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Fairbury Journal News Newspaper Archives Sep 2 2015, Page 4

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Fairbury Journal News (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Fairbury, NebraskaThe official dog of Husker nation Isnit a Husker at All i do a fair amount of travelling for my Job. When asked where Yak from i always reply Fairbury Nebraska. Of thatus the place Fairbury hot dogs come from is a frequent response. Well no. Fairbury Nebraska used to be the place where fair Bury Brand hot dogs came from. Several years ago the Roode family sold out to weimers meats of West Point Nebraska. Fairbury Brand hot dogs the hot dog of Husker nation proudly made in West Point. Con fusing he Well its about to get a lot More confusing. Starting this year the nearly 100,000 Fairbury Brand hot dogs that will be consumed at nebraskans memorial stadium will be made in Mun Ster Indiana. Thatus right. Hoosier land. Weimers which bought the company and the recipe from the Roode family of Fairbury sold out to land of Frost meats of Indiana. This is where my Bias kicks in. So if you like what you re getting from the Fairbury Brand Label at the grocery store please dont read any further. Company officials from land o Frost say Consumers can expect to get that same great taste they have always been getting As the product moves from West Point to Munster. I read some place last week that even or. Tom himself was concerned enough about the move that he wanted guarantees that nothing in the dog would change. Actually a lot had changed. I have always considered myself somewhat of a hot dog snob. Give me an Oscar Meyer or Ball Park Frank and i will politely refuse. Toss a bar s Frank at me and like it or not i will toss up what Ever i ate right before that. For me it has always been Fairbury Brand or nothing. But something changed. Despite what the weimers people and now land o Frost i suspect will Tell you it just Isnit the same hot dog that was made Here in Fairbury. They do not taste the same. Not even close. I understand that Busi Ness is business. I totally get that companies Are bought and companies Are sold. Nothing lasts forever and absolutely nothing i mean nothing stays the same. That also holds True for hot dogs. I am . With weimers Selling to their competitor. You gotta do what you gotta do. Its nothing personal its just business. But for those of us who grew up on Fairbury Brand meats we know the difference Between prime rib and Bologna. And for what its Worth Fairbury Brand made great Bologna too. I just wish they would quit referring to the hot dog As Fairbury Brand because it really Isnit. As a final note again if you like the current fair Bury Brand hot dog please quit you want the closest thing there is to a True Fairbury Brand hot dog go to the grocery store and buy grandpa Dos dogs. They Are manufactured by Blue Valley Brand meats in Diller. Its the closest thing you will find to a Roode family hot dog on the mar Ket. Seeing tomorrow can save today news and views wednesday sept. 2, 2015page 4 the Fairbury j journal news letters to the editor five hours of raking and i could have done More Michaels been putting me to work on the farm lately. In the past week Ive logged quite a few hours Rak ing Hay and moving Bales. These Are tasks i a vent helped with much in the past. I baled Hay earlier this summer so when Michael said he and i were going to Rake and Bale 35 acres of cup i told him i wanted to run the Baler. I already knew How to run that trac Tor after All. I had never raked Hay before but i had watched him and there was far too much raising of the Rake for me. No Michael said the Rake is easier. Ive Learned that the simplest tasks always go to me. I once asked him what the easiest Job was during pasture burning. He said it was walking the drip Torch. Hmm thatus the task ism usually assigned. Anyway Michael gave me a tutorial on How to run the tractor hooked to the Rake a Battas publishing inc., owners . Box 415, 516 fifth st., Fairbury be 68352 published on wednesdays u is 184 000 periodicals postage paid at Fairbury be 68352 postmaster Send address changes to the Fairbury journal news . Box 415, Fairbury be 68352 staff directory subscription information s ing l e cop y p Rice $ 1. 50 t e pm s by m ail $ 55. 00 a year by m ail in j e f f e is on t h Aye a Fil l m ores Al Ine and g a e c out in s in be bras k a and w As h ing t on and re p Ubl in c out in so ans As. A l l of h e r p Art s of be bras k a and k ans As 2yr is $ 90. A l s o c of Orado i of a and m is s Ouri $ 58. 00 a year. A l l of h e r p Art s of t h e u nit e d s t at e s $ 65. 00 a year 2yr is $ 107. O it s Ide c ont Ine it Al u nit e d s t at e s $ 90. 00 a year. S ing l e cop in s by m ail $ 5. 00 e Ach. Phone 402 729-6141 fax 402 729-5652 advertisers t h e be w s p a e a it s owne is and e m p l Oye e s s h Al l not be l Abl e f or dam a e s Caus e d by t up of rap h ical e errors in adv e it is e m e it s beyond t h e amount p Aid f or s p Ace act Ual l y occupied d by t h at p Ort Ion of t h e adv e it is e m e it in w h Ich t h e e error occurred d. A do e it is e is m us t not if y sales i Rex est Al wkly  Gas i first a run Dat e. A do us t m e it w in l be m Ade in t h e f orm of Cre Dit. C re Dit w in l be g in e n at t h e current of e n Inch rat e w it h a 1 m minimum. No p Rice adj us t m e it or Cre Dit w in l be g in e n on p roof e d ads. Fred a. Arnold or. O w be r f red f Ai Buryj journal be w s. Com Tim Linscott. P Ubl is h e r t in of h Al ins cot t 1@ g m ail. Com Shaun Friedrichsen. Be w s edit or f j n. S h aun g m ail. Com Susan Bartels. A do e it is ing d ire it or s us an f Ai Buryj journal be w s. Com Jennifer Lewis. C re at in e d e s Ign w e is it e / l if e s t Al e s / d e at h s j e Naif e a f Ai Buryj journal be w s. Com Shaunte Dean. C Ircul at Ion p h of of rap h e r s h aunt e @ f Ai Buryj journal be w s. Com Jim Phelps. S p Ort s w Rit e r f j is p Ort s @ g m ail. Com priz e winning newspaper 2015 Nebraska press association w w w. F a i r b u r y j o u r n a l n e w s. C o m the Fairbury journal news Short shots by Fred Arnold owner in commentary Tim Linscott publisher Ash borers Are a Blessing editor your last paper had a notice about a meeting about those Little Nasty Emerald Ash borers. I guess they kill Ash Trees. After All the time and Money Ive spent trying to get rid of Ash Trees it is the Best news Ive had in a Long time. Here can i find some of that infected Wood to get them Here quicker bring those Little critters on. Henry Klee Endicott neb behind the scenes by Cynthia Scheer staff writer because i had never driven that tractor. And then off i went. I have to say that raking is actually quite fun. I raked for about five solid hours and i would have enjoyed raking More. Ism most proud that i did not break anything. Early on i did accidentally partially hit a round Bale with one of the twirly Guys which is the official name i be Given to the circular Rake things and the Bale Spear lever gave me trouble until Michael finally unhooked it. The lever that raises and Lowers the twirly Guys is right next to the lever that raises and Lowers the Bale Spear on the front of the tractor. I sometimes was focusing so much on raising the Rake to keep the end rows tidy that i grabbed the wrong lever and nearly jabbed the Bale Spear into the ground in front of me. After battling this for a couple hours Michael finally says of i guess i should have unhooked the hydraulics for the Spear. A few Days later though i got to try my hand at mov ing Bales with the Spear. Ism usually tasked with driving the pickup and Bale trailer around while Michael loads Bales but to make the process faster this year he decided to have me group Bales while he dumped the loaded trailer. I had a slightly Rocky Start with the Bale Spear As i tried to figure out which Way to move the levers to get a Good hold on the Bale. There were a few instances of poor approach which required me to put the trac Tor in reverse and come at the Bale again. It also took a few Bales before i looked very professional out there. My strategy slow Down when approaching the Bale put in the clutch while i lowered the Spear to the Correct height and then slowly let out the clutch while i drive into the Bale. Ism quite glad nobody was around to watch that slow process. It was probably like watching a calf learn to walk. But after a few Bales i soon looked like a . Kind of. I was at least doing two things at one time Rais ing and lowering the Spear while i was driving. You can quote me. Quick quips by Tim Linscott publisher in studying Edo period japanese culture i came across a term called seeing tomorrow. In essence it takes All information no matter How minor to apply to a plan. This was notably used in combat but also in an economic sense. Having an autistic son my wife and i have applied Many of these rules to our parenting style As we Monitor his diet social interaction sleep patterns and general behaviour As a Means of seeing tomorrow. The Fairbury Public schools Board in particular superintendent Grizzle has begun seeing tomorrow. The group is putting away funds now to pay Down on major projects in the future. Several years ago the school District i was associated with in my prior position Perkins county Public schools began saving up for a plan to either renovate their aging Middle school or put an addition on the High school to accommodate those students. This turned out to be a fruitful experience As the District did not have to Bond the project out Long Story Short they simply Cut a Check. They tightened budgets they crimped and saved and were Able to Knock the project out right away. Fairbury Public schools has the potential to do this As Well. Not necessarily add on to a school but save up for a Van or school bus when one suddenly goes Down or i a boiler when one goes kaput Early in the Winter. Sitting in the special meeting of the school Board last week and hearing of this plan of seeing tomorrow it began churning the wheels in my Skull. How Many other organizations entities and groups can Start seeing tomorrow Here at the journal news i want us to Start seeing tomorrow and begin enacting plans to move the paper into the future but also into the Community. As previously stated the paper is working hard to become a Cornerstone in the Community and begin giving Back helping move Forward and taking readers along for the ride. I encourage All organizations Public entities and the like to not Only begin seeing tomorrow financially but socially As Well. Prepare for tomorrow As the next generation of people coming to this Community will need Parks for their children to play in stores to shop in and an area that is Safe and protected. � resolve to Edge in a Little Reading every Day if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a Day it will make itself Felt at the end of the year. Horace Mann editor i was Happy to read that the Fairbury journal news is now recycling materials that Are accepted at the recycling Center in Fairbury. It is Good to know there Are businesses and centers who care about recycling. For example the heritage care Cen Ter the Jefferson Community health Center and also the american lutheran Church All Recycle. It would be inter Esting to know if any other places in our Community Are recycling. Are the Public schools involved in recycling it would be great if the cafeteria kitchens would Recycle the Large cans and plastic bottles used there. The High school lunch room could provide a recycling bin for the students use. It would set a Good example and provide an Opportunity for the students to help the Community. Getting people to Recycle is another Story. In Many communities across the country recycling is As common As taking out the trash. Fairbury is a Community that is slow to change but the Good news is that some of its residents Are willing and open to change for the better. We should feel motivated by the fact that recycling saves Money for our town. However there Are still individuals who refuse to Recycle. They have the Freedom to make that Choice. According to the Epa the average american produces 1,600 pounds of garbage per year. The . Produces around 220 million tons of garbage each year. We cant continue indefinitely to use up land for burying trash. Landfills pollute the land. Even when landfills use liners to contain the debris the liners age and crack resulting in to in leaks that can get into our aquifers. Landfills Are the largest source of methane Gas. Methane becomes a Green House Gas when released into the air. Recycling is a simple thing that we can do to reduce waste. The most common excuse that i hear for not Recy cling is ism too Busy. This excuse holds Little Merit considering the Busy people who do make the time to Recycle. Another excuse is that of not having enough items to Recycle. Recyclable items add up Over time. If you Are now Reading the paper version of this newspaper you have something to Recycle. Kathy Gage Fairbury be recycling important my kids loved the Frontier fun Park when they came to see Fairbury. It is a very unique place for families to visit and my son in particular enjoyed playing cowboys and bad Guys with his father. I of course had to be the bad Guy while he was the sheriff

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