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Fairfield Ledger (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Fairfield, Iowa The Fairfield Ledger Fairfield Iowa 52556 wee 15 no. 81 saturday april 5,1986 a part of Fairfield heritage since 1849u.s. Soldier Dies in Berlin night club bombing Berlin a a bomb exploded Early today in a packed nightclub killing an american Soldier and West German woman and injuring 155 people including at least 44 americans . And West German officials said. West German police identified the dead Only As a . Soldier and a Young West German woman withholding their names until their relatives could be notified. The . Army said earlier in a statement one of those killed a is believed to be an american but that is not yet positively it said 44 americans were treated at . Military facilities for injuries and five to to others were believed to have been treated at West German hospitals. The statement released by the . Army Europe Headquarters in Heidelberg West Germany said an undetermined number of West germans were injured. West Berlin officials said 30 of the 155 injured were in serious condition. The blast at 1 50 . Devastated the la Belle discotheque in the West German sector of the divided City. Police said at least 500 people were in the nightclub at the time and that the blast partially collapsed the ceiling shattered the facade and caused its Walls to buckle. Witnesses said a Small fire broke out but was quickly put out. Separate claims of responsibly were made by Anonymous Telephone callers on behalf of a West German terrorist group and a previously unknown Arab group. Neither claim could be independently confirmed. . Ambassador Richard Burt suspect denies role in plane bombing Tripoli Lebanon apr a woman who identified herself As May Elias Mansur the name of a suspect in the bombing of a Twa plane that killed four americans today denied she had a role in Quot such a terrorist authorities investigating wednesdays bombing of Twa flight 840 had said May Elias Mansur was the prime suspect and italian police said she was a known terrorist. The woman who said she was is. Mansur spoke to the associated press today at the Headquarters of the syrian social nationalist party in this port City 50 Miles North of Beirut. She said she and her late husband Atef Danaf were members of the leftist party which advocates merging much of the Arab world into a single nation and had carried out attacks on israelis during israelis 1982 invasion of Lebanon. A but i done to undertake such crimes that kill innocent people and children. Not a politician a Diplomat or a military Man a she said. The woman showed a lebanese passport identifying her As May Elias Mansur 31. Several Tripoli residents and senior members of the syrian social nationalist party also identified her As the woman suspected in the bombing. Nikos Kokkinakis a senior greek Security police officer said Friday in Athens that a woman travelling under the name May Elias Mansur american Dies in base blast Seoul South Korea apr an aviation fuel storage tank exploded and caught fire today at Osan air base killing 15 people including an american and injuring 13 koreans according to . Military spokesmen. The explosion occurred at the base 37 Miles South of Seoul during a fuel Transfer operation us. Military spokesman Billy Fullerton said Here. Fullerton said an investigation was under Way to determine the cause of the explosion. He said the fire was brought under control after several hours. In Washington . Air Force spokesman it. Col. Larry Greer said a there Are initial reports of 13 korean National employees who were injured and 15 people who Are fatalities. We believe those to be 14 koreans and one visited some of the injured americans in a . Military Hospital and vowed the United states would help track Down those behind the attack. In Washington defense department spokesman it. Cmdr. Ross Kudlick said he believes a some percentage of the injured will be . Service the disco was popular with . Soldiers. Officials at the . Army a regional medical Center in landslide West Germany said 25 of the injured americans were flown to the Hospital and that one was in serious condition West Berlin police spokesman Dieter Piete told a news conference he could not confirm or deny news reports that the attackers May have crossed into West Berlin from East Berlin. The reports cited unidentified West Berlin government sources. A we assume that this attack was committed by to ousts of the extreme Chi possibly even foreign terrorists a Piete said based on a the fact that the nightclub was a favored meeting place for members of the . he said police had questioned about 60 people including some of the injured but had no a definite West German government spokesman Friedhelm Ost said a the cowardly attack hit us As much As our allies our american friends who guarantee the Freedom and peace of Interior ministry spokesman Hans Guenther Kowalski told the associated press the bombing was Mumm flew wednesday on the Twa Boeing 111 from Cairo to Athens and was suspected of concealing plastic explosives in the life preserver under seat Lof. The bomb exploded hours later when the plane was flying from Rome to Athens with 122 people aboard. It blasted a 9-by-3 foot Hole in the Cabin Wall through which four american passengers were swept to their deaths. A a in a a woman and a Mother. I done to undertake terrorist acts against innocent children because i feel with their mothers a said the woman. The woman said she was on the Cairo to Athens Twa flight and that she watched from the transit lounge at the Athens Airport As the plane took off for Rome a i was at Athens in transit for seven hours. I did not have a visa to get out of the Airport a she said a before i got on my plane to Beirut i saw ambulances and fire engines and police racing on the Tarmac. There was panic but i did no to know what was greek officials had said is. Mansura a flight to Beirut took off shortly after the bomb damaged Twa jetliner made an emergency Landing in Athens on its return trip from Rome. Sources in Tripoli speaking on condition of anonymity said the woman who identified herself As is. Mansur flew wednesday from Athens to Beirut aboard Middle East airlines flight 254 and was met at the Airport by relatives in Beirut. A we also show one individual As missing. We done to know if that a korean or american at this time a said Greer. Fullerton said there was no indication sabotage or terrorism were involved a it was a contractor operation with a korean contractor. It was a fuel Transfer operation. In a not sure whether they were putting fuel in or taking fuel out. We have no indication it is anything but an Accident of some the Yon Hap news Agency in Seoul reported the blast involved an underground tank but there was no confirmation. The Agency quoted an injured korean worker yom Sung Bok 34, As saying he and about 20 other korean civilians were employed at other tasks nearby when the explosion took place. Move to the hoop a Angelina Stakland. 9, shimmies her Way up the basketball poles Friday afternoon in heritage Park. Stakland was making her own fun while her brother shot baskets. Angelina is the daughter of Erie and Emily Stakland of Fairfield. A Ledger photo by John Gaines lottery going a hog wild Des Moines. Iowa a Iowa lottery officials Hope to boost the states pork Industry in addition to fattening the state Treasury with the new a hog wild version of the tame. A hog wild a tickets replaced a Lucky stars tickets at retailers across the state Friday. The new game features several new twists on the lottery a Standard instant Cash game. A without a doubt an attack against the . Allies and is most probably connected with International Kowalski said the bomb was homemade and weighed 6 to to pounds. In Berlin a caller told a West German news Agency that a group calling itself the a anti american Arab liberation front had planted the bomb. West Berlin officials said they had not previously heard of the group. In London an Anonymous caller claimed the attack was conducted by the Holger Meins commando a West German terrorist group. The commando is linked to West Germany a red army faction one of Western Europe a most notorious leftist terrorist groups. A caller claiming to speak on the commandos behalf also told a news Agency in London in March that the group had carried out the feb. 28 assassination of swedish prime minister Olof palme. Beckley group announces More layoffs a we Are pleased to do our part in promoting Iowa and Iowa products a said lottery director de Stanek in unveiling the new game which still features $1 cards with a Latex coating that is rubbed off to reveal whether the player has won a Cash prize. A hog wild is based on the concept of a poker game with each $1 card featuring a set of three playing cards or a hog wild symbols. By Jan Merling Bennett the Beckley group of Fairfield announced its second Layoff in three weeks Friday afternoon. Dawn Kincaid spokeswoman for the group said 61 workers were Laid off at the end of their shift Friday. This second Layoff reduces the Beckley workforce to 314 from a High of 562, she said. A it is critical to a company experiencing the rapid growth rate enjoyed by the Beckley group that systems and procedures Are continuously monitored and improved As necessary a she said in explaining the Layoff. The company Laid off workers in March under what company vice president Fred Swartz called efforts to reorganize the firm. He said at the time that he did no to know How Many were let go. Is. Kincaid said last week she also had no figures on the first layoffs the Beckley group which moved Here from California in 1984, markets no Down payment real estate and other seminars and videos. Its payroll reportedly mushroomed from 62 in february 1985 to 562 two months ago. The second Layoff brings the total number of employees Laid off to 248, almost half of the 500-Man increase reported in a year. But is. Kincaid said this should be the last of the layoffs. A it appears this is going to be the end of the cuts a she said. A we feel we be created a very tight she said the company feels it has the right number of employees for the amount of work being done now. And she said the company Hopes to rehire the Laid off employees but added that she does no to know when that might happen. A we wish to emphasize we Are committed to creating the most stable working environment possible a she said. A we will make every attempt to rehire these people As the need she said the layoffs Are part of an ongoing company reorganization designed to ensure a stability and steady future development. A your plans for expansion Are Likely to require additional personnel a is. Kincaid said. A but right now we feel we can handle our current workload with the current is. Kincaid said the layoffs came in All areas of the company but added that they re not an Omen for the company a future. A a we re Here for the Long haul a she said. A i know it does no to look that Way with the layoffs but de Beckley president has made a commitment to the Community and to the employees. Well be expanding shortly but we need a Well managed solidly run organization to ensure the safety of the the expansion plans include new products including seminar courses on investing in Stock options the Stock Market a a winning on income taxes and Home based businesses according to Swartz. Is. Kincaid said the company also is continuing to evaluate its credit card seminar course and will Market that after it gets a a everyone a stamp of the company currently is under investigation by the Iowa attorney general a office for alleged violations of Iowa consumer fraud codes mainly related to the credit card course. Swartz said in March that the Layoff was not related to that probe in the past the group has been spread out in As Many As seven different locations but is. Kincaid said they Row have centralized operations in two buildings. The company has offices on the first and second floor of the Broadway building and houses shipping accounting and its computer division in a building on West Stone. Is. Kincaid said the company will be filming another course in the a millionaire maker format april 12. All area residents Are invited to participate in the audience she said interested persons can Call 472-3993 for More information. Weather Fairfield area forecast tonight Clear. Low 40 to 45. West wind around to Mph. Temperatures from 6 . Thursday to6p.m. Friday High 74, Low 48. Rain 29 of an Inch. Today at 9 30 . 63.Marcos says . Aided rebels in ousting him new York apr former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos says the United states aided rebel military forces against him in the final hours of his regime with americans refuelling and rearming helicopters that attacked his presidential Palace. In an interview on Friday nights broadcast of abcs a a nightlife a Marcos also denied stealing or misappropriating Money from his country said he still considered himself president of the Philippines and defended his wife a collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes. Marcos 20-year Rule ended feb. 26 when he fled the country after a popular uprising in which hundreds of thousands of filipinos surrounded rebel military bases in support of Corazon Aquino who had Een Defeated by Marcos in an election marked by massive fraud in the a night line interview Marcos said Philippines air Force planes supposed to be used in the defense of his government were grounded at Clark air base and that americans were refuelling rebel aircraft there. A i Learned that the helicopters that attacked Malac Anang Palace a Well i might just As Well come out with it a those helicopters were gassed and reared at Clark air Force base a Marcos said Quot. By americans then a asked a night line Host ted Koppel who conducted the interview in Hawaii where Marcos is living in exile. A yes a Marcos replied he added that when he arrived of the . Base a i saw planes our planes that were supposed to be used in defense of our own installations grounded in Clarks air Force base and so also did i see some of the f-5s based in Basa Airfield grounded in Clarks air Force is. State department spokesman Joe reap said the department would have no immediate comment on the Marcos interview Marcos repeated an allegation that the United states threatened to Send in marines if he escalated attacks on the rebel forces. Last week in a taped message to the filipino people he made a similar assertion which was called a a absurd by the . State depart ment. The former president who has been seeking to leave Hawaii and has been refused Asylum by several countries said he was taking a in stride the fact that a a in a treated like a a there is nowhere else to go a he said. A i either stay Here or go Back Home and take my life into my own hands and Tell everybody a if you want to kill me Here i am but you will Start a civil Marcos maintained he is the a legitimate president of the Philippines a and that he never expected that president Reagan would subject him to a the indignity of having his documents examined. Marcos said that when he fled Manila he wanted to go to his Home province of i Leos Norte but the . Air Force took him instead to Guam. As he was leaving he said a general took away his .357 magnum and a Small Caliper revolver Marcos said his family a private gatherings that were shown on videotapes released by the government of mrs Aquino were a simple parties and they made them to look like he described As a fall lies the reports that his wife Imelda went on extravagant shopping trips. A the shopping trips Are fabricated. Saying that she went to Japan and bought a half million dollars Worth of pearls a completely false a lie a he said although philippine officials claim that Marcos and his associates plundered up to $10 billion during his two decades in Power Marcos said he never stole from his country. A a in be committed Many sins in my life but stealing Money from the people and from the National government is not one of them a he said. A i have enough Money of my own and that Money is Koppel also asked Marcos about mrs. Marcos collection of thousands of shoes. A you know what people Are mostly interested in your wife a 3,000 pairs of shoes a Koppel said. A How Many shoes a Marcos said. A a that a right. How Many shoes a he asked. A Well a Marcos replied a she gets All kinds of shoes a buys All kinds she has probably to change shoes twice a Day and then after a while because she. Probably feels More comfortable and there a a party where she can Wear High heels and parties for Low

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