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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 8, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage it the stars and strikes sunday sept mar 6,1968" a i Powers behind thrones am it Mak by Veha Glaser among the closely guarded secrets of the Security shrouded political conventions was the identity of the artists who beautified Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon for the Tele vision cameras. Understandably neither Man likes to admit he uses powder and paint but both recognize that in 1960 the Fate of the nation May have been decided bythe obscure to makeup Man whose unflattering Job on Nixon is said to have Given John f. Kennedy the Edge in the presidential race. Since then a candidate for the White House or any other of fice lives with the terrifying knowledge that a badly applied spot of Rouge can sweep him Clear off the hustings and Back into the insurance it or not to makeup men and women Are King no one has officially admit edit but Humphrey was done in Chicago by mrs. Ullia Brown who for 12 years has a Feil r,jd5 Ipp is no entry russian style an Auto turns Back on the streets of Prague As its u. S. Missile Driver sees his Way is blocked by soviet tanks parked two abreast. The tanks were blocking a Road near the City s Centra railway station. A photo by Bob Horton Washington a a rank ing senator and knowledgeable military men Are questioning whether an apparent soviet test of multiple warheads May War rant More . Anti missiles and offensive icbms.. Experts recently received one intelligence evaluation of the new soviet missile test which took place in late August about week after similar american launches at Cape Kennedy soviet missile reportedly carried four warheads. Sen. Henry m. Jackson,d-wash., a member of the joint committee on atomic Energy said the Pentagon officially mum so far bad not informed him of the test. But military sources confirmed the soviet apparently had fired a Lew Type icbms. Sources indicated they Aren certain whether the warheads were guided or would make a big differ ence indicating whether the warheads could be accurate enough to Knock out underground missile silos Jackson said into the multiple War could threaten .forming the Bedrock american nuclear raises a quantitative question about our missile needs he said. It opens the door to a revision of All our fixed the United states has peaked construction of the air Force Minuter an capable of intercontinental ranges at 1,000 mis the soviet Union is expected to have an equal number of launchers by the end of next stars and stripes and comment year and with several bombs top them would Field what Jackson called a tremendous number of warheads with that destructive Force Ca Pable of eroding american nuclear strength the Issue misstates Pentagon officials estimate that if 400 . Land based mis Siles survived a soviet missile attack the United states could still kill so per cent of the peo ple in1 the soviet Union. The soviet test is believed Mohave involved the ss9 missile bigger and More accurate than the soviet ss11, a weapon Simi Lar to the said the ss9, which normally carries one big Muti megaton bomb could to adapted to carry bushels one military officer said a so Viet decision to go to multiple warheads would primarily affect the planned . Sentinel antimissile system which according to present explanations is aimed at the emerging communist chinese threat. Each warhead flying toward . Target would have to be taken under attack by a single interceptor unless the antimissile could hit the attacking weapon before its Cluster scat for starting the senti Nel system Are contained in the$72-billion defense appropriations measure now before funds survived numerous attempts to delete them and Sentinel system from budget cuts. Congressional critics charge that the f5-Buuon system Al though planned As a defens against red China could Mush room into a $40-billion-plus de sense against Russia. Any attempt to expand the system now would Likely face that continued opposition. Been of tibial makeup woman for face the mrs. Brown an attractive Cli Voryce was tucked away in the Mammoth Conrad Hilton the Headquarters hotel As to consultant to vice president Humphrey his wife Muriel and the democratic High command. Her instructions were to re main inconspicuous. Thai was difficult since she in known to reporters who have appeared on to panel shows and has in fact beautified them too. In Miami Beach the official gop makeup woman was Phyl Lis Gregris an employee of theatre network television the firm retained by the party to Spruce upits image As projected to voters through a. Grens assignment was the retreading among others of such wheel horses As tousle haired sen. Everett Dirksen House Leader Gerald Ford and the american gothic fit fire Wholaver singly called the Roll mrs. Consuelo Northrop was also made up by miss Grens it is believed Al though no one would confirm that either. She operated in trailer just outside the Conven Tion Hall and firmly turned Downall requests for interviews. In Chicago when a Down mrs. Brown ail she would say is that she strive for understatement and natural Ness aiming to have people look just like they do in real is never without a tube of instant makeup which she use regularly on president Johnson for his news conferences until word leaked that lady Bird was t the Only beautify scat Ion expert in the that mrs. Brown had to make do with Secretary of state Dean Rusk Jordan s King Hus Sein Jacqueline Kennedy Stoke by Carmichael and lesser lights. Early in july Humphrey made the mistake of permitting some one other than mrs. Brown to prepare him for an appearance on issues and answers me result was disastrous. To View ers noted Odd looking Black Tri angles under his eyes an effect produced by inept handling of Small Cheek indentations. Mrs. Brown said at the Tim that the Job must have been done by Handy Dandy Amateur she warned that the Mefa Cap distort features it i tendency to emphasize in wrong things the Beard circles under eyes fatigue or beads of perspiration with color to there is added need for subtlety c women new service w he the the United. To should expand the 1,000-Strong on thursday defense Secretary of the icbms Arsenal Jackson said Clark Gifford exempted the european edition Shii col. Jam Eft w. Campbell. Usa. S2�r a Chislet. Col jr., a of Deputy editor in cow Mert Proctor manag"1" " Elmer d. Frank production Henry 8. Epstein circulation thl a a tap a i Art authorised publication of the Prim no of a u.8. Armed Force overcoat. The tar and str Law i published by the twi , u.8, in Opean command in support of the command Ini information program of the department of defence. Content of the or a trip do not be Arlly Rel it the official vow of Tho . Qoverf1 f i to department of defence. The appearance of Duplay in thl a p1, pm a cer Nunn commercial publication Doe not constitute an Norm in by. Apartment of defence or any of it component. Military Addre the strip Apo 9178. International will the stare and trip pm.i�5 , 0rroany. The Orle Halm o prefix 01m 10711 it Mil Tinl Wolf Baden Civ 4t977f, Mil he. Greece Mathei Mil Camp Darby 14k. To Plant Madrid. Civ London a t Rul Llop Civ 731m, Rul my af8, Mil

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