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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1960, Page 5

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 31, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseI. I i --1 r the stars and .1 it. My re 1m of How 1 or up lev Olgr try plan to tar Smallon ass Wicyk Flynn Cut in hour Miteru to determine polls i vib a for it Menf thoth of and Foro Fetn polling con tract would to i to t to " Low tit Uhia i la a and which Ivill the div a i Renulfi to he Louic approx Ric or nil a Bah turf Clem a and thut wently Hon to Newry gh�rg0 Vallen of Rel the hour spat the poll Wildt to Lii Whitet h to Dent fur turd Nixon fun la a Fht to i o r and Miami Cap us new lfongto�4 air Fot Cal in a nirm a had to i ferry King 6, Wiy have one too. A to to of 18 in recon took out to fairy Jyh set k ten t it up not Pilj it a i a pin. Twenty. Four � r a i i 0 round up to Norh Wood or the. fat Tjho without had n he Tern. Kins pc Nuan to of or in Vine Faun a tj.8. Ftllingf1kljmo.fipni but in a tic in third Horii on tlu1 alarm now Jors a f h " a a i i. J " by ".j-. Udo to Lentoni it an i county boy in. so Gul lint radio of tar Uvo state Honch do twid n Bol which bit t a Hurt Niblo v health authorities the led hint in Publ la wan to Porlant to rink Heiy Lair. I i Olnie to itt Cutini Ita fort Prev Only Inonu Hod until throw weeks utter Tho buc Winn it we Lii ally doll re mined inc hot ipad Booti Vul the boy Hin to is by song Holyfi Bott 35 titty if let the bite Wyllo Loci or Walt to 100T if they ii total ii re i Tom and " urn held the m6�tn win scr of Daepo Nilo ctr Italy on can Rojc of him Ftp 8n of Way out of Jill Onfry of the Fri m o m t to its Borov in riot and Klut by off cent of it it k Che to to county Jill a ii Riff Hormann Wyt and who fired to Jolt i l0yp for Noii wait Ziniuk a t1 o Kilby. During n v a u by Ira or m n t h # re or. To Tenn Haby his sinter Al Hon Ibn 1 ids file lyli�m1, Hul it h j i re e n in pocket it Minn mesh Lorn ii to Lei Bor Mitu it a tit. A duty Oertl you Nhot my Noii Down Elk dog to i womb to Wro Psi licit in Macii of $5,000 Wyid pitch a or in of july. Of a Ujj. L Llott on n by clan. Can which in nil i in fully shot n my Al h Fil it Hily in in Ault k. Ii no Psi out for it is n ills sin in in Mph refit. St. Paul Mihm Yupu Man pm mfr on to ten Tell no flu unit of th1 a prior. Mid Una shot to Ito Lih. In i of n j in of and n a with incr. Pill car chief Wal Jim Pill of the Kiln ii Rini pm High into to of no until Crl rai57, 1lfib shipment us that in 11 l l my i Gli Ica olo Bury Llic Ful nth i non Uiti in to town on it Fly ffttitff1 Wiit � Juk Liun own in urn Sou i Hern it tit for on ground of fur Kiwit a noun Lom apr Kemr v Dyhrkopp Oki joints still. To banker to the Obio Rev a town. Will profit Rel n a nth icon to Choc to mayor the Tot to Len Sui we tort n o a Rwy in Joti Dutin. Of by in Chicago on on a t to Tonj in d us id he n Nils to nary Poi trim to end we in Rhino and promote und ill Noah. To confront the Boxt f i Tew i into u of ii u Bro Fth to Vetn Dlvore of Cor kit wild to Phon Roll to Rritt i 4�hti i Lorn. Whiff Altri Lek. of knit it in Lorii. If fat Tho Iron hit ii Tiu i Tiina Najt in 11. / -. urns Back lands Apt a trims ii Tew into i Hock of blvd to k 0 Twa Zipoli oxzium old us plot 1 Otily minor Tlumak y a naft by o Ord Stltt 11 a air furl with my crib it 50 of Pittsburgh to ten pm Pitt Enid Sec m n t 10 \ i to Pioso mid to the a Nii l tin the for a to i into of two-6ti to " Martin Siliyl lowr11 v to it Pilsl the Pilot c mute Limiel with n6nnm Norn till to for Povl re and Ahmad. / a tilth i of. Thenor f of to Ltd of. The Hli its c i Jav Pinn ? s hit in Anlo the for j jump in to no Lek Tel 8. First it a us Wittl to Sofije c Fihn la try to exploit this c por butt by pin min ref Itte i i h to full act u e e us Roll n and of Runft n llontt.-. I ". Khz huh Tiv Hiu loud town n the to t i i a re we hit i or Ryan a Annm. Tori t in Dan Judd s0pnrnu who Wal inf knit tic Weott. For to1 Moscow to a Wev nifty. Id Ilfin on by May 1� to 8ft id a would in no Jur t a Loftt it. T Fulti to. W i Tiv. R by St plop bar if Tolj Al Hud Udo. Loftt by Thon. the Nunn to Holt Ash to Rland imfnlstier1 it Roht Stu in Lilliin at u o Anlu d Aji Iii k fun off clubs .u6. it Ford t ii Ris u s t it Lew e gift ii Kirin i urn.1 Thoy noted Tiff to Liru Ahchoy Giitl not us Drici l a lev to dlr Euy. To . . j. Lull a not 4o ii until. Offi iut or n priv Fate talk ,., l a guv to fat qty of Iii Vii Fen Jar St Orciari Utu Lui hath Hal to a fun it 1il .-.kast. In a Iii two Yiirs or Tilv nut net a uits of ne0i Toi l til Cattoi i by 6t a do Ned it a in ii

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