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Fairbanks Daily News Miner Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Fairbanks, Alaska 4�? Fairbanks daily news Miner Fairbanks Alaska o o nrmk2 in tuesday april to 1990 editorial opinion and comment of a Prat re ank8 �?7 daily mews Miner a Independent in All things Neutral in none Quot other opinions expressed on this Page do not necessarily reflect those of the daily news Miner done to d yet we re All for historic preservation but the idea of spending $300,000 to preserve Fairbanks artefacts once relegated to Landfill is not our idea of a Good use of precious historic preservation Money. The state department of transportation wants to Widen Barnette Street. Eventually department planners would like to Cross the Chena River with a new Bridge that connected to Barnette Street. Federal Money will help pay for the widening project. Federal Law requires a cultural assessment on construction projects. Dot employees in 1986 dug up pieces of artefacts presumed to be from the Early years of Fairbanks. The drilling indicates the property May have been a fill area using debris from a fire that burned a Good chunk of Fairbanks in 1906. State and Federal officials estimate that initial surveys of the area for an archaeological dig would Cost $150,000. If the surveys look promising the Price could double. The artefacts dug up so far Many the size of thumbnails Are enough to put widening of Barnette Street on hold. For a $700,000 widening project the potential Cost of $300,000 for historic preservation cannot be justified. However in five years or so the $10 million Bridge project will be coming along. The $300,000 expense is a much smaller percentage of $10 million. Tearing apart downtown streets is a Fairbanks tradition we look Forward to every summer but the possibility of spending $300,000 on 90-year-old debris is a bit overwhelming. Whatever your sentiments about the need for a wider Barnette Street or the need for a new Bridge downtown most people would probably agree that there Are other historic artefacts of More significance in our Community. Yards away from the proposed dig is a building that in some fashion was on the scene probably before most artefacts were buried the clothing store recently abandoned by Nordstrom. Long before Nordstrom the building contained the Northern commercial co. Along Fairbanks bustling waterfront. A second opinion is needed on the Worth of an archaeological dig at first and Barnette before we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Promoting mixed signals our state Senate voted to Days ago to ban Beer and wine advertising on the Rural Alaska television network. Sen. Johne Binkley r Bethel sponsored the Bill and is to be commended for taking an Active role in addressing the Root of the worst social problems in our states Road less communities. He has taken similar Strong stands in pushing for legislation aimed at one symptom of alcohol abuse fetal alcohol syndrome the damage suffered by the unborn through mothers who drink alcohol. The state pays for the television beamed to the Bush. The state also pays much of the Cost of damage that results from alcohol abuse. The two Are contradictory and sen. Binkley has a Good idea in closely scrutinizing whether both should continue. Today s thought. R. Roy Keaton gives this advice to All leaders a perform your tasks promptly. Have genuine Faith in yourself. Strive for values that will last. Keep making plans and dreaming dreams. See visions. Keep some stardust in your eyes. And whatever you do or wherever you go remember that you w ill meet with problems and challenges. Never give up and politicians choose ratings rather than risk by Rev Paul Osumi s in 3--> daily mews Miner i Assn 87 50-54951 200 North Curthman. Fairbanks. Alaska 99701 an Independent newspaper established in 1903 published daily and sunday except on saturdays and National holidays by Fairbanks daily news Miner Dan Joling managing editor i l. Gray president and publisher Der Mot Cole aaa managing editor Fairbanks area subscription rates in Advance daily amp daily elsewhere in Alaska daily amp daily sunday Only sunday Only per month by Carrier $10 50 $7 00 per month by earner $1100 $7 50 per month by motor route $1125 $7 50 per month by motor route $1125 $7 50 mail subscriptions write our circulation department Box 710, Fairbanks. Aleak 99707 or phone 907i 456-6661 for rates Bostons Madeleine Kunin does no to want to be seen As a another body on the pile of politicians who have gotten the three term governor of Vermont Isnit disenchanted with politics or alienated or cynical. Yet when this thoughtful woman announced that she run again that she was ready to leave politics it was natural to count. One two three governors in new England from states that have seen better Days better Bond ratings surely better feelings among taxpayers have called it quits. It cannot be much fun after All to govern like a ceo in charge of company that is Down sizing not much fun to try and get your kicks from damage control not much fun to Cut what you tried to build. And maybe ifs not much fun to be a politician in an Era when chief executives have become chief targets and the Public has soured toward them like milk on a shelf. But Kunins decision strikes a particular note of concern. The Ellen Goodman soft spoken introspective and intelligent governor is not Only one of the few women to come this far. She is one of the few politicians who has tried to keep the Public Eye on the Long run by emphasizing the environment and children and on the Bottom line by asking for taxes. And she admits a a it a taken a toll. I have no regrets but in a going against a powerful when a politician who has in most ways done the right thing finds herself running against the tide it is right to ask just what that tide is. The governor added her own voice to what is being said More often these Days. Even in a civil state like Vermont there is reason to fear a a cancerous cynicism which is multiplying in the body politic and weakening our very capacity for As she told the Montpelier crowd a we Are living in a time when we set the stage nationally for political disillusionment because politicians make promises that Are impossible to keep. Worst amongst these is the Promise of no new taxes while guaranteeing continued or even vastly enhanced Kunin was circumscribing the closed Circle of american politics. In this noose that often strangles the dialogue for change voters say they wish for honest leaders and politicians say they wish the mood of the Public would permit to hard honest talk. Voters blame politicians and politicians blame the a climate a the human weather pattern they watch. We All read each others lips minds polls and watch the Long slow slide of the country on the graphs marked a a deficit or the politicians who Are most adept at staying in office the legislators the permanent Congress in Washington have by and Large become As risk aversive As a worker in a one company town. Even the press does no to seem to expect courage anymore from people who Are a a just trying to hold onto their jobs. Indeed we May disparage those who speak for change or for sacrifice As politically naive suicidal. But there May be another message in one governors leave taking. She was quite Clear and genuine in saying that politics was just one Way to make change. She is ready to try others. The savvy insider analyst May describe Kunin As a politician who is leaving because she became controversial. But it is equally fair to describe her As a politician who risked controversy because she was willing to leave. Indeed if we usually define departure As loss perhaps ifs because we be forgotten the Model of the citizen politician. Not the professional campaigner and lifetime legislator but the american who holds office for a time and then goes Back to a real the person who finds in Public office just one answer to the lifelong question Kunin posed in her announcement a How can i Lead a meaningful life a forgive me if i commit a sin against cynicism but there Are Many attracted to politics As a Way of improving society solving problems. Somewhere along the line if they Are not careful they spend All their time improving their approval ratings and solving the problem of re election. It May be that the Only Way to speak freely is with one foot out the door. It May be that the readiness to leave mutes ambition and amplifies honesty. Risk taking May come most easily to those who Are willing if necessary to leave. If that is True we have to learn once again that Ideal Public service is by definition temporary. Boston author Ellen Goodman a Quot at Large a column is syndicated by the Boston Globe newspaper co. And Washington Post writers group. Daily Only Price $158 50 per year in Alaska second class postage paid at Fairbanks postmaster Send address changes Fairbanks daily news Miner Box 710. Fairbanks. Alaska 99707 on the rumours quips and inside tips _ wafllile�8 Mew it has soy May Rule All the people Sowe of the time you car Ever Rule some of the people All of the time but you can t Rule allo the people contributions Welcome to a on the inside Quot . Box 710, Fairbanks a 99707 what was that sound that Wasny to gunfire shattering the silence at around Midnight one night last week at Ridge top Road and Wanda drive. But that a what someone reported to Alaska state troopers. Troopers responded and found a Man setting off fireworks. He told them he had a Good reason for doing it. He was trying to simulate gunfire to get his Bird dogs to come Home. Welcome elephants the Republican party a state convention will be in the Carlson Community activity Center in Fairbanks in 1992. The convention is held once every two years. Bonnie Williams chairwoman of District 19, and a member of the Borough Assembly said the convention should bring 400-500 people and up to $350,000 to the Community. Williams said the decision came Down to a political one at 7 30 in the morning following the All night convention. She challenged other Borough Assembly members to bring a major convention or meeting to Fairbanks. Letters to the editor the daily news Miner welcomes letters to the editor . Box 710, Fairbanks a 99707 each letter must carry the name and address of the writer which will be published letters that Are libellous or in poor taste will be rejected thank you letters will be published in the a a applause column because of space limitations the following rules generally apply a letter May not be longer than 350 words copies of letters from one person to another will not be published. No one May publish More than one letter per month political endorsement letters from outside our readership area will not be published. The daily news Amer reserves the right to edit or reject any letter submitted represented nationally by Branham newspaper sales member audit Bureau of circulations need new blood March 30, 1990 1.9 mile Chena hot Springs Road Fairbanks a 99712 to the editor there san interesting situation at the uhf Campus. Chancellor of Rourke is in a bidding War to become the next University president. However he has no Superior qual ideation Over the other four finalists. In fact his academic credentials Are probably weaker than his opponents. The reason our University has been the pits for so Long is that there has been an unending tendency to hire Only the psychologist types and social behaviour academicians to the top posts. These people including o Rourke have their own personal agendas. In o Rourke Scase he has been highly successful at Only one thing and that s offending every Dean and department head at uhf. The result has been a uhf of discontinuity and discontent. Our University regents should take a hard look and follow the example of earlier Fairbanks school boards. The trend to hire outside of the state is a Good one. New blood to the University system will prevent the kind of political dictatorship that of Rourke seeks. New blood will allow for the erosion of the kind of barriers that our higher institution is currently plagued with the a system should be open to innovative progression not to belligerent personalities whose Only pleasure is wielding Power. Respectfully Shawn Markey support for twins March 29, 1990 . Box 71725 Fairbanks. A 99707 to the editor the Fairbanks parents of twins club is pleased with recent news coverage of multiple births in our Community. We would like to take the Opportunity to inform people that we Are an Active and growing organization offering support and services to those who experience multiple births the club distributes an information packet to expectant and new parents offers an Opportunity to Purchase second hand equipment and clothing from members hold monthly meetings on topics of interest provides phone Contact with members willing to share practical tips and give moral support publishes a quarterly newsletter maintains a Library and is affiliated with the National twins organization. Membership benefits include discounts from local merchants free formula and free merchandise from National manufacturers. Our monthly twin share is an informal Opportunity for parents to socialize while multiples and their preschool siblings play. Those of us surviving the parenting of multiples know that it can be a special Joy. But we also know that support and an experienced hand is immeasurable help of you Are interested in membership or know of someone who would Benefit from our services please Contact club president Rochelle Wilson at 488 1214. Sincerely Bett Schaffhauser Secretary Rural priority unfair March 30, 1990 . Box 58 Denali Park a 99755 to the editor i read your guest opinion written by gov. Cowper and an article written by game Board member Samantha Castle that the Only requirement to qualify for subsistence lifestyle is that you live in a part of the state that is classified As Rural. That is a Long Way from being True. In the part of the state i live in which is classified As Rural subsistence is determined by what Side of a Milepost on the Parks Highway you live. One can be born and raised at a mile Between 217 and 300 and not qualify for subsistence. Yet another person can Only live in Alaska two or three years just South of mile 217 and qualify for subsistence. I feel that because i live on the wrong Side of the Milepost or it could be a River or line on a map that my family and i Are second class citizens of the state. In my opinion the subsistence should be done away with and the Power to manage fish and game taken away from the politicians courts and bleeding hearts. Give the Power Back to the department of fish and game. With proper management everyone a needs would be taken care of and we would All feel like first class citizens of the state. Sincerely Patrick of Connor double Standard March 29, 1990 5.2 mile Murphy dome Road Fairbanks a 99709 to the editor what an irony we have Here in our own town. Most of the ant alcohol legislation being advanced in Juneau is straight from sen. Johne Binkley a office he a kind of proud to be the great White father helping those poor destitute souls around the state. We hats interesting is the fact that the Binkley family has probably made tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Sale of alcohol on their River boat excursion business. Is there some kind of double Standard Tak ing place in our Back Yard or is this the senators Way of paying redemption to the continuous flow of poor destitute souls who pay for drinks As they float Down the River its hard to Tell if the senator is trying to take care of people or trying to take care of himself. I suspect the latter. Sincerely Jill Mcvey wants Alaska info March 30, 1990 381 s. Highway 23 Mendon it 84325 to the editor i i am a student at Wellsville elementary school in Wellsville Utah. The fifth graders Are studying All of the 50 states. For my big project and Oral report i have chosen your state Alaska i am asking your readers to Send a postcard poster or a photo of your City or something of interest in your City. I will be waiting very anxiously. This school project is due april 30. Please Send me anything about your state. Thank you. Sincerely Berry Bear e. Banham health care costs March 27, 1990 4001 Dale st., suite 213 Anchorage a 99508 to the editor Access to Quality health care for All americans will be High on the Agenda during congressional debate in 1990. A significant change in this country a health care delivery system seems almost certain. Recent news reports have focused on the costs of change. As a paediatrician i feel strongly we should consider the costs of not assuring that every american has health insurance and Quality health care. The statistics paint a Bleak picture of the Price More than 12 million uninsured children pay. American ranks behind 22 other nations in infant mortality. One out of every four pregnant women receives no prenatal care. One Quarter of All preschoolers and one third of All poor children Are not immunized. Although it May be years before All americans have Access to health care the american Academy of paediatrics feels Congress should first address the neediest and most vulnerable segment of our population children and pregnant women through a combination of Public and private resources. Its the logical and fiscally responsible thing to do. We would be investing in the future of our nation while perfecting a Model for the rest of the population. Sincerely James m. Nesbitt jr., m d. Spokesman american Academy of paediatrics promote dip netting april 4, 1990 1239 Heath ave. Fairbanks a 99712 to the editor every year several thousand alaskans go to Chitina. Many Are from Fairbanks but yet when the dippers meet Only a few show up or join things Arentt getting better at Chitina by Accident. The dippers association has made several things better the last few years. The head of a family can sign their Crew up for $5 and we could use the membership. As in any group membership is strength. If you want to dip do your part. With thousands of people already visiting Chitina each year the Chitina natives should be promoting tourism and attract thousands More. There is Good Money to be made in tourism if handled right. Perhaps the state would be More willing to work with them along these lines. Good Luck dipping Carl Nichols treatment is. Punishment april 7, 1990 . Box 00433 Nenana a 99760 to the editor with All the hysteria Over fetal alcohol syndrome i was amazed that Joe Vogler came out from behind the Aspen Trees to show concern for the fas crisis. However no one has a right to Cut Down Trees simply because he thinks they look ugly the alcoholic Mother needs treatment not punishment for her excessive habits. Another cause for fas is malnutrition. Many such women Are at the poverty level compounded by the abuse of distilled 80 proof liquor Beer and wine. Sen. Binkley and Joe Vogler have shown More compassion for lab test monkeys in a steel Vise As the alcoholic Mother suffers in silence with a disease made popular in cocktail lounges called the a Happy hour a from Juneau to Fairbanks. Clearly a Case for the american medical association which handled the tragedy of the drug thalidomide the fas dilemma has plunged into the pits of a Bloodthirsty political Arena. Thalidomide prescribed universally some years ago for morning sickness resulted in the worst assault to Date going Back to the Garden of Eden on the unborn fetus. Born without limbs the aftermath of this drug lingers like a Nightmare overshadows even the so called a spider Monkey effect of some fas babies. In Stark contrast alcohol used in moderation with a balanced diet is a relatively harmless drug. Those who go overboard however May suffer the consequences. Out on a limb Cleo Hensley

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