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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 12, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 10 the stars and stripes thursday sept Ember 12 stars incl str pts Correct dates of the Sec Ond session of the bad Durkheim wine sausage an fun fest Are sept. 13-16. The first session took place sept.7-10. We erroneously reported the dates of the second session were sept. 21-oct. 6. Those Are the dates of the oktoberfest i Munich. If a seven Day vacation on the italian Riviera i priced at $55 All inclusive from Hahn air base by motor dates Are from sept. 21 through oct. 31. For detail Contact the i flight recreation Center phone Hahn Mili tary 7566 or civil 2245, or write no open mess 50th so Apo 09109. Spain s Isle of Mallorca will be visited on a group tour by Jet aircraft from Frankfurt oct. 5-12. The All inclusive fees $103. For details Contact the american Community Center,7 Paulinen str., Wiesbaden phone military 374054 or 23651. The Rhine aflame will be witnessed on a con ducted River cruise saturday sept. 21, beginning at 4 . The $9.95 fee includes bus and wee pals hey Randy help me with my before we get to class Why did t you do it on 1 the bus like Wendi Nipper ? Well can i help it if / my eyes have a rare disease that lets me \ Lookout the window \ at the scenery.,. 3-12. It not a school books boat transportation entertain ment and dinner aboard. Groups or individuals interested in participating in this pyrotechnic extravaganza Are asked to Contact the special services Tours office . Far Ben building Apo 09757, phone Frankfurt military 2311 8630,or civil 592450. The Berlin festival weeks from sept. 22-oct.10, will feature music Ballet and drama in More than dozen Heaters concert Halls and will be italian opera the comedies Francaise the Netherlands theater of the dance and the new York Phil harmonic orchestra with Leon hard Bernstein will perform on sept. 22, 23 and 24. Holy land Pilgrim Ages Are offered by com Mercial Jet for 12 Days an priced at $420 All inclusive with accommodations in deluxe an first class hotels. Highlights Are Athens Jerusalem Beth elem Jericho the dead sea Nazar eth Capernaum Tabaha these of Galilee Tiberias Haifa Caesarea Tel Aviv Cairo Bei rut and Baalbek. Departures Are from Frank Furt on oct. 2, 16, and nov. 6. For details on the above tour Contact the special services tour office . Farbe building phone Frankfurt Mil itary 8630, or the american Community Center 7 Paulinen str., Wiesbaden phone civil374054. Dear Ann Landers this girl Marge is the Best thing that Ever happened to me. Last year wanted to quit High school in my senior year and stay on atthe Job i worked Christmas vacation. The pay was Good and hated to give up the steady Money. Marge made me see that i had to go Back to school and now i am glad i did. She really a great girl. Here s the problem. This evening she told me we were through. It seems that during lunch hour she saw me Riding around with a girl. So help me. Ann i was t Riding around with a girl. It was a Guy. He Sone of those Flower kids who likes to Wear his hair kind Oblong and with the beads and All that i can see How she made the mistake. I offered to bring the Guy Over arid introduce her but she said riot to put myself out. Please Tell me what to do. I can t lose Marge. Love Herder love bring the Flower kid Over arid introduce him to Marge beads and All. That will Settle it. I can t understand Why she doubted your when i see Long hair and beads i just assume it a boy. Dear Ann Landers i should be washing my dishes but Here i am writing to you because what i have to say won t wait. That woman who wrote to complain about her husband s sex drive she called him dead Battery got me mad. I wonder if it has occurred to Hertha maybe she is the one who is to blame. Does she nag him to pick up his things get his feet off the furniture get his now a can picnic ri6hth0&. Junk out of the Den does she complain about How hard she works All Day How difficult the kids Are to manage alone How prices Are going up an what a hard time she has try to stretch the paycheck know the Type Ann. I see them every week at Bridge club. If these women would Stop complaining and give their Hub Bies a few compliments in front of the kids once in a while offer to shampoo the Guy s hair an be Sweet and Loving they might discover that the dead Bat Tery was t dead at just needed re charging. Hazel dear Hazel you re not nuts Dearie. You re a smart girl. Thanks for sharing the Wisdom. Dear Ann Landers several weeks ago my Mother s College Friend came to visit for a week Send and she brought Alono i. 18-year.old daughter i chef boy 17. We got quite Friendie but did t do anything we ashamed of if you know Whai mean. We kissed several Tom and that was about it. E yesterday my Mother saying Linda sue a mononucleosis. I have hear this is a highly contagious g ease.1 How come i did t get it or. Question mar dear or just Lucky Uessie confidential to no baby Bui treated like one Sony b a 13-year-old girl who must behold to Wash her Nock clean out the Bathtub and sew a rip in he Blouse sounds pretty Babyish to me. The Best Way to get you Mother to treat you like an adult is to behave like one. Copyright 1968, Syndicate horizontal1. Expect rate 5. Charts 8 Dailey 12 i home13. Mine entrance14. Twilight 16. Hitler fetish 17. Cut down18. Blow a horn19. Banks give them21. Paid notice22. Severe 24. Salmon27. Health resort28. Ferber81. Exist 32. Reain33. Goddess of Dawn 34. Snoozes36. Perform 37. Old Norse poetry 38. Restin place 40. Printer1measure 41, kill43. Inclined 47. Household pet 48. Abundance61. High card 52. Hebrides Island 58. Ireland 64. Communist05. Pointed end 56. Harden vertical l.lath2. Mexican coin8. Preposition 4. Dental problem 6. Masculine6. Fuss 7. Swine answer to yesterday s Puzzle. 8. Fashion 9. Claimed 10. English River 11. Tidings 16. Ancient 20. Native Metal 22. Race 23. Diplomacy24. Kitchen need 25. Constellation 26. Reiterated27. Strike 29. Doze 30. King of Judah 35. Hog s pen 37. Over acts 39. Summer dish 40. Hebrew priest 41. Blemish 42. Intertwine 43. Fastener 44. Chaste 45. Redact 46. In los 49. Geh Rlaver Tom of Tola loft 23 la Ute. 50. Being 12. 15 41 4t 51 54 41 21 15 in 55 1 at 49 so 19 40 to 5 so 14 17 44 10 ii 45 9-11 sit Down and have some y starving Coffee with me/1 Don t i to death like eating alone matter seems of fact if i had to eat / out of Pinner " earlier hey this look6 Good Aren t you having Pinner with Eden alone i d probably starve to death character for you Rick you know what j like about you ? you can spot phony you knew i was a phony the first time you met me did t you 3-0 i never thought of As a phony Why to you say that i

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