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Fairfield Ledger Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 2

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Fairfield Ledger (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Fairfield, IowaA in. A in. A. Sibs i option to Ems. One Opy one year strictly in Advance $ i 50 if payments delayed i month. I 75 if payment is delayed 3 months. 2 of 11 payment is delayed 8 month 2 2 i if payment is delayed i year 2 50 ten per rent. Interest will be collected on each 12 50 after the expiration of the year. Five copies one year in Advance 7 no ten copies one year in Advance id Ott Twenty copies one year id a Hance 25 of with these reduced rates plainly expressed we look for an increase Ltd patronage and an unusual promptness in paying in Advance. Job Piunti Xii. We have made careful selections of new Type and new material and have now one of the Best offices in the state. Have three Power presses. Ever 200 fonts of a a Type. Card and paper Cutter. Borders. Rules Fine papers a. We Are pre dared to do All classes of printing the lowest prices compatible with an honest living. The Fairfield Ledger. Ave Tisino Kates. W. W. Amp c. M. Junkin proprietors. A Republican journal devoted to the interests of the country. Terms. $1.50 per year invariably in Advance. One Inch equals i a a 5 Job i j a 1. I. Square minion Type a c a 1 a i is s 0 time. To be a one week. T i of 2 3 4 b a 7 i v la two weeks i 50 3 4 5 8 la 14 three weeks. 2 00 4 5 6 7 0 13 18 one month. 2 our a 7 8 to 15 22 two months. 3 25 ii 8 9 to 14 19 35 three months 4 50 7 Roll 12 18 23 43 four months 5 251 8 n 12 18 18 30 50 five months h of 9 12 13 is 20 35 55 six months. 75 la 13 14 20 .22 38 80 nine mourns 8 50 13 if 17 22 2v 44 80 twelve months. To 00 15 18 20,25 a 35 50 la 0 volume xxxix. Fairfield Jefferson county. Iowa december 13. 1882. No. 60. Advertisements occupying any special position 25 per cent above regular rates. Local notices to cents per line scents per line for each additional insertion. Legal advertisements $1 per Inch first publication 50 cents for each additional publication g0j.w Bruess director m. A. M com Octavia business directory. Hak bin Hoie. a to Harden proper. Best a com in elation. Sample mom in connection with House. H. By Joh Tov. K. W. Jao is. Mccoid. Brighton Jaques. Attorneys Law la Hoin i Tell mum. Test. All work promptly attended w re warranted reasonable charge ill practice in All the courts. Abstracts of title made the lowest rates 46tf ii Ink i a 111 011 v Ivery feel Ani Sale stable to i Reyance reasonable rates. Mel w h. N. West. Attorney and Counselor Law Pant %. La. . lava. Insurance in Low rates. Law to a Fairfield. Iowa. Vii Lect Ion real estate and loan agent. Ai. I Kishi. . Iro Cerie tobaccos cigars but Yent medicines. to suit customers. Ii i i r i a i l i ii a i. In. I 1iois, j . Tui Copit thie l h ireian and surgeon. Calls promptly attend Ltd. . Ii. Moore a Sov a Erie. Dry gels. Boot. Shoes no in i everything Iuri general Tore. Vav. I. A fax , v i of i Tiff series notions hoots h . Caps an i general to a. All is. Hoes a spent i kit in. Clothing dry Ltd old. Boot general merchandise. In i Kim i. Iid i la. Brush proprietor. Trave lers will find acc no modal Al. Ila v Lek i in. A in jargon. Will attn i prot i. Ii. Sinks to in Law Atli notary Public. In ,.-o,�,Civ attended to. Hoes a and his. Rust col office in Wells Block Over Richardson a co store. East Side of Square. 47tf v. La. Fill cd. Attorney Law and no Taka Blu. / of Fick with i. Ii. Jones Quot a i y 32 Fairfield Iowa. Til a los a. Kirkpatrick attorney fair Welu Iowa. Occidental dining Hall next Post office Kihli. I a run on finn Cia to meal served in the prom test manner. Fresh oysters game 4c., in season. A Fine Stock of fancy canned fruit crackers fresh California fruit confectionery a. Lytt. C Hurst. Or. H. Spencer dentist. Office residence one Block West of North West Corner of Square opposite the Davis House. Teeth extracted Teeth filled and plate work neatly executed. Lj-29 j. B. Monfort dentist wonders of the sea. Or of the Tat and ten yearn i need states senator from and still holds the last named position. He has been recoil know that Browne a Iron bitters will cure the worst Case of dyspepsia. Will insure a Hearty appetite and increased digestion. Cures general debility anti gives a new lease of life. Dispels nervous depression and Low spirits. Restores an exhausted nursing Mother to full strength and gives abundant sustenance for her child. Strengthens the Muscles and nerves enriches the blood. New York Tribune. Professor \ Errill of the i cited states nixed repeat Cly in both these positions very Likely that the government will buy and How they were made. Then he went to Bristol and made launches suitable for the government s use . Is fish commission read an interesting a by both the National and state per on the a physical and geological ments. And has Large Plantation interests character of the sea Bottom a before in Iberia Parish in the third District where the National Academy of sciences in sea he is a registered voter and where when Ion in new y Ork City he said not absent in Washington in the service a a daring the past eleven years the0f the state he has resided Ainee the sex i oiled states has been carrying on a Pinion of his term As governor Bead series of dredging operations on our j0g democratic lawyers and judges in coasts. The total number of of Erva be Orleans condemn the High handed Lions made is now i boo to which May outrage which Mcenery has committed. Be added 500 of my own private Obser and is stated that or. Carlisle of various. These cover portions of the Kentucky when in Louisiana with the sea Bottom from Labrador to new Jer congressional commission on the missis Aey. They Range from near the Shore to j Sippi River advised against the proposed 200 Miles out. I wish to spat now of piece of villainy which my Briery even observations Oft the coast of new King then contemplated on the ground that land. I in the coast of Maine we find a would injure the democracy Large. Govern several of them from him a a cure by imagination a a wha president a asked the Hest Young Man who makes a living by sucking the head of a Cane. A a presided a Mac Arthur Quot said the Well informed Young Man. A a Mac Arthur president now a asked the Best Young Man who keeps a dog and an Eye Glass. A a Why. Wheres Hayes thought Hayes an embarrassing silence followed this startling question and All eyes were turned upon the Best Well informed Region of very cold water and the life on the Bottom is Arctic. This cold Region is swept by a alow Arctic current. On the Southern coast of new bog land we were surprised to find a Rich Fauna of tropical nature containing Many animals unknown to us living mar the coast. This Region from seventy to 120 Miles South of the new England a proposition the truth of which cannot be doubted. A Straw lumber Lawrence Kan. Is a factory engaged in making a substitute for lumber. has the appearance of a first class sound Board tree from knots sap and o of of a Side 1st fast Street faithfully attended to. All Wilton Block South Side Fairfield. All work warrant. To prove satisfactory. 3htt i. A. . J. R. A Xvi Kin. Slagle a. Bet h Kin. Attorneys Law fair i Flo Iowa. I charge reasonable. Or. James dentist. Cee Roo in Frinc . S weakness Wake i i Lack of Energy keeps off. A chills fevers and other malarial Poison. Araf Fick Over or. Clarke drug store Ideo third House North Kos of croon school will infuse with new the weakest invalid. Life Var is r Ware. Not Ion no fancy a amp a Are. Gig cd g x let an Low . A ii. Or. Iii i a a stable. Conveyances curio and 11art the country. K >1.1 i s j. M i us of. Wilson m. Hink la. Infuse. Lief a la Ink la attorneys and Conns Elors Al Law collections c of aptly made. Complete i net of Tow to of title to All lot an Ltd lands Iai Heel. Iowa. Or. J. L. Ming . Libertyville directory. W. H. kit. In a a Iii Ore surgeon. Will attend prompt a to All pro fee Mal j. A. I inc o ast y Grain and see-1-. Be to paid Iii a a la. Office the up to. I a a Anderson in Jefferson county. Orr cd up Mairs two Cost office. Office on flour Keg , East Stile of the Square. Fairfield Iowa. Ilia a re North of the i Jan.5, i its i i. . I Eggett a j. M Kkt a my Kemey cr1 Oyier Frow to 12 w Cloel Anil from 2 to 4 a in a c m. Or. To. In. Campbell Homoeopathy is 37 Walker ., Baltimore dec. A . I or six years have been a great a Fleer from blood disease the peps i a a of const i a Uon and be earn e no debilitated that i coaids not retain anything on my stomach in fact life had almost become a Tureen. Finally when Hope had almost let me or by band teeing brow s i wort bitters advertised in the per in Lucid my to give a . W taking the third bottle and have not pm to Well in x years As i do the present tune. Mrs. L. F. Gairns. Count in the most profitable Ever dredged i win shakes. Plack Walnut will get a we have had Simi species not inducing j Hlawek Eye when brought intr Contact with those belong aug to the lower groups Hardwood representations an made among these Are least >�>0 new so closely that the Eye a Annert detect the species. There Are seventy species of difference Between the real and the Imi fishes 21 f til Mullucks ninety of crus i Taniou. Tae eans and others in proportion fur the a Nunn a re hit ret is our author observations have covered a Belt of Hio Ity for saying that s raw lumber l and Miles Long by Twenty five Miles wide to Irakly adapted to Many kinds of Fini a we find that the cold Belt extends fifty 1 ing Ork. Barrels table and counter tops i r sixty Miles from the Shore Aud then doors and ornamental work. And eau be Cornea a warm Belt. I believe that the produced less than bait the present Fairfield. Iowa. I m i s in a Loehr an Gen Visinte Ltd. A a Splete of abstract in get so cot Spanie in Farmer a. Sons Bank. A title. To or wore rate. Office Over i ly20 i. A inn la re. Repairer a no Jeu i in a ,, ate 1 Psi ten la j. A. Ii Ayden. An and syk a a. T i pro a a aptly. Simson by 5i.ne35 directory. I a Lor a an est Livre. Queen Ware dry Basin <3nxer-b i in j shots. Drue. Stationery. A . La attorneys amp Conns Elors Law Wilson clock Over Hunts store Fairfield Iowa. O. J. . W. »�., m. M. S., first National Bank Homoeopathy is and surgeon of Fairfield. Soda list in Mitt of whom m capita i of too. Office main to. Nea Allsby i j Batavia Iowa. to Jay or night. In do. J. In. Roof Jas. F. B. Tech of. I n us by Wilson. Heo or a ids. Tichier a Tran aet a general banking and xxi Hanger i a re. Browne a Iron will have a better tonic effect upon any one who needs a bracing up a than and Medicine made. Iyll ten no Raj a a Thomas Bell wholesale and retail i a Lordi be ii. I Urr a. A m. D., ill pattern p la / Heill la. Jan. I., Quot if 4tf Iowa. I ii y Man and Siroeun Fairfield i Ava. Grocer a met s a Mikl i. F a m Elk a sox Brookville business directory. A Illi a m x i x i do in a Erix b Bankers a i of Flo. Lowa oboe Over Sullivan to Roper North Xii of the Square. A Rimli answer promptly. i a or night. Thirty Yenni in practice. By . A. Baker. M. In Northwest Corner of the Square a i Fri full Iowa j. Freeman cts of Walnut. The dimension of boards tray be made to suit the buyer. Of any Width length or thickness is susceptible of a High polish and work Wei with paint and varnish. is practically fire and water proof. Timing manufactured under Vii its tensile strength is i greater than that cd Walnut or Oak and i but Little i heavier than Walnut. i made from any kind of Straw. Hemp. Or tax tiber. A ton of Straw will make i Odo Lect of boards. is made into pulp Rolle Ltd into thin sheets and these Are United by Cement and pres sure is i As to make the desired thickness. These features make the new lumber a valuable product in the great West and Northwest. One acre of land will pro i Duce enough Straw to make feet of lumber each year. is a Good Walnut in Ltd that in fifty years will Cut a Twenty four Inch boar Ben the weather is raw and and 2<ukm feet of lumber is a if gtd yield from one acre Ltd fore-1. then the Straw lumber Hall prove in valuable a the claim made Ler . We have an in pertain step in the solution Ltd to la Iuler Supply. Hay is fodder. a a id i. Tins Jel list.-. In my a to Salina business directory. . ?. I. I a ,. U ii a. B 11 ii Vvs a buil Jiri or trans set a Gener Ivl big inc banking Exchange i Lei. I i v4s physician amp surgeon. Tailor and Cutter Jordan a Block West Side d e Over Hadar. Bra la Rio a a a that us o Church front. 2 Steak tiny rat. W Migl i Ellen Itigan repaint. Ernie taker. Funeral a Iii Hearse. A is n ddn business directory. I Al Der Man. Holt Mvi a. Will Ai. In Uteri or r. A. T. Ilist la in 4 d. Nieri a a non Lise. In ill do. Be an i n tary Public. Len i a i a Thor la to Itten ice Glendale directory. Of. Damm a dry a i a a in Erie. Ii a a in. Il.--.vail-. Not. A. A. Tami your Corners directory. John be a Egrin. Six per cent. Money i half. Mox by to i Jan 03 Faro property 6 per cent la Sims us five Hundred dollars and upwards payable in install Ernt. If desired. H. C. Rowntree. A Parsons College Pai , Iowa. Rev. T. Ewing president. in ii. T1 a lilt. M. In. Physician and surgeon a i Fri Flo. A his re a silk Ivaa pm. So this de of ski Ake. In room Over j. T. Showa nov store. Of Irti in. A eggs and butter Gulf Stream impinge on the Pla eau the who a of the Bottom Here in very gentle. sixty night out we have 12d fathoms of water and shortly afterwards suddenly drops to i Oil there is a cold Belt near the Shore then a warm Belt and then a. We a to intr Dot up water another told my the Edge of the slope is i think occupied by the Gulf Stream. We have found the animal always found in the Stream that Wjk iut. According to the Best charts the Stream ought to be thirty four or thirty five Miles further off the coast. The charts Are also wrong often As to soundings and As to the summer and Winter limits of the in roam. We find the Gulf Stream animal alway in the same place summer and Winter so that i think the variation is Only in the Quot surface. In the Winter the warm water is blown further out and in the summer further in the presence of the Stream makes a great difference in climate. Sometimes Gusty near the Shore is warm and pleasant outside. The creatures living in the deep water have either exceed in by Large eyes or none All. Showing that the Light Down there ruin be very dim. The color of All the creatures which live on the surface of the Bottom ranges from red to Orange. I think this is a protective color a i could not in anything hut Black in the bluish Green ugh which must prevail these Depths the is Tom is composed of very Tine Sand. i so coherent that i think the Bottom must be a hard mass we have brought up boulders from this place borne of this May have Fen carried there in ice. Some of them Are evidently of concretion Ary Structure. a Large hotel the not uncommon dilemma arose of there being Only one room in the House vacant when two visitors re j Iii red accommodation for the night. a a double chamber or soon converted into such. And tie two guests who were both commercial travellers a Reed Cdr Itu in cd thes gentle of doubt and despair when suddenly the wa., a lib Poch Rudnac and Bat Youn Man who Wear i alarmed his companion by waking him up in the Middle of the night gasping for breath. Asthma to panted out a a i am subject to these spasmodic attacks open the window quickly give me air a terrified beyond measure Iii other j urn fat de out of old but the room a pitch dark. Be had no matches and h bad forgotten the position of the window a for heaven s Ake be lick 1 Gas Peri the invalid a a i rive me More air. Or i Hall choke length by dint of groping wildly and up etting Hall the furniture in the apartment the window found. But the old fashioned casement and no hasp or catch a to be discovered. A a Quick Quick air a air a implored Tho apparently dying Man. A open . Break . Or i shall suffocate Hus abjured his Friend lost no More tune hut seizing a Boot mashed every pane. And the sufferer in Media Teiry experienced great Relief a Grill thank you a thousand thank a he exclaimed drawing 1 deep a ohs which testified to Tho great Comfort he derived a a i think in another moment i should have been dead a and when he had sufficiently recovered Ami had expressed i Heartfelt gratitude he described the intent distress of these attack and the length of time he had suffered from them. After a while both fell asleep again devoutly thankful for the result. Wail warm summer night and they Felt no. Inconvenience from the broken window but when Daylight relieved the pitchy darkies of night the wind a found to by til entire. Had invisible Glazier Bou work already or the episode of the past night Only a or Arn no for the floor a till town with the broken Gla then. As they looked around the room in amazement the solution of the mystery presented itself in the shape of an antiquated Bookcase. Who latticed glad r were a shattered wreck. The spasm Mically attacked s cured from that moment. So to for imagination. Inconsiderate marriages \ Ozug women and those of Uncertain age too will have to exercise due care hereafter in the selection of husbands. Drunkenness will not be As valid a plea for divorce in the future As has been in the past. If a woman marries a Man whom she knows to ire addicted to the use of liquors to the extent of making him drunk she will not have a certain thing of divorce and Alimony. Hie Young Man. But he speechless and Susan Meshier married John York. The convention confronted by an Appal she in w he addicted to drink Aud ing us try lost in the wild mazes made a contract by which permanent provision made for her. Meshier got drunk after marriage when Susan Charm outside his oat came to the left him. Not Long afterwards York Rescue. Died when Susan demanded fulfilment a in by. Haves be s vice president of the contract. The Case taken to the supreme court. The court Belli and regarded As a walking in j that having broken her contract she cyclopedia of current knowledge from could not recover under its provisions that time is the opinion of the court Evasn Conkling judge once he she chose a drunkard for a Hus fore ? asked the Hest Young Man in the hand. And she ought to i charge the Flat hat. Duties of a drunkard wife. She does no Quot said the Best Well informed not show that her personal safety or Young Man. Anxious to gain his lost even her Well being required her to standing a never judge. I sed leave him she doubtless would have to be governor of new York. Lived More comfortably in the society of a judge place pay much ? asked the a sober Man but he ought to have con est Young Man whose father Pavs for Side red and doubtless did consider the his clothes. Discomforts of a Drunken husband when there a Brief silence until the i she married the intestate. But she Best Young Man whose Mother takes in urges he promised reformation before washing said must be least so a marriage. His failure to keep thi month but he indignantly sneered i Promise did not justify her in deserting Down by the Best Young Man who clerks him. All the world know that such in the billiard store who said did promises made by a Drunken Man Are pay a cent under shoo a Vear. This always broken. In a few word As she statement produced a profound impress knowingly married a drunkard she must Sion. And there being no other business he Content to be a drunkard s wife. Before the convention Short la after if this decision will have the effect of Ward adjourned deterring women from marrying Drunken a men. And thus entailing misery on them a a. Ii. Mitchell , Iowa selves and their children mrs. Us an say k i have taken Brown s Iron can afford to stand before the world a bitters and i find decidedly the be to a Martyr and a guide to her sex. Tonic i Ever used a the Bank. Jerk what do a Igns when a Man in a new suit you wih. Or ? Ruffian a Why i jut of clothes is seen entering a Gin Mill with Tepfer in to Tell you that in a the Man another Man. Its going to be wet. When that knocked Down Aud robbed your a preacher begins his subject by saying cashier. Jerk a Well in in a very i will Divide my subject into Twenty sorry but you la have to identify your one my the Corn crop mate Register. i evident that a our country become More densely populated and larger numbers of stuck a wanted put r acre there will be a Radical change in the rough feed fur Winter be f a Cattie. E May sex Peel and talk about three tons of has per acre but the average dots not exceed one and a half ton. sex per Imet. the Nebraska agricultural i i loge t a ii sex i that tile a a i lit of l Recti offer in air of a ii Nal nerve let the of fair Tielu i l i Urr uni Iii a Btry. A i a a in of clip Roo a. I of Hij hot Mark Cali for Sunj Buller. J fire in by i ill. Worthington a Bys i i an am m. In air i la ,.lv the v Cali i saw Mill for Sale is impossible to Tell whoring they axe ulc in Fik Jer per average acre a Twenty recent formation or whether they x when carefully dried out Tubero tend As Jar to a Kas tin i Iione ii stood. Wort. J rum in to eight Choice and i hey lie Loose on the surface. An i uni a Tiou. To Ltd tor Cattie lies id is a Good think Are Laid Bare by the action of Cre Grilii ill nil a in j fodder and five Are of h a j Eon. F v i k i r a i Calif promptly stole in City or a a Mitry. Spei Ial attention Given to Nursery and Tinea est of Tomea and children. Office Over l5el�?Tn a to Cery Tore. weft cot Lier of the bark. Ben Delice one Black went offie of 14 i have a a Mill for ale or Ira in in Berlee. 1 the Cylinder i a 12 Inch Are and 22 Inch a Troke. Boiler la incite in diameter and 22 j Joii 2 Hue. One run of 4 f a get in All Law Cut a 1 to new an i ii so Rtin Niri ? j a a rde any wanting Uch a Mill will do Well to i Call . a ill let a void a har f. J. Demarsh. Berlee Iowa. \ crop of sound Coin lure Lite. The mud is probably carried cure cult Blued wire Worth out Here from the beaches. \ cry few Trae a of mans existence Are found though we did haul up a rubber doll la summer. Eight head.-, is going to be w Hen the members of the brass band All swell out and grow very red in the face a sign of wind a never try to raise a family without a Good newspaper. Provided contains the advertisement of or. Bulls cough syrup for this valuable Medicine is necessary to keep your children in Good Haith a a a the Angler s tournament in new York recently a Hown that or. 1�?~ritchard can cast a by farther than and Young Man in America. If or. Pritchard will agree to cast All the flies into the Middle of the Atlantic he can hear something to i advantage by calling around the beginning of dog Days next Gummer a gentle a Oice. A Lur enterprising druggist have secured the Agency for the Sale of or. Bigelow positive cure which a no user our for coughs colds consumption whooping cough and All Throat and lung la ease to prove to you flu no equal Call Higley amp Hamp on drug store an i get a bottle tree. A he Ury department a. Decided that Frog s legs Are not fresh tih self. In. Editorial note a in a i pleasant Plain directory. Lenten i Al Mil pm Dos. Woods amp Hammond Side i Ark Cheslee �03 Sowlles mbc11d6 fall term opens tuesday sept. 12 Over Freeman so Townley s. Ila is a l and Sci ent if la los is with of Ropa Nitor Mii finl a not Art de part sent. M Iii a a Era. Frank r. Smith. A i i u l Siire a. We u a Al re of a i air. La Torii Itna i gun in ii Etc i. I. D., or supt in. I v in or i you by. I la \ Kles Erie. In a Bing. B .,.t, so. v ire a to i notions. Kid Adu a Zitlin brei let a i m to aul did be i a ii a a a a Cir a. l to Aaen , im-4 an j Enki Ai Merv Han Quot a a ii v v i. \ hardware m inn earn i a sons i ii plural Beeper an. Did ii. Faint. Oil. I lev perfume re. ? . I male Mower. Minery. A Oit Mlej. Vin the to Hon Jurew. Proprietor. a to Lorti if Drain Tilean . I Perlee business directory. T f. J. m v in ii a a a. Eide. A hailing. Hat a to. . Jewelry Noti a to a is \ i i in ii to Quot by i h do a pan a work to i. Coh Len v Watlington Coal Tan Berlee. Reset Elas Cut a Lockridge Vav. A a business v High . Bro suit in. Directory. M. In i Nal Calls Able instr tor Boroi jul Erk. For catalogues Tail Row a. Of Scala see. faculty. A in a. A. I in pleasant Plain Academy. Hie Winter term of this institution opens on tuesday december 19th, j a no continual of Werteen weeks. The Quot Amon school Are a a be a Elia he. There ars to courses cd musical us i sent if. The Shorter an anti not a Are Tau jilt. La Jioji ate booed Rechea ter Here than in age places. Thong Ihnes and a firm. Unyielding Dis i jute Are Ltd a motto. A Daar j ii a la Ltd tips will be. Or Fanu. Those preparing i to teach Given a careful Drill f or catalogues j an further info cumin a id Rev the principal i. N. Kich. A. La. A Kirk. K. Avs of. I a v 11& Bock irk. Hopki he both Khz to John Melcher in do goods groceries hardware and general merchandise ukr by in k. Iowa invite in in Protu a by the Trade of Lockridge and Vicinity. We carry a Complete a Stock As any general torn in Jefferson county and will make Bottom prices. Unm Hopki he Bros. Bridge building and House moving j Galvin Snook. Physician and surgeon. In Effie formerly my Ipie i by or. N. Steel Lai or promptly veil de j to All hours a in. .1. Tim i be Dix i for Teffera a �., Leta l Juarlen a i of Fiji. Now a. Thi a the a Lect and Len Jewing machine Early Law in Michigan. Letroit free free. When Gratiot county Fin of of m to he disturb Cal by Pioneer an a an after had fir to Justice to be peace a Farmer named Davidson walked three Miles to suture the Arr is Ltd his in High Jere would be less Bor named m each am. For assault and Battery. To save the Constable a six mile trip the defendant walked in with the plaintiff. They encountered his Honor acres the Hest Hay. May be contended that tins plan would be More profitable now in time of scarce and dear labor. Have ample Blue Gra pasture for late feeding Aud then conf adder tor the Winter. This probably require a Little More labor in feeding than Hay or Corn but labor and care Are among the main Dement of Success. We Are among those who believe there should be no Ungro fable employment on the farm in Winter either for hired hand or the proprietor gadding to town. Imbibing bad habits neglecting family farm arid Stock. There Are thou ands a if Farmers All about u poor and who ought to be if w re not for the after Chr Nils. As alway. Happens with a Short crop the More we know about the bolter gets l he Farmers were peering a Bort crop. Hut when conus to he King i Shorter than their lowest expectation when com to feeding if will be Lound Hurter till. New Corn of cents will not More than equal in feuding value old Corn rib rent Are unwelcome facts but i Well to look them squarely in the face this Tate of thing i no of confined to i country. prevails Tea greater or i a extent in the Middle and Southeast in parts of the Tate. i a True of Central Illinois to very great ext the on Gay exception i where Farmer. Have exceptionally Rich lauds or land that a planted to Corn on a Rich Oil i old a Ture. Litre for immediate consumption of the de the Fertility of the ii shoved the Corn apartment is not overworked we should Forward and the Brief period of favourable like to decide soot her important question Viz whether clams Are hitter adapted for Ole leather Thau for Foniri Seiti Iowa. Stu. 22, a in. I in to e Man try. Ail Ibe id a improvement just leaving his House with a gun on his a f a j Toj a 0 wife an children Nemko ii to Hilo to a . Shoulder. Davidson halted him i f .1 cd Shiw to of a in a Mort of la Birtie win. Represent terms Elva v agent in. Hat the Sud acct of using Mon Ltd i me i thi county fur the a a genuine Quot Are. Car i want a Varrati i i s fodder which now goes to waste. Or r. Ii. Cd Akk. Oku. I. C. Clarke amp son dealers i larks. Franje. Unless they have certificate from i. P 11 stir or Man to of i .r� i i y9 c. Of icky a. Manager Pacwa. Fairfield pure drugs Wood amp Rock co., keep on band a constant Supply of the very Best Wood building Stone and masons Sand. Man for striking me a a in a in an an awful hurry is n to i Hoo or. Wall Farer. I Soo m Sha oks. To come a a so m i in a hurry and i m going to have a raising tomorrow a a Meacham. Did you hit him a yes. A Davidson did von strike fir to Quot a we sell Small profits for Cadi. Fairfield june 24, 1s75. 25tf d g. Higley a i guess so. A and will that satisfy you or David orders through the p. O. Promptly filled j son Quot net i . Ltd Kin s. M. Morrison agent. I fresh meat Market and less Hay is worthy of serious consid Erat Ion much less ,-iz.hl farms would probably carry larger herds of cattle As is evident that one acre of Corn will Supply As much As two acres of Hay. Besides will not in the least Lessen the j crop of Corn in some cold and Stormy 1 Winters Corn fodder has some objections owing to the trouble of handling in Meacham had 5011 rather work for wind and deep snows. Tare and pro to sell him three Days than go to jail. J forethought can overcome in a measure this difficulty. is a rare Winter which has not pleasant Days scattered All through . such times third Der could be placed ready for worse weather. Weather in August gave unusual development and feeding value. i a of sum that should not be Hist on Farmers. The Tim has gone by when Corn can be raised with the highest profit As a tenth or twentieth crop Ltd land that a neither been manured not a pastured. In the wort seasons that Ever befall Iowa a Good crop of Corn can be raised on a Sod win. Grass have been stimulated with manure Lur year. A a the Wise will understand in View of the Well known shortness of the Corn crop in the Corn Belt. What must we think of the depart f coughs or any affection of the Throat tent estimates which place the yield in. An lungs can get a trial bottle of this to isr2 nearly the same figures As a Gretal remedy free by calling of above is / of Farmer Loring will drop drug store about Timi million bushels he will he a a a Georgia woman with tears in her we know that they Are not Beefsteak though the department May decide otherwise. A Genera Stampede. Never such a Rush made for any drug store a is now \ s. Clarke k songs for a trial bottle of or. King new discovery for cob sumption coughs and colds. All persons afflicted with a Thea. Bronchitis hoarseness severe Riar right. A appears that . Pillow Chalmer a secured the certificate of election from the Secretary of state of Mississippi. Ile is now in Washington and declares his purpose to fight Southern dem Cerat in methods to the bitter end. A the total vote in Iowa this Yar. On be rotary of state is 2h.2bjb again 2�?~>4,864 on governor a year ago and 32b.0g5 in the presidential election o 188h. The Republican candidate for be rotary of Tate a a plurality of Rit Quot to against a plurality lat year for governor Sherman of 51t,f2& and a plurality in 18,8 1, for general Garfield of �?o�n.d2. The Greenback vote this yeat i 27,46. Again to 28,1 46 last year and .12.711 for general Weaver in la the Vor this year is 3&.>2i ice than in i Ltd which indicates a mall per cent of th--non-voter-1 his year. As he Vot ing Trent j of the state a greatly increased during the past two the total vote on the prohibition amendment in june last 2& 1.141, or �&.&/& a Fri an until 7th of november. A a democratic paper is a surprised that a Man like senator \ Voorhees Slio Tii j say that the democratic party will Antlions no aet which shall keep any Republican appointees in Power should then be a change of administration. senator Voorhees a civil service reformer in the Indiana Campaign Ami until he a ured of democratic Tate Success. The Reader will no doubt be a surprised the democratic editor As the editor is senator Voorhees when we assure him that immediately following the foregoing quotation a the following such a sentiment contradicts the 1 Best sentiments of the democracy Aud the great traditions of the party tor seventy year. show the pint of a spoil Hunter. would go to show that All the democrats care tor is to get Possession of the offices of the country taking into consideration that the cry of a a to 1 the Victor belongs the up Iii originated under president Jackson whom some democrats Are vet charged with voting country roads Ltd chicag Tribune. The season of the year when our country roads begin to be impassable is now drawing near. And the Farmer who is blessed with Good roads can obtain this time the highest prices tor All he a ii 1 a for we make the assertion that the said a a Ltd Eju a a Quot or t2 Quot editor distil an Induc is am aum her in the ears but the brakeman in a a. Listed on kicking the dog out. A drum1 Mer interfered and told the brakeman to us Ssu lil,aui1 iat wait until to Hack. The brakeman the a Ltd la Cona Derod thin Aki nod who Koroed to i this and in a Low moments pays any attend on to . I hey Ben i the commercial traveler returned with a a a a a a i i Valise put the dog in letting High head 0 pfc o nor Slick of of a Hole to Cut in the aide of i a men could have More vile epithets hurled take the East no or Robert Kaestner a a then make tracks for Home and Don Blither inc another minute my son just came in with the news that an old Bear and three cubs Are up the same Beech Down the Edge of the slashing a Blind inventor. A Washington correspondent of the True to her Trust. Too much can not be said of the Ever j any body in the Community has any bile to discharge let them void on Tut Ledwik editors of dots them any Good we ought not to interfere a does us no harm and advertises us to that sex will paper of All shades \ is Bact full y solicit j and in going to have some Bear meat if i Boston j in Salt i says one of the most re paints and cml. I meat Market in Tav Tibet Opp tit ,.>ses the supreme Bench of cell Wilkin a Tillson livery stable. He will Gat. Ourt stands adjourned. In Rorine Ion John i a. Dry to a ii Quot a a a in 4. Mart i i . Tinware >we-4 Jurii a. I. Aft ski. K. Ii Artis. Martin khon., with his work builder a carpet or and Henry Teeter. He is in of Salina Wislie to announce that Reading to to Al Kin of Bridge building pile driving an Exita ignation will Cut no in Ltd you thai i 5>tock in the Fleet and prices the lowest. Wit give figure on Bairn oils Ami medicines. Jefferson co. Library 7,000 volumes. La Brake opens every evening through the week from to 9 we Loek. And on the after keep on hand in season j Resh beef Mutton pork veal j together with lard sausage corned beet anti i pickled Fork. Meat a go cd As the be to and a Low a the lowest. Call and see. Fairfield. Iowa. Nov. 25. Issac. I Marrable lieu in this country whom know anything about is the president of Southern democracy. I x l Wagon shop and blacksmithing. Emsley Foland. I i. May he travelled with heavier loads and purest medi inc in he world and Only j vents and constructs torn Edo boats and j Chicago Tribune. With a Fatu Ity amounting to political insanity governor Mcenery of Louisi. A fati of Ana yesterday formally refused to Issue a Small steam vessels for governments in ii. V. 4 n j la i i certificate of election to senator William All part of the world his steam launches to. Am la e Loa 1, j c ii i j. ,1sary adjunct to every Village in connect Pitt Kellogg who Defeated Acklen in Glide through the water the rate of. A. N a a i i Hon with a Railroad they Are in Rispen i he Twenty Miles an hour. He has a Nam j a the third District by 5,0011 votes democratic Board of state canvassers did the beet they could to defraud the Legal voters by rejecting the votes of Assumption and . Mary a parishes which re stuck Yan. Ii o a of. Saddlery hardware. I a re her of Stock owned by ���ying25 enu ast Quot to a x d to fur i atom can take out one Book a time on owned by paying 25 a ent As dues for each three months in eat a share of a a thus used. Book town be shango every by Vii i f. Cools migh Brilt in Ion National a hic go k. Kney Ca Bier i Lino Yard National bunk 1 i ago look a Lau fir to Nationiel b my. Burlington Iowa Bea Rev Brest Keiit National Bank. no we j. F. Wilson. President first Bank. Fairfield la a waft. A. I Armer a first n Vional Bank Fairfield. Iowa re a Temple. First National Hank Chart Quot a Vittore .1 Mcintyre f to to Naiona attn a Tiger to tub Bankers i. I Quot a Dunning a Sellard. Bankers time the Library is of ened or May a a kept out four weeks or if the person live Over 5 Miles Shoemakers findings i away eight weeks. No persons in Dike out books unless they have a share of he. All persons arc or ii ally invite to visit the Library and m usen in. Certificates of sleek Saav he had of f a. T Wells librarian. Meet. Has a a a Jefferson Street w. A. Lew in cited. In the Brick link in Jefferson a loll Stock of Sattlr a. Filar Ila Rue tend shoe leather Shoemaker fifth ifs com Isiah dealers in live Stock a ?,nue a Jotte by crossing pee Tivel gave or. Kellogg majorities As an Ordinary a a and reference him Salina. Permanent member or of the As Fairfield Iowa a of 1,130 and 1,891. They claimed that con Tam Coal tit i a by paying of. Ami members of Tho i a a a a. A Ean Ink out Ber on hand which he wants to soil to the government. Ile build a launch Iii which steam can he got up in six minutes which can be carried on Board ship ship s boat which will and water enough to run. I. A r i i formalities existed in these parishes j thirty Miles. Moreover he claims that i prepared with the Best material to Maii fac. A a ii .1 1 a. .1 Tare farm Wagon Sand Buggie and that the clerk of by. Mary s had in i his new boats will not sink Aud that they in the most Workmanlike and satisfactory Man tired a protest against the vote being will therefore serve As lifeboats. Steam Der. Woodwork and Iron work of to e Best a Ted but that officer although a dem character is also prepare to do All kinds of j a. 4 a c. Repairs in Wagon. Buggie wheelbarrow octet denies that he did any thing of til and other Wood work in i line in Hie Best kind and has telegraphed that the Elee style and on Short notice. Tjon entirely fair. But even with lifeboats a How Many drowned men and women might now be living if such things really existed on the great Ocean passenger boats. Or. Herreshoff can out j loss Rains and pay extra prices for supplies. While the Farmer Are obliged to be Idle just the season they could Best afford to spend their time Goiner to Market. J i on theother hand with Good passable faithful Wile and Mother constantly roads the Farmer gains by the higher watching and caring for or ear ones. Leu the editor of the new York oust prices his produce will bring and the her neglecting a sing e u y in Cir Arl Schurz we presume is one of the Market has an Opportunity to Supply its a1 a re thin skinned fellow and give Relief to demand. Quot a a a a hts Teelin san an arid Flam which a. In the West thirty Mil a Day Benn c,e,ad�2 blot a exd i a by a he following exterminated she must \ Luh a a i be a a a a Quot a a a a a a bitters Are the Only j ten a i quote i to i Cul a h ter a Lell Ltd me a a a a a a Are the Best and i a Sene of not in a omit a a us of a a a a to attack a defend a Man a Busine a class or in a Iii a to 1 1 cause a risk of making enemies of others sold by 0. larke1 Only to find those in whose interests he had Laboured display ingratitude., i of course no level headed editor expects to the Cleveland correspondent of he Fin j a such now v Erk ism m that when the Roll a w rilb1 Ith he a pro a a a i important to which the Public attention i Standard Oil non pan brat into Eon Cien a , , the too he believe can be Given. A few years ago the Quot rat Tai As a company under tit Laws of regardless of tiber frowns or smiles Bash Railroad by hauling gravel very Ohio its capital Stock placed a . Tuppi Rte i to Niou ree title. win ail a huh huh. In j 870 that Stock in. E right n the en<1 thard to creased to $.>10.000. Vii thin the last and to find Tho a to whose support of Road some eighty Miles Westward from tour months has been expanded to y0u have earned aright desert you to Licet Toledo. 1/atcral branches connected this 870,00.000, i now Worth about alone the Atta. A of those you have incensed in Highway with the Railroad Short inter vents which would give the company a pursuing the course von were convinced Val. The result that the season value outline $56,000,000 people we 0 right b you win thereby i Are a necks Sable and this subject 1 one of the most Low rates helped the Farmers gravel a Highway running Para 11 with the line Cost fifty cents. K son. Livery stable Young men 17 id to v had j Tan set Iii Hie. Vav Dytrt i of l i l la Quot ii ii 1 to talk the Best livery stable in a Fiterson saddlery a Atware. Unto and take i Sun in to the Titi tit. To Quot Icorn Lei a a a Law and w prices will the his mvtu.�?. Their Stock a of ii m jew month old Flea Fiarand the Public generally Are invited a a. In n or. Valent 1de, to. An �?z ,.xhn,. Win pay the i horses buggies and carnage highest Market for hides and Pelt i a Good a the Best and will Fie hired on the r. I tor stir Selt list i .,4.k a. Most reasonable term. Traveler now eyed to iwo. p. Howell a a Lonb. J.9.rw,n a a. A. Com re. I Fairfield. Iowa. Fairfield. Iowa Jan. 1,1980. ,. In Usu do ii Viliy Lane no lieu who i vat o. I 1. i ii Van a a a i i a Blacksmith shops adjoin his Wagon shop. A 4. Or ii til la. R 1 the supplies of farm produce were very j done a out these two parishes Kellogg s major Tell As much about an Ordinary sized. A a a where All kinds of Bla skin inning is done or in j a Light 111 towns. Another effect Wos that Hort notice an i the lowest rates. Call and see try Over 2,Doo, and the desperate i steam launch Berliner methods of con step of refusing him the certificates and Striction Etc by feeling As others can j Dis franchising the vast majority of the j by seeing and he goes on building and third District adopted by Mcnery. I inventing just As if his eyes a r not he alleges that or. Kellogg is not a Cit closed forever. But he is a tall big Izen of the District or state and has Given brained Man who could help invent him till monday to file a Brief in reply. Ing and working if he tried such a Man to ave Fink i in Kry Rius a or hire. Or. Kellogg shows that he went to i of would have to suffer the loss of More Xith beet team in Hie country. When Vuu Wisiana in 1865 and the sixth Man than one of his senses before his mental want Nobby turn out Gale them. Registered under the military recon-1 efficiency would be impaired when Ordinary highways were utterly Ouight to know say that no other corpor ii passable Farmers living near these Grav ath a in America has snob command of Al roads were Able to reach Market when ready Cash As the Standard. can draw a Check for millions Auy moment. I for yourselves. Iy49 Wilkins amp Henshaw. Of bos Leggett House. A Fairfield Iowa i the Road had throughout the Rainy ses on a Good local traffic from the District through which these Gravelled roads extended. A the Conversa Zione learn a lesson of self Reliance and form a habit of judging entirely for your Elt. That will be invaluable. You will be Able to Tell the truth however distaste Ful and refuse to utter a falsehood ii Quot matter How much pleasanter May Promise to things go. Make Prucy ., new y Burlington Hawkeye. A a Man told my said one of a Hen he our Best Young men yesterday Alternin Clover tonic which is Good for All blood busses and Transfer wagons run to an from fiction in 18&>6 in the Parish of or wanted to build some steam launches for a a that Conkling a been he 0 cd disorders torpid liver Cost Veness and ail train. Baggage taken to any part of the a. Since that time he has constantly the government he came Down Here to a a done to elect judges said the by sick headache. Sure cure for pimples. In i Fie Xuy furnished Auh eos Alk voted in the state Tourte the Navy Yard and Felt of the govern Well informed Young Man lighting a ask i Ley k Lampson druggist for ly43 As a citizen served four years As govern i ment launches to discover their shape i cigarette a a dres deut apr Points . Only fifty cents a bottle. Everybody knows . Dresses cloaks cd its. Kinga and nil everybody knows what red Clover is. I garment Caribe Eola Rel successfully with the has been used Many years by the Diamond i be. Fashionable. B y Good old German women and physicians Tagat a hot tal a that let. 0kj for the blood and is known As the Best re woman viewing with disgust the Young blood purifier when properly prepared Man opposite helping himself to celery nudged combined with other medicinal herbs her a old Man and said in audible one and roots forms or. Jones bed City. Bart in Revance. October 25, 1ss2. A a p be mind the blackguard ageing the Bokay a what women should i a. Dyspepsia weak by an ther trouble cause i me fearful us Flerius but Barker Ginger tonic make me Teel like a new being a great remedy. Every woman should use . Mrs. Gurwitt Pittsburg

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