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Fairfield Ledger Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 4

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Fairfield Ledger (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Fairfield, Iowa Fairfield la ledger�?page4�?thursday, May 15,1986 Mion a Ben Wattenberg will chernobyl spark citizen dissent i exaggerate but consider what would happen if Ralph Nader and Jane Fonda were unleashed upon the societies of Eastern Europe. That will not happen. But when a literally and figuratively a All the dust from the chernobyl nuclear disaster settles it is plausible that its most important political Impact May occur in the soviet satellite countries and will take the form of a huge boost for what in the West would be called a the consumer environmental movement. As politicians All Over the free world have come to understand that is not a movement to be trifled with even if its claims Are often exaggerated. Now it is True that the communist countries have been relatively successful in putting Down political dissent. Most of their subjugated Peoples a would surely like a free press free labor unions and free politics. Some courageous few in totalitarian countries will stand up and dissent publicly when such rights Are denied but As we have Learned the number of dissidents who will defy the state on these issues is Small. After All the punishment can be imprisonment or death. will go along to get along even while hating their governments so for 40 years now Western strategists have wondered How when and if the Peoples of the captive nations of Eastern Europe would Ever break the Yoke of communism. Comes now the nuclear Plant disaster. This is not a matter of a Mere Quot free politics free press free unions this concerns the health and survival of mothers and babies in countries adjacent to the soviet Union in Poland particularly it is feared that the chernobyl Accident May cause a significant increase in cancer deaths and the polish government unlike the russian has publicized some of the dangers now the nations of Eastern Europe already have some nascent environmental and consumer movements for example in East Germany there is an anti nuclear action group closely linked to the lutheran Church there is a Small anti nuclear and anti pollution group Active in Hungary. And of course in Poland Solidarity was always More than just a Union it was an umbrella for a variety of citizens rights groups that included labor agriculture academic and consumer consider this situation against the backdrop of what is now the current state of the global nuclear Power Industry. No new plants Are scheduled in the United states we have 101 operating plants of the 27 plants still under construction the great majority Are close to completion with billions of dollars of rate payers monies sunk into them chernobyl will activate the anti nuke movement but there is not much left to fight about. I hasten to add that in my judgment nuclear Power on the . West european models is still the safest form of Power generation there is roughly the same situation completion or near completion of nuclear plants a exists in Western Europe and Japan interestingly the next big expansion of nuclear Power had been scheduled for a where a Eastern Europe and the soviet Union will there be protests in these lands where protest can Lead to jail or worse a 1 11 Wager there will be do not underestimate the Power of a Mother who fears for her child s health even in a totalitarian society will the East european governments abandon the huge sums already poured into these plants a will they snub the soviet Union a will they fight the mothers in the streets a stay tuned this May be a situation that is without parallel there have been scenarios drawn for the final stages of communism but i done to think anyone Ever figured it would come about through the meltdown of the state j 1986, newspaper Enterprise Assn single family Home Best Deal for Dollar by Chet Currier a business writer new York a the hottest spot in a very mixed . Economy right now is the Market for that old standby single family Homes. For most of the past couple of decades inflation provided a Strong incentive for Home buyers who saw almost any kind of real estate As a Way to profit from the rising Cost of living. As inflation waned in the past few years that perception started to change. But lower inflation also opened the Way for the lowest mortgage interest rates since the 1970s. A residential construction especially of single family units is the one sector of the Economy that remains Strong a notes the Wall Street firm of . Hutton amp co. A Home builders cannot keep Pace with the record sales of new single family of course this is by no Means a uniform phenomenon nationwide. In parts of the country where is an important Factor in the Economy demand for Homes has suffered from the Steep drop in Oil prices. But in Many other areas the Oil Price slide has helped the housing Market by contributing to lower interest rates and increasing consumer Confidence. Berry s world a 1986 by Nea inc a a it a just the new american embassy Quot around the Rotunda Bennett on education when the government reports Friday on housing starts in april Hutton estimates the figures will show them running at an annual rate of slightly More than 2 million. For the first three months of the year the numbers were 2.03 million 2 million and 1.95 million. The decline in mortgage rates which has been the most widely publicized financial event of the year is unquestionably the biggest single Force behind the housing Boom. But other factors Are playing a part As Well. Value line Points out that demand is especially Strong for a Trade up housing a the 1950s baby Boom generation is entering Peak earning years Between 35 and 50,�?� the investment advisory service observes a Many in this cohort have started families and Are outgrowing their starter furthermore value line says there appears to be a Large backlog of would be buyers of larger Homes from the Early 1980s, which were marked by a recession and High interest rates. Single family Homes also have benefited from the debate in Washington Over tax Reform since it seems All but certain that tax deductions will be preserved for both mortgage interest and property tax payments. Des Moines Ina while a lot of politicians have been poor mouthing salaries received by Iowa teachers William Bennett the . Secretary of education thinks teachers salaries around the country Arentt bad Bennett clearly stated that he did not have the latest information on Iowa teachers. But he told reporters at a news conference in Des Moines tuesday that teachers salaries have gone up a rather dramatically in the nation about seven percent a year for each of the last four years. The average teacher he said is now making $25,200 a year. Most teachers Are married and the spouse works Bennett added. He said their average income is $47,000. A that looks pretty Good but i still think we need More incentives in the system than we have for excellence and a report by the National education association shows that the average teaching salary in Iowa slipped six notches this year to rank Iowa 37th in the nation. The average Iowa Public teaching salary for 1985-86 is $21,690. Speaking of the National average of $25,257, Bennett said a look $25,200 for 180 Days work ainu to bad a Bennett the Lone Democrat in president Reagan a Cabinet said one of the complaints of teachers is they do not get enough recognition for a Job Well done he cited a Survey where most teachers said they believe their salaries should be tied to their performance. Career ladders Are becoming a popular Way of compensating teachers for their excellence Bennett added. The commissioner of education said the teacher shortage in 1990 May not be As bad As expected. He said a record number of Young people 100,000, have selected teaching As a career. Bennett said most teachers once they have completed their professional training say they would have been better off without it he suggested that anybody who could show they Are knowledgeable in a subject be of Good character and can communicate with Young people should have an Opportunity to teach a i think we should have open applications. Give them a learners permit and let them drive. If they can drive Well let them stay in the Bennett also came Down hard on television specifically the number of hours youngsters spend watching to. The average fifth grader he said reads about five minutes for every two hours of to he or she watches a number of experts he said have suggested that watching television can create learning disabilities among children. They Call it attentional deficiency. A kids can to pay attention very Long they re used to spurts of stimulation and information on television. They can to sustain interest Over a period of time a if we can get children to read one third As much As they watch television we could solve a lot of our literacy a Eljurdi Cruz Tab George Mcgovern raid puts . In game of terrorism the More one contemplates the doubtless there were multiple re areal purpose of the bombing Mission sons behind the raid including the against Libya a few weeks ago the Hope notwithstanding the immedi More puzzling it seems. Ate danger of retaliation by khad Afy if the Point of the raid was to Dis and his supporters a that the bomb courage future terrorist acts by col. My attack and the threat of its Repetti khad Afy Why has the Reagan admin lion just might in the Long run give is ration sharply increased its protect terrorists pause Tive measures and warned against in i believe however that the raid creased terrorist activity following would not have taken place save for the raid Mother More compelling reason a it presumably the administration was a tempting Opportunity to punish should have been Able to relax its be khad Afy by meeting terrorism with purity measures after a putting Kha terrorism Day Back in his Box a a to quote Secre the trouble with All of this is that tary of state George Shultz. Yet while attacking Libya from the air around the Globe and especially in the provided some sense of revenge for Middle East american embassies have been alerted to new Post raid danger. And . Tourists have been urged to see America a or the Orient a instead of risking stepped up terrorist dangers in Europe and the Mediterranean this summer. Although Public opinion pollsters report that a Clear majority of americans support or Reagan a bombing Mission against Libya americans in Large numbers Are cancelling their overseas travel plans. What is the explanation of All this if the administration and the Public really believed that bombing Libya would reduce International terrorism Why the sharply increased anxiety about terrorist dangers following what has been advertised As a successful Quot surgical strike a against Kha a fyn a kingdom is it not Likely that both the Public and the administration really feel a heavy bombing attack is not a very reliable method of reducing terrorism All evidence Points to the conclusion that the administration expects More rather than less terrorism As a consequence of the raid. If these assumptions Are True what was the real function and purpose of the bombing attack frustrated and angry americans feeding a delicious Macho instinct found to some extent in All of us it also put us into the game of terrorism on a grand scale is this in the amen can interest a no answered nearly every govern ment in the world it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that however much the bombing attack did to lift the spirits of americans it weakened the standing and prestige of the United states in the eyes of arabs Afri cans asians latin americans and most europeans what better strategy to inflate the already inflated ego of col khad Afy and what tactic could More effectively fan the flames of fanaticism fury and frustration that Mark the Arab world than a night bombing attack by american bombers based in Britain i raise these questions not As a pacifist but As a world War ii heavy bomber Pilot with an appreciation for both the possibilities and the limitations of Aerial bombardment the f-111 is a marvelous plane but it is too indelicate an instrument to remove the cancer of terrorism in the Mediterranean world a 1986 newspaper Enterprise Assn Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints North of Keosauqua Gary r. Schoeni Branch president sunday sacrament to am. Sunday school and primary 11 20 . Priesthood meeting Relief society 12 20 . Wednesday Young men Young women. First Baptist Chapel Eldon Vera Don oho pastor sunday school 9 45 . Worship 10 45 am., everyone Welcome. Round Prairie Baptist Daniel Woodward pastor Friday Pillsbury Bible Baptist College male quartet 7 . Sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Youth group 6 . Evening service 7. Wednesday prayer meeting 7 . Pleasant Plain friends Rem Bryan pastor sunday sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 ., 7 . Young friends 7 . Wednesday Bible study in Homes 7 30 . St. Joseph Catholic e. Pleasant Plain Robert Busher pastor masses saturday 5 30 . Sunday to . Monday wednesday Friday 5 30 . No mass on tuesday and thursday first Friday mass 5 30 . Holy Day masses 7 . Reconciliation saturday 5 to 5 20 . Antioch United Church of Christ Loy Loller pastor sunday sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Thursday Bible study 7 30 . Saturday choir practice 4 . Birmingham free methodist Phil Campbell pastor sunday sunday school 9 45 . Worship la ., 6 . Wednesday Bible study and prayer Cyc my All at 7 . Zion Bible Church Douds Walter w. Shuka pastor sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Worship 7 45 . Wednesday prayer meeting 7 30 . Second and fourth mondays Awana youth club 6 30 ., third through eighth grades. Hickory Grove Church of god holiness Stockport c. Dean Grant pastor sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Evening service 6 30 . Wednesday prayer meeting 7 30 . Birmingham United methodist Duane Olsen pastor sunday worship service 9 45 . Sunday school 10 45 . Stockport Christian Robert j. Butt pastor sunday school 9 30 worship 10 30 . Bible study 7 . Batavia gospel Lighthouse Brace Oliver pastor sunday Church school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Wednesday prayer service 7 30 . Bethesda Community Kenneth Carr pastor sunday school 9 30 . Worship 10 30 . Bible study and prayer 6 30 . Salina presbyterian ted Whit Harn pastor sunday school to . Worship la . Noon meal with Young Peoples meeting following. Batavia Calvary Baptist Charles e. Rogers pastor sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Awana youth ministry sept.-april6 . Praise service May august7 30 . Wednesday midweek prayer service 7 30 . First augustan lutheran Lockridge Lenwood l. Monte pastor sunday Church school 9 30 . Confirmation service 10 30 . Family Fellowship program Beckmann refreshments broils and Montes 7 30 . Wednesday women a vocal group rehearses 7 30 . Lockridge Baptist Rev. Larry Hembry pastor saturday youth for Christ banquet and movie a the god makers pleasant. Sunday Church school 9 30 . Worship 10 30 . Services at Parkview 2 30p.m. By 8 30 . Evening worship 7 30. Tuesday Abw 7 30 . Wednesday through the Bible hour 9 . Bible study 7 30 . Hope lutheran . Germanville 18 Miles be of Fairfield Highway 28 Robert Barker pastor sunday Church school 9 . Worship Nursery 10 15 . Choir rehearsal after service. Tuesday Bible study 9 30 . Thursday menus brotherhood 7 30 . Our Saviours lutheran Keosauqua Terrance k. Ellis pastor sunday holy communion 8 30 . Sunday school and adult Bible study 9 45 . Tuesday visitation outreach program 7 . Saturday confirmation instruction 9 . Glasgow United methodist David Kennedy pastor sunday school 9 30 . United methodist worship service 10 30 . New Sweden United methodist Church David Kennedy pastor sunday worship service 9 . Sunday school 10 15 . Faith United methodist Libertyville Robert Connor pastor Pentecost sunday world order sunday offering Church school 8 45 am. Worship 9 45 . Monday and. Council 7 30 . Wednesday Umof 7 . Thursday Bible study 9 . Fama Stever House 11 30 . First presbyterian Birmingham Charles Mccracken pastor sunday sunday school 9 45 . Worship service la . Congregational United Church of Christ Keosauqua James Watson pastor sunday worship service la . It. Zion presbyterian Keosauqua Charles Mccracken pastor sunday worship service to . Batavia United methodist Robert Connor pastor Pentecost sunday world order sunday offering Church school to . Worship service la am. Wednesday Umof 7 . Thursday Bible study 9 . Fama Stever House 11 30 . Richland friends Sid Martin pastor sunday Church school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Evening service 7 . Wednesday prayer meeting 7 30 . Packwood Christian sunday worship service Rev. Donald Harbour 8 45 . Sunday school 9 55 . Monday cwt quilting meeting All women in the Community invited 1-4 . Wednesday 1st and 3rd wednesday United youth Fellowship at Packwood United methodist Church 3rd-5th and 6th-12th grades 6 to 7 30 . Packwood United methodist sunday Church school 9 55 . Worship service Rev. Donald Harbour 10 55 . Wednesday 1st and 3rd United youth Fellowship meets at this Church 3rd-5th grades and 6th-12th grades 6 to 7 30 . Brighton first Baptist c. L. Anderson pastor sunday school 9 30 . Worship 10 15 . Libertyville Church of Brethren Leland Grove pastor sunday inter generational sunday school 9 30 . Worship service 10 30 . Woolson friends Church i mile South of Richland Carl Ratcliff pastor sunday Church school 9 30 . Worship services 10 30 . 7 30 . Wednesday worship service 8 . Stockport United methodist Duane Olsen pastor sunday sunday school 9 30 . Worship service la . How to Contact your congressmen Here Are addresses and phone numbers for Iowa s . Senators and the states first District congressional representative . Sen. Charles e. Grassley <202-224-3744 135 Hart Senate office bldg., Washington. D.c., 20510 . Sen. Tom Harkin 202-224-3254 317 Hart Senate office bldg., Washington . 20510. . Rep. Jim Leach 202-225-6576 room 1514 Longworth House office bldg. Washington ., 20515

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