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Fairbanks Daily News Miner Newspaper Archives Mar 28 2015, Page 4

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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - March 28, 2015, Fairbanks, AlaskaA4 Fairbanks daily news Miner saturday March 28,2015 entertainment the incur Bjork Simes crossword edited by will Shortz no. 0221 across 1 it s usually taken on a bus 10 pact signed by Nixon 15 Nancy Drew never left hers behind 16 Siw 17 needing no a Quot a in a Way 18 b. It 19 org in Quot Argo Quot 20 it tie Pirt. A winged woman holding an atom 21 beyond that 22 not mussed 24 loads Tor Many. Abbr. 25 Constellation near Ursa major 26 Art film Jouno astir a on 31 who said a Power has to be insecure to i responsive Quot 34 brute 35 observe 36 tip offs 37 it May be thrown in the mix 38 take off 39 animated character who a five apples tall 41 truth i engineering slog Aneer 42 where the Waves come in 43 Dairy Case units abbr. 44 w a taken m 45 stay a step ahead of 49 secure 51 place for a Rivulet 54 part of Hud. Abbr. 55 Diamond 56 Triton to Neptune answer to previous Puzzle 8 1 g b r e a s t e 0 a s a 1 s h 0 u l d h a v e c h e k n 0 w n b e t t e r t r e e 0 a s 1 t b e n 1 n s t l e 0 c l a y t 0 n a 0 0 m k e y a r k s s t i i 1 p s g m a n t r a 17 e i s s a m e a g f a u t i s m 7 n y a l f f r e p 0 a p p l e d a 41 a 0 l 0 n e l l e i l a t r 1 a i l e h r a d 1 n h 1 j5j 1 n 0 n e e a let a n d e m 0 0 in t t h e 0 t h e r y Al no s t a i e d l 0 0 s e 58 Reis who directed Quot the French lieutenants woman Quot 59 crowd 60 make someone Happy Quot composer 61 it connects two pages Down 1 slug 2 allegorical painting from Picasso a Blue of Enod 3 Field standouts 4 Paul Tor one abbr. 5 f exhibit plasticity 6 be present in Large Quantity 7 Widen As a gun barrel 8 Ark finder familiarly 9 University course for Short 10 delayed in a Way 11 woodcutter . 12 Star s sex 1 13 phrase often stamped in red 14 �1 hit on the soundtracks for Quot Grumpy old men Quot and Quot be Verfy his Chihuahua Quot 21 former miss America who ran for the . Senate in 1980 23 Early writing materials Puzzle by Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber 24 f a try shades of Grey Quot protagonist Anastasia 27 Fetter 28 1 ability 29 mature 30 but it 31 she would t take an affront sitting Down 32 a since you asked 33 it gets attention when it runs 40 vie Dieu feature 44 Belt 46 italian City near the slovenian Border 47 users May enter it 48 1-across, for one 50 f Amous last word 51 new year s eve Ball drop commentator beginning in 2003 52 crowning 53 in crime de humanity 56 Duki . Abbr. 57 University course for Short online subscriptions today a Puzzle and More than /,q00 past puzzles $39.95 a year. Read about and comment on each Puzzle . Crosswords for Young solvers crossword by Thomas Joseph across 44 afternoon 1 bother socials 5 lose traction Down 9 drop in 1 closing 10 Needle number sources 2 customs 12 laugh 3 Confes Able Sion list 13 namely 4 Clambake in latin Clam 14 Yard 5 cloak event and 16 through Dagger 17 tavern types quaff 6 child 18 Book 7 cry of genre Indiana 20 inferior Tion 22 mine yield 8 craving 23 nonsense 9 crucial 25 High Point 11 Collar 28 cellist inserts Pablo 32 prying tool 34 last letter 35 Massage 36 Crimson tides Home 38 Blockhead 40 series test 41 search deeply 42 perfect places 43 have a novel expend i ence Hlll yesterdays answer 15 rhapsodic 19 Low digits 21 Hearty dish 24 fort feature 25 bitter 26 less refined 27 dangling Art 29 honeysuckle a Cousin 30 bar Stock 31 plane count 33 restrained 37 await 39 some gametes Thomas crossword books 1 and 2 Send $4 75 Dieckm o tar each if Capo Box 5 �>4/5 Orlando 11 32853 64/5 a a ? $ 4 v 14 1 / a to a 23 1 a a in 36 _ a re i 38 39 41 r 8 i 8 a 11 r a a ?2 a 29 31 a 34 -7�?1 40 r a a 3-28 dear Ahby i am a 14-year-old irl and my Friend a Leah is out of control. She has been j oink Down the wrong path since sixth Grade. She is what people Call a demo a Shu has attempted to end her life More than once. She has sex with lots of boys older than her and has issues with drugs and rutting. She was abused until she was 5 and then adopted. She does no to seem to have any morals. She says she wants to become a serial killer and a prostitute when she grows up. She also wants to have a baby in the near f future. Leah has borderline personality disorder and probably some others i have tried talking to her about what she a doing to herself but she sees nothing wrong with her destructive behaviour. I want i x a to get help before she winds up raped in prison or on death Row or becomes a teen Mother on the streets. J Don t want her to become another number another statistic. What should i do who do i Call a the police social services a hotline scared for i Rah dear scared your Friend appears to be a very troubled and angry girl. If she thinks by becoming a prostitute or a killer lie will be Able to assert control in her life where she none she a sadly mistaken. You say she has borderline personality disorder. If that a True it must have been diagnosed by a licensed psychotherapist frankly i done to think this is anything you can or should handle on your own. If your Mother does no to know what a going on please Tell her so she can Alert j Eahl smother and a a can return to her therapist however if that a not possible Tell a Counselor at school what you have told me so Dali can receive More treatment before she hurts herself or someone else. Dear Abby my Boyfriend and i have been together for three years and have planned our first vacation together. We decided to split the expenses 50/50. Last week he announced he has invited his sister and her Boyfriend to go along and stay with us in the apart Jef dear Ahby but Wjk Jeanne Phillips w Abl it my ment we rented. Not Only was 1 shocked he would invite them without checking with me first i Bee ame upset when he said he Wasny tasking them to pitch in any Money. Normally i pm not stingy when it comes to sharing but in a angry and i wonder if in a overreacting. His Mother died last year and his sister is the Only family he has left which he tends to remind me of to make me feel guilty. How should i react to this Amber in Texas dear Amber Tell your Boyfriend that out of consideration for you he should have cleared it with you before inviting anyone to come along. When he tries to make you feel guilty by reminding you his sister is All the family he has left patiently explain you understand that but this was supposed to be your first trip together just the two of you and this has taken the Romance out of it. L Hen make it Clear you do not intend to foot the Bill for Sissy and her Boyfriend because that Isnit Lair to you. And if he does no to agree cancel the trip because you enjoy it anyway. For everything Yon need to know about wedding planning Ardry a How to hour a Lovely wedding. Quot Send your name and mailing address Das Check or Money order Jar $7 . Jul Nils to dear Ahby wedding Booklet . Boa �147, mount Morns Al �10640447. Shipping Anil handling Are included in the Price a a a Karachy is u it ten by Abigail Van Bun a Knou 11 As Jeanne Phillips and u astounded in her Mother Pat Dir Phillips. Write i Karachy at uncut b0.1 ti<j440, pm Angeles a t / it it. It to is i men Sal Taluk sudoku sudoku is .1 number a Tang up i let a avid on a 9x9 Grid with several Givi Iii numbers i lie in a to Pisa to two 1 to 9 if i lira empty squares so that each Row each column and each 3x3 contains the same number Only once i he difficulty level of tie concept is sudoku increases irom monday to sunday concepts sudoku by Dave Green 4 3 1 7 5 9 r 4 2 5 4 cd 00 cd 2 7 1 i 1 7 cd cd 6 co of 4� a. Answer to previous Puzzle 7 6 5 8 4 9 3 2 1 9 8 2 7 3 1 6 4 5 k 4 3 1 6 2 5 9 7 8 1 8 4 9 1 6 2 5 3 7 a a 6 2 7 9 5 3 8 1 4 a 1 5 3 4 7 8 2 9 6 q 3 9 8 l 1 7 4 6 2 c 5 1 4 2 9 6 7 8 3 ? 2 7 6 3 8 4 1 5 9 Dittri us v Ian it big Brothers to Box 73924 big Sisters 452-8110 of Alaska c hanging lives changing communities Horoscope for saturday March 28 Aries March 21 to april 19. Your Fot us c continues to be on Home family and Domestic matters. In fact even though this is saturday you might just want to cocoon at Home. It happens. Taurus april 20 to May 20. This is a social Busy fun Loving Day. Get out there and run errands talk to siblings take Short trips and enjoy the company of others. It s a Good Day for study and Reading As Well gemini May 21 to june 20. You will enjoy big among familiar surroundings spec tally things you own today. You might want to clean repair or organize your possessions. Cancer june 21 to july 22. Today the Moon is in your sign which can make you More emotional than usual. However it also can in reuse your Good Luck just a Little bit every bit helps Leo july 23 to aug. 22. Work alone or behind the scenes today to get the most Benefit for your efforts. Keep a Low profile then explore fun times you will want to hav fun tonight Virgo aug. 23 to sept. 22. A conversation with a female Friend could be important today. This is a Good Day to Tell others what your Hopes and dreams for the future Are so that you can hear their feedback. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22. Personal details about your private life might be made Public today. This looks minor nevertheless be aware that this is happening. You might have to do some damage control. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21. You want adventure and a Chance to learn something new today. Primarily you want a change of scenery go someplace you be never been before. Shake it up a Little. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21. Issues about in Hen Tances shared property insurance mat ters taxes and debt Are your focus today. Clean up Loose details if you can to get ahead of the game. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 19. Your for us will but on partners and close friends today. Further More you will have to Compromise when dealing with others because the Moon is opposite your sign. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. 18. Today you Are on corned with health issues or issues related to pets or just a general desire to get better organized. You want to improve your world. Pisces feb. 19 to March 20. This is a fun Loving playful flirtatious Day enjoy the arts the theater sports fun activities with children and Romance. A 2015 Anig a it at Mes Syndicate let is i on it i i i i. Low one letter stands for another. In this Sample a is used Lor the three i a x fur lire iwo of eur smile letters Posl Oplie the i Enjo Ali and for nation of the wools arc All hints hath Day die code letters Are def lenient. 1-28 c n g i o z in b t o i i o z d o v i ii n j /. B i i z i i i j k i ii i i t g j i z n j x h i v ii let i ii j x b t d d z. B t c n w i i. D x i g b i i n. A 0 b z z no b g v yesterday s crypt quote As sur As Ide. Spring will hollow the Winter Prosperity and economic growth Wile hollow a i session. Bohi no i the family Cyrus by Bil Keane hocus focus a Henry Boltino curl a Jiff a when i woke up i Felt sick but then i realized its saturday so now in a Jtj mud Una Cramble Tai Eye tout Jurn Blee or a letter to a web a Juery that scrambled word game to Gay David l Hoyt and jaf1 Knur a find a inns Bix differ Evces in details Between panels to form in or Ordinary Rihl Iron Rob u Ujj cent be Tsmmy a Jam by us cued a i a Gloren i i Tram we u _ _ _ r. A 4 j we. He v _ coma in. By it v Eis Stdio i he mount7mn mra3 6ot4& t j unti nor a now the ski in i Leiu is to form Ftp a a up nth a a newer As amp urge Ted by the above Cui Jon i Dumn it pm Vrh Gnu is 9 iu3j.jxhp i Ujj Kijus Side a a june j p is qty rat is Jorji i truism la St a Juh Lmh my Obj Titt tenia Yaar rawer % monday Jum fee virus Annex cat i lavish answer Hie now wind form wets producing thin Type of Energy a turn Atif

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