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Farm And Home Magazine Newspaper Archives May 27 1956, Page 3

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Farm And Home Magazine (Newspaper) - May 27, 1956, Albert Lea, Minnesota Fam Home Section the Albert Lea tribune�?3 thousands of chemicals can help Home Gardener there Ait literally thou a Pels of control blights . I amt Plant disease. Killing chemicals spots rusts mildews blasts and a Ai Able. Many arc packaged in the like Are listed below Xii of sic it Larrs for he h0, car to hts Sema Ter i is Are general fungi. Dener. To help separate the More useful ones consider these pointers. Rides and is Ould control a major Ity of the diseases which can to controlled by spraying if properly the drainage problem a tile drained soil often proves better in drought Ity by removing excess water from areas in Minnesota this ground a rom hint i w a tin. Upper three four ire. Water eve. Generally Sites ii is econ in Tho mini. Lux univ the soil As quickly As is economically possible. There Are three kinds of soil water 1. Hygroscopic a the water held so tightly As a thin film around each soil particle that the plants cannot use it. 2. Capillary a tile water that it loosely held around each soil particle As a result of capillary attraction. It is from this film that plants receive the water and most of the nutrients necessary for nor Mal growth. 3. Gravitational a the water in excess of the capillary water which is removed under the Force of Grav try. It fills the openings Between the Sod particles and granules that bold the lapidary Waler. Removal by Gravity May be so slow that it becomes harmful to Plaut growth since it excludes air which is essential to roots Aud this restricts Root i Ortii. Gravitational water Wui coded As free water in an open Hole. Ground water Levels As they about Riondy or 10 a jut a a a it of g inches of water per Yoot wat it depth of Sott. Of plus Only Ann. Half near the ground surface has Little nil. In,.h a a relationship to deep ground Waichi la ? a aviation Al water Levels geologists refer thas to s-1 want re mov do it drainage a m a to to 11 a me expressed in another Way a half perched water table. The Perch cd water table is usually separated from the deeper layers of water by impervious or slowly pervious subsoil. Artificial drainage does not disturb or reduce the useful capillary Inch to one Inch rain falling on a heavy soil carrying moisture up to the lapidary capacity May cause the perched water table to Rise about one foot. The lateral movement of water a a Vav a no ust in capillary a a a a a a most imm it Wales water which is so essential to Plant through the soil is relatively slow growth. It Only removes the excess or that reason the beneficial it gravitational Waler which restricts re a cd a tile line or an open la ult i. I i fills null _ i Root Extension and excludes air which is essential to Root growth because of this a Mineral Sod Over drained. In fact during a drought a tile ditch will Seldom exceed 50 to too feet on either Side of the Drain. It Pili Ary water movement tends to be vertical but its movement is usually slow. Because of this it is doubtful if the upward move drained soil May actuary produces Ltd us Tittl the upward move better crops than a similar Sod no Emu a Mary water can sup not so drained. Under tile drainage p y Plantf Ullh any considerable any excess water i promptly re a Loum Otth moisture needed for moved so that run no. A a Row i. L Ops Are almost entire moved so that crops develop a healthy and vigorous Root system. On an under drained soil the Dev fertilizers rapid Early growth Moon tardy. Vigorous Plant Abl to licht lid to deliver in Yin it get ahead with so sum a Quot a kit to of efin9 nutrient in fret flow Ftp Ani Sno of Quot my a helping hand from Clarks Grove elevator and so fertilizer the Clark Grot elevator will help you work out proper amount to your crop a , fat it Art and Contin toward a told. A or it win Orosh of Dali Rary and have your s d Plant Brod radar to 90 without last minute Rod Daisy it worry. Know the Security too of Oiin que Ltd pf0w it f 1 Dapa adagio Lorca. A a a a blk in form or Foll form of ahead with so. It flows and grows Clarks Grove elevator Clarks Grove. Minn. By dependent on the capillary wet or of the Root tone. Most successful irrigation projects include the installation of tile drainage systems. J hey Are Essen Tad for two reasons. In the first place they provide for the prompt removal of any excess of gravitational water Aud prevents water digging. The other reason is to remove the Alkali salts which tend to accumulate when the soil water is removed by transpiration Aud evaporation. Bin a f i to of drainage Sheie is no evidence to indicate that land drainage May endanger the productivity of the soil there is a Good Deal of evidence to show dial it has Many benefits when in i stalled it situations where an sex i Cess of water occurs at some time during the year a number of tin benefits Are listed below 1. It permits Bette aeration of the Sod which is essential to Root Extension and Root growth. 2. It makes conditions favourable for the development of beneficial Sod organisms. The oxygen a the an As Wel As suitable moisture conditions Are essential for their growth. 3. On under drained soils yields Ait increased and crop Qualia it improved. I 4 the length of the growing sea on is increased Silit earlier Plant-1 my is possible. 1 by Vapi Elty of the Root is in 1 creased since there la no interruption of Root growth by exc Ess i water. 0 it permits tin use of flexible crop rotations and better soil management practice. 6. Drainage May add highly pro duct be acres to the farm without i extending its boundaries i of can Divide disease killing applied at the right time and at chemicals usually referred to As Tkv i Likht concentration. The Manu fungicides into two general class facture re a directions As printed on is seed treatment materials and. The package Label should be care foliage. Protecting followed. Otherwise injury or seed treatment materials Are pm or results May be expected applied to protect the sced and the i for fruits use Captan or Fer Young seedling against seed rot and ban and Fulfur seedling blight or damping off. 2 for vegetables use Zineb fix. The most useful and safest mat cd Copper maned or Captan trials to use on most Flower veg 3. For Flowers use Captan an Eta Hie and Lawn grass seed Are be or of Cream and Fulfur Captan Ortho cide to. Hiram i for Trees Anil shrubs use in and Spergon. Several of these Are be Captan or fixed Copper now available in 1-ounce packages. There Are a Large number of a Pac Kage is More than enough funeral purpose Spray dust to treat All the seed in tile aver and aerosol formulations available age Home Garden. Follow direct 10 Home gardeners. Be sure to Lions on the package Label c Are read the package it Bel before you fully by a to tee that it contains at seed treatment is a cheap form it ast Olus of fungicides listed of insurance to obtain a better above these same materials May More uniform stand of vigorous duo be up chased separately and seedlings w he ii soil conditions Mac a at Home if desired. Us not Ideal a usually cold and do a d a wet Between planting time and Keport i Tower a maw consumption grow should be applied before disease of ? consumption on Mlynne becomes evident. There Are Nofz farms Bas nearly doubled in general fungicides which will a it a a ars according i a cure a a diseased Plant. Spray 01 in in average Cor sump 11 o n should be made was 185 Kwh kilowatt hours for p Ifer ably just before wet periods each farm user. Last year Ore ntng1 ndttcteifa�lin.ecti0n8 by Lim nary ures show consume. Fungi and Bac to 1 la occur. Tion was up 90 per cent to 352 Hie most useful fungicides to Kwh per farm. Torn Uthe to big hogs with Donlea 42% hog balancer com my Grams Are lacking in the proteins vitamins and minerals that Are necessary if hogs Are of get to maket falter with less feed Cost. Donlea 42% hog balancer furnishes these essential elements thereby adding nutritional balance to the ration. That s we. 50 pounds of Donlea 42% hog balancer end 6 bushels of Corn makes too pounds of pork. That s a saving of 6 bushels Over the old Wey of feeding Corn alone. And you get results like this in less time. Donlea 42% hog balancer is extra fortified with Vitamin b i ? to still further Speed up growth. All this adds up to bigger profits. See us today for a Supply on Donlea 42 % hog balancer Nova tis Home of Qon Foa Tux. Albert Lea Minnesota

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