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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 31, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseBy by bin both Jenpu of Abou Semeli it � an imposing Jpe Daele by Daylight. Up . Rim it or group arrived to Abou Symbol Villag i Der cd a to the River did we saw Ali pets Flatic to Matt a tar to faintly Tatum & from let other Jde g4lor, waiting on Tho Bank porn turd to Mil in Tho do stance Tho darkening Dis tune. Ii Hod hired Iho Hlll Toga Only Botto Rry the Fernt group crows and return Tor ? children Alt or oui or Tut a our Camora. And enrolled in Anen Julih court conducted by Mew Vorna of Bro Cal a of Munich and up Worth Iowa to a suit Iho it carom he wild holding Hera no to thai 1� a in Merah. The children Par it Aback a bit the Village men nodded proudly then muttered to themselves thee in Aca Merah and applauded them Neici for their Lunf Elvue Nettl 40txi on to cell scr a it to eat led Rev. John Hull Lynn an american cat Toiuo pylent studying int Lff Lum on Porto /r1d to Oie meager bean of Tho anciently Adl Lishu. Can in the rear were my red not Only in land but in absolute Blackn a the saw Wai no Moon and pleated Fritz la Cay like Lott Tail Kiiren until to Sucora to hoped padded out of Tho a Clit to pushes free. Sometimes for 30 or More minutes to ant til one with Hohu out to Cave Tho Predoti Mittory until help came it 111 a blotted out the other la Gnu. When no Ellior car Scro visible we had to climb out and in Arch the surface of Trio Sand with for tracks. Tho win manned find grew could Rob a std a woman a stomped bravely around outside to have no Coupon Sand the afro was talk of wild .1 did have a weapon a-ju.5 pen knife in in imitation leather Case. I opened the b3 glinted nothing flan Utor i pm just Iho funniest thing to i Over gathered his flock threatened each Driver .with.,Tho direst Porturas if Hoidn t stay in Convoy line Ond placed a male tour member in Trio front seat Tom take the Driver stay in his assigned Placo. Accurately sizing up my can Coa of Mak ing our Driver do anything 1 Aladj you Good Driver find my Wilfo coaxed Itou it stay in line won t you and he said mortally and i ate a place of the Orange Dut the Convoy spread Eagle again. Urf Star forced to go ahead to find Tho hotel arrange for room and food and Ai Eurc Tho plane Crow to were still Flalive pushed on and left sentries to Point Tho Way chop Nln v or ""5,5 fog 14 the stars and stripes a f Koj of 2 t insight Woi Itlie to with Fowhl Nam nuts on top of the Tyc Tatlin the oven the Tim utly great Pun Rof Tomii topic Macaroni a Cruvand Lohec fifth Titi n in on data pity in n Klaus ouzo tid Are Opportunity of Chounl Nof Thor own fifth front the refrigerator ser Vlco in u tuner not is always a Anuil. Wallers aware that Etla Rolike to linger Over conversation Are to no hurry to take orders Ali they Chat with patrons exchanging jokes or the political of onto or Tho latest to acct Rati ulu " in ii buy Minto in a Tavernit whether supplied by Pluyer or Llott Iti chief entertainment 1the Tayi Obj soc rtt Teyv Oreel Tiv Tom the moot ult Ihl place _4o jul bbl declaim Lutish. Flay u i tally Louvou heilrwlvos\ath6me. I,-.iv it is not difficult to find it inv Erna Jany Herft Lri Green perhaps in the really Remote Togi Athens the Pika dec whore Byron once it led and Loye a really abounds them i can be found in Alley Waya on rooftop and Balcony Turull a Nti Moha Trees t3ome Are Gurt Fly lit others employ dim Light and a few simply use the Nooh. In Winter Plakas it it tra move t hoi r establishments to boat Merit 8 and tiny rooms the Only heat comes from the Hitov Dale r. ,.? Whitt do Youj bid clubs there Ewt doubt Thot your tide a and conceivably even a which Stilt t you might go wrong on of. The Best bet-1make, yer partner j select 5suit. Your bid amounts to to hive Arat in the nor in Wisny suit you \ v i \ i Tho Seuc Lott is a 4q04 "eat14pam what do yoga bid now ,7-a.thre a Trump. Nav a jump bid is obligatory Point but to f jump ingot recommended inasmuch you have Only Oliree Trunis there is the additional ton should a train Tel declare a to protect your dear Tonico against immediate Witcop utlaut Iboo tip Oil go to Fuji monday october 31, f

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