European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1960, Page 22

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 30, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseTo " j i r Edisy riyals Nix quitting los anodes to Tinl Ltd rude i Lou Flat to crowd me mom to Wun rtt i Liv. It Memed Titt was to Antny it w round Lite Klith in n Wnent blow of my in Nuon from Frt Ltd for Brown nut in us a in Cotier of bin Liny Dunn los and reflect Titi but Ithan with Lite left Litt Ltd it tend for o but 1 could t it jail 1li by to bpm " aft Kod Tel kill the Crit we i i he to when Apt Binou out Tii of h it pm Ilia ten Doug i out the new -0wii Don t Liti m a fld to to Kieth 1i wild acid ride Hurt him h Cronl in Ihl band u 1 fell it but i ton l a blah round lil Lair for flout rown a tied ii h hoj Lnu t rrb a flit Jiw or old pm Erk a. Brown Nam flt to not old the St by f we trying to in to Rotindo slut j inf tit t in intr it flirt i a a try in to Luin i him hut hand Ramn t pm tin him to t of ii the to Mon i own a want Wui Frt Down film Hole Fern wit h to us com tit in How if Ito rounds. I m Fri main Nick atthe tmnipionihti4 ital in let How intc.,f Lui Ddlan t to Twu a attn to my dds it in til my fault i Imd t of Iod to Fri Romlous it if hit it Tom Yow Ulm i it now hint Init Thi yet it to i nil by tit bit cml Lull lie Junt in Lithe. A in t lie la Kleria to Ai re via dry i Jav Navy to Joe i hot out from n a no an Antny ten Uigh to to of Kirk la Rte info Htu Wrt l he i � rail a mid Loo Liidia in doom 11 milk for n a till nth nitty i i i m urd in non Tifful Bui it tent Lair u Toh tin he my a in i h 41-fl not Hall Victory Over devant l lady no hot touch Down lit Iho Flint 27 Newny to 1u fir i our Envor tnvi�rjimmi1 of with n Mccomm and from Llin on new hey trip a tit nip Tului Nikiti in of Muhs. Is it u Tiina Korkor on hit ill Mill new m to � it turd i left Rivi ill. On Lam ploy Tiiu itch mor1 and Oil. Ron half wok Oliby it Pitluk Fitin Luh l on inn i Ulm t nod i r it nver ulna to not a Hal Rimah f och act rom Litfy up in my Dulli from hit 4 for attic not i hut Mart i iry for of Tomion und my nud of tic i Nhy in Kin Mhd h�cd the new m tic i 1h Ali t i l to Lull i Trifil n Fuji to nil int foil whorl Nihil Hiu intr re in on hip b ii Del it d Kofl Tinl to 10, on the titled Luy Moi win i nitty unit for n 7.y haul it diff a Actium i1" Tut it Molln front la the Liilo Tom Nouv of gut lit c for the ii Linn ii it in my ii Emu tourney set at whelus Winit cd Felt Rifi nuni limit Lintel Golf Tou Row Nic til Ovnik Uio to h brew rate car tits erf a Tiv in ont t/, no pfc to 1 or with a i in in it run urn u tit touch Tiivi til will by 16 do i rofc�., i Umi \ or Iron to. Lid Irmy lib on Liri Hinic Lleti list if Uii wild raiders nose out titans 28-27, on Kamm Pat kick Njus to Folk from Tina held air two Clow us tit fourth to Fol Tifi Oti l Hie now in ref it fun 88 517 pm Jimiy no Fht on the in run of by in flit Amir Lett of ratio it , to Pittse Mthr a Tali Lent the Polo Taro Lightl. Few a drawn his wort hot i in in do lilo �ntc6 now Mijck to fits wit for two in Notts Htit Thyl tit turn thewl two Framk holy it writ for Nero to Row Raf Topin Din own with it a the Tutti it Monuto to it in Hiu Milf Illtyd Thole Toul ditch and re Arron. For so now id nth it i Atu in Hix Iii Kii it us it aft. Com for division Ute Hal Ali Miochia tha Toucht Dawid in it Bot ii on Kopl i Vokn two front tit a Oll Featt sed Forin Iho first Linof ii ii four Tatj a Oll flit Lull ton to Ooms n two f0tb Cort rift Oti our Tom Omo to d blk Voird mini Mil i melt Ley of id Ohio itch Mirot of w it tit h 9 in w it it Al i in a individual a i tiittli�8lh ill a i it it \ l 9 a ,011 1 ins Liti a i ,.,.�i it part f Tab syn Kyj i i v a if r into flt Ntah Myri Gnu wot i up u Yards in the Wilc Ort u 39 " Foini the it not a " wot try by Seipt flu it i its Kint five n of Etu Lort Thi to Etc. To a tit i4.yflrrt flout also Hooters Brltz or it -tommywrconij.1 period to acor white., Mil Tetli a in f6p the Over from Tom 1-font my Tutt n a kill of tongan Domton Teui hd0wtiiii t butt thu you on fat a i Piny ibid t Imp at y of ten Lofton Botu to thy Tail Tel Timoti Tho it to Fety to try Stltt Norstad trophy my slated for us nov. 1 in Allt to air finl i a laity to Frt to to Mil fair Tilv it Lull ritual Intonti trophy we to nil town it irks Nuutt for Iho Elf Norw Tud in ,-.- a 4"v ill if 4 of

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