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Evening News (Newspaper) - May 25, 1844, Galveston, Texas Vol i Jay off Gil a a 8 tip in .1ajlu r athe trl weekly news a Var Tob Days thursdays and saturdays.  by m. Chon can & " Tild in for is u4jewiai,1si comic Reinl affairs a nerl news of the Day foreign arid Metic intelligence j of and politics. Reprice of subscript Uritta -2 w per in Raimy of months comprising 36 numbers Dingle Copio " put and Verc Isong 1.00 Willbo charged per Arjundev if Fen Jne or Leas Lor the first Inbert iop Zuj 50 Utino for each in Brueni any one in engaging nil Orlise quarterly will be Elise i d 35 Lor l be u8c a Gnu eol Uinn for Izreo months $16 Lor Hull a column Una s12 for a Quarter of a column git Creble at pleasure paper included. Fur u single Square or less per Quarter with 50. Cents in addition Lor each alteration. Announcements of candidates for office live Sollors movable in Advance. " marriage and obituary notices of Moro than three lines a in length charged As advertisements. Business cards. Joseph Osterman dealer in British French and american Staple and fancy dry goods Corner of the Mont and Market streets Gale Talon Texus. "wm.c. Byrine dealer in a Ancy and Staple dry boobs Caps iw.t6, boots shoes " South West Comer of Tremont and Market lire a Galveston 1 c. I Pix comp a importers of English dry goods hardware. Cutlery pc direct from i.dnd0n h. 6, strand opposite the custom House % . J Temple Dos Well &-.,- commission merchants Ofhie at the Herd of Menard s wharf strand Galveston. 1. . Doswk1.i. M. B. Men arc Jan. 30, 1844. Frosini Kuhn a me r c 7td i la " strand Galveston Jan. 30, 1844._ n Thomas Spear .1 u c t i n of tit need is a twelve Moths " june 16 Vianus iiih.111 a Jujj Vealer in lumber Ood bricks Cedar Logi a Kew of Cedar posts a &c.,.tremonlitruel, a Feriv doors a�3ove the Corner i Market Street. _ Lune 20 june . 11ar l esd a Niel j Gunsmith Market Street two doors from the Corr of Tremont Striect is prepared �.i". Lido Al kinds Ofsa uns Milli nework in Ai ii edit Rand Sustan Tal manner. Orders from the country promptly and Jan a Chat Dpi Moner Tvr a " hair Dresser and Barber. Psf be attention of air Angara und citizens 16 ,,v.adj6inlnr. I. Tell breakfast. B0 " in Weston april 20, 1844. A lpb0jnse a Lanier in would Les Piil fully announce his friends and the Public House ii now open for the pnji0jlodratelher, Antu, boarders his House has been fated up Ira style late River none in the City and efforts Hull be wanting on his part Verwor those who May favor their patronage Coin fora be and agreeable. Families and single gentle Man can be accommodated with pleasant arid commodious Roomi. 1 attached u the House is a restau rat where the delicacies of Tho season May at All mines be Jound. There is Hui attached the a Bor where a Superior an a extensive Slock of 1wihcsiandl $l"q0, oneous1 �10,Bim 6tic of or three $5s, mid sortie other Smyl Hills on the branches of state Bank of Alabama amount not recollected a Calif Lezaic of depo Tilte of Ifie for 88l, r�gn�,-ai.-ri.t,- n6 3b Ema Kii a i 29 ?22vlii a. Heustis s rij�l�,.dalcd.l3th.deor, l843, i Day after Date Tor one Liu died dollars written in left Hind Corner discount or cent " Pomeroy Edwards be Jill payable 10 Nio in am Cicai Goldy Duto tio try col de Ltd for $10".also afew fuck tar Dfi-1 script Oil of which notree6llefc"t ed.j-, a a Liberal Reward Wilt be paid an person for the de livery of the above or. George Ball Hon. Benjamin c Franklin for. mcknighl1 or or. Shaw or i Marion fat thaw s Orv 1 Vuk Vav Matt. Gayle Jpn. 89, 1844. Of _ notice. I \ Lafanuel .ravelja.would, inform his friends and la Fifthe Public that he Law this Day removed his Staj Buish a it rooms in Cooke s building which has fitted up Init Perior style,.in front Aas bar acid in tie ftirr1as".ai is floor he has lately received a Felt of Fri Porior wines liquors Cigar cd with. Which a e will Boi Happy Tol Sere his customer s a a a Rill Loveany part of As Choice and Bountiful lunch will be set As usual rat a m a y 2 5 i 1 8 1 4 feb 126" Perior Chevy Long tobacco lived per it Amer. New York 8 kegs Superior ir�5� wac cd a Reilly first rate a n a in Jim 1-- j. . A a Nolc by a the Sai Harris planks notice. Persons wishing donor Crft for lumber on a Rob sli�r-rii3, will item tsp. Com and. J air a org where they Enn be turn hed with null sort it scantling Foft i of Short , lm-.-nari23__. For Sale or rent for a Nero Good House 20 by 40 Kyj fact a Story and a half three Roo its above and two below Fiath cd and plastered a Cistern and of her ii tics the use of a i Emily arc attached lol"1hb House. F or further particulars apply it this office or at the of Alp Iione Aulander. H2 of " the a Cottuli notice planters. Sale a bargain a Hist Rale horse wer machine suitable drive a Cotton Gin Ort Corn a till or both Togel Hor. above machine is composed entirely of Iron and is Superior the Romniou Ivo Tileti Machins Norge Nelly a t je7as one Thil the horse Power the same Wor a. Also,nf01l Salk a five Rale turn in gel at h a in Good order. Pc machine and lathe will be bold Low for Cash or Corn. Apply a & j Cronican Cistern makers Shaw s hotel where the machine can he seen in x july 21 j fresh Garden seeds Vrda opening and warranted Tho growth of 1843- he 1. Only Good seeds in the place among which i Wili be Futini one Hundred varieties of Floyd Khz skins a a few Oun cob Cararina tobacco seed by Obj seed Kun Ike l Cje lavish a Good article had better Call soon for they Cai Inot be excelled in Quality by any Johnt May be imparted. A for Sale by package or single paper by teb. A. D. Labadie. A ,. A just received. Cash store a line Assort ent of Eri Glish Fionch and american dry Good Clollis Cess Mercs Satin nets in spinels negro clothes Ruf hats Caps English and other Straw bonnets Slipp iffa of All Quill ties . Kir.,-All of which i Lyell sell at 20 30 per cent less than Tuet Vars prices. Oc/26 of w a. Byrne for House for rent at Anahuac. S f Congo Iii ent hou5e,-contalng.lwo rooms below and one above will be routed a Smull family reason Here is attached about fifty acres or Good land suitable a Ais in Corn or for gardening also fruit Trees &.c. 5or particulars apply m who Sun a Einab House 20 Francois Bartolome. Dry goods its shoes groceries tu8t Reccio Telper Steamer Neptune from Mew Orleans off inner dolling Cottonn pcs Cali Coes. Summor Coats a Jedi its Russia and scotch Dio Pur crash ticking i ism Obyck ptimdticsrftc7jtc v,.,a a also btes kid slippers Gaiter bulls and half boots Gen the into s b limb uni Hals Hluck and while , Curry cuing wrought hui0-cs, by. 4 i bbl Suur Lina Flo in 7ri kegs nails 20 mks Ilav Ina Colucc porch 21 a  v i a  it. A for silo by Han nay. Lomcrs.?, he will re Jei oysters served order Eithur Dufkis own a t of., with " a ? v. " a " a be Oil ctr ret f Hui Gutto during the win Trinon a Haj and at the Sumer Timeto allow the proprietor than a 4ler-Ͽ�Tylejibuilding heretofore occupied which lil fhe opened Agair Arnif prior or say continuance of patronage is solicited. A feb la Supei tilt in Recti an Disi a r red Ucol d p n 1 or 8 Job printing f a e r y a Eschiti on neatly and promptly executed at the office of the of j in a a a Steamboat Bills 1 posting Bills Bill Heads circulars Ball invitations Blanks All kind _ e take this Opportunity of the residents 0 Texas Ali us we a re Anki Blus Ted if pose of Llie Vii role of our Exton Sivo Stock of goods , reduction in Ricc -7u�tom House Liis a fat Ialy at this often.  Plank deeds constantly Jan 11 for Sale at Jap 20 _ Galveston Jan. 23, 1u4-1 Phi Pogue h e i Taloni a user 3.n Cotton pressing and storage of kure subscriber is erecting two Cotton presses of by i Al Perior Power for compressing Colton with suitable buildings Ifor storage an will attend loll he receipt Anil shipment consigned his care. F Galveston of a a. K pm ii. Mcleod. It the ," and the planter will please insert the above Ono month. Cit of Bonds lost. ads nos 04, 60,66, Foi $1 �2ench, in All $18 66. Said Bonds have been missing Tor some time. An per ii Kip Wing Jany Lhing Bonds will Confer 1 Tho unders a fied by informing him of Llie sume. A poll Catian has been Laade the pro ice authorities for a renewal of the Laid Bonds. Jot1n Derrick. A Cal on,m8rclr6. L844. Of t -f.or-irent.  Northe warehouse adjoining our s"torc720 feet by feet juju or Ely most admirably adapted for 1 who Tesac grocery and Roin Mission business. Aljo a Enki Ull stills Ible at joining the i Urti rim a cell. L lev . B strand Opp Ili i he Cuil Ufir Llou a. Solar Microscope f a Anjea anti a us magnifying potors Lary. Froin l,000,000 _6 00.o6p tines Kas Miido by Ion k&i-co7 of London in Llie if Best style anus enl every clip eco 1 first me it ill b "ch1 ship Lor Castro Trade 7xpplyamii� of Nice Tel herein Cun be v Oci in -1 / a y  w v.  " a of Choice Ewano tobacco. Teamer Neptune a lot of Choc s chewing tobacco. It is decidedly the Best article irn Ughi . Can wis who Tolly like a is por article of Burro Are invited Call and judge for Aliemae Lacfi. The above article lot Hud wholesale and rum at dec 9 Osterman. A loves air Picc Cinn arhon a it megs Pepper Gin Ger Mustard cd Tor Sulo by fee 21. .1. A. Sauters. Cheap clothing Khalme Rubi Culber Haliy ii Baird a a general Aas Ortmei ,.o clothing consisting in part of the following in die�s5itd franc of Coats of clo flip Merino rav d-1 Eli velvet Anil simmer cloth. Puin und figured Linen Gingham and other thin Routs. Also punts of cloth Cas Simpf Merino drab d Ett Cambro Oti of diff event patterns. Linen plan Cotton drilling a Iii it mid Jens a vests or Satin ii Lajnwand figured Licassi ,.ftlorsaile9, Valencia and she vests. -. Axson pools. In pipe .almost.crery. Kind of cloth my. be Call cil for tog Cher a with a variety of articles / that compose gentlemen s dress. He invites the citizens of Galveston Call und examine for themselves As they will be sold cheap for Cash. " j. 0raves"agt, a Market is. 2 doors East of j. Otte Muu s store. April 7 seeds More seeds. Tow Landing from Brig Gaveston from new York a a logic of Gardin seeds sound and fresh which re in now opening and Ivill Ell at the new Orleans prices either by the paper ptili"i., Pound or quart. My Sinek being Superior my imported 1 am enabled Roselt 26 Pur Cetire Harper Thi Nhey can be had elsewhere sides Llie great variety iof of fewer end Fine seeds will found English poas of. Various kinds. Dwarf and running boons Assoc cd Cunard Bird seed thrives Well in this climate Burden rakes and Gorden Moes. Also Pearl Barley flax seed Oatmeal ground Flash seed \ ,. _. 50 Bis Cotton wrapping twine 10 his ass d French Fine 7 envelope paper Blue White a claw or Nihon pc i. sell cheaper thai the cheapest for Cash Only by March 3, n d lab m in Renta Large and convenient voom.,in Cook s buildings i Tremont si., suitable for a dry Good store or tue other business House. Yard in the rear Cistern pc. April 13. Enquire of John r. Tally. A per Sion me r new York and for Sals 1000 la lbs Best smoked family Bacon hams or j5.bbls Perline a flour 300 pepper5 bbl rectified whle by very Low for Cash by " apr 13 . Sauter6. Our or five coat Vest and. Pantaloon makers wanted. The Best prices Given by april 18.henry Bryant tremor it St. A splendid lot of vests just. Finished. Also vet nos of Fol the richest and most Choice patterns. Cull and exp mine at ap25 h Bryants Tremont is the accommodation of those who May wish Avail themselves of the pleasure of an excursion now and then the Gulf the sub senber would respect f fully announce that a Carriage will at All limes be kept at the command of those who May with employ it. Enquire at the re ally t. A a n Uel Raen a. Ost my certificate of head Highl a . 873, 2d class7 us issued by the Rouard of of Gal Neslon county on the 31sl Day of december j330. Ulen 1 get information of the same within the t my prescribed bylaw 1 shall make application the general Lon Delfice for a duplicate.gulvcstoh7 april 20, 1841. Joseph Hall. Ten dollars Reward t Ost or stolen a pocket Book Cui dining sundry is Ali pers and mein Orandus of use and one but the owner also a Bunch of keys the above Reward will be pud 111 person leaving them Al this flue a 9-_ _ Henry Bryant m c a chant i 1 or tie Nunt a Tinct gah Citon Texas oif will be receive Ting constant of the Al i boat finl unable Aud Best Quality of Linen goods scr., suitable for gentlemen s Tummer Wear which will be mid up order in the bist Iii Moil lug mini bilt St be. Those wishing work Well and fashionably made Are respectfully invited Call. ,3m " apr 4 ate Busi pcs stand by Authur Liy Vesle d in me by Poi or of attorney7 he is Gull of Airth Henri of the a will represent me in my pro state of warm. Logan Sci d of i burls in unto aprils 1814 James h. 10g\n. Fres h g a r de n seeds. Steamer new it re a smut invoice Resh Garden seed for Stile by it a Sal is Vimont it. ?1 Ashen butter prime article. Jutt received and a Etlor Sale by run Meh 21 i a Sauters. It received per Steamer new York 1 Esse dry preserved Citron. Y i 1 currant Jelly a mich21he Sauters. Jedi a Ine of is sorted caches for sch by March 21 Sauters. M jul 4 la persons Aie Hereley not Trade for a cer Liln note of hand drawn by me in favour of d. I. Kok Hnott dated 12th of november 1839, Lor sixty five Dol. La re s6on us i Holly la girl 1 Mii _lhl.18jj__________, " a wagons buggies. . Tohn Kil Keu Wheelon ight is prepared nor uhf a of a Vurlis in his line Sulci As manufacturing Ami repairing wagons Earls drays buggies gigs Jakc. Shop on Street on Llie Coiner dial of the tit act next door or. Stetson Blacks Urilli. Also for Siulc As a or four prime horses and harness. A persons wishing Purchase would Well. examine �3 the above before doing . If Eug 1 Vij Otice John a. Borden esq., is my legally author i i de Trent during my Abbot cd ii Jive in incl Sites. m 0-1-11-y=m Fri e an. If Tiftz of a lids Point Lii a sugar Perri or Republic just re a Leei Vealiti d for Sale by j. A Sauters. May 11 Tremont Street. Wood Wood Wood tary oink and Pino Wood constantly on for u Side. Apply log. H. K1di7ixohangk-at sight on the Nurah for Sale in Sunn .Miilpurchajcis by Jos. Osterman. April is. Vib Jam
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