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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - August 31, 2015, Fairbanks, Alaska44 Fairbanks monday Augu �?T3 2��?T5-�?�?�?. A i Interior ski Iril apr in Ifor some grammar rulings Lorn to a Justice sir t a reflect upon Federal Jud of William Yavne Justice a for Ward thinking progressive Jurist what a from the Early 1940s consistently ruled in favor of civil rights. But he presided in East Texas which generally trended in the other direction. He was nonetheless widely respected within Legal circles his legacy being such that in 2004 the University of Texas Law school his Alma mater established the William Wayne Justice Center to it it a Public interest Law my father in Law practice Law in Tyler. Texas for a half Century supported Justice s rulings on civil rights but generally thought him too Liberal. It or registered Weimert Ner was officially named Wilkomer but my father in Law insisted on calling him wills Wayne As a 3greg Hill gentle poke at the judge s ancestry. However my father in Laws disgust with our grammar was in dead Earnest when w e instructed Willy to a Lav Down a since a lie Down Quot is Correct a play Quot As in Quot put something or someone Down carefully. Dates to the late 800s be w Hile As in a to is from around 1010, and we be apparently been getting them mixed up Ever since. According to daily writing grips. Coin s Maeve Maddox. The most usual error is to use a Lay As in a play Down Willy Quot b it some poor conscientious souls aware that Lay is often the wrong Choice Are falling into the error of using lie transitively Quot As in a lie Willy on the bed Maddox Sas Quot i be become partially cured to the intransitive use of Lay. The alarm clangs Only when i observe its use by teachers. Broadcast journalists advertisers doctors Law vers and anyone else whose occupation requires the use of English for Public communication All w Ell and Good hut what about last month s article on Astor daily a where news meets its scholarly match titled dear pedants. Your fave grammar Rule is probably fake Quot first of do 1, a Quot pedant Quot is not jew Elry. It s a a person who gives too much importance to details and formal rules especially of grammar Quot according to Macmillan dictionary. For example the forbidden splitting of infinitives and ending sentences with prepositions. Like most of their ilk. Originated in the victorian Era and a were entirely dreamt up in an age of moral press nativism. Reflecting nothing of historical or literary usage Quot hut were intended a to encourage the poor English language to be More like an entirely different and entirely dead language namely latin. The English language did no to change to make those Rales obsolete they were simply fictional from the Start when it comes to splitting infinitives most every one s done it before and after the victorian crypt latin Rule makers unilaterally Laid Down their Laws because our languages nuances require that sort of flexibility. As the article notes the phrase a a you really have to w atch him Quot has t the same connotations As a you have to really watch that brings us to a yahoos a the american heritage dictionary defines a a Yahoo As a a rude noisy or violent it s from Jonathan Swiff s a Gulliver s travels in w hich Gulliver meets y yahoos while trav Eling to various fanciful lands. Since its 1726 publication scholars have debated the hidden meanings of the mysterious words Swift attributed to the languages of the tiny lilliputian the giant Bobd gangs. And the Hough Nhym the intelligent horses a tended by deformed Savages known As y according to , University of Houston professor Irving Rothman has broken Swift s code tracing Many of the words Back to the opposite meanings of hebrew terms. A by Rothman proposes was a play Onyx a we the hebrew word for god w hich is pronounced Swift s Point was that the yahoos were the Natu ral opposite of everything divine hut the creators of the Yahoo search engine in 1994 ignored him. Ignoring things is a human trait. For example most of us insist on calling the Onset of night time when the Earth s doing the moving not the Sun. But ignoring grammar rules is sometimes Okay. 1 just started re Reading my favorite author. Patrick of Brian w Hile listening to the audio version from the Public Library. In a master and an officer gives dictation lessons to Young midshipmen a take those pens and these sheets of paper and to pass him yonder Book which would answer admirably for them to be read to out of from Quot that a fun writing no lie. Greg Hill a a the former director of Fairbanks North Star Borough libraries Contact him couples Wright 50th anniversary Rick and Bette Wright celebrated their a it it the wedding anniversary on August 29 amazingly they still like each other celebrations appropriate for old folks were allegedly enjoyed. Not present at said Celebration were their two adult children who still greatly appreciate their parents and w without whom they a be now Here congratulations 011 50 magical Vears United Way by j live United v give advocate Volunteer 815 second Avesta. 201 Fairbanks Alaska a 452-7211 f 2 t Faircl 00, off a regular Price med $11.95 i Bov s. $10.95 or citizens. $9.95 i militan1 $8.95 1 of Husk Prues u kid with this 01 Pon i c0 it n per pers it n j 452-4487 ,9a m "p.m. P 23rd i 5. Cushman i arms from Holiday be pick the heating option that a Best for your budget Shea 50th anniversary w the children of Wayne and Jeanne Shea hosted a 50th anniversary reception on aug. 8, 2015. Waynes 90 year old Mother was in Atten dance from Colorado along with Sev eral other out of town guests. Some of the people that were in the couple s wedding party a it it y ears ago were Able to attend their 50th anniversary Celebration. Joining them were local family and friends. A Lovely dinner w As served and memories were shared Wayne and Jeanne a families knew each other when they were children i fact they were Flower girl and ring bearer together in a wedding when they were very Young children. Wayne and Jeanne were married on aug. 8,1965 in Denver. They lived in Colorado until they moved to Alaska in 1988. Wayne has pastured for Over 40 years and is pasturing a new Church in pleasant Valley to o Rivers. Jeanne has been a homemaker. She Homeschooler their four children As she worked w Ith Wayne in the ministry. They Are involved 111 pleasant Valley Community projects such As the Community Center cemetery Park Etc. The sheas have four children 20 grandchildren and two great grand children. The lord has truly blessed their lives. Wayne and Jeanne want to say a Many thanks to our children family and friends who joined us in this Celebration and most of All Praise to god for his goodness to fall is upon us and the heating season is around the Comer. Today Art Nash. Cooperative Extension s Energy specialist offers his perspective on efficiency of heating for the fall season. As we evaluate different heating options this fall we face an unusual situation a the Cost of heating with Wood and Oil per Btu is pretty much equal if you buy them from vendors. On aug. 23, Oil dipped to $38 a barrel and the expectation is that the Price will most Likely not increase anytime soon. Many believe that the saudis intentionally created a production glut last fall which will take time to a soak other experts believe that since global demand for chinese exports have declined it is highly Likely that the drop in Oil prices is due to oversupply in the Wake of a downturn in Oil demand in the chinese Economy. In any Case the current Price of Home heating Oil no. 2 diesel is running $2.75 per gallon delivered. At approximately 138,500 bus per gallon it takes about 130 Gallons of no. 2 Oil to equal the bus in a Cord of w Hite or Sitka Spruce. This is based on the fact that w Ood in Roxie Rodgers Dinstel it k \1 c >1 i my St contains 18.1 million bus per Cord if it has a 20 percent moisture Content. At today Price heating with no. 2 Oil disregarding the different efficiency ratings of Oil furnaces and w Ood stove you would have spent $360 on that Oil for the same amount of bus in a Cord of White Spruce. You could consider other factors a Birch gives around 25 percent More bus than White Spruce the Cost of split delivered Wood Cost to deliver the fuel Oil to your House and using kerosene instead of no. 2 diesel for better fluidity in cold weather. If you look at the Wood free Market pricing As it is reflected on Craig list and the major Wood v endors in the tan Ana Valley you can spend right around $350 a Cord for split dried and delivered Spruce or you can spend around $360 for Oil at the present. So w hich will you choose for this Winter some people May add into these calculations their interest in air Quality during our cold we Eather inversions possibly Carbon emissions or the ambience and smell of their favorite fuel. The question for Many who May we ant to transition May naturally be. How much will it Cost to convert my current system if i want to try a new fuel but that is a discussion for a different article. For now keep an Eye on those prices. Rather than keeping an Eye on the fluctuations of Oil commodities in the Trade exchanges Call your local heating Oil distributors. The vendors gauge their prices More on local demand which fluctuates with local economic activity. Than spot crude prices. If you have any other questions about this Winters Home heating considerations. You can Contact cooperative Extension Energy specialist Art Nash at 474-6366 or by email at Al Cashjr e Alaska. Edu. Rarie Riigers Dinstel is associate director of cooperate get Extension sender a part of the i University of Alaska Fairbanks working in cooperation with tin . Department of agriculture questions or column requests can in emailed to her at Urdi Melfa Alaska Edu or by calling 474-7201. Flood continued from a1 the High Waters Are fuelled by rainfall on the upper Chena with about 2 inches falling Betws Een tuesday and thursday it typically Fairbanks Community food Bank 725 26th Avenue 452-7761 takes at least a few Days for those rising we aters to get to Fairbanks Brader said. High Waters on the Chena in downtown Fairbanks covered Bike paths near Barnette Street and Peger Road on sunday. Water Levels had risen to just 3 feet and 6 feet respectively below the Bridges on those roads making the areas impassible for most riverboats. Brader said he had t heard of any residential flooding reports despite the High Waters. After a Damp week the Days ahead should provide some Relief. Although skies will be overcast at least through tuesday no significant Rains Are forecast. A it does t look like we re looking at anything heavy a Brader said. Contact staff writer Jeff Richardson at 459-7518. Follow him on twitter i fun Busini is births Fairbanks memorial Hospital Scarlett Capri Gillen 6 lbs. 5 oz., born aug. 5, 2015 to Christina and James Gillen 11, of Fairbanks. Myles Alan Cunningham. 5 lbs. 12 oz., born aug. 7, 2015 to Ariel and Tyler Cunningham of North pole. Keenan Lee Silas 7 lbs. 8 oz., born aug. 7, 2015 to Vanessa Joseph and Frankie Silas of into. Lacy Capri Aloyisius 8 lbs. 14 of. Born aug. 13, 2015 to Amanda and Peter Alovsius jr., of Galena. Foreclosure Sale when september 8, 2015 at 10 00 . Place of Sale Alaska state court and office building location 101 Lacey Street Fairbanks inside main lobby residential property Sale property address 3035 Barrow St a North pole a 99705 Borough assessment $158,966.00 est. Minimum bid $29,078.03 As is where is. For additional information please Contact Bonnie Roland at Denali state Bank 119 n Cushman St. Fairbanks a 907 458-4206 Sale Date and bid amount Are subject to change we Hemi St Flag Batik daily mews Miner Quot fac 1 Nice of intent Audi i Smice in if act inform to j Glan anniversaries. business news. corrections. engagements. event submissions. Faith news. letters to the editor. obituaries. Obituary news Miner. Com our town. photography. sports. Sports news Miner com Story photo tips. Newsroom news Miner com weddings. k

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