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Fairfield Ledger Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 3

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Fairfield Ledger (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Fairfield, IowaFairfield Ledger. Fairfield Iowa. W Edn Espay 1 Elt. 13th. Imm i. News and comments. The u. S court question. Circulate petitions for the location the i. S. Ltd Hurt in Fairfield has that Tenden we May he mistaken but we look we believe the Leiker and its editors have credit Raihn a the people Jefferson county and the City Fairfield Lur favouring every Enterprise that tends to Advance the material interests a there were i in business failures i either. We Are free to say now and Tao week Tbs it greatest number m any week i j Here that we do not believe the Effort to the year Mercury registered 3< below in Manito last 22j.och men Illinois rut into Trie rebellion 2 5&Quot.5 Are now the pension Roll while us Many More have App ii j cd. Tiou a a. Porter president upon it As a political movement intended toe mate agricultural gaiety and a Man Well Kukuk and Lee county for known throughout Iowa died at Iowa City r. Furnishing the votes that elected a re thursday alter a Short ill eeg. A let and Umi i ache Indian killed 75 people in the Mesi 1 publican congressman As mayor cum cac t in Casa Grande Bihue Hua. An Ltd car mings said a i Friday night we Are All ried off a number women and girl. London had fire thursday which is Aid to lie the Greaten the Century two acre ground covered with Fiu Ines House were swept Over. And the Loc is $15,,woo. A the total vote in Wigt Congiu at the late election a 216,925�?103, tit democratic Republican 13,800 prohibition. 2,495 Green i no settlement the Northwestern Railroad War yet the Omaha line decline to consider the question until the Milwaukee agree to build no More new lines in disputed , n y., extinguished a fire with a thousand Gallons cider the Quot the Saloon contribute $9t, Here Aud May As Well be Plain. The fact that some our Republican friends Are aiding in the movement does not change our opinion it. Years ago we Here in favor Keokuk and we propose to maintain that position until convinced that we Are wrong. We believe with one the speakers at the Friday meeting that Keokuk should have had a courthouse years ago but we will not now join that gentleman in doing All we can against that City because it elected a re Quot to my annually to the Public Revenue the Money publican congressman. W e Hope we Glt a a a to the school fund. New York to itys funded left is $96. La .,j#3.43. A reduction $2,090,-0#0 the met Goy the Hill the Warfield physician averaged $350 for Eab Lay the president # ihoe#?.there Are 1.435 prisoner in the 3 dict. Ii., Penitentiary 22 it them female. A according to the census returns the i s. A $2,790,2&Quot 05 inverted in Nanu facture an i produced in i Quot my #5,369,667,766 in manufactured god material used were valued at $3,304,540,029, and $947,919,174 were a. I in remains M Griffith have Mote than to take such a position. We will at least compel people to respect us for honesty and earnestness in this matter. Critic Tsiu is made the action W. J unkind in declining to serve As Secretary the meeting. He is not in the habit stultifying himself and his declination was in Accord with Bis previously expressed views. Why is not . Campbell criticised ? me is a Friend who died Iii Paris Early in the fall arrived at Dubuque last week it now appear that . A a the pro Joet. Yet Ile declined to serve Oretta died from the effect Poison Nocei the committee appointed to manage dentally Given him by a errant but that death would probably not have occurred had be no already Taen in an enfeebled , the Enterprise. He was chosen to a position where he could accomplish some wheat Hay. Cotton a and Are the for the project if there is any Sia in leading agricultural product the United Verity in his professions. His excuse for a late the aggregate snowfall at Galena Idaho ast Winter a 90 feet. The Milwaukee r Ai bowed increased earning last month in Pite it the i w rate brought by the rail f in car. Not serving was weak. A critic could assign a better reason and one that was floating around the surface. That is. That the present Congress would not a Davenport recently Cigar have time to take action the petition maker went a strike and their place have Al been tilled by other brain a halt witted Inui amp tto. Who recently died in Fin Lio Itati weighed til ounce but two heavier recorded Cuvier the naturalist and i to Alier it Roabie. A Philadelphia be mete a Ted exclusively by coloured people a recently been visited by grave robber and at the present titties itty grave have been found empty in tense excitement prevail and several the ghouls have been caught a. K. English late Lieut a Ratic ands late for Congress in the in ii Anapol distal to. And i w a contestant for the court the Republican party Consumers and the Public sentiment to regret its advocacy. With some sent the country it Points out the fact slight changes the report will probably Civ that excessive duties generally sex he enacted into Law. I it its it optionally High duties in particular i a the newspaper directory n. W. Discredit our whole National economic j Ayer a son Philadelphia is the Oom system and furnish plausible arguments pretest work its kind we have yet their representatives to this and now matters Are Lively. At House Christmas night for the Benefit our Cornet hand. E. A. Mcclain Justice the peace a moved to our town and into z. T. Present N. Hunt with ii. I. Hour Smith # House. The citizen town and Vicini lev Pittsburg publishing the modern to Ara getting up a prize Hunt to sea if they a r a in no n t Iolj a i for its Complete subversion. Seen. Further it is strictly reliable and Congress has taken no action tile is issued by a firm noted for its straight report owing to tie precedence other j Forward business principles. The news business. Ksough is known however paper annual comprises a volume to entitle it to respectful consideration Over him pages Well printed and hastily the distinguishing feature die report bound in cloth. In addition to the names is a substantial reduction and this is newspapers in each county it give what a Tariff men have conceded must the population each town and county result. I he report being the result and other statistics which canno but be Mutual concessions there is very Strong j valuable to advertisers. The work unreason tor believing that it will he Derta Kea by Ayer amp son is completely can t Lead Fairfield in the number at this writ a Bauer. Adopted by Congress substantially As made to that body. There will doubt and thoroughly done and is valuable not ouly to advertisers but to every Well i a. I a a a ii can x Lea i raiment in the no inner headers Wall Osgood speller Aud. Org Leur Lull in go la Verv Goff s arithmetic \. I. M Ilson with Png. A lakh wbk Yan Antwerp Bragg a co., Cincinnati publishing Mcguffey s Eclectic series and Hayes revised arithmetic and . Sells representing a. S. Barnes amp co., n. Y., publishers the a a National a series Are making their head Quad Batavia matters. Editor Ltd Terr a . Baldridge is now occupying a new office which he a lately erected j near i residence. Meters. William and Elijah j Collin have returned Home from Colorado j where they have been for several month look _. Ing after mining claim. They will remain ters in the county. I he work these i during the Winter. Our school Hoard has lately i purchased some much needed school supplies among them Are a full set maps nine in number a Globe and other aids just what our less in some changes engrafted in a Bill i posted professional and business Man. That May improve the report. A tax j a the Railroad War still continues Bill is now pending in the Senate and it the tight is now one for territory As Well is stated that senator Morrill introduced j us rates. Business is More disorganized an amendment the st inst which j than Ever Aud dissatisfaction general incorporates the schedule recommended it Only a few persons comparatively can by the Tariff commission As a substitute \ Avail themselves the Cut in freight for the existing Tariff. Senator Aldrich j r ites and passenger tariffs. A touted a High Tariff Man. Regarded the report As states commission ought to have the very sound in its general aspects and Power to fix maximum rates for trans probably As Good As could by made. Ile i rotation that would be fair to the peo thought there were some mistakes in it pm and just to the railroads. If any which should lie corrected before the i comp and saw proper to Cut below the proposed schedule was embodied in a j established Rales at competing Points Bdl compel it to charge a proportionate rate while the report does not meet the to All non com pot ing Points its line approval the extreme protectionists it certainly is not warmly received by free traders. They will. However make the Hest it by claiming that it is a you gentlemen has aroused considerable interest. In the text Book question through t 1 a it us a he i j a Girou Nim ovum in in j in n no oui a out the county. In order to secure it j school a Long wished Lur. Them. A. Sabbath possible the much desired uniformity i school i making extensive pre intimation for an books in the schools superintendent i entertainment Christina night. \ revival. J meeting i reported to be Iii Progress at the Ilos Enberger has called a Contention methodist Church at Brookville and is meeting sub directors presidents boards etc., j with Good autre. To. In this City saturday. December 12-id, when the matter will he fully discussed. Ooi nay line. ,. ult i. I editor a weather such a we have and a series books probably utter actor no the past week Marketh glad the mined upon. Now thai the statutes pro Hibit a change books oftener than once in Force year the matter which moot vitally interests the people is that heart the Coal Miner. The Banks in this Vicinity have been taxed to their full capacity to Supply the demand. The a a Palling Bee a season Here will lie opened by a match at no. 3 this wednesday evening. S. C. Humphrey is rious districts a township but through my a schools we Hope this convention will adopt such books As will give us this much desired uniformity. A Power that kind should in vested in a commission. We would then have fair and uniform rates and not Dissen Sion arum dissatisfaction. Ender the cession to their demands. The re Piort j present want system and inability has the general support the country Railroad officials there will be a heavy cat w i arrested for Bastardy last week the w ii. Iii web Crew the Hng a few hear later. A the cold weather at week ?e, Rai Ruad . A eat ii a not so much the ii to the difficulty in keep my team u it. \ Milwaukee Man recently leu inti i Toh ii re i Cun in Pine land $120,-\ i i no Inland Farmer Rai to $4,00�?o Worth err ii ii acre if , i it i 2.v la tulle a i lad Road est it w mat it will Hale a ves 200.0011 in l,., hot Tatnai a Legal v Hung in t Alif Mia last week it hat i her flip 2m Chat Ian a. Per Day. Iowa it it \ tiling w Man w to claim in a recently it it Pinal i cwt a by prayer Hie m Phi Titer Walt pen fur navigation until it week. Frank in attic new a charge it the Wallington. I c., Aud it would Ite brought Lief re a democratic Congress where . A Ampbell would be it in jelled to show Bis hand. The democratic party in this District i it All torn up Over tin court question. Aud the object the Lead is is to have the Republican party Iii the ame distracted condition. With Fairfield my pleasant and Ashing too contending for would soon is a disorganized As is the democratic party. We Are f Friendly to Fairfield and will do ail we can to Advance interests but we must have the privilege Quot i a in our judgment to what i be lot Trio a interests we believe have Al a a Given As much cur Means tor the enterprises that have and i Vatric <1 Fai Stiebi a ail tin Jeaker and it is almost certain that it will be. Advance in rates and tariffs As soon As embodied into Law. And that a Republican i tile quarrel is ended and innocent peo a ingress will have the credit a Eton \ pie will in coif Eib a to for the less polishing what de in Tat in congresses had is now being sustained by the cutting not the courage to attempt. The jut r j roads. Dot Washington nays a by a recent decision the United there Are two elements in tue House \ states supreme court the heirs cobol representatives which Are getting to j a a have Nikko Given the title to Gether and will Pool their issues in neut it., a. The Arlington estate tra t Over a curing Tariff legislation. I hey Are what a a Are known As the Tariff revision Republic i a it usar a acres land near Washington can and the protectionist democrats. City. The land in question was aban t Liege two elements probably comprise j Don cd by the rebel general when he took considerably Over one third All therm against his country and was members and it seems Likely that the ,. In a Ai bought at tax Sale by the government revision partly will Muster even Morel j strength than this. At the Way and j Lulu it since been used As a cemetery and my ans committee meeting thi morning i the bodies 18,000 i Nion soldiers lie when the bib a taken Ujj Lur the first Huriel in it to Day. The decision in based time. Or. R Andall remarked to some . Iii ii ii it Oti a flaw in the tax Sal. His free Trade friends a we will put i / the democratic party in a an at lib a delivered tin opinion Titue by opposing this report a and they j take the High ground in Short that the seemed to agree with him. In fact the i democrats a concerned. They have j the Hooks chosen be first class and that j shipping Corn this week from the Western part i. A i a the stat. Or. Rush Wayne county a there be uniform no la Oom pained by Friend from Indiana visited in this neigh Borho last week. M. M. A st has out the county and for the Good our i returned from Lakota. Harvey Fisk Fella a 1 a resident Here in the Long age a is the guest old let. Miss Nettie Moore Clark county is visiting friends Here. J. Vav. Duffiell teaches this Winter two mile Northwest Batavin. The Shaw school House it the line has just been tilted out with new seats excellent finish and design. A a Nii it. A a free gift. The Chicago Hock Island a Pacific railway have in pres an almanac and hand Book useful information containing a vast amount matter which it is Handy to have available and which All Clas is people want sometime during the year. The by contains descriptions the Western state and territories a list i. A. Land offices where lands Are available at Low rates Bow obtained -., etc., a Well a interest tables business Law rates postage and political facts and figures. In fact it is my it no a it in Torti and All the work is every Day use. The same Road also publishes a Christmas Book for children which contains several Fine illustrations and is original matter and a very Fine piece Sheet music arranged for piano and a it Varlet voices. Either a do the a books nod the music Willvr a sent Post free if requested by a i tal letter. The earlier your letter i int to e. St. Lohn a Jenera ticket and l a? agent. Chicago the Licker you will get the. Do Bull a a syrup for the cure coughs colds hoarseness bronchitis croup in Ftp. In a asthma whooping cough incipient consumption and forthe Relief consumptive persons in advanced stages the disease. For Sale by All , 25 cents. Important notice to Farmers i have Ferek Tel arrangements kor the ii ask Twenty five car loads Corn we ten can be it it i to the j Enate Jefferson county at a in figure than they can now get if i also want 25,000 Hoad live poultry by which i Ieti Gay before Selling. He Hight a a t Price in each. Tiff50 Farmer will a to Well to Call and be me James Quot a i it in an. One thousand men and boys we to v to by overcoats and skits Howlett tit m jul. In 6 in to to col in kidney wort the Villa combination. 1 he a gut s Wallace Villa Ombina Tiou apr ears at the opera House thin and to Morrow nights the company includes Agnes Wallace Sam b., Little i Ucie and Little Veo \ Ilia and full support. While the company is a new one to Western theatre goers it is an Eastern favorite and has met with unusual favor at the hands other Iowa towns. Tonight they present the four act drama a a Sarah Multon and the comic opera a a Cinderella. Their famous brass band parades the streets daily. Reserved seats at Tappert s. The it. Pleasant Aud fort Madison paper pronounce this company the finest that a visited those cities this season. Re Memler a edit s Day Aud thursday evenings with change program you want to spend an enjoyable evening procure tickets fur this j entertainment. _ heavy tax payers As a matter general interest we publish a list the heavy tax payers it Jefferson county. The list is taken from the tax books for 1882. And includes Only those persons whose taxes exec is 81 us. Liberty and Des Moines townships make no showing in this table hut ail others Are represented i no. Has been proved the surest Curi for kidney diseases. Does a lame Beck a disorder i urine indicate that you Are a vie Imp then do not hesitate j use kidney wort at r once druggist recommend it and it Wili c speedily overcome the disease Andre Stort hot Althy action to All the Organ. I Carli a Eor Eom Piatta Peculiar a Omi woe to your Tex such As and weak Cesca kidney Wiit is unsurpassed As it will act promptly and safely either sex. Incontinence retention urine Brick dual ropy Deposit ant due dragging Pama ail speedily yield to its cur att a Power. Sodd by All dbuggibt8. Trice i. Idney wort i 25nm notice til st k Holder he annual meeting the a a a in a Jer the fir to National Bank Fairfield Iowa is to be held their banking House tuesday the 9th Day january 1883. Between the hour ten clock a. In. And fou Royl a ,. Rn., said Day for the purpose Cho log a i a i tit director for the ensuing year. Go. L. Tom blk. . Be. Ltd in in r fit . Iis�?~2. To i have a big Stock All kinds Gool it i Skally Fok no in a first-gla3s clothing store consisting in Bart overcoats suits. Pants vests. Hats Caps shirts trunks Valise. And gents furnishing goods. To Endie variety in fact i have too Many in Ltd Dani i am bound to set them in the next Day and if you will come in i will give you some big bargains i t Christmas is coming and i a it tit d i f m f \ it Ned. To it it All who. Are safferling from thee. For and indiscretion youth Nerv Ltd no #. Weakness Early Deray Lor manhood ae., i will Send a recipe that will Curey ii free charge. I i great remedy a a discovered by a min tonary in 8 a ugh Ito Erie. Send a Elf a it it i in vet i it to the a v. J. Ecu i in. St lit i i a Yuri it. I a a j been clamouring for a ret Luciou the j Tariff. And their a hrs wet loader believe that the report la Tommis Ion i popular with the country an i they to \ 1 a Oil l Inaxi flit people urn stand Why such a a it Sprng rein i Ion it f to poses lid nut met seem Likely that me Cinel Opp i the Bill will rom from member what exigencies War Cooter no extraordinary a Hewer upon the a a Yeutive. Go. Acu econ saute. By til Law Alston. To Kuta Betl. Fink nag weal Bank. J. By. Burdett a co. J. J. Cum linear and mrs. E. Cottle. A. Lowar mrs. C. M. Lama. A Palfrey Jaciko a. I a i re j mum feet tiring co. J C. Prinner t it Ltd i Trust a. Vav Fuller S. Gantt. In any other country under the Sun a matter ilk thi would never have come a. Hunt i i j Ii. Rufford. Re the Art at a. Lee the Arch i Sarah if anti Tiger traitor would have been Hung tor Bis j m. J. Juul tin jord.,n Jesro. V i a i in it a jul is / ii j a i f ii a i Lavt Ain nes and lib to Perth confiscated. I be j j., j it. A it feet their approval it it i at the Chiel Opp sit Ion to de the ourt i a remarkable one. Have so Hial Iii their respective at the meeting iat i nday right and District which demand til very a gov. A Kennery Fili ally trave Kel i Hirt fixate face to in. Editor Cocker la i a. Louis who shot slay Berk. Bas had Hice stricken from the court docket and i a tree Man the receipt the Poui dealt Lent a it year were $41.#76,409, the expense 841,482,021. a net income a $1,5.94,- new v Ork a 200,olm illiterates just the figure the democratic majority. Pennsylvania raised 6.000,00 Bushel a 2044,000 commercial traveler Are in a it cd in the i. # at an aggregate cd st $�?�01,. Montana will Rod Ore a Milliun valued at $8.040 too Thisen a. 50,olm be id cattle end 3,4mmi, founds we . A i Titi 1>k2 the Post office depart uie it a n>4 la in Ciu turning f in thirty two year i be Garfield fair a Vav amp Shing to to netted in than $10,000. Idle interest i t the ii non $1.418,065,m�0, while the annual in Turc to charge i $54.2.57,138 flit Ltd Venus came upon a Clouds it a in Eastern i cited it Tate observation a re a t ii lure but ome go a i work a done the a Nollol Pacific he an i in the Southwest. The a. B. A q now a a Short line Between Leven port and a by ago a bar ii Boyer a Nickel counterfeiter a Arre the i at Haven Kurt iut week. A re Deuce at Cleveland. Ohio a $12.001 Worth jewelry iat week. Tote Chicago police Are still raiding the gamblers. A Cen. We yet Taud ready to give our Lull share it time and Money for the further advancement Fairfield but we Cauuet at Tai time join in a movement to Pun i a a county it the District for giving a majority for one our own citizen in a Cong ret do dial election. Protection and they Are n see it touched at All. Willing to the Tariff commission s report. A Cheek Railroad wars. I and with a Eom re 3#ee�?Ts by in path in j a u g a a ,. To. A. A a a a am in control it Lite government it. The Imo Pic May in Narer paving dam cd 1 r a a mrs. Mary thu urn j at # it # uth crore it who sufi red by the 1 a us to i met Lew Hail. in. L. F Eire. War than they imagine. The preparation Long Knout and Hon. M. A. Met oui introduced in the j Aliverti As a i cough Lieut oily Bouse representatives in the to inst. A Bill designed to abolish at least Reg a received a a w title and new wrap per. It is now put up Tipper the name Chamberlain s cough remedy with Uriate the Railroad War which unsettle directions for be in six languages. This Weaver and Jwo Greenback Elt it narc Fri. Have Jour it Btu the Jel j Kab favored the nation the Tariff commission audit i pleased to know that the commission went t buckwheat about its work in a business like manner Aud formulated a report that meets with Gratifying Teudt sement from protectionist and fat from Irce traders. The commission distinctly state that a a in the Imin the Lea tires the present american system have been retain no one la questioned the fact that for several years a revision the Tariff has been necessary in some its features the present Tariff is crude incongruous to the time the present Tariff Law a enacted the exigencies War w re upon us and the Law was demanded by the interests the people it be i and the wants the government. The amendments which have Leen made from time to time have grown out . Gillette dissatisfaction with the Tariff in time peace with a dear to improve the Law by taking from it some its Bur dec.#. Mining the control the Lowet values and demoralize business. A few persons reap a Benefit from cutting rates but the Mas the people the lines the warring Road have to Uff a splendid Medicine highly Esto enied by Many our readers a always been and is yet. Prepared by . F Hamler lain. Who originated the preparation. He a made pharmacy a special study railroads were compelled to charge to All having received instructions in the Art Points their lines in proportion to i for Quot a the most noted pharmacists in what they charge to competing Points the cutting would soon end. Establish fair rates Aud punish but a allover charges. A dispatch says the Mcva i a Bill a Bill to trodus de in the to Day by representative Mcpadd to i provide tar he re Lati id inter elate cot Nuberee pm vide that a h rail America and bad Over fourteen years i practical experience which partially i accounts for the great popularity the Medicine. No other preparation has Ever come into such general use so Little advertising As a Hamluk rain s cough item Edv. It has no equal for coughs Aku i ii. V nit colds croup. Prepared Only by Cham Road March it Erich year publish i a i schedule Ltd rate that it cent the a by a. Mer lain a i <4., Des Moines la. Sold by Ulm rate Ball lie the minimum rate and a. To per cent Alsue. The Maxim in allowed to a j charred in any Case. The a rate a Are to lie the charge for Loa Ling and the mileage rate for hauling and to lie fixed upon the principle impartial service fur fair Cir kit me profit from i honest Public service. Consolidating Diacritic unating. Of soling ,-., Are Irobia cited and punished. A Ommittee nine members one from eat h judicial circuit Iii the United state shall be appointed by each Pongre to supervise in Jones a Bro. Addition Ala local. Up with the times. The Ledger endeavours always to keep up with the times. It finds ifs gement and control it the Railroad under this Law and recommend amendment thereto Cit the it their be m nine party Organ. Or. Ruay he will be the Garfield a Tate for in i. Rant Ville ind., a Xoung idiot a eni to a bail with a Pinto in his j bet caring Hou a Congress by the democracy tin dance the weapon a Dis barged and killed lie girl with whom he a . Good water. Of Sauk minn., attempted to kill his a Ite with a knife a be Wanton Quick for him which boasts its ire Trade dogmas Effort were made to repeal modify the Tariff but through a Seei a cowardice a no t a i brain out with a pistol. Hart s inability to understand the demands flouring Mille were burned at Clinton Ian to week Barit Quot Ai had $25, 0 Worth to Breines building destroyed by tire iat week. A the Ink brother three notorious de i Cradoc. Made i do operate tight again tar the eople nothing a practical character was done. When the Republican party took control the Bouse at the present Congress an Effort was made to re re to at Moberly. I it week a Hundred Vise the Tariff but it was found that Etti a Erc exchanged bet ecu them and the Radical differences in both parties would tier but to a them were finally captured Ito. A i 3 prevent action determined to take several citizen were prions la w it in j a be Camba ing Board a declared Mckinley a a de Steps looking to revision the Law Eie tej i it Congress in the eighteenth District by j creating the present Tariff commission eight Mal Rity merely in the seventh and Hart in the twelfth. A. F7 i outs is has Wen elected a be pre ident the Atchison mat. Breaden Arthur entertained Ren Rutler last week. An briny Iroll Ojie the eng in a novelist is dead. Lout Blanc the French Tat is Man died Mon Lay. Mrs. Slay Back a brought suit against Cockerill for the killing a her bust Ian i. A it i probable that . Long will a revision the Tariff and a reduction w tile next senator from m Susetts Hoar i some the duties was not disputed in was enacted. That commission has done its work. It travelled Over the country held meetings at various Points and received testimony from free traders protectionists and Tariff reformers. The Wisdom i hiking ground to Albany n. Y., 6,000 s Hoo children Are ill with Measle diphtheria e # to la i i. A a. Mich., Snow a three test deep monday an i til at House committee education favors the Sherwin Bill any Quarter the free traders desired a sweeping reduction while Protection Isis conceded that a general and in some cases Radical change should be made. Which appropriate annually to the the commission did its work faithfully Public m Bool it the Cariou Tate?.senator Bend Luton. Civil ii a Reform Bill a Fineu a taken up n the Unaie. By an explosion a a Mill Giller at Shawneetown inon the commission meets with general approval Lith in to. Eight men were Nota til in killed and everal wounded a Ipi Ier till in a i Tii Iery c at i a a a a a a ,. A a the me Mew is Ohie Ctm to Al in ii Vernon pa., exploded w in Man an i it be troyia a iou barrel whisk a a Sioux City a a Button Factor the min i Ippi and at the opening Congress was prepared with its report. The work the there1 were concessions in that body some a customs Hoyrt Bill. Others to the retention compound duties some to the present at Dubuque a Over monday there Are j method collecting duties foreign now 1.491 Money order to tool it in the s. Value Iodko am me that. Bol ipod Petroleum i going up again. The Ltd weather. I a and o�aim�imi8. Rile Omen Are Ufler ing in Mccaue the uth certainty what reduction recommended is about 25 per Congreve will do abut Taxe cent. I u some eases there Are no change a Chicago will have a National Hexhi recommended while in others a Redue bit Iott railway appliance and fixture May Tion 50 percent is rcom tended and next. Lot a. M trill Maine to Rai l to inn in a 2uh per cent. The free doing inn lotion. A Outh Karolina Man has i a ,. Re. ,. List is largely Loe cased by taking the be it ured a jul it Petit it �20,�0ii again the new 3 pc Turk i oil1, for if i the argument the Tariff entirely from crude chemicals and c to Titus ionic amendment Quot a a Are to lie bean drugs. A spew Dpi instead an and to Day the City office , ky., Are j Valorme duty is almost invariably recon a Aid to have stolen i in 1879. 8ecretar\,. _ a a v a a men cd. Inc com Mission has to a War Lincoln think the army Hong Fie in i treated to 30, �00 men a Jen. So Ria and Ieuv cried by its 90 views Jurati let re men Datini expediency Aud a regard in a the int rests editorial notes. I business steadily growing from year to ventilate. An i report it Quot Tigre a-1� the Man year and is prompt to meet the demands i its increasing Trade. A Short time ago our Large circulation compelled is to find a speedier press Titan our old Cincinnati Cylinder and a better motor than Man Power and we secured them in an Fie report cd tin Tariff commission improved Cottrell printing machine and meets with general endorsement and is a sensible is Pitt. A a a major Hen Hall is named As a probable democratic candidate for gov C. Risk. J. I. Both a co Kik a Hufstader Dame Sullivan A. Spiel Man. D. Stubb. Slagle a a Cheson a a W. Slagle. Henry Iun. J George sinner It Well. N. W Fri. L. L. Vv11kio>#. J. F. Vav Leon. J ame Welday. Well a a Tarn. John Ben in t Tow Mon John Kurtz. Kirk Brier a Low. Kab Natl Iii so Ber estate. Joihn Townley. Of fax. W. 0. But it it Wen. F. J. Lei Narsh. Pm wet Humphrey. Jefferson to. Out to. V in Hicl m it m. Mayer. k h a k. I but a nth. Is us. M. W. Forrest. Thaw mtg it. Smith. Us is a Hov it. T. M. By Kik. A. A incr. Kai hmm p. J. Vav. Culbertson. $276 78 289 34. 132 la j 111 off 113 40 104 75 311 40 j 137 24 141 63 j 122 60 \1.52 2 513 off j s9 j 154 # ins 20 i 152 4tv i2,i 07 j 24# 92 i Rio i122 3 i6 <7 4� 214 68 i lot 92 13a 705 15 24 3# If a i 73 152 is 121 Aff. 124 74 i 124 s 249 a i kit .3 124 05 2v 34166 56 163 i 272 57 127 52 102 Al 7s4 i 136 45 27 Imo 49 Ion 73 l�?~9 47 it >k1< t j it a i. Mhz in by at Iowa. J a person a a i n it v. A Tah Irlvy k. Of him Luck \ Are hereby notified that there ? a it a lilt nth it the a Lek the. I. It court i Tifei a ii county state it j a i. A lib i Liti Fri Mary i. King a a Orwell Tritini you. For the Vontrot and a in let Mary Kllc \ i Iii a. Ida \ Aud \ Al Thornton , and a Aioley a a a to her a Alimony the ? a a i too no. To township no. 72 North rang no. Ii wet , the North 30 Are new j a a i Recti Ltd no. I.�?T, town hip no. 72 North rang i la Wert. Jefferson it i a by. Low i i i a h i other a further Relief a equity and i to in Euenee May give. Now utile you appear thereto and Liefer i before noon the second Day la Jan nary term. A. I#-3, ail court which term commence tie third Mon Lay january. A. L. I#s3, default will Fie entered pc it Vou and judgment rendered thereon. Wilson a Hinkle. Wiy attorney tor big a . I in la. Setti a to the heir it Law tier. A he a and All person inure to \ Are hereby notified hat the undersigned a exec for the eff the Ai l Tim 4 r. Be a line silverware a i t i Fie found anywhere a a new by. contemplating making a t Fri Tina pre tit e no a cd and Prter before Purcha ing. Los lock t Loloi s is a Mhz my liw Kors. Sleds ant Rii it Mars i ii if v immense i Al have a Good Fine l a 1 Coin Panio work boxes writing desks sewing stands. He / loin an t not Anion work boxes writing desks sewing stands my other article a will. It Ware. Toy till Btl a an t rat. Hon quit a in urgent tilt ill a it to i lit in Airfield Lotvin. No Irhie it it inn i the in a Iii i. A. M i l. John a. Spielman. He in d ceased will u iry 1883, file ii Irish it Boun id Linn re the Lim a in App re it t t a i thai the one Fie i fit i the j tote re til ii tire Hui h f in 192 51 114 49 ii 02 112 93 i is f�?~6 124 i 8 124 49 121 28 111 69 150 22 111 85 powder absolutely pure. Thiim truer never vane. A Marvel Pun to str Engthi and whole it Mene. More e Onan ical than the Ordinary kind and Annot hero in Competition with lha multitude it i tent a Bort we Bir pin a Bate Jiw it i Ltd sold Only in can. Rovt Bra Ift to. 106 Wall ?t., Nan v re. No Leto i2dp i i i w., r. Stilt . I ii at t Unity. A to the heir at Law Ann steel . And let at a in All whom it May Ciacera you arc hereby not tidied that at the next term the circuit court in and for raid county the j undermined a admin Jet Rator the a Tate Ann Steele. 4evt , w ill make fit Siuai Ettle i mint. Ask the approval the ame and i discharge a it Jimini Trator. A a it them will come tor beaning the Tir to Day said term court Winch term commie Sci. On the third monday january and you May appear and Monte to the to a if you think proper. Ii Hanky. Admies Trator. I.? Cut str a met attn revs. 3to0 i in i. Lieu it is i i m in \ i i i i by i fulfil ? f = a. F. N1 a it i i nil j ii i it a f c i v Are hereby ii lift i i. I. I and a a admin ratio the e.tre i rut Brown. Ii Eael will. Or Befoy Ste 4rit january i>83, Hie in the office i the the circuit court Jeff Arti n a a Only i final settlement a a ult to at in it re ing Liat the Aine Fie approve i the Oder i i and the Juretie a n Iii n j Rele i and that the will Ive for at j next term a j Coart. To it be begun Ltd the t i mender Jar Narv i k. Ring . A admin Trator a i Kje it. Mel n a a to attorney a Ste to engine. As we anticipated these improvements brought new business and we again found ourselves taxed to our utmost to do the work which fell to our lot. For the present at least we error next year. He will no doubt carry think we have overcome these difficulties Des Moines county. In a contract which we made this week a it is said that senator Kim buds who the firm it lost Hodge a o., will visit i,.wa the font intr Winter. How p.0�?Tfor lbs Quot tw0 and latest improved printing presses a Gorve wish presidential lightning might j in and Peerless jobber the machines a Trike that Man. J Are both new and first class in every re a Dakota a a greater population Speet. I hey will be Here in flew Days than Oregon. Florida Rhode i and a Jour fiends who wish to see Island and Hoti i to to the. I one Quot Quot a flu f Ped print in skin Iowa can Call us. The Ledger sister kid states. Ii he Doc in t get takes a Pride in the work it has done in in this session Congress however her j Fairfield and feels that its friends have 25, Republican majority will bar All j a so Ivon n appreciation. It attends her claims in a democratic House a the Iron Mills Are closing Dow n ail Over the country and thousands workmen Are being thrown out employment. This action is attributed to two causes one is the fear hostile legislation by democratic free Trade congressmen and the other to Over production. We think that both causes have much to do with the closing Mills and factories strictly to its own affairs and has built up a Good business by such a course. And with the passing away a other Good business year has a feeling Charity for its enemies and words cheer for its friends. The text Book matter. The text Book Man is abroad in the land and is making his abiding place in Jefferson county for the time i there is several him and he is every place but ran generally be found in con a i he new \ orb Sun while strictly i saltation with some member a school democratic is not a free Trade Organ to i Board. 1�?The boards the various town any alarming extent. It thinks a free Trade with foreign countries something entirely impossible so Long As it is be j ships Are getting stirred up the ques Tion and this is the How it for several years the series Hooks in use in Pessary to the interest and gradually j reduce the principal our enormous Public debt but Economy in the expenditure the Public Money is something that is not ouly possible but indispensably necessary. I pretty nearly uniform the publications Yan Antwerp. Bragg k jo., Cincinnati. And a. S. Barnes a co., new York predominating. A few months ago an agent the Forter firm secured the adoption his series books in i he Davenport 0<r tar spoke ii Tare j a t0wdblli and Pec Fuli and lightly the Tariff commis. Glasgow displacing the Barnes books Sion yet Here we have it confessing that j seven firms school Bonks publishers it has taken a a two Days for it to recover from the Joyful amazement caused by the report Tho commission. As Pool their interests and when the orders this agent were sent into the House Barnes in co. Made a kick claiming that according to the rules the the Ledger was disgusted with the i Syndicate they were done an injustice six years inaction democratic congresses i he orders were not tilled and while the Iff com i do Onat Alm new Vork houses were. Settling the difficulty an agent la. He Miff needed revision j journey. Of Pittsburgh a firm outside badly and As the commission took hold the a a Pool a a stepped into the Field. He its work earnestly Ami was Able to j accomplished considerable work with hit favored the creation a Mission. Iff 90 Jiff 52 137 97 i. I. Jose guardian . Lal 23 John Marcy. To Midi Roth. Al Hasan. Clark yarn iat Cana. Tax k risk. John Ilo Dietler. Roi i Rairick. In f. Bower. It . A a 11 i 14 i in 104 42 113 72 \21 17 157 to 162 la county correspondence. The text Blok question. Of a question text Book has a eco a an e5 citing due with us it late. Always Atter to a excitements it is discovered that much tatter result could have been secured if moderation had prevailed. At present our text books Are very badly mixed. In some schools there Are As Many a four different series Reader in others twit three different arithmetic geographies some other mixture. This Izakas it very Bani work for teachers who try to do their classes Justice and very costly for Parent who desire that their children shall he Well supplied with suitable text books. Of uniformity can be secured throughout the county it will be great improvement for All interested two townships and some the Index Endert districts have recently adopted a uniform series. Other townships Are now contemplating a change. Agents for three different Tir Sarfe 1 already the ground diligently working up their interests. Every Day the excitement increases. I less Wise measures Are taken it is very probable that in the end we shall have a worse mixture than now prevails. It hits been urged by Many member school a wards that Tho fat it Way to Settle the matter is to make a county affair it. In accordance with the suggestion it is deemed tast to Call a convention the members the boards in the different Independent districts and the District townships. At this convention text books will be considered As to their merits agents agreeing tube present and exhibit their books. I it the books chosen by the convention be whatever they May the majority the agents have agree to submit to the decision. By this agreement it is hoped to avoid the mixture that will result if every company sends its Hest canvassing Talent and carries every available Point. In this matter the Choice Hooks it certainly is due the teachers the county to let them in some Way have a voice in the selection. Constantly using text books certainly ought to put them in a position to be judges them. If it Cannon be done in any other Way directors ought to consult their teachers and find out what they prefer. It is hoped that parties to whom the Call elsewhere punished in this paper is addressed will attend the meeting and give the subject their fullest consideration. It can be done now hotter than later for present Competition has made the rates so Low that uniformity can be secured just As Well a not. N. co. Supt. Present a r. , to. 1 �?�2 known to the other Firma. As soon in Eutzly m Ufim Rota Tive Tariff in u and j it Wah a born it the other hou8,m the ire trader i he Ledger Hanu reason Jurley s Man wits Here however they Libertyville notes. Echo Ledger a a. L. Smith gave a so liable and our Young folks to the number sixty four were present they report a Good time and lots fun the new Bern was used As a play room and an Oyster supper cuffed the festivities will Prewitt is now drilling the brass band. Rolla Warner is at Home from Merrimac Mills where he Hue been Rier King for C. Risk. W. L. Smith will ship two cars Stock to Chio go this week. Glotfelty Bros Are receiving a Fine lot Corn. Win. Dunlavey has returned from his visit to Washington Aud Sigourney. There will be a festival at the school Gigli n i. Mith to. Stilt Lou to Jar t Point a a a to Charles s Altrui you Jere fic Reby notified that there is nov file in the office the 4 Lerk the t Iri inf to dirt Jefferson county. Mated to the in it Ion Christian Grailer plaintiff asking a decree j to quiet Iii title to the following desert led real estate situated in Defier in county Low t it wit the West i Alf the Outh court Quarter Aud the Southwest Quarter the Northwest Quarter and the Northeast Quarter the Northeast Quarter the Southwest Quarter Yeti it Twenty eight 2#in township seventy two 72. Range eight and lie nun i. West Quarter Tho Northeast Quarter i Otiva four to in township seventy one i. It it Range eight 8. W hich Fie claim to own Fey absolute tit e in fee simple Sud that you in i rrlt1 m3 forever stopped from having claiming any right title to said premise a i verse to him. Now unless you a Nair thereto and defend before noon the second Day til flip january term a. I. I##.3,.if said court which term commences the third monday january a. L. I ##3, default will he entered a inst von and id Gineff rendered thereon. 4t/�n a i a it it kit a m Kem f. Attorney for plaintiff. A Man robbed i tour it a five mile North town where there farm for Sal. It contains 190 acre and in All newly fenced. Ila new House and Jill new outbuilding. I will sell Good term Trade for Kiwi property. For information inquire a a Workman Fairfield Iowa. Origin i. Noth ii. A ? Liwa j Fer 8 in pkg n by. A i. Thomas Mitchell you Are Here Gay Sotidie that Piliere r. W i e in the office a Rhc clerk let a in Irod court Quot Jefferson county to Quot the i a. The lie Ilion Theodore Beatty <dai?.iig Yon the sum one a Andre Aud to an i i it i . With ten per cent interest thereon in it us j no Aryl to. 8# and to Sui it a promo it it. V t note Ai a a a King t writ att it Ariit t i a Quot property. Now. Unless u appear thereto Ani defend i before the so my Day i he Jai j nary term. A. Of. Aid 15n.rt. Which i Lerio commences in the third monday Jan i Ary. A. L. I##3, default i he entered Agun to in and judgment re Den there n. Ii n. West. Ftp a Atlar Nev plaint Al. Champion Monitor the Champion. Antelope. Cook stoves made Peerless. Economy. Other heating stoves. Ray re p Gold a i Irr it i i i Hijab at i Maiv still sell the Glidden wire remember that Spielman Sells cheap for Cash Northwest Corner Park Fairfield Iowa. X. \1min i st atom s Sali. Lice is hereby Given if f a i a la Jani Abs 2. 18#3, Dow epic to. Bour i la clock in the Forenoon and it blk in . Lilii re ii list it ail Day Al the git Reid pm c John i Barm it. It Tea a. To it t cry if. I decedent c it a i attic Quot i 3 More 2 mum Cut it i yearling unit i it by 2 he j it it it we i Ramss 2 three ctr old Teer i in a old Hitler two year old Teer 3 yearling Fiji Lars i sit.r a Alf 2 cow 2 firm Wagon Phi no Iufer farming tool ii. Other Rii Cle will Fie sold it Pui inc a be. Thus Svi Purcha Cut in than $5 to be paid in hand tor the it am out Ami it it a credit to month the pit Cha git ing n la with Aji proud Ccu Rity. With to percent it from unit Unity. It ale to at to clock a. In. Egg in e s. Barson.#, 2wait special Dinini tray a. Acct inc forthe merchant oi2newpiang r r fag amp to our the Market Gardener Juno for the private family seeds be to All. A Kalk list. David 5 growers Philadelphia 0. 3m 48 l f 117 4 1 \ is ventilated trusses Asp supporters re the j7a#ie#t, safest int re t in the world too sai.? tit Higley amp hampson.514 East Side imm from $4.00. Magic wire solder ? / Cost 2c., Sells readily at 2ac. Also. The a nation s grease extractor Quot costs but a trifle brings immense profit sell like wild fire reel Peg for making Royal baking Bowder Bain killer. Hair a ii. Artificial Honey also. $00 vinegar recipe together w Ith 60 other valuable recipe. These All will be sent for $1.00 Only. Be sure to Send for circulars a. Address m Erck bus Anderson a . Lockridge Iowa. a riot Ali. To All whom it May concern the appointed to View and if required to vacate and re Etaf it ii a a Highway petitioned for by Brier Lier and i.ita-#, Viz to vacate the following part the ind Merrimac Road commen ing fit a Jaunt where a Aid Road Cri it it the Eit line a t the soul Lea Quarter the Southin Qew Ier Section 29�?73 thence southwesterly to a Point where said Road intersects a Tad running East and West the South line Aid see Ion 29, and establish in lieu thereof the follow ing beginning at a Point w Here said Fairfield and Merrimac Road Crosse the Oast Cist Quarter the soul least Quarter >1 29. Thence South to the Southeast co Lier a s n i Section at i Road if established to be to oily the Sou Fieast Quarter Ltd the is tor Section 29, has reported Iii favor tin vac Ort and re location and All Olivet a it a it thereto claims for damage. Inu to 6 filed in the auditors office before noon the 1st Day March. A. L. I #83. Or such Highway will fit changed Ami vacate i w without reference thereto. J. E. Williams 4t49 auditor Jefferson Bounty Iowa. Read the news from Glasgow v no ski i i a Taylor amp Barnes w ill make a a gift to every subscriber i la i a Zeker is m a be by i ii i new York observer the olde to and Best it the religious weeklies. I a sixty wars this a denominational in st m i Hay t train and evangelical newspaper Bas been Cir dilating Iii the i United slates and in almost eve Erv foreign country. Its sul scribers Are counted by ten thousands. Each year its proprietor a a dry goods groceries. Boots shoos fave bid. Value engaging fresh editor As can la found in Civ store in Telfer county forthe next Tai Riv Day for Cash. 3 j Rotor Iota Flor a barn Nidis. Flour and feed value engaging. Ano correspondent at Home Ami abroad enlarging and multiplying it department Anien de. Ring to realize their High Ideal the to -1 Eligi Gnu and secular family new paper l h Tir. Thi year to every , new i whose subscription i paid tor i the new to k f Rev. S. I Reiou Brinie ill., void Sci braver and it answer Quot a handsome volume nearly 2mi Page bound in doth the retail Price which i one Dollar. Specimen Copie lie Piper sent fret. Add new York a is Kry 9 new Ork. 4 i t y0dn& men you want to learn telegraphy Iii a few months mid he certain a situation address Valentine Bro#., Janesville wis. #�o.>0r Fairfield Market. Wanna Nav morn Ixo Lee. 13, 1882. Live Stock hogs $4 75 a 5 25 Stock bogs $4 75 5 cows and heifers 2 50@3 shipping steers 4@4 50 Stock steers 3 00@ 3 50 Export steers 5 00 aj5 50 sheep too Tbs 2 50@3 . La lines a dry Flint sfa9 Calfskin h it 9 Green ii. , 15@li shoulders 124@ 14 aides 15 Al 5 tallow 5 lard 15 potatoes 60 a 40 butter 23 0.25 eggs 25 chickens 2 50 apples i 00 a i 25 turkeys live 6c. Turkeys dressed Ute. Dressed chickens 6c. Flour Patent precess 3 50 fall wheat 2 70 g 3 Spring wheat. 2 to Corn meal. Tatted per too 2 . Grain fall wheat i 00 2 1 25 Spring. 90 @1 15 Rye 55 Oats 30 g 31 Corn shelled 56c. Corn cob 56c., by car Load 58c. By Wagon Load Timothy i 25 2 1 50 Clover 4 @4 75 Blue grass. I . Cd Kama Liberty Ville Creamery 22c. Per Inch Fairfield 22c. Batavia 28c. Creamery butter 25c. Wool.�?13@25 cents per it. La in ago Market. Cattle bows $2.25@$,k0 butchers steers $3.75 0 4.25 shipping Taeves $6.25 rn6.75.�? mugs Light packing,$6.00 2 6.25 heavy ship Ting $6.20 oi6.64l Grain wheat no. 2. Spring 94i u 944 Corn 53 2.54 Oats 37j. I a it Al kit Sii 11 mph i. Pm partners flip Contemp Bitch Between i. Hurst and. In la Gilcy. In the re Tau Rint business in this Eily was not completed and C. Hurst w ill Carryon the Busine alone at i he rim Uii first door North the Post office. T. K. In us. A ii. Ii i key. Fairfield town nov. 22, i ssi --"�4s stray Noth in taken up by Albert Whitmore in Locust Grove township Jefferson county. Iowa nov. 13, 1882, one red loan Heifer about i year old. Posted before win. M. Laughlin P., Aud appraised at $10. J. K. W illia.m.#, 3t49 auditor. Probate will. To whom it May concern a notice is hereby Given that an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament John r. Parson deceased is file in the office the t Lerk the circuit court Jefferson county Iowa and that monday january 15th, 1883, has been set for the hearing and proof same. 3t42 a. W. Jaques clerk. It \ a Bob roil butter and eggs. Nim la. A h. Let info flt Lott s Burlington. Iowa tile rest equip Phil business training Segool in America. For a Beautiful specimen further Mil at College Sec 401 arum 4t a Tyr in Street Arij Reiff g Kix Iott principal a a. I. Todd desires to sell his farm 21 Miles Northwest Libertyville Jefferson county Low a tatty known As Tho Stansbury farm 163 acre wept improved Large new two Story Brick House Baru and other outbuildings three never failing Wells water Good tenant Bouse Nice Timber past a re adjoining farm North with fast will and testament Nicholas k. Ii Agate. Running Branch through. Reason for siding. Probate will. To whom it May concern a notice if hereby Given that an instrument purporting to be the deceased is file in the office the clerk the circuit court Jefferson county Jowa and that monday january loth 1883, i been set for the hearing and proof same. 3t49 a. W. J a is clerk. Not in 17 to Stock kaisers. Hereafter we will buy hogs sufi eretto a dockage a follow Piggy and old ten to sows 40 lbs. Stag so Bis. Farmer will please take notice. J. A Smith f. Sackett Al. Lamm 3m49 John Workman. T w n s amp a s c t t the 1 ar9est 8est Ard cheapest weekly in Tho world Toledo Blade Nas ii is paper j $ i a year to everybody an i a free conv to every club if ten. The but tories the Fie household news and Agricula to Rai Deliar Tiiu iils inc lf children # Reading the Hest religion Taeff. Nasbye a european tetters from the whole outside world and score specialities to Ltd it numerous to mention. In Short the Hest Aper published 8 Page cd Long columns Ani All $1. 10 ii nor postage paid. Specimen free i a any addressed a to Tai. T >50r ulale to. Toledo Mason amp Hamlin Dpi inc Are certainly i est having been a. Unum Ilo declared at every great w i l Industrial Competition for sixteen years in. Oiler american Organ having been found equal at any. Also cheapest. Style 109 3j octave sufficient and Power with Hest Quality for popular sacred Aud secular music in school families at Only $22. A one Hundred other style at $30, $57, $66, $72, $7#. $93, los. 11 i to $500 and up. The larger Sty in Are wholly unrivalled by any other organs. Also for easy payments. New illustrated catalogue free. The Mason a Hamlin Organ and piano a o., 154 Tremont Street Boston 46 Hast 14th Street Union Square. New a Ork i p. Bash Avenue Chicago. In tor South Side furniture store ii. Ii. I i ten has an extensive e Stock furniture to which the attention close buying Cash customers i invited. Kine parlor and lining room set Fine sitting room and chamber sets Bureau. Lre ing bases plunges sofas washstand French German and american mirrors and looking glasses Vard Robes. and Kitchen safes. Kent re breakfast and lining Tablas upholstered. Cane and Wood chair and rockers picture Bra my and picture.#. Jolt Vav k and repairing promptly Lone. With a Stock equal to any in the country and at prices that cannot Tail to please he has largely in creased his Trade. Of 5 for Sale family All married and gone. Self not. Able to work. Of s do soon will sell cheap. One third Down balance to a t purchaser. Apply toc. W. Kirkpatrick 3m38 L. Toll premises. Estis by notice. Taken up Bill. L. Wilson in Fairfield town a shift j cafe Rob county Iowa nov. Ii 1682, one red speckled cow neck and ears mottled red and while about j year old also White calf als it i month Ltd. I in appraised at $17 and calf at my. Pouted before Tho. L. Hoffman. Kab. J. E. Williams 3t49 auditor

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