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Fairbanks Daily News Miner Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 4

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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Fairbanks, Alaska Editorial opinion and comment of s Fajge 7 daily mews Miner Independent in All things Neutral in none other opinions expressed on this Page do not necessarily reflect those of the daily news Miner leave the rings Home fashion is one of the Many things that makes life interesting at school and elsewhere but when fashion puts others in fear of their health its time for some rules. Administrators at Ryan Middle school were Correct in enforcing the ban on rings that fit Over two three or four fingers. They May be in style but in a fight they Are far More dangerous than a fist. School administrators Call them a designer brass police classify the multiple Finger rings As weapons. There is no place for weapons on school grounds. Teaching or attending school is hard enough without facing unneeded distractions. Worrying about your personal safety while teaching or studying is a definite distraction. School officials have an obligation to make the Rule known and to administer it even hand edly. But a designer brass Knuckles a Are about As Welcome a fashion statement As a handgun on the hip. They re better left at Home. Knowing the Globe if you know that Africa was the ancient Center of Gondwanaland or that the prevailing winds blow from the West in most of the Continental United states you re in Good company. The top local participants in the 1990 National geography Bee brushed up on those and dozens of other questions about our planet. Now in its second year the National geography Bee is one of the Many Good things taking place in Public and private schools in Fairbanks. Nationally More than 30.000 schools Are participating in this years Bee developed by the National geographic society. The event helps focus More attention on geography and it gives students an incentive to learn. The need for improvement was shown by a 10-nation Gallup Survey that showed Young people in the United states know less about geography than students in the other countries. Patterned after traditional spelling bees the geography Bee tests knowledge on All aspects of the subject. One Hundred Alaska students qualified for the state Competition in Anchorage Over the weekend. A Middle school student from Houston won the state championship. He will participate in the National finals in May in Washington . Local students who qualified for the state event in Anchorage Are Joseph Jordon of University Park elementary William Czyzewski of Joy elementary Julia Gray of Nordale elementary Andrea hat ten of Weller elementary Noelle Bertelson of far North Christian school Nathan Aschenbrenne of woo Driver elementary Jacob Nelson of Hunter elementary Christine Juday of immaculate Conception school Brandon a. Wilks of Tanana Junior High Derek Averett of Barnette elementary Effie j. Kimball of Northern lights and Aaron Hull of Eielson Junior senior High. Mac Freeman of Cantwell Ken Parks of Anderson Shilo Dunklebarger of Delta Junction Selene Gale Alice of Healy and Keri Gelvin of Central also qualified. Congratulations Are in order for All the students and teachers who participated. Today thought. According to the observations of a number of physicians love is an essential part of the nourishment of every baby. Even though a baby is physically Well nourished he will not develop As a healthy child if love is withdrawn. He May even waste away and die. Love is indispensable in the growth of babies and children. For human beings nothing is More Imper Tant than love. It is the Summum Bonum of life. S fall Bank daily mews a Linen Assn 8750-5495 200 North Cushman Fairbanks Alaska 99701 an Independent newspaper established in 1903 published daily and sunday except on saturdays and National holidays by Fairbanks daily news Miner Dan Joling managing editor Charles l. Chay president and publisher Dermot Cole asst managing editor by Rev. Paul Osumi daily Only Price $158 50 per year in Alaska second class postage paid at Fairbanks postmaster Send address changes Fairbanks daily news Miner. Box 71 1 Fairbanks. Alaska 99707 subscription rates i in Advance Fairbanks area daily amp daily elsewhere in Alaska daily amp daily sunday Only sunday Only per month by earner $10 50 $7 00 per month by earner $1100 $7 50 per month by motor route $1125 $7 50 per month by motor route $1125 $7 50 mail subscriptions write our circulation department. Box 710, Fairbanks. Alaska 99707 or phone 9071 450-6661 for rates represented nationally by Branham newspaper sales member audit Bureau of circulations done to complain about fur if you eat meat a your wife Wear a genuine fur coat a a slats Robnik said. Yes. Why do you ask a i just wondered if you Ever feel Why should i feel guilty we did no to steal it. A you know what i mean. All them cuddly Little beauties that had to die so your wife can have a fancy coat to throw across the Back of the chair while she shaving cocktails and a salad for lunch in some fancy joint on Michigan Avenue with a lot of gossipy society babes and their fur she eats Bologna sandwiches at Home. And she wears the fur coat because it s warm. A a cd Mon the animal rights people buy that. If your wife wants to be warm she can Wear Long underwear. So Don t you feel a Little guilty a actually the animals who make up her coat Are said to be Nasty. If you put your hand near them they a nip off your fingers and eat them. A a that a no excuse. Done to you Ever think about How Barbaric it is for someone who a supposed to be civilized to be wrapping themselves in the hides of defenceless creatures a yes. I suppose you could say my wife is Barbaric. But since i Don t Wear furs in a not. A yeah. But you approve of her Mike Ropko doing that s because i m on record As being a Strong advocate of feminist rights. I believe a woman can do As she chooses with her body and if she wishes to wrap her body in furs that is up to her. A what about the animals done to you care about their rights a you know that i have always been an animal Lover. I be even Learned to tolerate cats which has t been easy. A they anybody can say they love animals. But i Haven t seen you come out four Square against fur Coats. How would you like it if your foot was caught in a trap by some Yahoo in Minnesota and he came along and skinned you a that a Why i stay out of Minnesota. Besides who Are you to talk9 a Well. My wife Don t have a fur that a because you re a cheapskate. But i know for a fact that you have hunted. A me Hunt you re crazy. I grew up watching Bambi and Donald Duck and bugs Bunny at the movies. There was no Way i could put Bambi in the Cross hairs. Why when i was a kid. My old Man and Uncle Beer belly Frank came Home with a Bunch of dead rabbits and threw them on the Kitchen table. I snuck out to a pay phone and called the cops and told them that my old Man and Uncle bumped off bugs Bunny and All his relatives and i d testify. So done to say i Ever went Hunting. I d enjoy Hunting if they had open season on people who double Park but the Laws Are too Liberal to Ever have your memory has grown dim. Have you forgotten when we used to Hunt together in the Alley a you mean when we used to get up on the garage roof with a pile of bricks and when the rats came out wed conk Mem a yes we spent Many a sporting evening that Way. A but you can to say something like that was Why not and to our discredit we did no to even take them for food or their pelts for garments. It was nothing More than our primitive blood thirsty instincts. As i recall with your keen Eye and Strong Arm you amassed an impressive furry body count. A but they was Only rats. And everybody knows that rats Are no Good. That a Why when you re mad me Kriwez jmtactk2tlt\rrdk at somebody you Call him a dirty rat. You done to Call him a dirty Duck or a dirty True a rat is a rodent but so is the Rabbit the Beaver and Many other creatures. All members of the rodent a family. So it is possible that you slew a 44th Cousin of Mickey mouse or even bugs Bunny. A maybe so but i m not going to apologize for killing them the dirty How heartless. Some of your victims May have been Loving Momma rats or doting daddy rats. Think of How Many of their tiny ones you have made orphans and the childhood trauma they suffered. A a you re using the old Media trick of mixing apples and oranges. I m talking about fur in be admitted my wife wears a fur and therefore is Barbaric. But what about you in be seen your Teeth tearing at a Steak a Lamb chop. And a slab of Ham. How do you justify that especially the Ham did you know pigs Are just about As smart As dolphins have you no feelings for Porky pig a gotcha. I gave up red meats a couple of years ago but you did Only because your doctor said that cholesterol was squirting from your ears. But you still go fishing. A that s different. When i catch a big fish. In a saving the lives of All the weak Little fish the big fish would eat. I m on the Side of the Little what do you use for bait the most Humble of creatures Content to Burrow in the ground asking Only not to be trod upon by an Early morning golfer. And you impale them for sport. Shame shame. A see you re ducking the fur coat Issue wait a minute if my memory is Correct your wife used to Wear a fur coat. A i done to of course you do. It was a Large Billowy garment. A wok you re right she used to. But she Don t has she too become an animal rights activist a no she stopped wearing it because i said that the last time i saw anything that looked like her in that coat it was sniffing around a fire hydrant. So now she Only wears it when she shovels the driveway. So in a off the but the worm in t. Cruel worm killer. A uncaring meat Well we resolved that Issue. A right. So when does baseball season begin a Mike Royko s column is distributed by Tribune Media services inc on the a a rumours quips and inside tips a a 9 e is s contributions Welcome to a on the inside Quot . Box 710, Fairbanks a 99707 Lemk. Miss manners pays off Ron Clarke special assistant to the governor has replied to the constituent who complained that he did t return phone Calls. Instead of getting mad the constituent sent him a copy of miss manners guide to excruciatingly Correct behaviour. Clarke replied in part thusly and it appears the Book has rubbed off on him a gentle alleged constituent the Fairbanks daily news Miner recently reported that you had extended an act of kindness and generosity to a vilified and undeserving Public servant me. Technically i believe ours is not a True Public official relation. Nevertheless a semantic inaccuracy does not relieve me of my responsibility to return Telephone Calls. Indeed i have made several attempts to Contact you As your answering machine if functioning properly will corroborate. Understandably miss manners prefers the reliability of written correspondence to the vagaries of Telephone communication. However in a sure her delicate brow would Furrow at the thought of learning the contents of a letter not from ones correspondent but from ones Hometown newspaper. A at any rate i look Forward to discussing issues of Mutual concern with you on the Telephone or through the changes on transition time. A lot of change is under Way some surface and easy to see some Subtle and unperceived. New things and Good things Are happening yet some hold that the Good things Arentt new. And the new things Arentt Good. But Why be pessimistic Spring is Here whatever the change it brings Opportunity for Many special Opportunity for some. Just now in Fairbanks there is considerable attention focused on changing the guard at least on some of it outside the political Arena. The selection process whatever it May be in a particular situation is moving along toward decision time in choosing a new president for the University a new Bishop for the episcopal Church a new Rector for St. Matthews and a new conductor for the Fairbanks symphony orchestra. May fair winds continue to blow toward Fairbanks and lift our spirits like a Kite reaching up to the Blue sky of Early May now enjoying More than 30 years of splendid service to the Community and state the Fairbanks symphony orchestra is a remarkable for our great symphony asset to the Good life Here. An outstanding tribute to the admirable spirit of this Micro Politan place. No classical nor contemporary music of Quality is too difficult to be undertaken with gusto then performed with Grace and a touch of class. The group each year about 80 Strong is comprised of University students faculty staff several town Folk and occasionally someone from the military or a teacher or a talented Young student from the Public or parochial schools. Each year a number of new faces yet a cadre of veterans for the strings the woodwinds and the brass to hold it All together. And All volunteers the dedicated spend Long Long hours in rehearsal. Plus quite a bit of a Wood shedding at Home As Well As group and individual study under instruction because they choose to do so and enjoy what they Are doing. Applause each year there Are at least a half dozen major performances at Home plus numerous occasions for the special Arctic strings Section about 40 in All to perform on the Road. In 20 years under the Able and energetic direction of recently retired Gordon Wright they have been on stage in All of Alaska s major cities and towns plus scores of Remote Rural communities. Many of the latter had never before seen or heard a symphony orchestra in their own someplace. Arctic strings As a group has certainly made an out of the Ordinary contribution to understanding. More applause the Arctic strings group has been on tour in Canada the lower 48 in Northern Central and Southern Europe and in China. Perhaps its most extended and memorable experience was last season a month Long tour in Spain under contract with Catalonia con certs based near Barcelona. The group gave some 23 concerts in 27 Days returning to Fairbanks exhausted but triumphant having been enthusiastically acclaimed wherever they performed. Applause again and again Fairbanks strongly supports its symphony. The Davis concert Hall is at or near capacity performance after performance. Off Campus occasions Are equally Well attended. Standing ovations Are not unusual and always merited. The audience is discriminating. The symphony Guild plays a remarkable advocacy role in promoting the orchestra with its delightful auction of dreams and other supporting activities. Recently the University students faculty staff and alumni assisted by Community friends launched operation re cover to re upholster the heavily used seats in Davis Hall. The drive was quite successful. The refurbishing work being done by a local firm second edition upholstery should be completed before commencement in Early May and certainly appreciated by to Scott a summer festival Folk in August As Well As by All fair Banks All year Long. The selection of Gordon Wrights successor a new conductor for the Fairbanks symphony at the University is nearing a conclusion the fifth and final guest conductor selected from a Long list of perhaps too candidates will be Here this week for a special Benefit perform Ance sponsored by Ala com o Haydn a great oratorio a the Crea John Strickler guest conductor will direct a joint performance o the Fairbanks symphony orches tra and the Fairbanks choral society the latter featuring soloists Susan Bender Soprano James Mcdonald Tenor and Morgan Reed Bass. Saturday april 7, 8 p.m., David concert Hall. For further information Call 479 3407. Tickets May by obtained from Baker amp baked booksellers and from Wood cent i on Campus. Not to be missed of Ever forgotten. See you there. William ii Wood is a retired president c the i in varsity of Alaska now Volunteer rip his time As executive director of festive Fairbanks 84. Letters to the editor the daily news Amer welcomes letters to the editor to Box 710, Fairbanks. A 99707 each letter must carry the name and address of the writer which will be published letters that Are libellous or in poor taste will be rejected thank you letters will be published in the a applause Quot column because of space limitations the following rules generally apply a letter May not be longer than 350 words copies of letters from one person to another will not to published no one May publish More than one letter per month political endorsement letters from outside our readership area will not be published the daily news Amer reserves the right to edit or reject any letter submitted business hours 8 a in to 5 30 pm monday Friday Subar brr hot it fall to receive papers by 5s30 pm Arr requested to dial �56 �9161 Bro or 7 pm weekdays Bro or noon weekend wants smaller tankers March 29, 1990 . Box 70127 Fairbanks a 99707 to the editor following is my personal View concerning a solution to the immense problem related to the Gigantic Oil spill the tankers Are close to a thousand feet Long and Valdez is a main port of Call there was fifty six million Gallons of Oil on Board and they could have spilled it All Twenty percent of it hit the Beach eleven million Gallons or so if the boats were Only half As big five million Gallons would be All that would go. So let s Cut Down on the size of the boats and narrow Down the Odds and let s be More realistic and not Trust our Luck to the gods. A year has passed since the spill occurred and lets Hope that it will be our last lets push for smaller Tanker ships and learn from our tragic past sincerely yours Warren r. Smith learning about . March 15, 1990 424 e. Ninth St. Hazleton a 18201 to the editor my Lolk Aroda Unpi Al Cill hip class is involved in a class project that deals with learning about geography. We thought it would be Interj ing to collect As Many diff re postcards As possible. We Are writing to newspapers each of our 50 states and asking f help. Do you think your readers Wou be willing to Send us a picture Poi card greeting if the project is successful we Promise to write to Yoi newspaper again in May. Sincerely Staci Klein a

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