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Evening News (Newspaper) - May 25, 1844, Galveston, Texas Rates of insurance at new Orleans. Atlantic ports. A writ. Prem. To Europe not in the North sea. Do in Llie Nurith -ejj1 a pc. Jya &0111i1 america1 Veie or i ��.,  to Bermuda. A Bahama wan is.1 0 do Joe Roll Cape de Verd islands a Rin do do each denmark.\a,a France " on jilt do do do 11 Al do j a a rid Del Norte. Tampico. A 1 ii a h no a Vera Voruz. Lag Ira and Ca peachy. Sisal. Texas. Honduras. Galveston. Brazoria. Matagorda. Arkansas. Coastwise. And port North . Do South and North of . Mary a Georgia. Is Johns Georgia. St. Aug Uvine Florida. Oiler Florida ports. Mobile. Specie. To in d from any port in Eil rope. F Naftch of Cape Florida United states a is part in Cuba. Any other United slates Island. Any port in Mexico and Texas. 15 it 2. 6 a 2 n3j so a 1 \ a i i lire in i a i a i i i of i a h a i i a 1 a a i Tariff of till Republic of Texas. Bunnell Rimer per la. 1wi-._bbl. Bacon a. I inns per Bushel boots and shoes u a a Lex or d in rope nor Trow Ino boo Li-8-.&is i to t i o n u by " Biblekaj Testani ends and school Corn and Corn meal per Bushel 50 lbs. Coffee la. Cundler sperm la " tallow la a Spanish Taneri Enivy. Conserves All kinds candies la. Crockery Ware Caoili into and Wear ing apparel. Cutlery 1 Carrione from duty when introduced by emigrants arriving in tins country such farming in pie men s of husbandry furniture Winch has been used to the Trofio Altit of Iivo Lindred dollars tools or in even feats of Jrade of Persona Erna my in the Republic wearing a Farmland other pc Rhonal baggage to an or oii2ihe Payne ont of i Heidi a Mene duty. / 01 the products of France imported directly in French Sor texan be sols a wines fire free brandies uru entitled. A ded cuon Lune info he and Szija deduction a of Lien per cent on the ahoo Rales. _ / this act shall take effect from and after the first Day of february 18-12. / from and after Tho 19th Day of May 1842, the cry shall be Iid on All vessels which May enter any port of the re pub lie port or places j in ii co cent per tuition Merchun vessels and 30 cents on steam boats according to Regis apr Tii Ignace. A jux a s a i l -7? in fancy a and u t e 11 s Tkv r \ r l c c o n sectional i / liquors wines cordials of reserves thu its. Sears snuff. . It Clie Wing tobacco git 6 c e it 1 Eto remont str cot Foroe Ray the court House the House ii in Good repair and has a Kitchen attached to in and Lici Ilcyn and a Well that Lias water during thu whole and incr a Garden Well fenced . and lot. Will be sold Wrea a enable Price one Hall Cash and the balance in i or eight months. . I for further particulars enquire at the san Jan into House Tremont St or at this office. Feb_17 a of bul8. Sujierrineflaitr--------7,"" f __20 sacks Leavana. Colre i 20 do Rio do. 5 do. 10 bbl rectified whisker 10 do n. O. House molasses 5 Hogsheads Louisiana Brown Suew 10 barrels Texas do. 1000 lbs Best Bacon hams 35 bbl Missouri Marble Stone Lime received per Neptune and in store for Sale Low by j Temple d03well & co March 12, 1844.  Menard s Whu if. " William and menards and 4 is 00. "8 00 i "3 00 50 25 121 foot diameter log Shendo hides car a hogs Shcop goats cach / f 4llorses, Eneli herring per Box Iron per ton 1 lumber per m feet 1 in tbsp per m Mill Stoneb per every foot diameter. J nulls per Keg onions per 100 but Eil t in per Box posts fencing each pollings per m shot Ond lend pkg shingles per m Staves per m1 or tit per bag sugar per Box. My $ cts. 6� 25-2 5 61 1?1 3 005 00 .25 /  20 so 24 rates of wharfage at. Sex. Lean s wharves. Cute. Ballast per ton 1 00 Hutter an d lard pkg 4 barrels ,Eaeh--6 boxes Bales am pack Vages per Cvery-5 feel bolts a bagging Duck Liot tics pc Gross Brick per a -1 bagging Hope per Coil castings per ton 2 Coffee in big candles per Box in blocs a nil b1 Cordage per Tun -1.1 c o r r i n be a g go n a o f  0arts, aiidgigs6 ,.lii a / Cedar logs each chairs each lotto it per balt a grates and pierces a Bra ,? feet cattle horned a clip Demi Jons each Deer Skina per bundle fodder Octha Ypper Bale Rizir nature per 5 feet Grindstone per every s allfgobdsif6xenumera to talc Abo crates hrs wok Row a a ft5. Vee i rfcs a shippers of goods responsible for wharfage in All cases. All goods to be removed from the wharf the Arne Day on which they Are landed lie liable to Aii additional wharfage fur every Day they remain. Same Whai Lago charged on 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier. Vessels to Leno the wharf immediately Alicr discharging if requested to do so by Tho wha Finger or they will ,r, ice la per. 25 " 111 " fit. Tip 11 i " 0 ". 1 ". Of " j " fit or .50 ii nth .121 til is 001 no 1 00 1 00 All tract Over 30 ions per trip 5 00 smaller Craf in proportion the produce of this county is by Otbo Lution of the Board Tif Ai Crmen permuted Fri of wharfage Daniel g Whir Junr "febl3 or wharf master. Bencun per hlul., ,.j.r.,. Hardware .1 crockery liquids tier pipe. Do half pipe. Do one fourth. Moss per Bale. Blankets. to. Rice per Tierce. Alo por bbl,."-----f do i bbl. Collie Salt spices. Of. Per bag. Bagging per piece. Bale rope or Cordage per coil.,_ Ilidia each. L a per 100 lbs. Lard Neilse Keg. Iron ,.per Loomba. ,-parcels,.qr_machiiierv,.inoa Tho rate of s feet. A a Gona a Ria air Atli Uryc h i e Les neat cattle per head. Sheep Piloca and goats.,. House mule or Ess. Pleasure Carris. Lumber per 1000-ft-. Ilricks.per-1000,v Tsie amb Oata and notice. Tit whereas my husband Wulliam Mulvinger and Board and remains absent from me Ali is a to Gaulion All persons from harbouring or rusling Himy As from and after this Date none of my property, for debts Contr Clad by him. I would also caution All Young ladies and widows throughout tha Republic against the said William Mullingar a should any have any think to de with him they will have Enuse sooner or. Inter to regret it. Nancv Mullinger. "-M�Reh-5lh, 184-1. Lim 19 " received per Irene Frbmliverpool-7o-do�-Lomion Porter Andale a Superior article. For Sal Fly _ Fob 10 a a i. Sauters.  reduction in Type. T0hn t. White tvrs fou Der no. 45 Gold Street j new York third door from Futon Street has on hand on univ Nilca to of i Rifi Tiitu types7 ornaments. Bordfrs7uulcs, a of tile Best Metal and from original matrices. The reputation of this foundry is Well up Crown throughout the country and he is determined to sell Ai the following. Reduced prices. Pica Small Pica. Long Pirner. Brevier. Minion. Nonpareil Agate -pea11- Diamond 32 cts per 34 3 5 _40 40 .,54 co so ,-120- at six Montis,-or-nt-7-p? for Cash. Wood Type printing Ink presses cases galleys Braas rules Jef reposing Slicks chases and other materials furnished at19 -.-Corn. Cqrn.1.1 Corn i a. O of a bushels of Cairn for Sale by i ova feb s6-3i re Taj Lyhn so and. T r u t e r s l l e College j Ayotte of onto Texas. He sixth session of this institution closed on the 15th january with a Public examination and exhibition highly creditable to its literary character. The seventh session commenced on Tho 15th february. A faculty. .jler.,-,r v 0.v.richa it spin a resident and Aeling pro Fessor of moral science acid Belles letters. Rev. C. W. Thomas professor of languages and mathematics. Mrs m Autilia g. Richardson Precept Ress. H th�-coliegiateyear.i8ydividcd .,.iiiio leu Tyr Otic tweaks a oct. Eth Thiim Cami fencing of Wirtha third Munda of Jaii tiny / Rul the u second the third monday of july. The vacations Are two first from the i to a Laird ,orsjuly.1, seconds thursday sol 2deceniberhotliij of january. A _ expenses per session in Advance in Par Money equivalent. .".-.-. Eler Ncnary studios.----------. ,.$10 entire English course,.,-.r-.-r.-rvtr.v 16 " r a " including the Lang Iii aled Fon Galveston Bay eos standing a Fine ill of the i und bilk oui Illand in on in la Vatinno of. 30 feet a Dve Gigli water i Nark ends const t of i Lar Pine Dpi Ling Licourt out building i a Brick Cistern under ground fifteen acres Underwood Fence and cultivation. A for health Ancl Beauty it cannot be forty head of Good Milch cows and work cattle hogs will be sold with the Pla re. For fur ther particulars enquire Althis office. " nov 29, of. To capitalists u merchants. Gentleman who is thoroughly acquainted with ill bu8inossin-Ganeral and Well Capori once in Morcan tile affairs vis desirous of obtaining employment in some respectable capacity in which he May have an Opportunity of exercising his i Talent Industry and Export Renee in in Skiotis of his qualifications to Haa no hesitation in believing Ilia his air Vic i wow a can a ua6tftitonyiperson- engaged in extensive business or Sulci m Riqui Rea knowledge skill and experience a moderate compensation at present with a Prosper i of future Adan Comei t in any respectable employment would to a Ece Lino address of to a a through Trio Post of flick or application to the editor of the evening news would Lead Lomoro particular in formation should it to sought by any person desirous of availing Thein elves of his a a a. Nov-4 negroes. A few Likely negroes for Aale on reasonable terms. I apply u John a. Settle. " 25t no he subscriber Are authorized to dispose of the Fob Al lowing parcels of excellent land Viz 1g00 acres four Miles below washing Lon near w Idow gales. " \ a league of Caney 15 Milf Uci Omi jul lon.-. ,. 1 1 one half of a league on the head of Cane. One in urls of a league on Spring Cruz and Vej years Creek adjoining Sandford Woodward. A cite ii ajl of a league Luhe Jjwel Fork of Caney Tir rj1il.1 of a league in the Forks or Mill Ort to a a or %us/-ch,"co".to,ror 0,11" payment a indisputable. Fth 15 r m. Iun by eau Slun a. S. Rut1avdn, Houston. Mcdonald nuts Iii Bacsu re. 1san Luis. Reduced Hulf Phil 50 cent. As m Herriage Al be som mile rates of Herriage a a e x on this Fernas follows  Man and  f foot passenger. Double Wagon. A a a a b7i single wagonb2 Tho Aub scribers have built a new and substantial and Are Able to Cross at All limes. The at pass on the Point of the Island. Sanluis Marc Foloi Rhodes & Bostwick 1 m in 2 r information wanted. N the fall of 1839, miss Rebecca Lane Clark married or. Ferguson in Matagorda county a Texas and has to not been seen since by any of her relatives. If this no of Tice should be seen by any who can give information re they,.ilkl,Hjul-, 4 a i a Tilc of aae a a. I Clark Dangerfield Bolte county Texas., 1 mrs. Ferguson would Bear of something greatly to her advantage by addressing her brother at Dangerfield. .oct20. ,6t -._,., new Char to to Hartis of the coast of Texas Harv Bor met published and fora ale by or Hurd it tha custom House and by j. I Jones on the strand. Feb s2 deceived per Steamer new York and for Sale.f.7 feb 15 10 bbl Superior flour 1b kegs Leaf lard 5-Boxea Goshen ghee so 2 firkin Goshen butter by j. A. Sauters. Tremontin \ Dills of i a Ding Wius or ithe Uttz Hipp i to m for ail tit this Offit. In i
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