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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 8, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page commands . Navy divers /. Tier by f. I. Gilpin London special Kavy u. Jamesc Bladh is a Man who really gets Down to his work. As a matter of fact he sometimes gels As far Down As 800 feet. As a . Navy Exchange officer on duty with the Royal Navy in England u Bladh it rhymes with bad is the officer in charge of the admiralty experimental diving team. He s the first pcs. Navy officer to assume this duty. They were a Little sceptical when first came on Board the big Man from Panama City ha., said i was too old for this kid of Job and they weren t sore of themual chains of command involved la this Exchange business but Bladh a vet Efah of More than 25 years naval service arid father of ayoung Navy Man Seaman James a Bladh jr., soon put their minds at does t Cut any Corners but he a Way of paring off the fat and getting to the meat of a problem quickly1 and simply. He never writes a letter when Telephone Call will do. Recently after a request for assist Ance to the Royal Navy Bladh s team of six divers were assigned the Salvage of an Irish Airliner which crashed into the Irish sea. Deep water television cameras were used to locate the wreck age and assist in the Salvage. Things were looking Good then on he Brink of Success the to Cable snapped and operations came to standstill. This kind of Cable is hard to find in Europe. Bladh got on the phone and in Les than a week the needed Cable was flown in from California and the Job was completed. Since then Bladh grinned my Stock went up with the Royal Navy the official Mission of the admiralty experimental diving unit located at Vernon Portsmouth England is to Eval uate and develop new diving equipment and tools. But rendering humanitarian and emergency assistance is a big part of the Job. Finding and recovering sunken air Craft and ships or rescuing other Mili tary or civilian divers who have contracted the bends from too rapid de compression Are jobs which keep the unit occupied in their Slack moments. Sometimes the moments Are not so Slack. When the unit assists a diver who gone Down too deep and come up too fast he is placed in the Pota Large steel sphere or pressure chamber. He is returned by gradually increasing Theair pressure inside the sphere to the depth where he contracted the remains at the proper Depths for the prescribed length of time until Safe decompression been completed and he can enter the Normal atmosphere outside the chamber. Evaluating and developing the table used for these rapid depth changes using different Gas oxygen mixtures is one of the team s major jobs. Bladh and his team have completed an 800-foot div and Are currently making a series of deep dives to and below 300 feel to improve the Standard tables used by both navies and which Are passed on to civil Ian Industry. During their dive to 800 feet the remained in the dry and wet Chambers of the pot in excess of 68 hours. Communication is a problem when using helium Gas mixture at these chords vibrate faster in the less dense helium and sound travels faster. The result is what you might get if Yon played a 33 . Record at 78 .," Bladh explained. They Are try ing to work out a solution to this communication problem which plagued divers for years. Helium speech experiments Are conducted co laterally wit the evaluation of new tables and Gas mixtures. We Don t waste our time in the pot helium is expensive Bladh said. The Royal Navy is building a reclamation Plant next to the deep trials unit which will save the helium we let out of the pot after decompression he Lium costs the unit 12 cents a cubic foot. More than 41,000 cubic feet Are used in an average deep dive. Other communications Are vital to the project too. While the paperwork is going through on this end Bladh said i explain the problem by phone to my Boss in Bladh s Job As Exchange officer is under the interested scrutiny of capt. W. Of Searle or who is the . Navy s supervisor of Sal Vage in the naval ships systems com Mand Washington. Work he starts on the problem from his end and we usually get fast results Bladh said. Searle is a great Boss who understands the problems of diving and knows that this kind of free Exchange of ideas is the Only Way to make a thing making the thing work is a favorite pastime of Bladh s. Since his arrival at Pedu a year ago he become i addition to his regular duties the assistant officer in charge of the deep trials unit which maintains the pres sure chamber equipment. This gear is much More sophisticated than anything we have in the . Navy and i want to learn All i can from it Bladh said about the dts. Cmdr. P. A. White Royal Navy who is superintendent of diving and Bladh s Superior said of the dts it is a great unit the Only one of its kind certainly in the ., possibly in the headed however this is because we profited by All the research made previously by the . Navy and made available to us. Ours is the Best be cause it was the last to be How does White feel about the Exchange officer program i rather like the idea he said with obvious intent to understate. Besides it keeps us fro getting too the Exchange system at Portsmouth is More than a Mutual admiration society. It is a system which make things work. Man pressure work . Navy c. Bladh left climbs from the Only pressure chamber in the . At right he takes look from inside the Navy photos american bakery in Italy a Long Range Mission Vicenza Italy special anal Rancan bakery in Italy ie001 pants Vicenza Aliar reaching Mission. A supplies fresh bread and pastry six Days a week to army and air Force unit Lothi Oug Hout Italy and to i82?,Dan air Force personnel on also 8�es the an two bread 10 . To 6 to 13 noon. The Fly. 8taff of 35 includes a manager Stor Issei three accountants three a a la specialists three 1�the warehouse seven in the bakery item. Itr&�r�8h s pastry m

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