m Amo Giaimi Ike a a a a a Mem a a my if a a a a Mizwin Ai pm Imti a a pm a a a a iii Nii m mtg m a it a in let my a my a of it a a flin Atim a m to m a a Quot iii no m a Temh an a a a a a a a ten my my my it a a a it a a him to my a m ted Hofstar Kwh m Law a it a to it a a a Rafii a May Tkv pm m a a no in a my la a we a a m of a pm a Amawi a i a Kiwi Taum to flt Lold to is t Drill 11 Mahiai met my m4 mme Ihm m pm my Solsem Toiuo. The four republicans in Congress Respo Natole for anti Overty Logi station ranging from Liberal to moderately conserva Tiff Rosa rated the meeting just before the easter recess. Ibey hoped to convince or. Nikon it would be to is the nation s and the Republican party s into Auto to sift such a Biu. But the reply from two fac atoms Funcil Nariss waa a no. La a a is to the now Gibbs of hip Sachsi to Littos. A shh a a a a a a it Lull l if i a a a i to mpa Cannoni a me Iio Yae Mcrae Safiy la Aly the Amto House most count on the Senato to Sava my at Isaac 94 of iwo Lallia Sinatora. Stoffa or. Nam has Oslo dad Many with de Tanta and High go Vanamb spending is noi to to Paras Tom on an Altiva to Ami avar pro pwn Alapai a to 199� to of such Bava Iona la Atod for Ito Bat for Flea Vam or. Niton has fat Owad staff advice to not Kol the Antt poverty in is own in who aia to log no by Len Pam me �9iil9r a naw 9iadn it by Whit it Stoa to a. Emly read to be s pm ii Adoti Gimp. By bal wads a my i will will lei Lewiw um9� Chi Holto al in bid Vermi we prob m u j. M0mt9 a i who it my w a Wib a to ids ii a n in now avar Jami non a nmn Mann i cat Odds Witti the Pirisi tics of aur Vivai the Palitt Ca of Pav Orty Are Chang lag. Com Manly action prob Rama Wimch began a air class to Piatov Ravola lob have Jonad the a tab Mariai Isbit. Atty had once damned Toni Quot a nutty action Bat the Mayora now plaid a &Quot----1- 10a Voo Auuso Loq Orai la Alicina. What s More. Community action has new rap Millican Guissi inf Lumi highly Roa Pactor rap. Atosie Auto of Man Iota Ono the Hooks Batt Ortof ram ab9ingt Jonm Nelly Actton a now Ito Kiy Mindar. Evan pm it it min Lomar Taf 9ir Ommy Blip Akom dog Hacks la of 9idtril Nova Fly Waif Quot an to ion iii rap. Wuu am Oramar of a Harmon Conan Rathsa and imply Cabot foe of Anft poverty Togo motion As a congressman Cramer now is get tag 919.999 a month for three months to sell Community action. The four republicans Bandung poverty left Totton Auto rap. Wilt am Striger of Wisconsin san. Robert Taft jr., of Ohto and sen. Jacob Jatto of new Yore now support Community action. So Ravito last weak asked the Amto House for a meeting to week a Row Promise. Sent up to Gap tol no Ware two Aida was Betow the policy among Laval Jamea Cavanagh of the Domestic Counce staff and Paal o Nea of the office of Man Gamont and budget the congressional Republican told them the much Crit Kiad anti warty Agency the office of economic 0 port Unity Obolas doomed. Nor did they Uka a democrats Achma to put Community action in the voluntary action Agency. But thay did Thelmi Community action Prosper inane the department of health education and Wahra hew org fax the Pratt Dent to support Tea. Howard pm Ipa by Tolly to charge of obo last year for the purpose of Disman thi it has do ascribed Cavan u one Quot who takes his cuss from 0 and 0naa As shrewdly but last week Cavanah and 07m1 turned thumbs Down. What str to 060, action or hew Community action funding worm be vetoed by or. Ninn period. What s More the prs Mont Alao might veto a my for a new Ugal sort Tea program formerly Tod Gad to obo if the Senate House conference now devising the final form per Toto to Prasant trance. Tho would Sattory Cona Arvatie demands. Enunciated by Phillips nearly to human a veto. Such Oonner Vathana Ara til Awara of a peach. Ment Polius. Although a. James Buckton of new York caused for or. Nikon a Rea ignation As a Mattar of Oona Tonca Many conserva thaa Tow it u a shot across tha Bow Maytag or. Taon More Atton Thra to tatar dashes. Mahta r. Gird As Pacaldo Ellal coir. Ras a Point oriere to Sueh Para sum and today Waum a prs Stag or. Nikon to approval Community action imms hew. Copyright 1974, Piam enterprises inc ment americans could simply stay at Home and have the Federal government visit them. Ultimately the government sought a spot for its permanent Home. Like most questions before Ogress finding a Home for the Republic became confused with other issues totally unrelated like re establishing the Continental Dollar and funding the War debts of individual states. The Issue was finally settled one summer evening in 1790. Thomas Jefferson a shrewd arbitrator invited Alexander Hamilton and a few others for dinner. The men talked Quot consulting together cooly Quot As Jefferson wrote later. Finally a bargain was struck. A Northern plan for paying the War debts was accepted and As a gesture to the South a stretch of land along the Potomac Between Virginia and Maryland was selected As the site of the nation s capital. In june of 1900, a Sloop from Philadelphia docked in Georgetown with the first contingent of Federal clerks. They carried with them their baggage and several Cartons of government records. Upon arrival they found not a City at All but a rough Frontier town of 400 houses and 3,000 inhabitants. Elder Bushes choked what would become Pennsylvania Avenue. Pigs chickens and goats meandered through the Muddy thoroughfares occasionally competing for footing with droves of cattle and group of congressmen. For the next decade the Young nation got along quite adequately with a Small cow town As a capital. The country was expanding and the Federal government was beginning to Settle Down. Across the land local boys joined the Guitia and Driad with Broo Maticka in Village Aquara. Across the Aea the British Ware try tag to crash Napoleon. As a recruitment program for Ito Navy the British tatar Laptad . Merchant ships and impressed american seamen. This stirred talk of War in pastoral Washington. If War would come Reaa Onad tha Bra Lucrata. The americans would never defeat the British with Broomsticks. So to 199g, Congress passed a taw a Otting 9100.000 annually for arms. The first dollars were spent for muskets and the bureaucrats fashioned their accounting procedures around the Muaket. All Figurea were entered in the books in unit of muskets. They bought swords and Hau and horseshoes. Pou and menu and bridles candles and Bright red sashes. But everything was reduced to Musket. The units of Musket were termed Quot muskets of each Musket was assumed to coat 913, although the real value was Only nine dollars. Each year the bureaucrat broke Down their budgets into Quot Musket of fractional muskets were termed Quot what s the Militta coating us Quot a citizen might ask. Quot exactly is and 9/13 muskets Quot the bureaucrats would reply a pattern was being set for the future of America. Copyright 1974. United feature Syndicate

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