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Evening News (Newspaper) - May 25, 1844, Galveston, Texas V5 i to a k a tis 1 to d a oif in p by i Arctic a tie most of Ixion the Aboh Litov of Clarc yid Tejram Arno wits convinced that would Tillim lire a Oliari of slavery throw Horil the whole of Vas an ii Porlant 7 to obtain and lie i hardly Aljy thai Ezcry Effort on tie part r f ii. R Malyj g waft Joni dint result the aim lit Fen Fla try whish was contemplated by Ida Naltie Aberdeen s reply Ian Frap Bra of red Faitt "l-,.tjy-meama.of Virgin Goth negotiations l by Evary no Hijra Means in in sorter her Mij Sty s ministers would press bit matter. Lord Aberdeen said that lord Brougham in avow Itig Bia Intra satisfaction with his Lordan or Dpn be totehtstef8iredjtt the to a a i inc a lir i Obj Tel of the the Cor the pc of Tinea Anil the Earnest Topi Ali Al who abolition of sin very. Might be Effe Trilby jul an Tsitir. was most True that t Hal Anu will Oiler pc Sims desirous to be unders Lotfal in wishing Trio abolition i fit Ery exists Oliai this Vii a a i Nti Inch in tofejpvce1lo which England Wai of one mini uni called him to speak on the subject he must exp ftps ii. Aberdeen to Evriett. ,. Ajillo Ijeh England has made no proposition to Taal. In a Novil lion or my inf Jar Ltd stipulation with her Lupy had certainly recommend a Mexico to Romolo the abolition of she cry by the of the Independence of Terras ibid. Relay the govern Neril had of the _ in Teiss Willi p. to if Ico to a knot ledge Lier Independence ibid. s nys Liat the Only of Taele Tenil Lvis Sfeir in by or. Pack Kwh a. I f the a be so Lral copies of the so Bijj thai. England will uni wit re with Cic internal relations or Texas. If tar s minister a Rifus Imp for whatever else to or fax file run and bait Irr i flt Ikid Tost Mariner to interpose the slightest a be lit a Litton d a Ca Soat Niico for the Imine Divite tinn of Unis Ore Mienl regardless of nil of. Of Bitiah mediation fails the secret policy of in Jpn thifs Mimp each to a Itab Ston 7a up compant Tox a hereby a no Iliad to appear fully if , itch and equipped mob uni k maps Cly on Thurso Day fed Jubal 9 u Trucl a m. Precisely the Anury Lor Edmor Iii .1. E. 1uknes, am g Sec y. No l l 0 Veu me con Alk Iro of the Brig the Tiu Ipi. 11 Jinis will nol he univ Ernie fur any i Rbt or debts contracted by any part of he Cleiv of said Jamel unless ecu urls for by lore lit Leavi fir a Lus port. 1 h. Wdr23 1 i Tolj kit Lam i Iiri Nirei Mil to for tiny i la by Hie sail is of tin urn us co. 1\ . a,"-2tvv- Kew a a Okma next Tow h a jerks re a Pettij att a ueral Jyh i a mid conveyancer hit id to tin ii Chaae mid Eti Laie ii v i Oli Ilion ii imiiuiiti.11 of debts of Dpi Nam of sub John s. Sidnan of Strind. A Lyv a frs Chorlija to incr ii. Minor i. Thos. I. Mckenry. My a 18-11__ f y Jito Iyo v. Oiler for Sale no Lois prices High la in desirable to s my Boa re inc i lj0061no the mide rained a re in fill Fin j 1.- jurors 1. Ing Ida Cal , a on Dmn. -16" thu Tilic i Tiff if7i" Litif purred to. Liti Lotge sins o Joti Ullein Iti in a styles a Neul Ness Alul end fort by none in the City he Hope s thai.5 furnishing Bis table with the various i i i Arica of need 111 i m Narwin Dunne Clun. Vilh ,m3dc fur the san tip together with Aen fill an Iii to the Comfort of his a Toms to Jennil ui.,l re Civ a ,.".jeul Thuie of Public i6nagf, a Nicks raid Ting arid i dog n pm i di�,/."dtj Wii Boul . J or . 7a and Ludo Obj pi.f"\vtsk. Obj. Llo tiding a Alhout _loilbii72_. Pet Avell 3 fill. Single meals i Pular Buard Ilij hours ,.25 do -d".ltvrrtitcs�1ar award trauers j7i"j lodging Par Kali    .", . 26 Lilis bar will be Hept furnished a Hen to be in lha Maronii to Hli the Fulem Iii Liquori r a a for new 0eleans,., for Tlok a Tutti a ships in rank j. To k to , cumm Ndoci Seifo i a Alinovi find re Uhn i tic 6 ii and of Inch . 3ssssaeiof of ,,-r.-nk1,1 Sirij inels told r. i ,b or of Iii Elor i Liu a no Piunt liar by n to roughly Nnoli Lulea Iii put in Lam Tuiner to e 3. Him s ,. I i a j. Jim a a r a 1 v 1 i i ii to Mize Viii i�-v.-Init and with sinks Tex a. 111 i in i a. Also three out lot Coni aiming Earh ii ii s in Simiu Uius rivets or Hidemi is or gardening pure Oil a thu Ali if or any Pari of this property will b a sold he Moat 11 Piu is Loi money.". 1 1. Kiml a dts. my 23, i. 7 v u. Head lir urn Lei eyes will be no Earh Day ibis o Al flit a m. And ats o lil . P. M. A Supply 0 h k All hints my 1.d, i in a Loi Kyin Jill. S win Law to by / " bit ital Pstir flies Iii Donades to. ulc will Buri in. 1 lip Dai ring the Sra in in a sly in ltipbu�uipas4rd by any Dinu in the Republic. Also a if Neh nigh All Llie Dalti Yecies Ohhet Iri Mitkel. \ Corner and try . J a auth its i"ll2 _ a a Llic Saloon. R ii cd 1 be Jav e Ita u a c 11 a l l v. N u old Madeira sit Crry Lisbon riia cat a i Ort and Claret wines from l1v13iif00i to a d110r some Harc in a mint imprudent pm i gel married a in us of their Sli la. R74.8, id , As his Fleet closed in mbah Vii life Dueh in Der Admiral a Miner you Sac planter a, and is Joulo a. J Rrth Gantt \ Man in Ohio Werli mom led n 14 inti in p i Ort of fat hogs Towi girds Lee Broil int a Chii inning a of Hulf or Iris a i lit or a Eie r 1,11 Nin lion in of in on of . ,3 she ,1,1. Inc. 111 11i1 Mii Licud ,. Jade a Vicy pretty Courtsey Why Hijji Llly Al Iii a i o Jot. Lobi by fj1 of Lions sir ,., 11 Jib a most proc log Mii i., mail 0 in on Torii on _ Otalor said a Lillic child i . To 1 Are err f, Hidir a i ""1 lug a uni bal v Hue Nhoi 11.1 i jfeotr7btrh,.te to girl n woman to Lake Cari of in. I Rock the Cradle land no i.,o c of u 11 j Ibarr arum a �msay21r-Brig"rpvor l novel now Oil rank. " be a hed Pejay or Brig the Sci bams lit Erp Dok a a Tige Texas on Phe chief Luetise of can lesion county a s.9ih_diiy.of. ,j8-l4, Colum ii a 11. A thu Ato Rof Ilch Cay a bankrupt la ii vhf Atit a in rate jux Mont Lis Al the Sale Days of the Sior flour i Lei will spied. If claims Magninat the list isl Alc he Pierit within one year next after the above . I a. A. Moore j a tin acc l7taxyt_5-3w"" stir kind 1 o sack s us 1 j is Loii my Iron ,.i 1 a a aborted 0weeds Iron 4 tons Slub Fhon 10, "11 and 1-inches Woftle " 30 Eraces Cioll try Ware a. 7 do Asci Ortch 11 its i in each a Sci a Viii 10. Ilo Chail Ipaige _ _0i do pc flu Brandy 5 hath Cluj Vii j0" Foj p 1 i 1 1 20 Ima bottling Pii cd. " 100 cannister s is Poliuc old Der oooo i m is ii i y 11 for Cav. Leisio unable in Eek to Cash Cotton or other produce by la m a Nav Mulhim a i Chiup Ligini and to Naii Ira indy Llu Iland Iii a Irish scotch Moniou Uli Ohio his to Brandy cherries to tic with the flirts cider mid Alt Ontl Rau she 1 cac 1 ,i.iy-- a i a i y , Lime joins let Nib is. pc Beil in the . Of "  Ore a Sau. Ipher subscriber respectfully in forms he 11.1l.hc that i i has opened vols Cream . Spa a with a Piir Afa a Lar e3i-? o of itch Alley adjoining his r_5t____ -1 my y k 1 i a. Sal for Ilnvla-011 i Musoni Euc will open a Sci tool the a the unit., for a big ladies and lift ill Childr Cri of both a tvs. Miss Madden loj i h the big inches of a lhur0invi Easto edit Ariun to i Eichi in b music drawing pain tiny Nina Iii jul Needle Woik tic. Paivi Iphy Smtih a Latte in Kmit from those fully coins pm if loan .-ei.l, 1 j Loi. Il.1.uv5k-j Niico Doclie.   fir i tnnnei., i Rockel. La hip , _ _ a a re a Mist to its a of tour 44e Khaerl b Irh Viii by , Al of the Utate of John Lem Tordy deceased All persons by in claims against Cal Marc required to exhibit. I willlu.-j a us Law Tell by by Stintl. I. .7v e Dmund Andrews. May 1st, a i  a v  a a -__--._._7___-r._ l Hviid Loc itch himself in a. Iha inn Cal 111 . Vicinity of. The general office Jil Austin respectfully Lus Ivr ends and Tiu _twte., a a n in a i ./lffc?ti.- . A. A a a Ilij tto a him paid making Inq Jirik Iba Atni tatnb".tvocu/e7nrnt" Pii Wili or a Cal Niia of head Rita ats and. I Olnfy Cluj trip is Wii receive Insi aut Tut Ion Riise Vars. A. Crespin id Filee will is with Tom is a Clits or the do ecu Counides and .icif7 h s Ali cred lot Jim u ii Olu vol i i Piri nine in a i in i. In put i a flan Lun in All i Asea ii of Ralp and 111 ii Rotor lion to Iho Ferric i Jie Iti med. Alden a. A. Jackson. May 21, 1s14 also Pun Cue 8, jeep i to. J. I. Bailey Menard s m of. ? ii Wilarch 184-1.__ a Hatie Chance Selling off Cost of 1 "m11 Eoj Iper fastened Are Fry my a i c0 ill Gnu Al. Gua Selio a .7 j Lino 1,v, Dol her cargo already engaged wait sail of i tote first of a pril. Of syr i tit of or us Stag a Fiat ing Vitty Jimd ii i i�ti�i1on-,-fith-Ly-Li the App ale t5r pass apply to " " o Astin 1llie5 & co. For hu.7l. Tin fast Sailim big Leviathan Cape. Veal inning he cargo engaged will have Quick " " ,..appl to Clason Illies by co. An j 8. Of ece1yed and fur Sulc--100 lbs fresh tame rinds Jav to lbs Best i curb Rappee snuff a 100 a " scotch Suir for Sale by., nprj3 a. Sautbr3. either the Captain nor consignees of the English 13 Brig Cato will be responsible for any debts contacted by the Crew. Clason Illjes in 00. Panl 18._ _ either the Captain nor the con ignets of the aus irian Khi i Anzalia will be accountable for a tbs contracted by the Crew aprils. " Clason Illies co. sugar equal to the Best new Orleans Rice ind from the Plantation of or. John Menifee Colorado also Froni the plantar Iii of . I Cany 2 Hhd. 45 bbl Cigar and libels. classes and Ftp talc a attn err harpy Cait be Lipot Ted a 23 e. 0. Lynch. Cociu Per Star resin bloc from nov 20 bbl. Vassal co., Pale ale 10 Najj emf do. Do. 26 bbl tailors Albany do fair ii if Low by " t. P. Ui3srt, ,niy.21 r " opposite Peterman s dry to Good store came achy hats. " Doz Dou Ulo half direct from Cam Peac Liy Are Otic Rel Lor Sale Low wholesale or retail for Cash by. Jap 6osterman. " " printing paper and Ink. Reams printing paper Oli by 25 inches and a Quant try of Ink for Sale by a run Thos. J. Spear. F,1e Rollo iving rest Luzion was adopted Al a meeting of the braid of Alderman april 0th, resolved that All per sunni hairs evidence of debt Ngi Insl the corporation of Iho oily to a to its Taf 10 City clerk in order or thai Geoid May l e snide of the Saluc Ana Huir i nip Chi is guarantied 1 All scrip and solids or lit ii circe of dem to a idling nol pre Semi 1,1 within this by Days fro a tiffs Date w Tell not be a knot cd of d this tit Flajs Alven in order to prevent fraud As Ilia Ity Cobic lire apprehensive that vibe Lei in a Kicyla j. M. Allen mayor. Lion Lai a riot Gejl Annc Dav to mans Rosti. Sec y i l 11 11 e . ,7,-.,.r1 Rich or by to Niv Ytley Val lie v, to oct style Bill to pfc bar and in every minnett Keiit we lib sir Natl u p in 1c_ artion Lor thru in Turc will bv1jiled or to a s life mind Lilno will be set As usual Al ,11 of Loek a. A. Aid la Eivis Afi Oiher every Teveni Iier i Row 0", i of Oln. ,. I is 1 1 i Al 1. 11 1.1 in re .1 i in prime article Fama rids Pearl Burley i ng7r," Sulphur Cream Liri in Pirn Luc Losin Unstad Oil whip lend Bow a Oil Hidlgo Priis Sfaxi High Var nil a paint Brushia Copperas a a hip Syi mad pot.,, tc.,.t ,d., for pm of by a n. Or Lafi Adle n or the consignees of thu h English i in let Iii than Mil to respond ibo for Auy debts by the Crew. 1 ii Nlle cd sos 1llii 8 fic co. ? the inne in store and offer for Sale allow jail j rices i nit H to Ana crib  a i j Rio do. 5 do old Java do. 5 up is Goshen butter of sap rior i tally. 2j Etc lilith win Kcjr .1 Lili inert to Deans sugar 10 by s Tex As " Dor of i i1 a 11 Iro 1 hams. Pijl Sug i Inist. M Ila is _ 2a_bbls Marble a Iuzie Missouri Femc \. Robo eci ,""cjnaietof"g1ib"or" Squali lev 9 u Nitifor wrap to. So costs Briois 0 eases stories Russia to heeling Tea Huaji starch pickles cigars a to Ratics a. " j. Temple Doswell 5i co. April. 25" Mena id s wharf. R-1v gel4irr-Witlrmi orca by ramada Clit -h.i.g. 4 4.unbleached ,-3-4 Doni Eitle a a maces be . 11 Ake Lobar a. Faun Cotton shipped a of or. U7eti"ien"b no Neo Penis Imti Chiist Gitch to our friends in Bremen. J. Temple Doswell so co. To 1 in april 1"11. Annl a. Sale tog cil or with nil the from rec for Cotta ii , 1 i ult i j l r Salt. Al of he fic Mii lot i Deming or bul ers Law us Bop Tor Aiillm-3 enquire of the subscriber a j. L y he . 2d ,7-al1.,0 a town dried .t.e-e1a. Trainer Daj ton nil stif silent a Ficle h i of cd \. is. H per ii Arnm nil ctr Ayol die a beef Misti Law for my teas wines Porter Alec. Peas Urcin and Blac Pepper Mustard a Slort tue Al and i 11 to m to i Cut n or g is a Sherry wine 6 Madeira and the Neritta 2 a a a Ort Rall of him Lily and Choice bran a. ,5 a Grus Cark Clio Majikes the Beiqiu the str. La to la by i Albany Sicam and Porter fix Stool nun Gaii ii card Panl 20. For a if Liy Loti Sil g Mileis Ivy Ilon scrip for sate. Sj7 Felt. Aaning Liisu a Tvr True 1\ feb,.18 justices eve Hin s ,. 10 Jos hike. Rapaj of Blanks fair Sale la Ted. new York Ftp. In Ai l Era ill let til Illet p or. 1" la a is i f. Rai a Icaria is .crel, in whole and Halff j77j 5q Bonifi smoked Herrings sail Tosca pc 1 8b�p, " ". Los titty pails Lydar tubs Cora brooms Oltorf twice am trapping paper. Jill and or Aalo by "  Mayl 1_______� " j a saut-h8.j adm Litra i oils notice. Lha ,, of the l Rol a in Couri in and for the Csc tit i ii i Toni 1 will pics sol my account for fin",, acid ask t6"Iti"tl Sci alged fid m a in in i administration Olllie estate my dive dig Ai Wieron. Deceased. Jame Vul Gilt 4 Lell til u11, tatar of Daud car Arron. 1u1.m a a Ltd a ref ctr ii g2ckfifyj"773r z,""7-", in jul ,tt0tr Jecas earthen Lynne "coin7rhijing Bow is Bei. ,. Cake.,. Jugs fic sic. 100 bushels potatoes tilt Hampi a Soi la paints a bite Lead fit. A i state Ana Salt by 2.v Temple a swi i. K co. La a of dict Lin. Of. Jiaxi. I Che Gueits a nil Stom us use du.a1 i h an 1 eur the apr stoic which the Hijii Culpi stir be paid in c..cr Goodar May Iii. We. C4bvrne
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