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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 29, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseBartolomeu Dias Christopher Colum bus Magellan brought Back new Cul Tures which helped undermine the reckon which the Church rested. Thus Luther and his protesting con science were Only a part of a wide restlessness Only part of a great wave of reformation that was towering Over the Western world. In his attack against specifics he set in action a Chain of events that were to reshape his Church and his world. Luther dared to speak out against authority on corrupt practices involving indulgences the system of Selling Sal vation. He already had evolved h i s belief that Man is saved Only by god mercy through Faith. The Church Posi Tion was that in Exchange for a meritorious work such As contributing to a worthy cause a sinner could be dispensed of temporal punishment through the Church s Treasury of started criticizing the theory of indulgences in his sermons and Betook the greatest exception in 1517 when a dominican named John Tetzel travel through Germany to raise funds for the completion of St. Peter s Basilica income. In Exchange for Money Tetzel offered to give indulgences that would even apply beyond the grave and free souls from soon As the Coin in the coffer rings the soul from Purgatory Springs was a popular Jingle he used. After he heard of Tetzel s meth ods Luther nailed the theses on the door. They were soon copied and distributed in German and latin. The Pope became aware of them. Luther wrote a defense of his arguments but the Pope called him to Rome to answer a charge of heresy. Through help of Frederick of Saxony Luther met instead with a papal representative in Augsburg refusing to Ste Down from his position. The debate raged on and on and Luther finally was forced to admit that he disagreed with come of the doctrines of the Church. A trial was held at Worms in 1521.Luther remained firm in his stand. To protect him from treachery his Friend seized him As he left Worms and took him to the Castle of Wartburg in Thurin Gia. There he stayed for Many months meditating and writing a German trans lation of the new testament. Eventually he translated the entire Bible into Ger Man with the help of his Friend Philipp Melanchton and others. A new edition of Luther s Bible has been published in Honor of the memorial year in Stuttgart. It is the first Bible printing since the 18th Century to con Tain the forewords which Luther wrote to various passages. Luther went Back to his work at wit Tenberg in 1522 and tried to direct the Progress of the Reform movement. Som churches were reorganizing according to the new ideas. Luther devoted much of his time to turn out hymns composing both the words and the music. No self respecting hymnal today is without some of them especially his much be loved a mighty fortress is our the wooden door on which Luther continued on Page 16j Luther s father Hans. Margarethe his Mother. Luther and former nun wife raised family of six children he was accomplished musician and wrote Many hymns. Martin Luther put together sentences wit great Power and majesty. When brought to trial at the diet of Worms he explained his theology and then uttered a still remembered statement Here i stand. I can do no otherwise. God help me. Amen. His hymns have a stirring loftiness such As is founding these lines from his Best known a mighty fortress is our god a bulwark never failing our Helper he amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing. On april 16, 1521, Luther entered the Imperial Cit of Worms. As he approached the elector s Chancellor entreated him in the name of his master not to Entera town where his death was decided. The answer which Luther returned was simply Tell your master that if there were As Many devils at Worms As tiles on its roofs i would enter. His writings Are filled with quotable thoughts Suchias it makes a difference whose of is gored. A faithful and Good servant is a real godsend but truly tis a rare Bird in the land. For where god built a Church there the Devil would also build a Chapel. His eloquent philosophy on the separation of Church and state two kingdoms must be sharply distinguished the one to produce piety the other to bring about external peace and prevent evil deeds. God uses lust to impel men to marriage ambition to office avarice to earning and tear to Faith. God led me like an old Blind horse. He had this to say about the Pope you Are a servant of sen ants and More than allot her men Yon Are in a most miserable and dangerous position. Be not deceived by those who pretend that you Are lord of uie world. They err who exalt you above a Council a do Church Universal. And about celibacy of the Priesthood my advice is break the Bonds let each follow disown preference whether to marry or not to marry. The ministry was intended to train Achurch with pastors living among the people and keeping House As other people do. Such men should be granted permission to marry in order to avoid temptation and sin. For it go has not forbidden them no Man should or May do so. The Pope in making such a Rule has Nomore Power than if he were to forbid eating or drinking or the performance of other natural functions or growing fat. Sunday october 29, 1967 the stars and stripes Page 15

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