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Fairbury Journal News Newspaper Archives May 11 1990, Page 2

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Fairbury Journal News (Newspaper) - May 11, 1990, Fairbury, NebraskaOpinion pase the Fairbury journal news Pape two Friday. May 11� 1990 50 years a country editor daily pasture rate for cows was $1 in 1900 by . Cramb editor publisher 1897-1953 with the Post office next door it was easy to carry Over the papers but when the Post office moved to the South Side it Wasny to so easy so we had a cart made which we could wheel Down the sidewalk. It had Iron wheels and no tires and made More noise than a threshing machine but it advertised the journal because if some one heard a Racket something like a will make with a Flat tire they would look around and be informed that it was the Fairbury journal just out and going to the Post office. It May be a Little out of place but Here is a Good Opportunity to write up the history of the Post office in Fairbury. As i said above there was no free delivery in town or country 50 years ago. It was therefore an advantage to merchants to be located close to the Post office. A Short time after i took Over the journal the Post office was moved from the North Side of the Square to the South Side. It was located in a building on the Corner of e and fourth streets on the South Side of the Street the courthouse Yard being on the North Side of the Street. I had no positive proof but it was my understanding that the government got the lease of this building for nothing the rent being paid by the merchants and property owners in that Vicinity. This was the Post office that was in the big fire in 1903. The postal equipment which was saved was then moved to the basement of the courthouse where the Post office was located until that it new building where it now is was built. This ended the contest which occurred every so often to locate the Post office for the Benefit of business. When free delivery in the country was established there was no particular advantage in being near the Post office. In fact now it is probably a disadvantage because you done to have so Many near neighbors. When the present Post office building was built the journal criticized it and said too much Money was spent for ornaments and too Little for convenience. The private office of the postmaster is located so he can to Tell what is going on in any part of the building without moving around. He is practically isolated from the regular Force As if he were quarantined for smallpox but he has a very Nice office equipped with All conveniences including a rest room for his own private use. I was postmaster for six months but my appointment Wasny to confirmed and i left with no regrets for anything except the rest room and i immediately put in one at the journal office and Ever since that time i believed All buildings Public and private should be liberally provided with rest rooms. It was this failure to so provide rest rooms in the Nebraska state Cape Tol building that made me object to it and i object to it yet. The poor clerks who work in the capital and even the officials have to walk a half mile if they want to make use of rest rooms and there is no privacy. It is like the old fashioned hotels and saloons in the livery stable age. That the journal was right in recommending Post office buildings should be built not for show but for Utility is shown by the fact that within the past 20 years or so that is the kind of Post offices that Are being erected. The one at Hebron is a Good example a Plain Brick building with plenty of Light and air but no greek columns or imitation catamounts or Lions or tigers As ornaments. It has always seemed to me that a country editor should be entirely Independent. While i was first running the journal i had a few debts to pay and i used to Tell my wife i would be glad when i had them All paid and then i could Tell anybody 1 did no to like to go to hell. I found that it did no to work. While i got the debts All paid including the payments on the press and the payments for the Purchase of the journal originally i found that if i told somebody to go to hell they would take it out on my family or on somebody else. I would have Felt better if i had kept my Mouth shut and not been so Independent. Moore than Likely by Clyde Moore Mil a a the Day is cold and dark and dreary it Rains and the wind is never weary a wrote a poet Long ago. On the other hand there were few Jefferson count ians complaining about the near Daylong Light rain and Cool temperatures that followed Early mornings wednesday dowsing. Not until we catch up with the moisture deficit accumulated Over the past months. Mil a usual a degree Day records intended to reflect on How much fuel it takes to keep us warm usually conform to the months that used to be considered Safe in which to eat shellfish a those which had an a a re in their name. But it was monday the 7th before this month had a High and Low degree total Over the 130 that divided by two equals the starting Point for degree Days. Mil a judging by the number of Blank lines on next tuesdays ballots under a vote for Quot election boards might be asked for re sharpened pencils before evening. Notably in Steele City Reynolds and Day Kin town Board ballots where there Are no filings and in Harbine town voting and Diller and Endicott school districts where there Are fewer filings than openings those who insist on making their choices known Are going to be bearing Down with those soft Lead pencils. The Public View Hope you enjoy them editor i Hope whoever took the geraniums from our tubs in front of the Faith lutheran Church enjoys them to the fullest. Some of us take Pride in our City and try to improve it while others take Delight in destroying our works. We Pray that the lord will forgive you and that the blooms will remind you How they were obtained. Rosalie h. Witt Fairbury a Fai Lutri pm trial or uni under continuous. Family management since 1897 Cramb january 1897 to january 1953 Fairbury journal inc., owners Poulin c Nuckolls Ond we. C Nuckolls publish re William c Nuckolls Tutun a a Man Floc Jon Whit no a editor William j. Chr to shop por Mon Oarr a junk up Tail Ativo Ruiting manager Joan Mck Nti Omic Manog in 0oo publish a to a Day and Friday at us fifth St Fairbury a Bra to 4352 second last Pitog paid at Fairbury. No 68352 postman a Sand add rats Chongas to Fairbury journal now. Sex 4is, Fairbury. Nab 4s352 a it Jbf Nebraska member Tum a association founded 1885 1 association terms by mail $22 50 m Fairbury Ond in Eherson Thayer Fillmore Nuckolls sol me and Gage coun tie Nebraska and Washington and Republic counties Kansas All other parti of Nebraska Ond Kono also Colorado Wyoming South Dakota Iowa and Missouri $26 50 a year a ii other part of the United state $32 00 o year by Corner m Fairbury 45 cents per week single copies by mail $1 each courthouse Bonds carried in countywide vote in 1890 baseball on sunday Cost Pawnee Cit ians $1 each in 1880 utilities Purchase vote failed to carry Here in 1910 Husker electric lines Purchase profitable for City in 1939 Fps golfers planing Mill bowlers champions in 1970 Fps girls track team twin Rivers champs in 1980 looking Back 1880 a 110 years ago from the Fairbury Gazette a group of Pawnee Cit ians were fined $1 each 110 years ago for playing baseball on sunday. John Saxon who had been an attorney Here for Many years moved to Hastings 110 years ago. The Burlington offered $3 a Day per Man and team to work on grading the railroads route through this county 110 years ago. Mail service on the a Short route Between Fairbury and Beatrice was discontinued 110 years ago. 1890 a a Century ago from the Fairbury Gazette . Thompson presided Over a meeting at Thompson 100 years ago to see about prospecting for Coal in that Vicinity. Bonds for a new Jefferson county courthouse carried by 675 majority 100 years ago thanks to a. 855-2 majority in Fairbury precinct. Majorities a a for in other precincts a Richland 63, pleasant 35, Rock Creek 27, Jefferson 25, Plymouth 9 and Lincoln 3 a were More than offset by margins against in Endicott precinct 65, Buckley 47, Newton 41, Antelope 17, Creek 12, Washington 26, Gibson 13, Meridian 5 and Eureka 4. . Cramb was elected president of a Farmers Alliance of 16 members organized 100 years ago at Kesterson. Kesterson and pleasant Valley schools South of Fairbury near Rose Creek had a spelling Bee 100 years ago. Ethel Armstrong won the match Etta Armstrong the other. 1900 ninety years ago from the Fairbury journal the journal said there had been some 1899-crop com in the Fields yet to be picked the first of May 90 years ago. Nider Bros of a old Plymouth Vicinity had bought a new Nichols amp Shepard thrashing machine with self feeder and a fall other Modem improvements a 90 years ago. Mclucas Bros were opening the a Colby pasture a 90 years ago with cows at $1 a Day horses at $1.25. 1910 a eighty years ago from the Fairbury journal the Issue of Bonds to buy the Fairbury utilities companies failed one vote shy of the needed two thirds majority 80 years ago when the water system Purchase was voted Down. That wiped out the favourable vote for buying the electric system. Good roads meetings were staged All Over the county 80 years ago As Farmers were dragging their own roads aided by support from the Fairbury chamber of Commerce and other organizations. The Honor Roll in District n o. 7 2 four Miles East and one South of daykin80 years ago were Lester Fox John Ralph and William Knobel and Len Wood. Blanche Leighty was teacher. 1920 a seventy years ago from the Fairbury journal . Bonds paying 4 1/2 percent interest could be bought 70 years ago for 5 cents on the Dollar. Van Buren amp songs elevator and flouring Mill located just East of the St. Joseph amp grand Island depot was destroyed by fire 80 years ago. The Morton Hested showcase company was incorporated for $100,000, 70 years ago. A Plant was to be built at Beatrice As soon As $38,000 in Stock was sold in that City. This was the predecessor to store Kraft. . Morton was manager of heated a Beatrice store. 1930 a sixty years ago from the Fairbury journal the journal blamed the Federal farm boards policies far an 8 cent drop in the Market for wheat in one Day 60 years ago. Noting a decrease in census figures for Hebron from the 1920 figure the chamber of Commerce there called for a re count 60 years ago. Bert Kiesel and . Spencer of Fairbury planned to open a store at Clay Center kan., 60 years ago. Spencer had been manager of Kieselt a Golden Rule store Here. 1940 a fifty years ago from the Fairbury journal Fairbury sofa Dairy products judging team was state Champion 50 years ago. Team members were Oscar Bauer Devere Gerwick and Lawrence Gill Kenneth Bonawitz received the state Farmer degree. . Boone chapter advisor was made an honorary state Farmer. The City of Fairbury electric department had a net profit of $5,000 in its first years ownership of the Husker electric lines reported . Bell utilities superintendent 50 years ago. Purchase Price in 1939 had been $90,000. Jefferson county party chairmen and secretaries elected 50 years ago were Homer s. Yeakle and . Stark democrats and . Denney and Bertha Christensen republicans. Nine houses and nine apartments were advertised for rent in the journal 50 years ago. Dorothy Watson. Homer Kelly was faculty director Mon tie Lum student director Bob likens stage manager and Jim Herfkens advertising manager. Central a to installed mrs. . Wilcox As president 40 years ago. Other officers were Mes. Merle Hughes Tom de Long and Sam Bervin. Retiring officers were Mes. William Brehm Sam Stull Leonard von dra and Dale Ziettlow. Mrs. . Vance succeeded mrs. . Cressman As Fairbury women a club president 30 years ago. Other new officers were Mes. . Kelley Martin Bottger . Cornelius Freeman Klein Sam Bervin Ida Klockner . Walker and . Douglas. Era to the twin Rivers conference title 20 years ago. Dean Fox Mike Simpson and Gene Parks were other members of coach eckmans team. Joseph Gasper Jane Holloway and Charles Jackman All of Fairbury won academic honors 20 years ago at Nebraska Wesleyan. The Fairbury women a club elected mrs. Paul Snyder president 20 years ago. Fairbury planing Mill women a Bowling team won the Nebraska Handicap championship 20 years ago. Team members were Mary Ann larkin8, Betty shuck Loma stauss Marti Thrap and Lou Wilson. 1950 a forty years ago from the Fairbury journal Jefferson county fair Board members 40 years ago were William Sandman chairman Lester Hansmire Max Logan . Steffen Amos Boeckner Raymond Schmidt . Callaway and Lee Snyder. . Winslow was Secretary treasurer. Cast for the Fairbury Junior College play a grandpa goes to College a 40 years ago included Barbara Dawson Bill Doleman Verneal Fasse Luella Hellbusch Ben Huncovsky Mervin Knocke de Kujath Tommy Murphy Pat Patterson margarite Reynolds Dick Sims Doris Washburn and 1960 a thirty years ago from the Fairbury journal James Hanlin of Geneva became meat department manager at the Safeway store in Fairbury 30 years ago. Fairbury City Council and mayor . Steams asked the army corps of engineers to study flood conditions Here 30 years ago and to make suggestions on curbing the Little Blue High Waters. Mrs. . Brandes of Fairbury was honoured on her 85th birthday 30 years ago by her daughters Phyllis Galloway of Seattle Doris and Helen Brandes and son Dean of Rockport 111 daughter of the Jacob Deins she was bom in 1875 in the Homestead Sod House of her parents South of Powell. 1970 a Twenty years ago from the journal news Bernard Correll resigned As manager of the heritage of Fairbury 20 years ago to take a similar position at Central City. Stan Weber of Glen ruin n.d., succeeded Here. Garth Gibson paced Fps Golf 1980 a ten years ago from the journal news Larry bom Schlegl was chosen As Fps senior High school principal 10 years ago to succeed Ron Oswald moving up to superintendent Scc-fairbury�?T8 a Spring tour �?T80�?� group performed at 16 High schools in the area 10 years ago. Members were Janet Beckstrom Lori Compton Mark Fletcher Randy Garrison Brenda Gregory Brenda Lyons Jeff Meyer Doug Mitchem Mike Nespor Leah Priefert Susan Shultz Dave Stepp and Todd Uhrmacher. Honorary chapter Farmer awards went to fathers of three Fairbury Fra members who had been named state Farmers earlier in the Spring 10 years ago Lin Shleif Dave Lawrence Schmidt Lyle and Stephen Scheer Allen. Chapter scholarships awards went to Todd Knobel and Cheryl Bana Han. Fairbury girls won the twin Rivers track and Field title 10 years ago. Coach Chuck Moore steam scored in every event with firsts by Martha to Axel Ann Gregory Kellee Hart and thah Boyer. Ask a lawyer q. Am i liable for a Jar of Jelly my son broke at the grocery store although the store since posted signs stating a you break it you bought it a there were no signs up the Day of the Accident. A. You probably Are not liable for the Jar of Jelly accidentally broken by your son in the store. First where the management posted signs after the Accident that limitation would apply to any future accidents but would not apply retroactively to the time of your songs Accident. Second a Parent May be held liable when his child intentionally causes personal or property damage or when he is aware of the child a propensity to act in a dangerous or injury causing manner yet fails to adequately supervise the child. However when the injury caused is accidental and something the Parent would not have foreseen the Parent probably will not be liable. Generally the Issue is whether the Parent exercised reasonable care under the circumstances so if the Parent supervised the child in a reasonable manner Given his knowledge of the child a disposition and tendencies to act that should be if you have a Legal question write Quot ask a lawyer Quot to Box 2520, Lincoln 68501 this column a intended to provide general Legal information not specific Legal advice Quot ask a lawyer Quot is a Public service of the Nebraska state bar association. Fat pm to Brake a year ago in the journal news 1. The Public was invited to attend a a a tour of Progress at the new Fairbury Junior senior High school 2. Officials of the Fairbury Airport authority were informed that the Federal aviation administration has approved the funding of a $72,000 Grant for work at the Fairbury Airport. 3. Friends of Hollenberg station inc., dedicated their Brick mural at the . 36-k-148 Junction South of Hanover. 4. A drive was underway to raise funds for restoration work at the Day Len Community building which was formerly the Daykin school. 5. Pamela Epp senior at Fairbury High school was named As the Moat valuable female student nationwide by the elks National foundation. Her parents Are or. And mrs. Richard Epp

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