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Fairfield Daily Ledger (Newspaper) - August 19, 1940, Fairfield, Iowa United Prat i lenses wire the Fairfield daily Ledger consolidation of the Ledger and journal Fairfield Iowa monday August 19, 1940 Price three cent conscription debate heated 6ut-Sayt Boake Carter Cabinet hopefuls aviation training nerds conscription ultimate benefits scrutinizing events of the last 12 months in Europe and most Par Ocul arly since june it is self evident that the key to Modem warfare is aviation. This is not to say that armies Are outmoded and navies must play second fiddle. It is to say that the nation which to senses the Ablest fliers the greatest Quot poor of pilots from which to draw and the greatest Supply of planes is the nation which in wage most effective warfare either attack or defense. A key without a lock is a useless key. A lock without a key is likewise a useless lock. Nobody suggests throwing away the lock because he has the right key. Neither does any thinking person suggest abandoning a Navy or a ground army just because a nation possesses the finest air Force. But the fact remains that air Power today is the key to successful defense or attack. Wallaces successor is selected president today nominates Claude r. Akkard Indiana Man Guy Rexford tug Rel the nation which possesses the largest and most efficient air defense system is a nation which will be discreetly avoided by those seeking trouble. Of this be the Cater and this column believes so and has believed so for years Why not compulsory training in aviation for All american youth nine million girls and boys have reached voting age j race the 1836 presidential elections assurer so per cent of tins total Are boys. Physical exam a Lions would Weed out those unfit for flight training. Further examinations would Weed out still More whose defects would come to Light in the course of Early dual control work. But a vast Reservoir of Pilot material would be left. Some would be fit for military requirements. Others however would constitute a commercial Pilot Pool from which to draw recruits for advanced training. Still others would be left to Fly their own planes still More would be inculcated with an understand ing of aviation and make Good in ground jobs. To be sure this proposal requires planes planes and still More planes. This nation however is on the verge of genuine mass production of aircraft. The mass production is required for War or defense purposes. The aviation manufacturers like Many other manufacturers Are asking Washington what will happen to them when the War demand is Over. Why not now prepare to meet that situation Why not take Steps to prepare for Transfer of today s War demand into tomorrows peace demand by inculcating through compulsory aviation training for the youth of America a Universal desire in this country to Fly people at one time Rode horses. They also travelled in coaches and carriages. Bicycles also formed a popular Means of locomotion. Then came the first automobile. Then More automobiles. Finally mass production of them. The motorcar is considered no longer a luxury but a necessity. Washington. C., aug. 19 up it a president Franklin Roosevelt today nominated under j Secretary of agriculture Claude r. J Wickard of Indiana to succeed Secretary of agriculture Henry a. Wallace his Campaign running mate who resigned his Post a few hours earlier. With Wickard. Nomination the president also sent to the Senate the nomination of Paul h. Appleby of Iowa former assistant to Wickard to the under Secretary ship. Wallace will leave the department on september 5 to begin Active campaigning for the vice president. I i the tone of or. Roosevelt s let. Ter accepting tin resignation and immediate nomination of an Indiana indicated Ute administration s attack is of primary importance to gain the farm vote from which republican1 made considerable gain in the 1938 congressional election. Indiana is the Home state of the Republican candidate for president of the United states Wendell Winkle. Accident toll is 4 in Iowa two National guard officers at army Maneu vers Are included four county 4-h girls to fair saturday Jefferson county clubs to enter nearly so exhibits four Jefferson county 4-h girls will leave sunday. August 25. For tin Iowa state fair to take part in demonstrations style revue and by United press sunday traffic accidents left at least four iowans dead today. Two of Horn were National gnat he a a the re Oun text Quot a officers at army Maneu vers at arc Doris Heston health can in a comp Ripley mum. J Ion Alice Jean Mccormick style Tine dead were Captain Howard revue Girt and Bettye Heald and 1 Francis Altai an winning demonstration team. William , Al Leader urges actu/1 be delayed measure by poorly drafted k. Thomson Davenport Virgil l. Moss Davenport n. Strong. 2, of car on and mrs. Frederick hed Inger. 88. Of Des Moines. Thomson and mass. Who was a second lieutenant Wert killed 9 Miles North of Brainerd. Minn., when their army command car overturned. The Strong baby died at Council Bluffs from injuries received the 4-h girls program at the Gonte fair will Start saturday. August 24. At 1.30 p. In., with Polk county Day. Polk county girls will give Home efficiency demonstration on sunday August 25, a general Assembly will be held in the combined demonstration rooms of the educational building where b Al itt Fet Hitler s coning when his father. Kibby Strong j the 4-h girls department is Loran his truck Over Lite child while rated. Backing from a garage. Health examinations will begin mrs. Hedinger was killed near monday. August 26. Doris Heston grand Mound. La., when a car Jefferson county s health girl will driven by her. On Raymond left participate. Highway 30 and struck a Telephone j a continuous program of Demon pole. I atm ions by county Champion teams 8ix persons were injured in a a1 o will begin on monday. Congressman Jones mentioned in Washington a possible successor to Henry a. Wallace democratic vice presidential candidate As Secretary of agriculture Are Guy m Rexford tug Well top former undersecretary and Marvin Jones a of Texas chairman of the House agriculture committee. Rev. Chitty reassigned to Fairfield free methodist pastor also reelected to office in conference now the world is at War. Just As world War no. I was a Hothouse which forced engineering and scientific development along far More rapidly than would otherwise have been the Cate sols the same a a Hothouse process being repeated. In the world War years it was the Auto Industry which forged ahead. After 1919, autos were used on a scale undreamed of three or four years previously. Now it is the aviation Industry which holds the spotlight. World War no. 2 has shown that aviation is the key. All nations Are gearing their aircraft industries to the highest pitch and Pace. Hundreds of thousands even millions More people will find when this War ends that their livelihood is dependent upon continued High gear operation of aviation industries. But this will not be the Case if there is no general encouragement on the part of the people of the nations to Fly air planes just As they drive their own autos today. Conscription of a vast army by foot soldiers is totally different in effect from compulsory training in aviation. Conscription of aground army is a War measure aimed to Cope with a specific a and Tempo continued Oil Page four Rev. F. Chitty was reassigned to the Fairfield free methodist Church at the annual Iowa conference of Tho Church in session at University Park near Oska Losa. Rev. Chitty was also reelected sunday school Secretary of the conference. Raymond Picken was the Lay Delegate from the local Church. Statistics compiled from the reports of the pastors at the conference completed at thursdays meeting revealed a substantial gain in membership finances and sunday school enrolment for the past year. Sessions of the conference came to a close saturday with the Reading of appointments of pastors for the next year. Under the direction of Carl Peterson of Waterloo about 50 children gave a demonstration of their work to the conference on thursday. Rev. R. T. Fine of Burlington and a former Fairfield pastor was reelected to the office of conference superintendent. This will be his third year As superintendent. Swimming Pool open tomorrow afternoon Washington Aug. 19�? isolationist senators and some other in the National capital were Quick to attack the address made to William c. Bullitt in Philadelphia. As an attempt to push this country near the Brink of War. They said bullitts remarks were a a incendiary. Some accused him of making statements very very Little Short of treason in his speech last night urging Aid to Britain. Senators Worth Clark. D., Idaho Bennett Champ Clark d., Missouri and Burton k Wheeler Montana led the denunciation of bullitt s speech. Among bullitt s statements were the following the entire Western world had been lulled by stories of Hie inferiority of German equipment. I have seen myself hundreds of thousands of German soldiers with All their motorized and mechanized equipment. I have never seen one piece of that equipment broken Down. The German military machine today is without question tile most powerful that has Ever been created. It has been used with consummate skill. And you May be sure that if the nazis have an Opportunity to turn it against us it will be As Strong or stronger than it is today and will be used in the Mast unexpected manner. I cannot Tell you where and when the attack will come any More than the French general staff could have told you that the German attack would be made at Sedan on the thirteenth of May but i am certain that if great Britain is Defeated the attack will come and that All the strength of this nation will be needed a mobilized organized equipped and ready if we Are to Parry it and save the Independence of our country. Why Are we sleeping americans when Are we going to Wake up when Are we going to Tell our government that we want to defend our Homes and our children and our liberties whatever the Cost in Money or blood do we want to see Hitler in Independence Hihl making fun of the Liberty Bell no i ask you and All other americans who hear my voice to join in the fight to keep our country free. Write and Telegraph to your senators and representatives. Write to your newspapers. Demand the privilege of being called into the service of the nation. Tell them that we want conscription. Tell them that we Back up general Pershing. Head on Auto Accident near Oxford will but la. Police said a car driven by rooms. Kenneth Zievert Chicago had left initial the Road and in trying to bring a contest the car Back Sievert swung Tot far onto the Road and into the Pat i of an Auto driven by mrs. E. Wilson of Indianapolis. These held in the demonstration monday also will Mark the judging in the style revue All will not be work for 4-h girls at tin state fair however. On monday evening. 4-h girls and leaders will meet it Pine Crest Lodge for the annual grandstand party at which girl delegates will be guests of the state fair. and present state officers will meet for luncheon tuesday noon. August 27, and in Hie evening club girls will have open House. On Friday August 30, there will be a society Day Quot and a special luncheon will be Given for too 4-h girls it Younkers Tea room. Tile annual style revue is scheduled for wednesday afternoon August 28, also the Date for health examination finals. Recalls for demonstration teams will be held thursday afternoon and judges a placings of winning demonstrations Washington. C., aug. 19 will be Given. The four Champion it upts Secretary of the Interior j teams will demonstrate Friday Harold Ickes tonight gives the morning. Roosevelt administration s answer a each of the four Home economics to the acceptance speech of Wen divisions of 4-h girls work will Ickes ready with answer for Willkie outspoken third termer will make reply to charges against new Deal Dell Willkie. He will speak at 7 30 p. Rn., Central Standard time Over the National broadcasting system. Ickes was one of the to t outspoken advocates for the third term of president Roosevelt before his nomination by the democratic convention at Chicago. Former representative John o Connor of new York victim of the 1938 National democratic purge called today for Roosevelt a a defeat lest the u. S. A be plunged into a foreign War a surely after the election if not before. The boy scout swimming Pool is closed today but will be open for swimming tomorrow night officials of the Pool stated today. The Pool is being refilled today and the Job will be completed tomorrow afternoon. P. G. Russell swimming instructor announces that there will be no swimming lessons tomorrow morning. Have a special feature exhibit. The clothing Section will display a Efu Ture fibres and fabrics Quot Home efficiency a the family that plays together stays together Quot nutrition Quot food needs for 4-h girls Quot Home furnishing. A room planning and arrangements Home beautification. A out of door improvement by a 4-h a total of 45 exhibits will be entered at the state fair by Jefferson county girls. These include the top two exhibits in each division. Challenges president to series of debates for. Congratulated on Willkie s speech Washington Aug. 19 up a the presidential Secretary s. T. Early said today that the White House has received about 200 telegrams a congratulating the president on Republican candidate Wendell Willkie a acceptance Early said he forwarded the telegrams to or. Roosevelt at Hyde Park new York. How British bombers hit Back democratic Way declares senator Hill other preparedness measures meanwhile get endorsement Buffalo nuyt aug. 19 up William Green american fed oration of labor president today urged revision of the Burke wads Worth Bill so that conscription would be delayed until compulsory military training is shown to be a absolutely Green in an address before the american federation of teachers annual convention said the Bill now pending was a poorly drafted and that another measure should be substituted. Is this International illustrated news map shows How British airmen retaliate for the bombings of English towns by striking at factory centers in wide spread areas in Germany and Italy. Aras bombed centers of Luenet and Greve Broich 2�?airplane Plant at Dessau and Bamburg who bings near Berlin 4alesandig and Tortona reported by italians to have been bombed. Words from Wendell Willkie Awen route to Callaway Park where More than 150,000 Parsons heard him formally accept urn Republican presidential nomination Wendell Willkie standing at right in front car rides in Triumph through the jammed streets of his Home town Elwood inc., while motorcycle policemen form a flanking cordon. Mrs Willkie sits at the left. Outstanding in his acceptance speech were hts support of the selective draft and his Challenge to the chief executive to meet him in a series of Public . I. A phone photo. Elwood iud., aug. 19�?here i Are pertinent paragraph from Wendell Willkie a acceptance speech made Here saturday As president i should threaten foreign governments Only when our country was threatened by them and when i was ready to act. I can not. Ask the american people to put their Faith in me without recording my conviction that some form of selective service is the Only democratic Way in which to secure the trained and competent manpower we need for National defense. We must admit that the loss of the British Fleet would greatly weaken our defense. The Atlantic might be dominated by Germany a Power hostile to our Way of life. This would be a calamity for us. We must face a brutal perhaps a terrible fact. Our Way of life is in Competition with hitlers Way of life. I Promise to outdistanced Hitler in any contest he chooses in 1940 or after. I Ain saying to you that we cannot rebuild our american democracy without hardship without Sac 1 Rifice even without suffering. I am proposing that course to you As a candidate for election by you. I believe that the Federal government has a responsibility to equalize the let to of the Farmer with that of the manufacturer. If this can not be done by parity of prices other Means must be found with the least possible regimentation of the Farmers affairs. The new Deal stands for doing what has to be done by spending As much Money As pm fusible. I propose to do it by spending As Little Money As possible. I say that we must substitute for the philosophy of distributed Scarcity the philosophy of unlimited productivity. I stand for the restoration of full production and re employment by private Enterprise in America. The ability to grow the ability to make things is the measure of Many a welfare on this Earth. To be free Man must by creative. I am a Liberal because i believe that in our Industrial age there is no limit to the productive capacity of any Man. And so i believe that there is no limit to the horizon of the United states. Dictatorial control near for Britain possibility of invasion causes new decree for Home defense London aug. 19 it up it Ger Man War planes made isolated at tacks on the Southeast coast of England today but up to late this afternoon had made no intensive assault. The relaxation of bombardment Effort coincided with a decree naming All of England Wales and Scotland As a single defense area subject to dictatorial control by the Home War ministry in event of invasion. The slackened Pace came after the air ministry reported that Germany lost 141 out of 600 planes in air Battles yesterday. The ministry said the so ire to was 568 German planes lost of which 518 were shot Down by r. A. F. Fighters. Hill favor Bill Washington C., aug. A Upit sen. Lister Hui a reopened the Senate debate on the National conscription Bill. He said that the opponents of the plan will Quot place a Premium on a Lacicer ism and a penalty on j compulsory selective service Hill argued is the Only a democratic Way Quot to build up the defense forces. The Senate met an hour earlier in an Effort to extradite consideration on the Biu which leaders hoped would be passed sometime this week. But Only a few senators were present and a half hour was consumed in rounding up a quorum. Before resuming debate which has largely featured anti conscription arguments the Senate sent to conference the Bill authorising the president to mobilise 360,000 National guardsmen and organist reserves for military duty anywhere in the Western hemisphere. The Senate approved today a Bill amending the neutrality act to permit unarmed american vessels to enter the combat zone to effect evacuation of British children. Tile bul which now goes Back for concurrent action in the minor House provides that american ships May enter the belligerent Waters to evacuate children undid 16 provided their support in this country has been guaranteed by american organizations or individuals. They must also have Frost the european belligerents a authorization of Safe the Senate appropriations committee today unanimously approved the 5,800,162,277 supplementary National defense Bdl to finance a two Ocean Navy and equip a mechanized army. Somaliland evacuated operation successfully carried out after 10-Day italian drive miss Ruth Laurence to be youth director London aug. 19 Upit the War office announced today the British forces have evacuated British Somaliland. The War office announced the evacuation was accomplished with the Aid of the British naval forces j miss Ruth Laurence of Hutchinson Kansas will arrive in Fairfield september i to begin her duties As religious education and recreational director of the first methodist Church of this City. Miss Laurence s duties will include the supervision of recreational activities throughout the week and of religious education groups on sundays in both the sunday school and Epworth league. Mass Laurence received her a. B degree from Baker University and has had extensive experience in youth work. For the past summer she has been employed in a welfare Camp in Pennsylvania. A a weather or. And mrs. Marvin Ellefson and Sefc Mouths old son Donald who have an apartment in the Home of mrs Chloe Miller 205 South main st., spent the weekend with friends in Clinton. Or. Eielson does Gypsum work for the eclipse lumber co. The evacuation followed an intensive ten Day drive by Strong italian motorized columns upon the capital of the 68,000 Square mile protectorate. The evacuation of British forces heavily attacked by motorized italian columns had been hinted in London. Tile War department said that material stores and equipment was also evacuated. A or. And mrs. Hugh Hudgell and daughter of six Miles North of town spent the week end in Clear Lake with mrs. Hudgell s parents or. And mrs. Roscoe Hui. Iowa aug. 19�?fair today and tuesday slowly rising temperature today warmer tuesday. Illinois fair today and tuesday cooler in extreme Smith somewhat warmer tuesday. Missouri a fair temperature today tuesday fair somewhat warmer. Temperatures yesterday Low 63 High 74 today Low 52 at Hitt i 69 rainfall 1,09 Inch saturday until

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