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Fairbanks Daily News Miner Newspaper Archives Mar 2 1990, Page 1

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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - March 2, 1990, Fairbanks, Alaska Dairy mews ii liner your locally owned Independent daily newspaper vol. Xxxviii no. 52 Fairbanks Alaska Friday saturday March 2-3, 1990 50c per copy 32 pages new Swatch Friday a saturday Page weather tonight and saturday mostly Cloudy with variable winds to 10 Mph the Low in the lower 20s, and the High near 35. Page 2. Nation a quake aftershocks Upland wide area of Southern California rolled today with another aftershock of wednesday s big earthquake. A . Oil spills Linden n Jafor the second time in a week an Accident at an Exxon refinery has leaked thousands of Gallons of Oil into the environmentally ravaged waterway separating new York and new Jersey. A Keating charged los Angeles state officials today accused Charles h. Keating jr., the Central figure in the Lincoln savings amp loan scandal of casting a web of fraud to snare investors who paid $200 million for now worthless a junk world a Anc names Mandela Lusaka Zambia the african National Congress today named Nelson Mandela As its Deputy presi Dent and welcomed him and two others to leadership positions they held when they were arrested in South Africa in the 1960s. Mandela released feb. La after 27 years in prison becomes the no. 2 official in the Anc. Behind presi Dent Oliver Tambo. Who is recuperating from a stroke in a swedish clinic. The Post of Deputy president is a new position. A Bush awaits Kaifu Tokyo prime minister Toshiki Kaifu left for California today for talks w Ith president Bush after telling parliament he will strive to overcome Japan s chronic Trade problems with the United states. In his first speech to parliament since his re election As prime minister Kaifu said japanese efforts to create a new International a Page of Hope will be based on a firm relations of cooperation Between Tokyo and Washington. A ukrainian miners strike Moscow miners in the ukrainian Coal capital of Donetsk walked off the Job today to press demands that the local communist party leadership resign a City official said a the associated press weather horrible for id Tarod teams id Tarod Trail sled dog race the mushers trek Alaska a of is fir i or Ciu a to Vwg Pmry-,-.&Quot d Hazard along the Trail Anchorage api when the id Tarod Trail sled dog race gets under Way saturday the 70 mushers entered in this years event will be facing some of the worst weather conditions the race has seen since its incests i in 1973. A conditions Are As bad As they possibly can be a race manager Jack Niggemyer said wednesday. A nature is throwing everything at us it can. It might slow7 things Down a wind chill temperatures to 60 de Grees below Zero the deepest Snow in a Quarter Century Ash from redoubt Volcano and Gale Force winds Are combining to make things extremely difficult for Trai Breakers who on Snow machines Are trying to Groom the 1,100 mile run. At least 30 inches of new Snow on the South Side of the Alaska Range virtually has smothered hundreds of Miles of Trail and winds in the desolate Farewell Burn have shaped 8 foot drifts that threaten to turn another too or so Miles into a Frozen pattern of furrows that could twist lines tax dogs and snap sleds. A your Nightmare has come True a Niggemyer said. What Trail there is Between Anchorage and Mcgrath is rough Niggemyer said and there a no see id Tarod. Page 7 the it id Tarod it Trail \ Norton sound first segment of the Trail mushers contend with starving Moose sticking to established trails to escape snowfall there have been violent encounters Between Moose and dog sled teams Dunn training mountains have extremely deep Snow could create Avalanche Hazard local Herd of Buffalo has chosen a segment of the Trail to Winter on at Farewell Burn treacherous sea ice conditions heavy winds and storm area i a Cynthia Greer City Bond refund plan to save $1.1 million in the midst of the City s Money troubles there is some Good news. The City will save $1.1 million Over the next 15 years by refunding part of its municipal utilities system Bonds according to City Mana Ger Brian Phillips. The Money the City saves will be used for operation preventive maintenance and capital improvements to the municipal utilities immediately relieving some of the pressures in the 1990 budget. Phil lips said. Refunding works on the same principles As refinancing a Home. The City initially pays for capital projects by offering Bonds to investors. A Bond is essentially a prom ise to pay the Money Back to an investor with interest at a later Date. The City will save Money by issuing new Bonds at a lower interest rate. It w ill use the new Bond Money to pay off the old Bond debt. A this accomplishment has produced a real savings to the City that brings new wealth into the City without a reduction of personnel or elimination of said City manager Brian Phillips. A it s a matter of working smart with what we Quot we refunded at the Best possible time a said mus controller Van Abbott a was far As i am concerned see City. Page 7> Cowper for subsistence constitutional amendment inside by Larry Persi by associated press writer Alaska 2. 3, 6, 7 Fairbanks 3 Juneau gov. Steve Cowper Ann Landers 20, 21 foreign .16 j Kjay proposed a state Constitution birthday game 19 horoscopes 20, 21 j r r classifieds 22 32 a1 amendment to Grant Rural alas comics. 20, 21 National is 16. 22 kans a preference for subsistence editorials 4 outdoors 9-10 Hunting and fishing. Entertainment sets Quot 17 19 be Wees a8� Cowper said a 13-15 sports constitutional amendment was not a politically but at a news conference today he said his administration had a reluctantly concluded that this is the Only practical an amendment would need approval by two thirds of the House and Senate to win a spot on the november general election ballot a there will be a hot Cowper said. The Alaska supreme court in de Cember ruled the state s subsist ence Law unconstitutional because it gave preference to Rural residents. Federal Law however requires a Rural preference in system Cowper in january suggested solving the problem by setting up a permit system to regulate subsist ence Hunting and fishing. He said a Point system based on past use and other factors could be adopted similar to the limited entry system used for commercial fishermen. But that plan would not work. Copier said today. A your guess would be that it would Cost millions and millions of Doh Lars and require dozens of new state employees to process tens of thousands of permit applications. He said. Cowper said he was unable to come up with a workable list of criteria for selecting who should receive a permit. A constitutional amendment is favored by Rural lawmakers but Urban legislators say its going to be Tough to win enough votes for passage in the legislature and on the ballot. A it is one of the most divisive solutions a Cowper said. A it pits Rural against rep. Curt Menard d Wasilla. Said thursday that he supports a constitutional amendment although a it s probably not the most popular thing in my he said he expects a bitter fight Over the Issue in the final nine weeks of the legislative session. Rep. Ramona Barnes. R Anchorage opposes an Amend ment she said it would create two classes of residents Barnes favors regulating subsistence users by Hunting and fishing methods and Harvest limits. House republicans can be expected to oppose the amendment. She said. Sen. Johne Binkley r Bethel said a state constitutional Amend ment to conform with Federal Law is the Only solution a the alternative is doing nothing and having Federal management a he said the Alaska federation of natives supports a constitutional amendment and last month called on lawmakers to push for an amendment As the Best solution to the states Legal problem. Cow per s proposed amendment would restore the state s subsist ence Law that existed before the court decision. It would allow preference for Rural residents based on past use and dependence on fish and game. Fairbanks area Gold mine to spend $9.3 million hire 80 Fairbanks Gold Ltd. A Canadian firm. Plans to employ More than 80 people and spend $9.3 million for exploratory drilling of the fort Knox Gold Deposit near Fox this summer according to a mining newsletter. In an interview published feb 22, Fairbanks Gold president Erie v. Friedland revealed the com Panyk a plans to step up exploration of the Deposit located 15 Miles Northeast of Fairbanks on Gilmore dome. Friedland told the George Cross newsletter a that around the Elock drilling of 300 holes to determine the boundaries of the Deposit will begin May i and continue through july. Exploratory drilling to deter mine the extent and feasibility of mining the site will then continue through december. Friedland said Friedland was unavailable for comment Friday morning. The corporation spent $4.15 Mil lion exploring the site last year. According to the newsletter assays last summer revealed Levels of Gold ranging from .022 to 156 ounces per ton. Friedland said in an earlier interview. Gold is know n to occur within an area Roug by 4,000feet Long. 1,400feet wide and More than 900 feet deep. Samples indicated fort Knox might Harbor 15 million tons of Gold laced Ore. Fairbanks Gold raised $5 7 Mil lion last summer on the Vancouver Stock Exchange to finance Gold projects at fort Knox and a second property in the Flat mining Dis Trolet. Which is located about 60 Miles Northeast of the holy Cross in Western Alaska. If the mine goes into production it is expected to employ 120 to 200 people. Workers would extract Ore from an open pit mine crush it then run it through a Heap leaching process to collect Gold particles. Quest leaders Mike Mathers news Miner Mark Elliott a Yukon quest Musher from Dawson City Heads Down the Yukon after leaving Circle City thursday morning. To took River time for Yukon haircut Cottiers finds her Long hair an impediment by Brian o Donoghue staff writer Biederman s Cabin a chasing the other sled dog teams up the Yukon River. Quest Musher Meninne Cathers pulled out a knife and Cut away a bothersome chunk of her pretty Black hair. A i was getting All frosted up. I had the hair in my face and i just decided that a it and gave myself a Quick haircut a the 19 year old Musher said thursday As she repaired her Headlamp on a rough Hen table at Bieder in a Yukon quest Many a Cabin. The trapper s Cabin an unofficial checkpoint Marks the Halfway Point on the 175-mile run Between Circle City and Eagle on the y Ukon River. A no wonder i Felt so cold a Cathers said upon hearing that the temperature had dipped under 40 below7. A in one place i fell asleep and Only woke up when i hit the ground. I yelled whoa a and they stopped a Cathers said. A after that i had to tie myself to the sled. It was really the night up the Yukon River Wasny to entirely without rewards. A the dogs were just clipping a Cathers said a and the lights were really Bright just dancing and dancing. You really feel great to see your team work ing like Best of All Meninne caught up with her father Ned. And other race leaders at Biedermann a Cabin a popular resting spot for quest mushers. Francois Vargas was the first to reach the Cabin shortly before to a m. Thursday. The Frenchman was followed by Kate persons Vern Halter de fending quest Champ Jeff King. Will and Linda Forsberg and be Ninnes a father. Ned. As of 8a.m. Today 18 mushers led by Ned Cathers had left Biedermann a and front runners were expected into Eagle by Early this afternoon by the time Meninne arrived at the Cabin about 2 p m thursday Larry a a Cowboy Smith was also camped on the River below the Cabin. Up on the Hill most of the race leaders were sleeping together in the Back room of the Cabin a Rainbow of parkas harnesses gloves and boots Hung in the Center of the room w Hile the mushers napped uneasily in a Circle around a big barrel stove. Light through a frosted win Down cast a warm glow on Ned Cathers face As the wilderness guide from Lake Leberge slept on a Bench Couch with his arms folded on his Chest. Elsewhere in the room. Vargas slept on an old see quest. Page 7

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