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Evening News (Newspaper) - May 11, 1844, Galveston, Texas The Tri weekly news sni be on tuesdays thursdays Ami sat Redavi. " by m. Cronic of co. " j Thi Zapor is Devault Dio Advent Sinira Coli ii racial Ufa , " c in thai news of the Day foreign and domicile ii Ruu of and tvs Price us subscription will to 32 00 per quartet o we Mouths comprising 36 numbers Nisic Cut Lief ,64 co"18/. For advertising is 00 will be charged per Square of in tines or less for the fist insertion Puiul "j0 Ceuta Lor a Sli Lur lilt a column and 312 for a l less per Quarter cents m Tiddie Hon Lor Earth alteration. . _ \ of candidates for of pc five dollars payable in Advance. To Mamac tint obituary nonce of More Titan Izreo lines in i Naili Eli urged lib advert somenia. Of tin g a l v to n w e e k l y n e a a business cards josk1mi Osterman dealer in lir Ilish French Ami am Hutn Staple and fancy dry loads i  Cominek of and Mai Kkt Stii Kutsi \ gut Aston Texas. \ we. C. Byrae is fancy and Stal f k buy of Ooi a iis.oa�81a.tsb0otsjri81pt.s1 in of Tremont Mui a tufted set Coli i Gold a a a q of a "i.xl. T Gomley importers of English dry goods Flurdie Rainy cutlery. If j i insect room Tnniuis-1 so i strand opposite the custom hons i t t . To. A commission Laferr hurts Towfic enat valve Trail of Nee Nariti s a Lurl strip it  Galveston. A a a a a Temple Doswell. M. N. Mbna1m1. Jan 30, 1311. J Kos ii  & "7v St mid Gulf " " a a. , / "\1 7"atc1i m Kuk tin l Sci soul Sirret a curl Opp a. \ \ me j. Daltry Titan t Ury Romh Start Uii Ostofi  Tex n _ Cut ranted clocks in lubes and jewelry Nelly Sci Tii Rcd and Lvii Jan is ill my Dicapi card.  lius re noved in the Confer the Natholie go Maljet . \ lie will be found Tuhcic at nil times by Day and night Tiv Iless absent on prof Basiomi i business. A j Lis Ollice is no int Toni incl to his dwelling House. Nov is h tv1 j a card in 11 it 11 House nearly opposite John. K. Talley Justice of the peace. Office oils Market ,.in.lhe.building formerly occupy Oil by i til Sifer &. Co. Chief John s. Jones Justice Galveston it county ill saturday the i i of Peli y ii ext. The publication of a a i i lev Pnat a i air de Iomini fenced fit lie i Ider ii Iii d Enid Ilid the n news. Jct Oisin i Fiti , fit Rem a Iii uni Westie in co Iii ii i Iii All Jirs andin1 i it i news til the Day. It Willt Pii Uli his us Fri Vert Polyi i i it Njo in we Uii for tin Lii.nii1friiii,-ii uhf. U. i if ilor a crime plus lev Lio Devond to rend str the thew Eek la news useful unil in in Day t less of readers a ii mrkal decree til and a Hall at will Anim old Mai Rien ced the Viii Alyle nil i n Iii in us which hot Evoh atre cd tsp i dirt Tiv. Evi by iridion us Iid to till upts and Purs Lii such n edit sri As Squill be Best of i i us it to Hie. Emi Mercial . A of nor i Cwi Miry to the of Norih Fer us our National literature i Aalto Fusini in i Luira tur of our i with Tinl institutions. In a to lights the. Init a ? will be a i i end not Pledis cd to none open m nil it St Ivine to itself Lam right to Praise or censure Litis measures of those whom Eui Power or the of Insu. Who May Tiniro a May be considered to result in the Yuol or evil of the Sotl Witry. A. A. A. Ͽ��.-.-��. \ a. a in rely Ion to the mens tires of the priintr7v a id Ali it ili09t-iir Priwer,. Noni Iiene or Willii Laffis trifled with tint important trusts re Poset a i i live Hytha peole Aii Eti neat i a Lippirt Liall he a a Iriven to Lam Cut Umbour Jii Imiru he tlio9untl pro Hinhle m the Leai Hili comm Unju " a Ireen. Fun Ude sure Llic to and impaling of Ihen prom edit is of the ii poaching which Jvon i he will enc Fitje thu a that Hong Blu Hody Wilt in nil probability be of Utida Vila . A Silio a a i l. In Rellian to matters Permin up mom use Cuillo to Liisi Iii Nix try Furta Shtull he a Piliro . Eoo Dietor la i cubs t he of jews Onsi Scira looting no tit Snake it a Ine Iii in tier ouija Vav High an Afiouni of the species of inform non shall to conveyed to the Public Ai least equal to that of any of to the Tiute notice of to stir hits will now and the m to Given and it i Kcf Wilfy prop Irod prices Stirr crib Wii hat All tin ii he Lound to the new i a regularly corrected ii Ink note table will Tho have a place in its columns. Tits. News will be of medium silo pruned on Fine paper and Shull a on birr All the Lions 61 Tho week Tnador up Honl thu to of whom no Pra Licul j Privi Terri hrs Difili t liar no pal us or labor shall be spared tit Inukai thu a v office fur the present at the it Igor s office Opidi Ostic " fcb. 20 the. Murkel. A j. & j. Cronican r makers and mouse joiners opposite Shaw acc interns made to order at Short notice and a Hwi Leo Moths. June i " Francis Hugiie rr2aler in lumber Wood bricks Cedar lot lib cd Dir posts cd til Ioir mice a doors above tic Cormier of Streel. " june. 20 . Tvo d in j he weekly news will be published on Stu Renys and will to City Gubski Ribers or forwarded in mail to those in the country at the Low in la of four Del jars per any Noble invariably in adv incr and will Lio Reu Vivod for a Lees tune than six Moilis. " any one Wolni will procure five subscribers to in news and Forward lit Afiouni shall Rex my. The paper free of Chnrei Ai r i a Frei Ita May be made to any of Nur authorized Inge Iii. ". Imick l cron1can. Of Alt Islon dec. 0, 18ii. Wilbur ii sorry. It. U. Seuring. Superior merchandise Al t 11 i j c e j 1 it Daniel Bunin nth Market Mei Law iss doors from Ali Lacorner Iolet Reinol Sli act is prepare of gunsmiths work if a Nea-., n and so list tin . Orders from Lac country promptly Failli fully note tided to and chm Ges moderate. Oct 2 1 Philip Evans j fashionable hair a i iia it h lit jbec8i leae,.to Call the Slie Nuon of air Anzac is do Titi Elia to .1. side.of.1, remonia st11ai,--imijr.hii�%tilr. J a scrap san store whore be will Liei poppy tier to inc wagons buggies. A. I a Tohn Kirker Wheelwright in porn Pard to execute i it Oery description of Nork to his line. Ugh s Nin Iii. A 5v"fnctur_ing and repairing wagons cans Ariy big pics a ski ii Sci a Haj on Majkel r a a St of Esilee Market next door to or. Stetson,.blacksmith. J Albo i / 1 for Sale its above three or four or . Horses and bar j .riess. I i 1 Erson a to Hing to Purchase would do Well to Ciminel the above before doing so. Of aug 1 j Taro tick. John p. Borden Esq is my locally in tiler j -. In Iii big it duri Tigmo Alij Cnoc in the l Lii Leo St itty. Iio tji a Timothy my Kean. J v. Take of the res ideals o ,-l.liat1.we.aie Lodi ,. Whole of our a la no i aloes of Good it great reduction in i it a be Iii a determined to sir soc a with All. Poi Hll dispatch. invited to a of tied jute be for theirs clito1 ii Slock consists in. A trl of the Fol Long . Of Good a a Ildr diva re c Utler a Airi Midi of a a  c. A 1mx pc go a .--6,- a Winil a opposite the custom House. Galveston Jan.03. I5-" Oul. All Honor All Lanier respectfully announce to his ,.ii vend the pub jiausiv.i�-Noiv-tipi-fnr thir be Emilion of . Ami permit Neil boarders. A Rush Ait has been fitted up in a a Tyle inferior to non in the City amino Ulm urls shall Jinjr pts my. Under thu is Olio my favor him Voith their com to Flable unil . ,.��.,.,.� j iritri"j5iert�vnt nil a Tinli.  attached to fh�0 cents. _ single warm ,.-.t.fisi.j.- a a a a a a ,. and substantial boat to it lire Able to Siuss a_villttmc5.-the to msgr stat this at to hts a i As ii life Pool of the island.-. Rhodes 6c h Atwick. Salt 10. I m 21 notice. Aji Lxiv to Tell a k k a Lulu iced. This . Hoarders at reduced ,prlu.,, us r filters himself unit the nce6n,mo�lti0,.asolell l0t of. Fare Are of Good us ran be had at any Houie in " j 1 a " ill ii i. L.e1cily-. I l deep bima Elf that no pains ,1 thu t us Mil evil ll0"St Plemp no and of Grable to All Tilio Fri or Ullh minute a i r i i his menus Aux a Abr. Public that he a this Day removed his Esu Blish menu to. In cok building a cd. He he Cleu up m Superior style As. , and i the or .a.tloo.1. I e he singly received a Stork 0r Superior wine .l.innori. I Iuar -kr.i. With a. -.r. Nov hard lodging aft nth. Himi d Only. Dinner Only,.� " u " Board mid lodging Board . Board and lodging. U inner a supper " -k,./.", . J Galim Lon april 20, is a week. A a ii. A a a a Hay ,.u,n.� a i ukr of Superior wines liquors i stars pc with which lie will be Happy o is now ready o re Seiyo i serve his customers. He will us heretofore keep oysters ices Dili the proprietor j which will be served to order Oither Aphis own Saloon,.or be and i sent to any Purl of .town., a Choice und will be Sci a Usu til at ii o clock each Day and every exertion made to such As May in or him ivs a their . This arrangement has been entered into with n View to the Coli Lorl of Liis guests during the win Ler month and Al the same Lime to allow the proprietor to Refl in Butler style thu building litre Tofor occupied which will inthe flaring. A Colliu Naticc of patronage is solicited. Teb 15 .$30 00. 20 00. To 00. 7 00. "5 00  1 2� 76 a is 50 50 4% Tremont House a a r c red n c e d. Tit is Well known House is now in first Rale order Louthe reception of the. Table i ii always be supplied Wilh the bes the Market affords it id the Suh Seiner puds is himself thu no pains half be a Bartl la Nike his friends comfortable a a a a j Kates of 0 a it d. Hoard and ,.per in Only �.�. A $30 00 i do. Do., do. Per wetk.v.y.-.-rr-.--.-r-.-.-7--00 j do. Do. Do. Per Dov,"l.-. A 00board Only per week. I i 00 i land.  rom in subscribers Are authorized to dispose of the Fol a lowing parcels of excellent land Viz. 1600 acres four Miles Delos a Washington near widow1 gains. ,. One third or a league on c Aney 15-Uiilei below Washington. A one half of a Ltd inc on the head of by one fourth of league on. Spring Creek and no i serb Creek adjoining Sandford Woodward. of a league on the West Fork of Coney near Travis. One half of a league in the folks Creek udi Oto in George a times. Terms Cne a Chr Cotton or cattle will be taken a Pym int. Title 15 notice disputable. Apply to r. M. Hannay Galveston a. S. Ruthven . A. Mcdonald Hunt Viiu. \ Superior chewing tobacco. I a  ,. a Uit kegs Superior Lames River chewing tobacco \ Reulla first Rale article or no Sale by f 15 j a. i per Ste Sivier new York 8 kegs Superior a Cut Jllen Isom or lost by the subscriber., Between j a i the 24th ii tid 28lh tilt., a Small or Wallet two Hundred and fifty Dollois 50 in five $50 lulls on Limo liar in of Luuis Inna the preside to i believe i a a Roii Jamini Story Otie Liuti liedjnuli.sixiyve-dplh�s516b on Hie Bir Norof Mobile or the follow my a Curie Cit i or Blus Viz opt Verloo ,nlire�"$5,- a a cd ifonioothtr�itiftll.illii.oo the., we stale i1 of Aliitama Turu util not recollected a writ Fizeau of Deposie of the Bank of Mobile for 88\ Sov ?,.il.- so hl5.oiwh,-Iiiakiitg-s-.,.9 ,23,. Heulis i Ole dated 1 Styli dec 1813, a flyable to me or bearer one Day no l or i do Teli for on Oft Liu Iid Len so it to rvs erf Discoid it .5priicoiiti a i a Bill payable to me. In american Jold Date Fiot Rohnl la $10 f als o a few other de strip Linof which it a collected. To rewind will be paid to any person for he de lib Ery q1 the balls Hon Nelija Init c a Ihrl Iii a. James Mcknight brio or. Shaw or Mich Misiou at ish Niv , Galveston. I  Matt. Gayle j Jan. Co owl. A. Of notice. A la demons wishing to contract for lumber on cd Furo Rable terms will please Forward their Bills for the some to James m. Harris Hamilton Mills Htu Risburg where they can be Wilh of i Lank scantling C.J on Short Lotice. A nov 23 for Sale or rent it Exchange for a negro a Good House 20 by 40 a feet a Story and a half three rooms above and two below lashed Aud plastered a Cis Tefu and other fixture i for the use of a family Aie attached Tot he House. Eor further particulars apply it this office or at the Eagle hotel of alvhon8e Aulander. March 2 if fresh Galle it seed n Nln a s "i"1 .rnl1ad h growth of 18-13-the Tust received per St Amer Newy Orit v Only Good seeds in the hire Minnir a. Ii j i a . Only Good seeds in the place among which will be Lound one Hundred varieties or Flower Beds  a few ounces lava Mia. Lubacko seed Broom seed a. La thoac.-ir1iowii.ii a Good article Hud soon Lor hid , excelled in by any that May be a mooned. I or talc by package or single paper by. Al 1 _ a. 1j. Labadie. " not irk to Plant Erst a to or Sale Al i is Rale " if Insp p Power machine suit,.ble. To Drw. Eston Gin or Corn Mill or Boll together.,. Toe above machine is composed entirely of Iron and is Superior to the common wooden machine now generally use is Jar Roshea but one third the Liore Nower to do the same i or Sali a first rate turning lathe in Good the machine and lathe will sold Low for Cash Collet re or Corn apply to " a a Cronican. Cistern maker Epe it of. " ,?1 " i Smuul cil a Cotton pressing and storage few he a to to Ferber two co Loti of Siim Jie Jorj exp of ,,._w.ilh-.suiiab.lc-Buildiug--. For no rat and will a feud to Tho receipt and shipment of Cottoni Enn signed to his enc. G-,,-,Lo-., i-,.b. 1. Pm h. Lyk Leod. Itaf the told Grapoli Houston and the planter Columbia will please insert the above one mooch. ,.-__. A Siv a Psi 7 just received per s to Eitnier new Vork Al troll invoice of Frich Garden says Vor Sale by feb is j. A. Saute of Tremont Al. City Ponds lost.". Yio ends nos 6-1/05, ?4v6q-rc� i-&�2ba Chin ii i s18fic. J Bonds have been missing. For. Some time any or soil a any Lilii of Ili efadove#bond9 Ivyll c Zohrer i favor on the undersigned by informing hip of the a a a a Piplica Lilii Lio s been Mondelo the proper authorities Lor a Rinc Wjt of the in id Bonds. A ,Al-jrcir6,.f.8-l-l .v7"" l or to Spilk warehouse adjoining Pur store j20 feet feet a Stroud by built add most admin Lily adn pled for a wholesale grocery and commission business. Alijo to Liapi Uil two stall stable adjoining Tea warehouse. Vor terms apply on the premises. A. H. Pix co., no 6 strand a feb 10 opposite the custom House. Soi-rlcoflscaiie.-___-----.1 Fosi Sale. To has two Sels of lenses and its magnifying Powers 1. Vary from 1,000,000 to 6,000,000 times Ivas made by Jones & co., of London in their Best style and is in every respect a first Rale instrument. It will be sold cheap for Cash or Trade. Apply at this office where in can be 2 loves Auricc cinnamon in legs Pepper oin or Mustard a & Clor Sale by "j3li\nk deeds and transfers constantly for Sale Ala his Toniee. Jan-20 it of Shen butter a Prima article just Recci cd and vex March 21 j a s alters. Maich 21 1 Case dry preserved Citron 1 do currant Jelly c by j a 8auter9. An Dies fins lot assorted candies for Sale by March 21  a a sautello. Ajust received. A t the cheap Cash store a Fine Assorf-jtx., in Cal of English French and american dry goods Clotha . Sinches Hals cups English and other Straw bonnets slippers of All qualities a. Ike All of which i sell Al join 30 percent less than last years prices. Or,126___if we. . House for rent at ana11tjac. A l Awo rooms below and one in above will be rented Small family at a Raiona pee. _ -. ?.u-attaebewawuufiftjr�ere�vofisood"l&hdivh1 la. For raising Corn or for Garden Iii also fruit Trees &.c. For particulars apply at the san Jacinto Home to feb "20franco is Bartolomo. Try goods hats shoes & groceries. per St caper Neptune from new Orlean. A a Vinnen a drilling oot Loua pcs Cali Coes summer costs and punts Russia and scotch diaper crab ticking it Nam Check domestics a. It. --.--l--j------_al0- a ladies kid Sii spors Gaiter boots and half tools gun then Iii a Klainbard Hals Black and while. Trace Chariti Curry go Inbi acceding Jiryes wrought hinges "44 bids superfine flour 7-Vkegi-nails, 20 sacks Llavina col pc toralt.l,y. March 2la m. Lannay. Job printing n  e v e r y d. Crip t i on and promptly executed at the office of the " Kiili icing dec 21 j. A. Sat ters. 0 f neatly and news Steamboat Bills posting Bills Bill he a i a circus Eaks fall invitations Blanks my kinds Biel a of lading business cards Vun Erae cards pamphlets " a Bel i a Drake arc ipt3. Sec
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