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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 29, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes belgians Kcf Paiik u.�. By Henby b. Kraft 868 Stuttgart Bureau Antwerp Belgium is Belgium expressed Hanks to the for ,30 year of help via the military att Stefanco program is who in oui shipload of map supplies and equipment arrived Here Friday top belgian and american mall Ary government and diplomatic officials watched the 7,045-Umtransport pal fronds x. Megraw unload its Eunson of trucks and components for the belgians hoc Ond honest John missile battalion it brought the total Vanluc of american military Aid to dds fun sin in rt1 a gang de and equipped to is Al 2 sky blazers return to ii. S. Wiesbaden a cranny Spe Cial two of Usak ii Fum i sky Laws who thrilled Mil Lofti of pople in Europe North Africa and the Middle ran during the put y4 ars will Fly to new in the , next week the command s Good Wuh Amba Isadora. Copts Gordon l. Well and Wiiliams Gordon made their. Fare Well appearance in n trl Hute to tin i info real iranian air Force Day Celebration hear Tchi ran hut no pal Are of Tumang to this. For at Njus Ai Foree Bam. La Vega nov. The sky i or Are an integral cd part of the come and if pm Jyh tactical Fluhler want had Jit bit Buryj air a fisc Cotton of Fresno cult has bin Solo alter rate Pilot or Nar Rator for precision flying team for two Ymir. A a Solo Slowik hit Al Craft at a car aortic Speed in Low pass to on the show a Clit flying the difficult High twang Poillion in performed in bpproxlm�t4jly 300 air show Dur Jetti the pint fat if year tit Routh Chi efforts in of sky bluer pm Enid if the for to american i flying for to use trl olo Rcd i Mokol Aerial Demon wants Germany e held i Noy "11-13 at Ter duh France a v Meni Bent desiring to nil end will be Bulli led air gut Jtj of hot Bur rack no 4fl during the three Day i t Ion s my the of Ommond stat a airy sol Kumhi Hel fib to. Co12d skill to a of i to phone Mil. H47s or St Moj James do a i Verdun Alq Apo 122. Modern highly competent Force and Doc. Referring to the , is among Belgium s beat friends Belln defense minister Arthur Gilson said that limn to to the Aid which has arrived in the part 10 years top of officials arrive tuesday on Safe visit Wiesbaden Germany special Lewi s. Thompson spec kit a stat a Tel to the Secretary of the air Force for manpower personnel and Reserve forces. I scheduled to or Ruvo Here tuesday Lor o four Duy visit in will be accompanied by maj con Thomas , jr.,the air Forte director of manpower tend organic Melon and a group of High ranking officer from air Force in Thror stay in Wiesbaden Thompson and cent will meet with con Frederic ii. Smith or. Com Mander in thief and conduct series of talks with key Safe stuff officers on personnel an manpower problems. V the Washington officials Willy Sll Span Dahlem air base Ger Many Home of Safe s 4�th inc Jer no Hlor Wing f. On Friday am depart for the . The fallowing Day and to the of our military personnel of All Gand Cal Belgium has developed Armod forces which Lake an to Parent place to Tho disposition of Nafo h a 4.1 Golf Lon set Stuhl country a Beon a deejay touched by t the ,",0811,"which your government Nat a our armed Fores am to reaffirm Llma All Nise efforts will be apply Cal so t Hataj me l contribution of Belgium of in Luis in Qon Llly and by of Why of the defense of to Ontic territory and of. The Aid of our Tillich a Abji in to Thi a goal and we ,uld will be continued. Ait the ship a tailed to Una Onan j Honor guard of belgian troops for the arrival of 1 a and Wolfeon Rel viewed hand a belgian army vib in Der Fure making their adtlrgeic.",. Among guests were Brig Gentoo a st�yt6n, chief of the Camili tary assistance advisory group for Belgium and Luxembourg it Gen Churles Cumont president of it Kulum 8 joint chiefs of staff com Moore a. Robins belgian nov chief of fit of. Rirhardyj&e1 governor of Antwerp prov i it Gen Florin inn Kolleth in of the belgian air Force and maj gon a left Cors Plens army chief of stiff. Arthur gluon a a Guttri of. J " v i "1-4v-5" in Usa eur selected for Mai " i for Heidl Bekc. Germany a i him provided the of Tat clip towns in ten com Mand recommend j for prom lion o major from it fist of 3,700 selected Uno Fiorit list and dec pc Rice number in which officers will be promoted includes Only those individuals curried on the att a Hurvin t Brt e i. Thon i a of . Inn Afflick. Ditled if Allen. 0 Al a a it Litas on Inion c a inv Orue 6 , cd Or flt Florn 0�w b by tint. J. Milnw Uttin. Titi l Uil to Thorn. I Iii re Jhn 0 of if Arthur a Tutu. Aucutt c int a. Limn 0 a i a Auk Tii -9 to d it Nim c w 7mt , f a Neli c t0 re Wolf a i w. Till or i wll Luw e a by Diw to incl mrs a la Brtna a by his c 2i a full. Vlf melt m j3jj Iowa i�4ji jft4 Smi 4t 441 Tia of ib7tlj. Harrt Ort Nin it wird f Brlit ilm brute Aarthur 0 or of a Lichen n tort a. Or a f Brown Umin drawn to Rural w 6ry�t, tier w duct unit. Tho inn c Uuk twi a into it in f our it. D0nfd c in Urnelt it Al in 8wrni. John a Lurton Chol Elfi Ilioiu churl b Cir nov in lion 0 cur it two w cur Roll Danli Iril s. A in the Newtol Lott Jan Urchin. . Amorita cd Rulli John sky Coflin 0, or Cleli Eti Lyrl t 34 m Curk rvthni4 Cutie Wrren m Crl a Hatmil f i. Alb a b 21 m Chi diet Yifru w. ?7tm cite let. Jotin a. Or 7 j7 Ciai shelf John or 3zhi 131 t j3j 3im 1 117 4bfl 4 3ti� 111 m6 417 Ibl i7hj.i 1171 Iii i7 Usi it 349 to tt42 3331hit win ibis id a zl�0-lilt 17 3 w in i to Sid 40 5j ims 2111 ui7 3091 4j.i i7j� 178 1j619 ukr,.i ib7j 73,1 Riih Orn Dot m Ctet it Fth t Cortili. Poltl Llop a Cohn or m , William e cont Ltd. Pudan c chm. Vol islam a Venitt. V Curry by. Withum Coffi Litls. Fantt cd run Edward 0 or Tinory. omit Chislm Oili. Cd gent a. Or 0y. Chuff i 0hinn. Ort e it Al linux Thorn 0 a will. 0 Soonin Oon ild e div str Clynn c Dun by Atli c 0n Ili Carl b Dent m hic Tom j do Felon nil Oln Lawn Thiril b Dick a. Horl Moi urd i Idhe or it 10, on lilo a Donn Van Gumti c Tough try Minnelli 0 Dunlin. Poitr Multi Jinnin 0 out Ralph c Oun Mur to irate dual. Or til e Dwy a Comsti m Dyer w1mu c a it a Orjin s , owl. V Ein Jinni j , Haw. Had Ella no curl Fil i try not Al incl to e Lloyl 77 i 3013 lilt 3 in in ittle ism 4iq 1 810 ii Oft tint i6so 7 Soiu 700j Lipi t 7l 1631 is 17 i Shiji toil Ern it blurt Ltd s . Hir nun eilf., e etl Riik. Tonii t f i 19jj it 3413 isi3 .3003 3102 iu7b jilt ikfl4 to u4t Sim not 1 901 7q- u7u 2h30 Ihbe j1iii j507 loj 319 107731i 1su i70nii07 731 073 Fulth Tuin Rich rdc Lloyd j Fiu Idt. Tiona a full Trothi. Alchu c i intr held c f Liln tsunami l Flarnoy Kobo j a. Or Birnn Peur f re a i Chi Arlo to fowl curd Ca l f . Lenl a c of i. Wilt Airt m Franklin to lib i car Tut l Nyilos Andreiw a Nellt. Crime let f Ign Wirlo Lou i v jilhnnk., Wollf in r ill Wrt. A Dill glm a Joltn p gluten a in i Glunn. Frankton j had win Harold a. Or be a flt uror b too Dunno William a Gnu win Turtur 8,. Or Tot Urdl. Cri qty their. Cd Witrod j firt Vil. Ten Dort j Timy John c dry Werrin t go Linwood a Ortity Ort Lollon a Mei d or i a Onuf in m drug ten. Allred t Priit Hawitt Edwird of Nunn lilt e Dynn Klimt Lik. Pul Kim Lei. In stir my run. A concur v . a Natl b Dulinn Kinnell j Hnin. John & Mammy Llo Turt j Nitim it. Hol url a mar Dunn blur Hanii w or. Or a hip a Obi uni c la or William r hurl a Nril w lure tin him Iii j , C her Riim we Liloni f if Titiwa Honni c a i a Ctm Rui a of sept. 30,some captains i however of adjutant Encl roster been i j Tell a 2167 276p 7 170 Ujj is 1130 Volfi Jato 3-Lrto jul sol 131 Irkel 29qa 1s77 7h1 i m kit 31171 ooh 27tl 10315 2704 1111 7 2471 3107 3132sm 3/1 Suft 274d 370 7771 u7n iuu8 i duo to 1 137. 1671 2ib11210 i Wibeto in j ju9iou9 300rt w l3202 31sj 2101 the jowl r be Nir Eudy any promoted on department of Ltd Elton. Will Len t. 1 army special orders Vav f Tho Complete let to con Tinnil i a ctr Culner 624-31 which to to usar Etarl " Hawick. Want 0. Or Hawk Nti dal a i to 0 a hit Al my. Laugh a. Or Tuy Tiit Al Andy a. Or had John w , Loiens j Holt trip. Lynn w , owl full 0 tool Raki Juii u., or Honor Mckion Erl e Kunrye. Eil no if to Fry Kiikuni k., or Muren Silti. Victor m it Lynn. Cit for m tit Gelrud urn Ril or Mill or not it Hodge. Part m., or Hwy uni. Mort d to Flynn. John i., or wait Lent m Mok. Tny r Momy Jack eur Holt pout t Honti Iki Hown ref d Hope uni. Rtt Bart w Hority. John War Horlon Max Al Hotti minut w Howard norms i f How Rii but Hull Alfh. William r Iii a Bobert a Hughlitt. Behan e Hunt John f Hunt Bli Hurd I irony Mihill r Hiilton Frak v Latrell. John q rift Mem Hart it Jackion Llyd l if Tori Wal str w , John l it intr Guy c Lonion. Clit d l Ort pm lab in to c., or a it. Merry t Jonn. A Mol 0 Jon. Wentum l Kallir Wilma a j a tent Frt Nati j Keler. Trva e know Komyaty Jhn hums Arthur r Atnip. Curm7 land. Jog c id lorry. To Law 2a 12 Flinoy Saralil l 3ili lnwtfti1. To Hamiti a i3 j coils la Hobort ein5h Lenry Jolt n i5l it Pmj Nofs Naniot h., in 1037 Ltd Huttt. Dland t l31 u7h j72i 230 7ll 14,10 ?7l 3 0 t 2 11 , a wry 0 a lilt. Law a 0 Ltd. Orv Rah uni Der Hailu to Colliu John a z-l7a a Cormak Thui nut m 10 is Mocor matk Wmk him " a or Mill Mccraw Jaronn c 4m Mon of. Front a i tin in wit Itom o in Mollon. f i7vj Hel Steih. 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