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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 6, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePeg 8 Thi stars and stripes russians find sol in Prague a Dull september 6, 1968 by Carl Hartman Prague a Russia soldiers from Siberia and the Ukraine have been watching the Bright lights of Prague with a certain envy since the occupation of the capital by soviet troops. But they need a soldiering in Prague is drab Arenallowed drink said a Captain in dark weather stained Khaki when foreigners offered him a Small bottle of whiskey. He also refused an invitation dinner one of Prague s excellent in this uniform said. Unfortunately we Havenan civilian was Bis Way of being discreet. Soviet troops Are an Der strict orders do nothing that might Lead an incident with the submissive but still resentful population. The soviets Are especially sensitive about their uniforms. Czechs have told them so often we d be More than glad Welcome you As civilians with out open and Friendly by tempera ment the russians have had such a cold shoulder from the czechs that they Welcome any Normal recent Days there has been a More Friendly response fro some Young czechs and even czech girls have been see among soviet troops undeterred by those who have had their Heads shaved by indignant czech soviet soldiers Are not frightened away by foreigner who identify themselves As Brit ish american newsmen. On of the chief Contact Points be tween soviet soldiers and the people of Prague is the tank Encampment in . is strategically situated Between the main railway Tion and St. Wenceslas Square the Center of the with the Lack of activity the soviet soldiers Welcome any Opportunity for a Friendly Chat even a Sharp political argument. We were invited Here said one Brash Young sergeant and the czechs have shot us from soviet tej when a mid Acher Angle viewpoint communist co terrible thing you be whole movement repeating a terrible be been a party Mem. For 10 years Louii Winsand comment the roofs. s too bad a 14-year-old boy was killed. He was an unfortunate victim. People get killed in Auto accidents too. There Are counter revolutionaries Here. Sure the students and intelligentsia Are against us but the working class is with some 30 czechs were gathered around our groups but none tried any defense of the soviet occupation. would not have been popular among the other activist id another 10 years you la be very sorry for what you be terrible a terrible life Intoo comfortable inthe Park in the heat and the rain but the soldiers Moke out somehow. Snow makes no Dif a one of them said. Tanks Are our interested in military careers. One planned be an Engineer when his term of service was up. Another wanted be a teacher of for eign languages though. He seemed Able speak Only a a of of Germai Fand none soviet soldiers get thre rubles $3.30 a month in pay. That just about covers shoe polish toothpaste and cigarettes one of them Wear heavy Black uncomfortable looking boots that come almost their Knees. How much does an american Soldier make one of them wanted know. Told Wasat least $100 a month re plied quickly and How Muc Bounty does get for every vietnamese kills thrilled with Theair for be lieutenants captains Futi Intuit fat ,.-�r consumed a liable pages of stripes s Seldom that we get such -"""1w read with our a the moment have when will with Ting Jou As a list of All the cub scout sin Usaj eur. The tar a of South Baden Wue Ritternberg an selected excerpts from the Din Kel Buehl Telephone directory. ,. Via that the ii Alrea a knew of their pro on which makes us won whether you Are doing this create myopic proofreader some mysterious reasons of your reasons we wisifiyi0u would consider run Ning future lists As a separate supplement possibly charging five cents for so the profits could be used buy eyeglasses for your proofreaders and Type setters and print a Little new sin your newspaper Trent Christma Nuernberg. Germany the managing editor replies la Hiway cages the stripes list is the first word they have Oba promotion. is also the first word a Man has of Long lost Meads too. We think is Worth the Large but infrequent space. Closs e allotments communications open Paris breakthrough still possible i would like know the regu lation on class e. Allotments. I went the finance Section tout a 50 allotment in effect a credit Union but was Toldi could not have two class e allotments one time. I Haven $80 class e allotment going a savings account in the states. Every payday i hear about savings. Why Canwe have More than one class Job allot ment i could take time and take the Money Over credit Union but if i Donhai the Money in hand i dont.mi88it As ,. Also on a form 213�, my itary pay voucher there Are items 27, 28 and 29 for class e allotments. So How about changing that regulation Stop pushing for savings. S. Sgt. Jimmie Germany editor s note army finance Center rules permit Only one class e allotment Bank ing institutions which includes loan associations. Although stateside credit unions doing pus Igess posts in Eurora prefer allotments i their transactions with service men avoid handling Cash this was possible for you since you already have a Classe allotment a savings account. By Arthur l. Gav suon Paris a America Speace dialogue with North Viet Nam which entered fifth month thursday seems headed for total stalemate except for two slender threads that could yet Lead a breakthrough one is that despite Uniel postures and sometimes _ warnings both sides have take Good care preserve the Public and private lines of communication they have established with each other. The other is that Hanoi Smen this week have begun giving a new prominence Anold formulation of their Price for serious peacemaking. A cutoff of All american Mili tary action against the North in the words of prime minister Phana Van Dong will have a positive effect on the gradual search for a political Settle is the nearest the communist Side has come in Public toward meeting president John son s demand for some Assur Ance that american restraint will be matched. American authorities have Phitt Van Tion that could provide the ,.washington wants these two threads could Meana lot of Ufa Ehimo. W a _ pit a a hero forces of tie prot agonists Are killingeach5 other can be neither accidental nor hopeless that their envoys keep meeting y and Alt Qugh much of their talking is designed for Public consumption they have devel oped a procedure for secret diplomacy in their informal Tea and Coffee Breaks. By most accounts nothing of High importance has yet developed in. These cautious sessioq0qu Pfluf Niimi a certain Coli Ness could yet replace the cold Ness. The reality remains mean while that behind the Brave Hopes of peace no detectable Ogress has so far been made 1020 meetings that have been held. R on Jutt Issue of seem the Epcot Nguyen Van them a handful of lackeys. Representing no Bod because they Are Noth ing but american paid puppets. ?i0dn3munls led nation a 1 1 Rawdon front Elf of South Vietnam in his eyes rated recognition. But Marbibi an reaffirmed american pledges the government and people of the Are Public of Vietnam and Means go on helping them resist this Northern airman recognition if a Section with a Mission Ono apparent importance rates overstaffed overpaid civilian Sand two jobless master sergeants among five personnel would seem that this worthy airman who is obviously per forming a Job would be consid ered for promotion after two and a half years least a photograph. Mrs. T. H. Breese Wiesbaden editor s note refers an aug. 19 Story in is airman acts a unofficial ambassador about airman . Edward Hal Wiesbaden s passport and visa unit. Hall regularly visits various embassies in Bonn obtain visas for military person Nel going on travel. As the Section s personnel Manning mrs. Breese seems have More information than history. Speech marking the Wrd an Aive friary of the Hanoi regime under a Microscope. They noted his formulation Waff repeated in wednesday s session Between ambassadors Xuan by and Averell Harri Man and there seems Wue doubt they will All available channels obtain a Clarifina video a Fering Levels Xuan Thuy operate of in their arguments Harriman described the presence of Hanoi troops in the South As naked aggression As illegal and unjustifiable but Xuan Thuy without con ceding northerner Are in the South Law As the face duty of a vietnamese de fend any and every part of their land against the americans then Xuan Thuy dismissed contemptuously the Validity of the american commitment defend the government of fran Vietn cratic arid Republican. And their leaders meantime has disclosed these extra fac i Hanoi Doesthink much the Vietnam platform of Al party we a of T a of for so of Dansi Russ a reminder correspondent Sall letters the editor Mast contain full name and address of the writer and must be signed. All correspondence is writer s name will be deleted upon request. The editors Reserve the right edit and condense letters. Muroi Aan edition col James w. Campbell u8a. ,.edllor.lft-chu� to Noff plaints Ophrey a what seemed concert Kuan Thuy. Judging by his speech was the belief thai Nixon has always urged an escalation of the War the highest Levels Tobii was taken reflect communist suspicions that the former vice president would be read resort the of the most Modem weapons u that were for Victory. A. Re mar a Frank. .t.,t,h.,.,. Prod ton Mab a h8nkv p8tin. ,.,.r. ,.oirqm�u no my Pap a an authority Rubl Oettl Fly had rom a of of new , Arnert orom a. Yet and strip put Uhtof by .0" and a in Chlof , Kun a in command in support i command internal Morm Uro pm of Partmon of Dot Antt can unit of in / Tripta do not Ariy rofl act a of flail Al two of . of 0fnm, the pm Arazim of div play in Thi now Papor e a Ornona comm re Al poll cult on Doaa not Contu Tuu an nor met Tuy a Par Mont of Peru any of my on thu. Military and drum Tho pm Al�0 09178. Let in Uon Milf the Flat and i trip Loi fac a 103 lot Studt Otmany. Toll Orlo thelm 0 pro w7t m oar Mindl Alt trip u u76 741, told my us now Yore of Mizoi my naw York 10014, to i Art Ood 1 Wom Vond claw pug pm Vork , now of Roami ump. Moy a no of i Oulu Ruttle oath full ill Mil Ury tm7 Viking my auf Libura a pm by Jerry no inf old my Horl Dai atom aug Buffy military Mioi no Robor , a. Army hour no Omar my Loury i1 my. Circulation office s9ns2jrjnil, bar "1 c v 7mw we via Oil 4m4�, Mii Mohr wm4m7, Mil Toffon vac a Kalmar Aurum old ,, Mil -111111mil 7moi Nulud Kingdomlondon to fwd lip by 7�1m,

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