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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePoge 8 the stars and stripes monday september 9, i Ralty is key letters to the editor precision parts made in space by Howard Benedict Cape Kennedy Fla. A specialized items like perfectly round Ball bearings precision optical lenses and super Strong materials May one Day Hitler kept his mail Good or Bod London a Adolf hit Ler kept his fan mail even when it was letters and postcards be Long to a former British serv iceman Les Brown who found them in a room adjoining hit Ler s study in the battered Chan Cellery at the end of world arh. One of the postcards was posted in Madison Square Sta Tion new York in said hopefully for your last card was simply addressed to Adolf Hitler Berlin Germany. The postmark said mail Early for postcard illustrated with a Donkey s head was posted in Yugoslavia. The message was in the name of All the asses of this world Heil Hitler. Heil fuehrer Sieg Heil. the Donkey postcard was perhaps wisely unsigned. There is one Brave postcard from France mailed through the Paris Central office written in a Fine hand which says this is your last birthday you brute. The rendering of accounts is drawing it was politely addressed to Monsieur be among the insults were the messages of adulation. One from the sudetenland said we Are free our dear Good fuehrer. Many cordial thanks that you have fetched us into the German Reich. The Good lord May Grant you a very Long and Happy life. With Best regards Klaus Beer mat from Czechoslovakia correctly stamped Handwritten in Pencil bore the Mes Sage cordial regards fro the another complimentary car from Rio de Janeiro said "1 offer your excellency the bes wishes and congratulations of a Humble member of the pub Lic unknown to it was signed an , now 43 and an assist ant supervisor for the Greate London Council said he took the mail Home As souvenirs the forgot about it. I had t Given this stuff thought till the other Day when i was rooting around among some papers he said. A few Days after the War ended i was stationed in Ber Lin helping to make out weather reports for Allied vip aircraft. The russians gave us passes to visit various parts of the City and on one of these expeditions i went to the Reich chancellery. 44."j really Only went in there looking for foreign Stamps. A did t think i would pick up a piece of history like be manufactured in manned factories orbiting the Earth. Or. George e. Mueller the space Agency s associate administrator for manned spaceflight reported the absence of Gravity in weightless space could yield unique improve ments in certain products. Molecular forces which havea negligible role in Earth bound manufacture May become con trolling factors in Orbital proc esses Mueller said surface tension and capillary forces for example can be put to. Work inthe weightless he said that in space buoyancy effects disappear mixing by convection currents does not occur a differ ent density can be readily tended. Material in the liquid state floating in a weightless Environ ment will finally take the shape of a perfect sphere Mueller said. Thus it is conceivable that Metal Ball bearings can be manufactured in space to Toler ances of plus or minus Angstrom units impossible in our present an Angstrom unit is one Hun dred Millionth of a centimetre and is used to measure the length of Light Waves. Ball bearings made to these tolerances could revolutionize our machine based civilization stars and stripes columns comment by reducing friction and noise Levels to the vanishing Point providing new Levels of Preci Sion Mueller said. He said the requirement exists for precision hollow sphere Ball bearings to move Large radar antennas rotate Large air Craft wings and support loads in Jet engines. Mueller said the application of electrostatic Fields could be used to distort molten Metal into Many different shapes for Many design purposes in weightlessness layers of metals and nonmetals could be deposited inside or outside a sol id Mold and multilayer castings could be constructed. He continued that because the mixing and equal distribution of Gas bubbles of any liquid can be stabilized in space materials with drastically different Densi ties like steel and Glass could be combined to develop new mate rials and structures with a new optimum strength to weight ratio temperature compatibility and said that initial Engi Neering experiments to stud the feasibility of Orbital manufacturing will be conducted on the first three Inan space Ita Tion planned by tree unite states for launching in 1971, tests will include Electron beam welding evaluation of Thermal control coatings tube joining and heat Exchange devices sport is the stars and stripes diced definitely when it comes to reporting of sport events. I happen to be a Wiesbaden baseball fan and like Many oth ers have been disappointed about the write ups of our games. Wiesbaden won the Ger Many conference and certainly did not get much of a writeup for it. Had Darmstadt won the writeup and pictures Wouldhave covered a full Page. Every time Darmstadt Winsa game you see the Pitcher s picture especially j 0 r to Luke in the paper the next Day. How about a writeup on Wiesbaden Pitcher Bob Parker who came out As the no. 1pitcher and did not lose a sin Gle game the overseas weekly referred to his pitching As a Bunch of junk but that Dunchof junk won every game. Etow about giving credit where cred it belongs should Darmstadt win the Safe championship i am sure it will be quite a writeup with All kinds of pictures but if another team wins it will Bea different Story. Just have a look at your past writeup of Wiesbaden and Darmstadt games and compare them. Do you really think they re fair i can Tell you for sure neither of out top pitchers Lance to Bert and Parker would eve put on a show like Luke and red Meshach Over losing game. Mrs. . Wiesbaden the managing editor replies during be regular season we had 188 inches of copy for Darmstadt and 164 inches for Wiesbaden. However Darm Stadt was the defending Cham Pion and led the league until Wiesbaden Over on Jane 24. Since that Date Wiesbaden had destroy having a keen interest in civil rights and the activities roof the american civil liberties Union i would like to set. The record straight the challenged presidential Candi Date Nixon to sponsor 10 negroes and 10 jews for membership in the Baltusrol Golf club. Although it is True Thea Clu ordinarily helps negroes and jews this is a Compromise dictated by a limited budget. When funds permit the present race religion require ment will be dropped and Thea Clu might follow through with demands that 10 lepers 10morons and 20 dwarfs be Spons ored by have a plan to destroy All social barriers. I propose we raise the tax on limousines caviar calling cards and other luxurious necessities of the Leisure class. This will finance countrywide Survey of socially debilitating mental and physical quirks. The Survey data would be fed into a computer for accuracy and the result would be a table of distribution of hangups and Early out Early Gallup i am planning on getting nearly out of 30 Days to get into school. I have recently hear that any Soldier us or a who takes an Early release to subject to callup with the re serves before those who set veto Normal is this True ? is there any army regulation to clarify this Point spec. 5 denote e. Stowel Bremerhaven German editor s notes your in formation is incorrect. A us a eur he official Laid Yon would not be subject to recall to Active duty on the basis of this Early out. A 814-30 provides for curtailment and Extension of Over seas Tours. There is no penalty levied 09 an individual properly separated for not serving full tour. Anyone serving of an initial tour of Active duty and releases within m Days of the to Tapir fun of i Active duty commit ment has fulfilled his obligated tour under Section i a 155 173. Malignancies something our country has needed for a Long time. Then we could rationally com Bat civil injustice by measuring excellence in social Organiza Tion perfection being an accurate representation of the diversity of our social organizations would experience an enormous instantaneous membership in. Crease. The organizations would become unwieldy but this is a minor inconvenience for social Justice. Vice squads would break up the no representative gather Ings of bad social main thing to watch for is a gathering of two or three peo ple. Although they claim they do not belong to any organization this could be a meeting of an Ultra exclusive social it comes to civil rights we can not afford to take is unfortunate that present United states Law dealing wit social organizations has failed to keep up with the civil right movement and the Acle can Only Badger its targets into sub Mission or destroy him politic ally. If All goes Well unite states Law will require non representative organizations be liquidated and members prosecuted. Regardless of the Law Good americans should remember that a Man s right to choose friends ends where the civil rights of others Washington Jones Ramstein Germany regular season play. " Lof i h of the Wiesbaden takes into consideration that Wiesbaden ended its scan Flag. 11 and has not pity chs Ince. Darmstadt meanwhile played a game with Kamite Vifor a second place playoff and then has been engaged in play. Offs with rams in san Bathand Pitburg for Runn Erun in the league. I Hope the Wiesbaden fair in t prejudiced so much that she does t want to see another team get publicly simply because her favorite team in playing. As to the pictures Darin stad sent the is sports Sec ton a Complete brochure on allies players and Wiesbaden has never sent a single picture. The Lone picture we have of any of the flyers is Tobert und we go that from Pitburg when Tobert was assigned for the writeup on the game that Wiesbaden won Towin the league title it was a five column head the biggest we use and was the Lead Story on the Page. We just could to much More. Referring to the action of the Darmstadt pitchers the is sports Section can hardly be held responsible for that. We Are not managers. We figure we have All we can do in trying to cram seven army leagues two Safe leagues plus Golf Tennis swimming and track in the eight columns we have allowed to local sports. Stop when it bounces on aug. 21, in the air Force times there was an article stating that the Usan record for drinking a one ounce shot of Beer a minute is 123.on aug. 23 a few airmen of the 381st munitions maintenance Esq Here at Bents users had a contest to see if we could break the timekeeper was Sajt. John Buskey and the witnesses we rests Robert Thomas Lloyd Larimore and William record Breakers were sets. Ronnie Banks and Danny Rutledge. Banks drank for 127 consecutive minutes and rut ledge claimed the record by drinking 131 consecutive Drinker must Stop when the Beer two sergeants Challenge any Squadron to outdistanced their drinking ability.381st mrs drinkers Ben Waters England european edition ,. Afuli col. James w. Campbell a a Edl chi3 it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af Deputy editor Mert Procto Manama editor Elmer d. Frank production Henry to epstein.,. .,.,. Circulation that my Papor a author lied publication the div .mc�5ju.8, armed Force of trevae the 8ur and 8trlp it by the a. I apartment of Deponio or any of it component military Der i the Wairt Stropo Apo 09179. International Malli the Start and strip up 1-darmtad�, Germany. Teh Arlt Helm o prefix m1mu my m Valre trip prefix 376 741, to i a 04u-jm. New York off Letl my Wash Langton � new York lpot4, the " phoned vermin i Triin Civ 7m3m by in in in old 4wt, my w4 , we Civ Mkw-8047, Mil Offenbach Kirk Lar lantern Oil ft7l17, Mil Voo a Munich Civ it iwo Mil Wal no Rob a Civ to Tow Mil 8tu of ajl ji�t8m888, Mil 7i90 Wiesbaden old 490779, Mil to Mac free a Athens c v i taint leghorn Mil Camp Darby. 1466. Spain Madrid old w8w. Unite kingdom Undin wait Rull lip. Civ 73t�i, Rul Ilif apr Mil 324 pc u

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