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Fairfield Ledger Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 1

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Fairfield Ledger (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Fairfield, Iowa The Fairfield Ledger Fairfield Iowa 52556 pric 25c no. 3 wednesday january 5,1983 Fairfield Iowa 52556 a Price 25c a part of Fairfield s heritage since 1849county, City split on jail supervision Issue by John w. Kennedy the question of responsibility for supervision of the jail at the Jefferson county Law Center remained in limbo today after county and City officials failed to resolve the Issue during a three hour meeting tuesday night. The meeting involved the Jefferson county service Agency comprised of City councilmen Jim Larson and Bill Drake county supervisors Harold a a Peter Pearce and h. Roy Lamansky and private citizen Darrel Edeker who acts As chairman. Also present were City attorney Robert Parkin county attorney John Morrissey chief of police Frank Johnson sheriff Bill Angstead and South Iowa area crime commission executive director Gordon Plepla. Plepla explained the two cells in the North hallway used to hold juveniles and adult females Are City owned. The bullpen and four maximum Security cells used to hold adult males Are county owned. A police officers routinely incarcerate people in both jails a Plepla said. A if somebody gets Hurt while in a cell who is liable a a if you re going to have a civil rights suit Over somebody who says his rights were trampled on he a going to name everybody who a got deep pockets a Morrissey said. A if you re going to have a jail litigation they re going to name everybody that a involved with the jail the state of Iowa the county the City any individual Parkin countered that the City has no liability because there is no statute charging Fairfield with jail responsibility. A policy should be determined by the sheriff because dammit he runs the jail a Parkin said. A a he a responsible for it. Between 80 percent and 95 percent of the inmates Are arrested by City officers. But Morrissey said the sheriff does no to have the statutory responsibility for the care of a prisoner until he has been preliminarily arraigned before a magistrate. The Only suit filed by an inmate since the Law Center opened was against a City police officer. A the City does no to have a Damn thing to say about that jail a Parkin continued. A once a prisoner is placed in jail if he wants to hang himself that responsibility should not be with the City because they re not a a you re going to end up with both names on the caption of the lawsuit a Morrissey said. Parkin agreed especially if radio operators Are charged with the response bit of being jailers which was another topic at the meeting. Since March the department of social services has required the jail be physically checked every hour. Pearce and Lamansky thought the Issue was resolved in october when the Agency voted to have radio operators begin immediately checking prisoners on an hourly basis. Although the radio operators Are paid by the City and under the supervision of the chief of police they Are employees of the service Agency. According to the Job description revised in april 1982, radio operators Are to a perform visual checks to assure prisoner Well being at prescribed neither Larson nor Drake was at the october meeting and tuesday night Parkin said the City disagrees with radio operators performing the checks. The service Agency functions by Mutual consent and if either the City or county disapproves a new policy must be derived. A a there a no Way that i As City attorney would Ever concur or give the nod to the City entering into any agreement where they become jailers a Parkin said. Edeker said the county has the responsibly to find a solution. He suggested transferring radio operators to the county payroll but Morrissey and Angstead protested. Checking jails was not one of the duties involved when any of the existing radio operators were hired. Who will hear the radio while the dispatcher is checking the prisoners was another question raised along with the physical safety of the operators All of whom Are females. Angstead said the Only alternative to not inspecting the jail hourly was to close the facility. He said he does no to have the time or the manpower three deputies to assure hourly checks Are made. Parkin said police officers likewise Are too Busy to make the checks. Plepla said it would Cost $120,000 to hire full time employees to specifically Monitor the jail 24 hours a Day. Angstead said a solution must be found expeditiously. Stricter enforcement of the hourly Check regulations will begin next month by the department of social services. And Angstead says he plans to keep Jefferson county prisoners in jails in Washington and Keokuk counties until the Issue is resolved. The prisoners were transported two weeks ago and each is costing $30 a Day for lodging away from Jefferson county. Angstead said he has had a harmonious relationship with the City since the Law Center opened to years ago. He expressed a desire to continue cooperating and he said he does no to want to hinder City officers when they incarcerate prisoners. Parkin said the City will cooperate with the sheriffs office but a i want the responsibility to be where it belongs and by god it belongs with the Drake said the City would be willing to participate in a a Good neighbor policy in which the radio operators could for example watch a monitoring system but Angstead said All the camera equipment in the world wont relieve responsibility and he still needs someone to Check the jail hourly. Paul Mueller chief jail inspector for the state of Iowa and Wendell Willard state jail inspector for this District attended the meeting but did not participate in the discussion Grain fund checks ready for mailing the Fairfield Park apartments. Located at the end of West Harrison Street Are scheduled for completion by february 15, 1983. Construction on the 16 two bed Roo in and eight one bedroom units housed in two buildings began in june 1982. Brothers Michael and Jeffrey Voorhees Fairfield Park development company Are the owners and developers of the mod Erate income housing project. Jeffrey w. Voorhees and company . Is architect. General contractor is Ankeny construction photo county Cool to funding request by John w. Kennedy the Jefferson county Board of supervisors listened so optically tuesday morning As the executive director of the Community mental health Center requested a 26 percent increase in funding for fiscal year 1983-84. Paul Anderson encountered opposition after he asked the county to provide $66,732, or $13,897 More than last year. Anderson said the figure represents a six percent Overall increase in the budget for the three county Center which includes Henry and Louisa counties. Total projected budget for 1983-84 is $262,468, including $186,455 for salaries. A a in a not against Community mental health but we try to run a tight ship in this county a Anderson was told by chairman h. Roy Lamansky who is also one of the 18 directors on the Community mental health Center Board. The local office at 55mj n. Court St. Is open four Days a week and provides services such As psychological evaluation marriage counselling vocational rehabilitation and chemotherapy. Patients can be referred by their doctor minister relatives the courts the department of social services or even by self referral. Services wont be denied to any county resident unable to pay a fee. Lamansky complained the Only feedback the county receives is statistical information detailing the number gender and age of residents who seek Aid at the Center. The Center treated 339 patients from Jefferson county in 1982. A we really done to have any Way to evaluate the program a Lamansky said. Since the program began in Jefferson county in 1975 it has steadily increase in hours of operation and patients served. The Rev. Keith Lingwall Fairfield president of the centers Board of directors told Lamansky the Center cannot be specific in relating cases because of state Law and professional ethics. Lingwall said the Worth of the program must be accepted As a a a Given because it is difficult to show tangible results. Anderson said there is no Way to set a fixed Dollar amount on All the services provided by the Center. There is no Way to determine the value for each person who Learned to control behaviour and did not commit suicide Anderson said. There is no Way to measure the Cost for each person who remained out of the mental health Institute or a psychiatric unit of a Hospital after being helped by the Center Anderson continued. Since Jefferson county officials were kept to less than a three percent raise because of the Economy Lamansky does no to believe the supervisors can allow a 26 percent increase for a program headquarter in another county. And Lamansky believes if the Board allows the increase this year Anderson will ask for accelerated funding in future years. A was trustees of county Money we have to justify what we re putting continued on Page to by Larry Johnson finally the checks Are in the mail. Nearly three years after the financial failure of Prairie Grain co., inc. Of Stockport Southeast Iowa Farmers will get their hands on some of the Money for Grain they had stored when the elevator was closed Jan. 31, 1980. A a we re ready to go As soon As we get the checks sorted a said bankruptcy trustee David a. Erickson by Telephone from his Urbandale office at 9 30 . Today. All told Over $2.2 million will be sent to claimants against what is commonly known As the a Grain Money collected in the Grain fund includes proceeds from the Sale of Grain stored at the elevator when it failed and a warehouse Bond plus interest collected on those funds while the elevators financial records were being untangled. The Way for distribution of the Grain fund was cleared tuesday morning when Robert f. Keller of Stockport withdrew his Appeal of a ruling issued by . Bankruptcy judge Richard Stageman late last year. Stageman a ruling itself took More than a year after Erickson issued his final recommendations on Grain fund distribution in october 1981. A total of 7% Grain fund checks will be mailed or picked up by lawyers representing Farmers later today said sue Douglas the trustees assistant. She termed activities at Erickson a Law offices today a frantic. A i think every Farmer with a claim has called the office in the last few Days a she said. A a number of them had questions about the distribution report mailed to All claimants late last week a Douglas said some Farmers should get their Money As Early As thursday depending upon mail delivery from Des Moines to their Homes. Farmers who fail to receive checks by Jan. 12 should Call her at Erickson a office so that checks can be reissued she said. Some claimants should receive More than one Check. That a due in part to accounting procedures and in part to the fact that some Farmers had More than one commodity stored at the elevator. Warehouse receipts since plans were made in late december for the distribution the Iowa Commerce commission has ruled that because a number of lawsuits concerning disposition of Prairie Grain funds remain unsettled warehouse receipts must be turned Over to the trustee for partial cancellation rather than the full cancellation required by Iowa Law those warehouse receipts will be returned to Farmers Douglas said despite High interest rates paid on the Grain fund Money while it was invested pending distribution Farmers will not be collecting much on the Dollar for their stored Grain according to Erickson a distribution report. $1.37 million was paid on Corn valued at $3.17 million $846,435 paid on $3,019 million Worth of Beans $2,159 on Oats valued at $13,836, and $7, 172 on wheat valued at nearly $37,500. Weather Fairfield area forecast partly Cloudy wednesday night. Low 30 to 35. South to Southwest winds to to 15 Mph. Thursday partly Cloudy with High 45 to 50. Temperatures tuesdays High 31, Low 23. Today at noon 29. Congressman switching parties Bryan Texas apr rep. Phil Gramm a Democrat who was removed from a committee for supporting president Reagan a economic policies announced today he will resign and try to win Back his congressional seat As a Republican. Gramm submitted his resignation to gov. Bill Clements in a one line letter that said he would vacate his seat at the close of business today. Gramm said at a news conference that he will switch parties and try to regain his seat in a special election although he expects democrats to a make an All out Effort to defeat a i cannot in Good conscience continue to work within a National party a that seeks to limit my effectiveness on behalf of those i represent in its Effort to perpetuate the spending spree which has crippled our nation threatened our position of world leadership and robbed said Gramm. A i recognize that my political future might because of this action go Down into oblivion. I do not know whether this is a Wise decision but i do believe that it is an honest one a said Gramm. Gramm a a Boll Weevil Democrat was removed from a committee by his party As disciplinary action for his support of Reagan a policies. House Republican leaders promised him a continued seat on the House budget committee if the conservative Democrat switched to the gop Clements said he sent Gramm s letter to Secretary of state David Dean who will advise the governor on the process and procedures of calling a special , workfare working Well in county by Larry Johnson a much debated social program called workfare is pretty much what its name implies a a combination of work and welfare. The concept Isnit new but the practice is relatively new in Iowa. The jury is still out on workfare in Jefferson county. The program began dec. I with Over a dozen welfare clients working for the cities of Fairfield and Batavia and the county As a condition of receiving monthly welfare Grants. But Early indications Are that workfare is finding some acceptance Here both among unemployed workers and their new City and county supervisors. Subject to state qualification guidelines welfare recipients who would have previously qualified for benefits under the a unemployed parents program must now work if work can be arranged for them. Participation in workfare is required Only of two person families. The programs intent is to allow one Parent to stay Home with the children while the other makes a contribution to the family a financial support. The Grants Arentt huge a a family of four persons for example gets $360. And technically the payments Arentt considered salaries but a recipient of unemployed Parent benefits must work to get the Money. A if they done to work they get cancelled a says Rick Johnson director of the Jefferson county department of social services. A i done to want to appear punitive but i think that a a really Good aspect of the program. It puts the responsibility Back on the client which is really where it should the county ass decides who is eligible for the program then refers eligible welfare recipients to the Southern Iowa economic development association. Sieda places the workers in jobs then Bills participating agencies 57 cents per hour to cover the costs of administration and workmen a compensation insurance. Clients get a $25-per-month allowance in addition to their regular Grants mainly to cover transportation costs. Quot we Hope we can just break even a says Phyllis Mcwilliams of Sieda director of the workfare program for an eight county area. As officials began to set up the program earlier last fall they were Uncertain about the attitudes they would face from both the welfare recipients and the officials for whom they would work. Welfare recipients might move to counties without workfare programs they feared or at least balk at the idea of having to work for Money that had been Given to them unconditionally. In the eight Southeast Iowa counties under the direction of Mcwilliams just one person has refused to go to work. That refusal came from a resident of Jefferson county whose benefits were ended. T Quot i really done to know exactly what happened to that family a said Johnson. Municipal and county officials in most areas of Southeast Iowa were initially reluctant to commit themselves to the program for two reasons a one they Hadnot budgeted Money for it and two they weren to sure if the welfare recipients would actually work. A i anticipated lots of problems with people sitting on their duffs a said county Engineer Charles Holmes. A but in be been kind of surprised at How Well its worked so far. We be had a total of seven people working for us on the county Road Crew and the people we be had have done a Good Job for us. That May change once the weather gets cold but i can to foresee any problems one reason there Are no problems say two of the men on the county Road Crew is that they re Happy to have something to do. A they should have started this a Long time ago. If they had things might not be in the shape they Are now a says Roger Dennison a 30-year-old unemployed Fairfield machinist whose wife is also jobless. A i like it i really do. It makes me feel like they re not handing it to me. I feel like in a doing something for the Money instead of just sitting Dennison works 24 hours per week on the Road Crew mainly cutting and piling Brush and running a Chipper. During the remainder of the 40-hour work week Dennison has other figurative Wood to chop a he has to look for a Job. A i look All the time but there Arentt any jobs a says Dennison the father of two daughters. A so in the meantime this is keeping me Dickie Puffinbarger 38, of 706 s. Eighth is also working on the Road Crew and he Hopes the workfare Job May eventually give him a shot at a regular full time position a a in a hoping something regular will open up a says Puffinbarger the father of four children who last held a steady full time Job in 1980 Puffinbarger works 32 hours per week and Hunts a Job the remaining eight. Like Dennison Puffinbarger says he a had Little Job Hunting Success and that he a Happy to have something to do. A when in a not working i still need something to do or i get fidgety a he says. A sometimes you get discouraged and this is helping me. One Parent from a total of 28 families will work in the program Johnson says if work Sites can be found. If they re not available worker hours will be rotated at available Sites. Any Public or private non profit organization May employ the workfare participants. Johnson says he a currently seeking indoor Sites for people who Are restricted to indoor work for medical reasons

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