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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 7, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page 3 husband to . A j. A " russian wives see red at doing household chores alone _. Off to t Al of Ftp of lilt full pm to am a. I Moscow a publicity has been giver. A fire to demand that soviet men share housework equally with their wives. T 4jone of the advantages held out is that this would putdown on the number of husbands having extramarital was also suggested that heavy drinking and smoking would decrease. Soviet statistics show that women do three quarters of the housework in this country spending 3 to 5 hours a Day Atit. This is in addition to their regular 41-hour-a-week Plain housewife is a real rarity in the soviet Union. Under communism equal rights for women has been taken to mean they should goofy to the office or factory just like their husbands have continued to take it easy at Home leaving it mostly to the poor wives to prepare the meals clean up and look after the children. How often Are you tired was asked of women workers at a Leningrad factory. Al most always 70 per cent answered. Is it just that women gained the right to work Only to lose the right to have som free time of their own mrs. Ada Baskina asked. Her article entitled let s Takecare of women was ran in the influential weekly news paper Litera Turnay gazeta literary Gazette mrs. Baskina said that overworked wives had los the Beauty and Gaity that had won their men to them inthe first place. She said that it was mainly because of this that husbands began seeking female companionship else where. According tit mrs. Baskina if men would share Boose work equally soviet women would be less tired and have More time to look after them selves bringing Romance Back to marriage. She said it was also Likely that with fewer Idle hours to while away soviet husband would be less Given to drunkenness and excessive smoking. Israelis Ami arabs exchanged Jerusalem up oni Hundred and ninety five egyptian civilians living in israeli occupied Al Arish and the Gaza strip were exchanged at noon for 1w palestinian arabs who were citizens of the Gaza strip before the june 1967 War the red Cross announced Friday. The Exchange by Mutual consent Between the israeli and Ara authorities apparently had no connection with the recent release by Algeria of the israeli male Crew members and passengers of the hijacked israeli Boeing Airliner. Teachers Bonn sends top troubleshooter to . Over new soviet moves Rome a the govern ment bus decided teachers can have one More Day a week off from school but pupils must remain Happy with Only sunday off. The government has instructed Deans of secondary Aad High count schools around the country to arrange schedules so teachers Are free from classes for one Daya week in addition to sunday. Teachers had been pressing for what italians Call the Short week for several years. Som students and their parents have been asking for the same thing. Backing basques Madrid up a new Factor in the worsening Church state feuding the dissident Basque provinces of Northern Spain emerged Fri Day. Or. Reliable political sources said Spain s leading monarchist has backed the Bishop of san Sebastian in the cleric s stand against the government of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. The Bishop msgr. Lorenzo Bereciartua Balerdi had issued pastoral letter sunday denouncing a wave of arrests of Basque priests and police searches of Church property and files. The clergy has been in the forefront of the Basque struggle for autonomy. The political sources said Jose Maria de Arilza y Martinez Derodas the count of Motrico has sent a letter to the Bishop pledging his most sincere the count former ambassador to Washington is regarded a key figure in Spanish politics in his position As Secretary general of the envy Council of Don Juan pretender to Spain s vacant throne. The count s stand was expected to throw him into direct conflict with the army. More jews leaving polandc9 Warsaw a there has been a Sharp increase in the number ads caving Poland in recent weeks it was reliably Learned mss Fyk Al but Reh we. Information indicates that since about them write of August about 100 Are leaving each week to go to Israel or other countries in the West. .?0?11"" have reprt000 jews have taken advantage of communist regime s policy of allowing them to leave in i a " Tor s extermination apparatus poles it is there were some s.5 million of the latter in Poland. F ass Cuvin it give up their polish citizenship sell i b?lonlng8, and Are allowed to buy Only $5 from the a Lon l Bank to take with them to the West. Novara diary figure faces trial a urn. Blow up Taie bolivian his command has set up onto i null tary Tribune Tel to try former Interior minister an a Fedas on treason charges. Lev a i i As adn fitted copying the War diary of Ernesto Che i Miln guerrilla Leader and furnishing it to Cuba. He fled i Wiy briefly but returned when assured a fair trial. Bonn a Chancellor Kurti Georg Kiesinger will Send one of West Germany s top trouble shooters to Washington saturday to voice his growing fears Over the soviet policy emerging in the Wake of the czechoslovak inva Sion. Special envoy or. Kurt Birrenbach 61, said thursday the Chancellor called him Home from vacation for the Mission which was expected to last from eight to 10 Days. Birrenbach whose negotiating brilliance has been exploited by j All three of West Germany s Post War leaders said he will meet with Secretary of state Dean Rusk defense Secretary Clark i Clifford and other american leaders. No details but he refused to go into detail about what his instructions Are. These consultations will in i Able me to outline the Federal government s View on the current East West situation As a result of events in Eastern Europe Testate All of our worries and anxieties. Situation changed the fact is that the strategic situation has changed. Russia has positioned a number of Divi Sions at the bavarian Border. Their state of readiness is in comparably greater than Previ far As we see it it s Mili tary capability that is decisive and not the so called intentions of the other Side which can change from one week to the next he anyone told us a month or so ago that the russian would invade Czechoslovakia we simply would not have believe Dit. This attack has emphasized the realities of the military potential of the soviet Union Birrenbach has also shown that the policy of relaxing tensions be tween East and West has very distinct fact we Are faced with now is that our West Germany s Eastern policy is this was a reference to the Kie Singer government s two year Long drive to improve relation with the states of Eastern Europe. Highest paid Al Cordobes in action in the ring at Tijuana,mex., is the world s highest paid athlete. The Spanish bullfighter s Fortune has been estimated at More than $8.5 million. A photo 39 sex nazis reportedly head l zone news posts Vienna up at least 39former nazi party members hold leading positions in East Ger Many s news Media and Are using the same anti semitic Lan Guage they employed in the hit Ler period it was alleged Fri Day. Simon Wiesenthal head of the jewish documentation Center in Austria told a press conference he has compiled a list of these East German sex nazis after thorough investigations in the past s list is headed by Law bugs i Lunnis London a eight Scotland Yard detectives blushed twice when they burst into a London apartment with a drug search because former Bunny girl Lesley Miles was standing naked inside and again when they found they Hud picked the wrong apartment. I Don t know who was More embarrassed Saki Lesley,20-year-old Model. Esis is ssh Kurt Blecha press chief of thei East German government whose i rank is equivalent to that of Cabinet i Blecha joined Hitler s nazi party sept. 1, 1941, and the num Ber of his membership card was8,634.832. Wiesenthal declared. Other names on Wiesenthal list included i Hans Walter Aust former Gestapo Collaborator now chief editor of East Germany s official Organ on foreign policy Deutsche j Dresseler Andress sex president of the a i radio Board present member of the East German agitation and propaganda agitprop or. Kurt hover who joined the nazi party in 1925, membership number 11,572, presently political commentator in various East German newspapers. Guenther Ketzscher nazi party member in 1937 number 4,532.521present Deputy chief editor of East Germany s party Organ Neues deutschland

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