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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 8, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes sunday september 8, Congress wants retirement figures 9 ,.,.,Ala a so a Ull a of Tipay overhaul raises q Washington is Pentagon officials Are facing up to some hard decisions that must be taken in the next few weeks if the defense department s recommended overhaul of the military pay system is to go to Congress before the Johnson administration leaves of fice Jan. 20. These decisions All Deal with military retirement As a companion piece to the recently concluded study of Active duty pay that was made by a group headed by rear adm. Lester e. Hubbell. Legislation to overhaul Active duty pay and for example put careerists on a More easily understood salary system have been ready for some time. Before Congress considers this legis lation the House armed services com Mittee wants to look at the Hubbel retirement study that is now going on and take action on both phases of Mili tary careers Active and retired at the same far the services have not agreed on just what kind of a retirement plan they want to keep the men they need for the Short haul for the 20-year period and for the full 30 years and at the same time include a weeding out provision for those they no longer need. Right now the decision making is entirely in the hands of the individual Serviceman and the services have Houseful management tool to handle the service needs. Officials Point out that 73per cent of officers and enlisted men who reach retirement eligibility retire before they reach their 23rd year of service to enter the civilian labor Market. This trend to leave Early is also reflected in the lower ranks where 80 per cent of soldiers and 40 per cent of sailors have less than two years of service. Going into the less than four years of service category the situation becomes even worse officials say 80 Pel cent have less than four years in the army and 67 per cent in the Navy. The Sam trends Are also found in the air Force although statistics Are not this continues one official declared Well reach the Point where Al most everyone in uniform will have less than two years of service and that while the experience Factor is drop Ping the need for trained manpower continues to grow All the time with the introduction of new and complicated weapons systems and military equip ment. It is interesting to note that because of this trend the Cost of putting the Hub Bell Active duty pay changes into effect has dropped from an estimated $1.2 Bil lion in fiscal year 1970 Down to $900 Mil lion because fewer careerists would be involved. One retirement proposal under serious consideration would see an ultimate reduction in retirement pay at the 20-Yearpoint from what it is today and a Cor responding increase for 30-year men tomake the Long haul More attractive. At the present time those who retire with20 years of service receive half their to so on Mustache by James Soest Germany is the regimental sergeant major apologized but it really was unnecessary. I just Cut a half Inch off of i this morning he said As a photographer snapped his splendid Handlebar Mustache. De spite the trim they remained imposing and made one remember Salvador Dali. Warrant officer Cliff Ludtke bears the title of regimental ser Geant major for the Canadia land forces Europe at Soest and wears the hirsute append Ages that go with the Job. A son of Arcola Saskatchewan he has served 28 years and three months All told in the Canadia Narmy and because he is Only 48 years old he plans to put in 35before retirement. All enlisted ranks in the Ca Nadian forces Are permitted to adorn the upper lip with bristle but not to the extent that Ludtke does. He has developed his pair of pointers Over the last 15 years. It s no trouble he said. Gunter every morning i just twist it Little bit with some Mustache the sergeant major s Fine fila ments undoubtedly Are remembered in it. Lewis wash., where he once served a six month tour and perhaps in such places As Korea Egypt and England too. He is now working on his sixth assignment out of Canada. Pace stick the Long Baton he holds under his Arm like a swagger stick turns out to be a Pace stick used by the canadians to Meas ure out the length of stride enclose order Drill. It also is Handy for checking the distance be tween ranks. Ludtke opened up his Pace stick like a Large Compass and demonstrated How to twirl it be Side his boots during a March marking the exact length for each step Forward. With those magnificent mus taches As a kind of balance pole he s a picture on the March. Polaris conversion program Navy plans Bow in of Poseidon by Marc hurts a Washington Bureau chief Washington is eve since the first Fleet ballistic mis Sile submarine George washing ton became operational eight years ago the word Polaris has stood for american nuclear retaliation against a sneak , or North Star is the name for intercontinental bal Listic missiles that can be fired from submarines lying in the Ocean s Depths to preselected tar gets 1,725 Miles to 2,880 Miles away with a High degree of a the Navy is working on a new program that will Chang much of the Polaris Fleet into a regt. Sgt. Maj. Cliff Luuke with bib splendid Mustache. Is czech Pilot Star sin to Eslingen acrobatic show by Steve Gibson staff writer to Eslingen Germany is Czechoslovakia s former world Champion acrobatic Pilot Ladis Lav Bezak was to highlight an International air show at the Hul Bairfield Here sunday. He will Star in a 20-minute pro Gram with three other czechs Fly ing slim 526 jets. This is the Sec Ond time fliers from a Warsaw pact country have participated inthe to Eslingen show. American pilots from Vii Cor Sand 7th army support command demonstrated helicopter Rescue operations while the air Force was scheduled to show firefight ing techniques to the thousands of spectators transport planes were to drop 120 German army parachutists from 1,200 feet above the the show were to be two five Jet teams from the French stunt flight Squadron Patrouille de France flying Fouga Magister jets. The French fliers planned to perform the bomb and other daring attractions in the air show sponsored by the Zoeblin Gen and Sindel Fingen sport flying clubs included free Falls by Mem Bers of the German National team and the american sky diving club. Poseidon Fleet with a new Genera Tion of missiles that represents a major improvement in retaliatory capability. Poseidon in greek mythology the god of the sea and Polaris missiles Are much the same inside and Range but they have one major difference. Polaris mis Siles can carry Only one nuclear warhead to their target while each Poseidon can deliver More than one the exact number misclassified so that the 16 mis Siles aboard each submarine Willin time be Able to do the work of two three or maybe More present Day Polaris missiles. The first sub due for Poseidon modification is the James Madi son. This is planned to take place Early next year and her first operational patrol with Poseidon will be Early in the 1970s. One of the sub s first operations May then include co operative tests with the army Sant ballistic missile installation at Kwajalein in the Pacific. This year s shipbuilding an conversion program plans similar work for another five subs an advanced procurement for nine others. Because of design an Cost problems Only 31 of the 41 Polaris subs now in commission will be converted my the remaining ten will in time turn improved Polaris missiles. The undersea missile Fleet ii Only a part of the nation s Mas Sive nuclear deterrent that changing and improving All us time. Overall for the next Fei years the combined Misso bomber Force will include 1, and 54 Titan ii Nti Sites in the air Force. 496 postal Don and 160 Polaris missiles Oil the Navy As Well As the strategy bomber forces of air Force b5& b58s, of balls and Navy Carrier based attack aircraft. Thirty four Polaris subs annoy with the Atlantic Fleet and seven Are assigned to the pad Fie. By the end of the coming yes the British Navy also will ban a Polaris Fleet made up of to Ohms Resolution has Renon has repulse and has revenge. They will operate Fromi specially designed base now Der construction at Aslane the Clyde in patrol each of these marines British and . Aub is literally a world unto it sea there is no calling for out whelp. They must be and Are self sufficient. Aerial Polo of Jume Madison during sea rials Navy

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