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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 30, 1960, Darmstadt, HessePost 24 Cambridge England. Prime minister Harold Macmillan saturday said we walk on a knife Edge As Long As modern weapons and the whims and passions of Congo tribe reported on March continued from Page v enemy Jason Send we in an Effort to pacify Send we s Balubar tribes Menin officials notified Tshombe s government saturday. Send we has been in Leopold Lyle since the beginning of the Congo troubles and had been forbidden to , by Tho Mac s government the Balubar Leader will be under the Protection of a in guard throughout his Mission in the rebel Aruba area in Northern Katanga. T angered at the new in move Tshombe old newsmen that he win keep Send we out of Katanga at Al costs Tshombe said the in decision la Send Send we Back to Katanga we a terribly disloyal act on the part of United nations Secretary Generou Dag Send we 1 an element of Vio Lence capable of starting subversive campaigns wherever he is Why i am opposed to his return Tel Katanga and my govern ment and i will oppose it bitterly right to the end. " Send we and Tshombe former boyhood pals hav been violent enemies since the Tshombe group Conw Kat. Gained control of the Katanga government and announced secession from the rest of the Congo. Meanwhile. Congo army chief of staff col Joseph Mobutu said in Leopold ill he win never permit the return of soviet influence to the Congo As Long As he remains alive. . Clocks turned Back Chicago Tupi clocks were moved backward an hour Early sunday in Large sections of the Eastern and Central . Where Daylight saving time made its an Nual return to Standard time for the Winter months. On the last sunday in october the new England states major communities in Pennsylvania and new Jersey. New York and nil of Illinois set clocks Back an hour. New England made the return to Standard time Gen orally applicable at. A minute after mid night. The cities of the Middle Atlantic slates. Illinois. And parts of Indiana did t Mark the return until 2 am sunday. Kennedy. From Page i Frontier Al Frontier that will de Mand of us All. In each individual Home As Well As he White House la . ? same qualities of courage and conviction Kennedy list erf his new fron tiers a population increase length of life education suburban problems science und space Auto mation and the related increase in Leisure time. At suburban Chester admirers grasped Kennedy s Arm with such\1go it was feared he had been injured. But he shrugged the incident off As & Campaign Hazard to those controlling then Yater \ Ujj it a Rife. Balance of terror by East and West of huge nuclear forces has. Scribed ought not to of basis of a Lon term coexist v _ tween the two systems he the performance. Off i weapons is no doubt Predicta Tilev yet the whims and passions human Clements controlling them is not and so Long two Ife associated to walk on a1 knife Edge. Disarmament thus in erg evas the crucial Long term problem sea Story in International affairs addressing the Cambridge Verstay assn., the prime minister reviewed his impressions of the United nations general Assembly he said the International s to Thad been substantially ened since the collapse Pitt Separis Summit conference and de spite some gleam of Hope the As Sembly session was one. Of Dis Harmony and " but Macmillan said he saw in Nikita Inrush Chey a attitude since his return to Moscow an indication that much of the sound and fury at the alarming Hough it May seem was perhaps Only a reflection of the fact that modern condition shave for the time being helped to Canalizo the struggle for Power in to unless brutal and violent thief prime minister or get tha Britain should stick to its nuclear policy. Our capacity to deliver nuclear bombs is not diminishing it is he said. Until real disarmament comes our purpose must be not to weaken the deter rent Power of the West but to make it Macmillan reaffirmed his Faith in his belief that the present time was propitious for pressing resolutely ahead for an acceptable Dis armament 1 president Eisenhower and sen. Harry Byrd a a take a look inside an old wooden trunk in Tho bedroom of the Home where the president s Mother was born at fort Defiance a. A Ike raps Kennedy s irresponsible talk continued fro Iii pane 1 some statements in this Campaign that have had worldwide circulation and have cruelly distorted the image of statements demonstrate an amazing irresponsibility. They demand from me emphatic correction too Many people Are talking carelessly and ignorantly about 44 0 grenades stolen in Germany army discloses Heidelberg a the . Army said saturday More than 400 hand grenades had been stole from army stockpiles in West Ger Many during period of several and French police sources assisting the army in the arms then investigation said the grenades which were of the frag mentation Type were sold to the algerian underground movement a spokesman for Usa eur he said the theft was discovered i september. He said two germans employed by the army arc being held for questioning by German police in connection with the theft. Bot men had been working at an army depot at Mic Sun. In the Rhineland palatinate which Borders France. The army spokesman emphasize that on the basis of his information about the Case he could not confirm that the grenades were sold to the algerian matter is still under investigation he said. America s standing As if our re Public were in a popularity con test the president declared adding but of this we can be sure the nation s prestige is not measured by the Strid ency of a politician s voice it is measured by proved accomplishment up reported or. Eisenhower said pravda communist party newspaper in Moscow printed speeches by american politicians concerning alleged . Weak Nesses in the past week. The word prestige has be come so badly used and misused As to have lost any real meaning he said. But of this we can be sure the nation s prestige is not measured by the Strid ency of a politician s voice it is measured by proved accomplishment the president said this coun try has ended the War in Korea moved to halt communist advances in Asia helped Settle the Suez crisis and strengthened free world nations which he said added to . Prestige. Kennedy has been claiming that a report by the , information Agency kept under wrap by the administration has shown that american prestige hos fallen sharply in Many foreign nation s., the president added that More than 120 Heads of state and government h ave visited Washington in the past eight years and others who attended the in Gen eral Assembly session asked to see him. None of these had doubts about America s prestige the president said. He also denounced self appointed experts who make comparisons of military strength be tween the . And other coun tries. He called such talk an exercise in calculated confusion and said this nation has been prepared to meet any possible military emergency in1 the past eight years or. Eisenhower said the image of America abroad is blurred be cause of unwarranted disparage ment of our own moral military arid economic " or. Eisenhower said that up Wise politicking also was responsible Cor the recent Gold Specula Tion on the London Market. A i jaiw4 a it a customs officials1 d re Tel urday that communists Havel truck Bohn lifeline Between and fun outsider worlds it i f off of Reav Juthe communists freed i pieces Oit Tad lowest Germany. E signed there was no.,._.h& communists Are i def Ling with he suppl of " n papers to. Ord. A tie trucks Wei a carry is authorities belted the 110,.milesof Highway Exi communist Terru Ory a Weill class said the to Nice Pap nil in order. / to under Ida Ogree Meni by Tori of a world War if s not be manufactured to the Cormui fists often act Berlin of violating this Ord Clear what they by arms. West Berih 3s Ter Fri the manufacture equipment nes ainu Baba continued from Page ment suffered a diplomatic i Friday night when the by soviet toss news Agency repo that soviet Premier Elk la Khrushchev said a r of support to Cuba event of attack real to Bonsai leave american ambassador and Philip w. Bonsai left Cul Good Friday they were Alyi jeering dockside Farewell by a group of cuban Stevedore shouted Cuba is 1 Yankees elsewhere the us Annoura that the full general asset will meet monday tahe Arati stand Appeal from Cuba for mediate airing of its Cha i that the . Plans aggie ssh against the Castro government he a reported and the . Charged note to the 21 nations of organization of american Stafi that the soviet bloc is Sens new substantial shipments weapons and Acme military Nicias to Cuba the ."1 Quick investigation by a a member Oas committee ""-1� overloaded ferry capsizes a Japan Oita Japan Cap a ferry jammed with 200 High school dents capsized Satin Day i sight of its pier off Kyu a Japan s largest Southern Island conflicting reports from. Scene 500 mites Southwest of to fat least five boys i girls drowned. Several were to unconscious to a Hospital ferry had a rated capacity passengers. Gop Calls off negotiations Forsth to debt. -1 Washington a republicans saturday broke off negotiations for a fifth to radio debate Between vice president Richard Nixon and sen. John f. Kennedy. In a Telegram to the democratic party the republicans accuse Kennedy of issuing an ultimatum and charging Nixon negotiator with bad Faith. There can be no further negotiations unless sen Kennedy apologizes for the charge of. Bad Faith which Lias been made and has with Crawn his he and Vised Telegram was sent by Fred c. Scribner jr., in Xor a representative in the stalled debate negotiations to j. Leonard ,1 Kennedy s negotiator. Rel sch was not available immediately for comment. Scribner a criticism was Aho Edi d Telegram Kennedy sent. Re Friday calling on the vice Dent to say by saturday in whether he would agree to it Foch debate. ,. R Reinsch contended that apparently had not acted i Faith in. Accepting Kenne Challenge for another de Tupi said t

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