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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 4, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseLog it the stars and stripes wed tidy september 4, aiming at nerf to two . Special Force troopers fire a not Ottar barrage at the North vietnamese from inside a Concrete pit at a of. On the cambodian Border about60 Miles North West of Saigon. The reds earlier had tried to overrun the Camp. A photo european press shocked a Chicago cops compared with nazis by United press International correspondent has linemen on Michigan Avenue club a Young Man of 20 to the ground. The beating went on for a seemingly interminable a British tour european readers that Chi Cago police Are the same kind of men who eliminated the jews in nazi Germany the same kind of men who kept Sta Lin s terror alive in Russia who shoot Down refugees on the Ber Lin Wall. All these men have one thing in common. They enjoy their work wrote David English inthe London daily express from the democratic National convention in Chicago. His report coincided wit several other european correspondents accounts and opinions of Chicago. English said he saw two to stars and stripes time he wrote. Finally when the police were satisfied the Young Man was insensible they dragged him across the Road and Flung into their Paddy Wagon Way Hitler s is men used to fling the jewish corpses into the Gas while the democratic part was choosing Hubert Humphrey to be its candidate for president a Young american Soldier pushed a Bayonet against ayoung Man s Chest wrote Lon Don daily Mirror reporter Joh Pilger from Chicago. Invasion ended Hopes for German detente by Joseph Berlin up the inva Sion of Czechoslovakia did More than end Hopes she could be come More democratic an adopt a More realistic economic policy partially oriented toward the West. The invasion also brutally served notice on germans in both East and West that an relaxation of stalinist Type Rule or the russian grip in the Ger Man democratic Republic Cdr is very far off. It also was bad news for West Berlin. In both parts of split Ger Many perhaps More in the West than the East the Wishful thought often was expressed that once old stalinist Walter Ulbricht passes from the scene things will get better in the soviet zone. The reasoning went that stage 75, Ulbricht could not Rule much longer and he would be succeeded by younger More flexible men eager to seek a de Tente with West Germany. The View was encouraged Blower level Bast German officials. They always were eager to assure Western visitors that the managers w re slowly gaining More Power and were Fleming waiting in the wings for Ulbricht and his cold War Veter ans to die or step aside. Once this happened the Story went things slowly would get better in the Cdr. The East West German talks so eagerly a Putty by West German leaders to relax tension and lot of germans living in a split nation Fojud beheld pressure. Of course a would Tye relaxed on West Berlin and the Wall would be much easier Roget through. This pleasant picture of Theodr after its present chief of state and communist party first Secretary goes to his Reward still is stubbornly held by som Western political leaders. In a Long term View Czechoslovakia might be considered expendable by the rus sians. But not Germany. Lenin called Germany the key to Europe and his successors have not modified this View. If there Are any Safe Politi Cal bets it is this one the Hus sians Are going to hold on Toast Germany to the bitter end while they Hope for changes incest Germany that could extend their influence there. The police pummel Edthe Young people through the window and kicked them Amon the Glass until their screams stopped. Such was Chicago. Only the blurred images of news reels from Germany in the 1930sjolt the imagination into re the Chicago police method of greeting visitors is first to push them h the Chest and then hit them Over the head with Long Brown clubs said the Lon Don daily mail s Anthony car thew from the convention daily mail said editorially mayor Richard Dale must take much of the blame for the brutality of his have made the name of his City smell As High As Izvestia the russian government newspaper said while the verbal Battle rage inside the convention Hall there was bloody fighting on the streets of Chicago with the police in beastly reprisal on Neo pie. Demonstrating against the War in France s most influential newspaper be Monde a a i a the Chicago which formerly belonged to gangsters now be Longs to the police. Millions of television viewers witnessed staggering scenes of brutality defenceless Young of Tuple chased mercilessly a i o k e cd punched and clubbed with unheard of the dutch newspaper Haag sche courant a disgrace of the first order. Had Johnson visited the convention he Wouldhave been Able to do so Only by helicopter. Otherwise he Wouldhave been Pray for the nation on whose shoulders has fallen the Mantle of Power said the Dall sketch s John Edwards. It needs your in we m p T�"il5j5j act the i of Tor Tel of i i i m not a roman Catholic and Don t agree with the conclusion concerning birth control reached in roman can Otic doctrine. And i have entered lengthy discussions confront ing roman catholics with what regard As Gross inconsistencies in general Between the biblical documents and the historical practice of the Roma Catholic organization but under no circumstances could Ever justify the kind of Shal lot arrogance displayed Byers. Natcy Paxton in her let Ter or compassion Essary for i which she implies seethe Lambeth Bishops under stand better than Pope Pauli. J Paul i Speaks from within laminated Complex Structure of hierarchical authority religious commitment acquired leadership deeply rooted traditions and the genuine Devo Tion of millions of believing roman Catholic christians As Well As the More detached re Spect and concern Felt by Many. I must admit i do no agree with the Pope entirely but it was totally uncalled for in Rny opinion to compare him with a horse and buggy there no respect t Jeff a the religious As Well As for Pur elders everyone is Enuol Trelmer o. Frank. Production Henry 9. Epstein. ,. Circulation m.m�9f a myth Al wet often Fly department of. Armed Force Overom the our and Atrip be published by act Mil

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