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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 28, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseSaturday october 26, 1967 the stars and stripes Liu whips gop Best in 2-state poll Washington up Pri vate polls in Pennsylvania and new Hampshire show that president Johnson would defeat any of the top live Republican presidential possibilities it was Learned thursday. The results were in Star contrast to recent Public polls showing that Johnson slipped be Hind most of the Republican potential candidates. The Pennsylvania and new Hampshire polls revealed that Down the line Johnson would defeat former vice president Richard m. Nixon goes. Nelsons. Rockefeller George Romney and Ronald Reagan and h. Percy. Lone exception the Only exception was in new Hampshire where Nixon edged Johnson by a single percentage Point. But in Penn Sylvania Johnson showed a 14per cent bulge Over Nixon. The results of the polls were obtained confidentially from democratic party sources. The polls were taken by political surveys and analyses inc.,Princeton, . The sampling covered 657persons throughout All of Pennsylvania and 241 persons i Stafford county n.h., fourth largest of the state s 10 counties and often considered a bellwether area for the state that hold the nation s first primary. The sampling gave proper weight touch factors As sex age City or Rural residence income an political affiliation. The question Johnson was run in trial heat against each of the five republicans. The question was suppose the presidential elec Tion were being held today an Lyndon Johnson were the democratic candidate who would you like to see win the Pennsylvania results expressed in percentage Johnson 51, Nixon 37, undecided 12johnson 45, Rockefeller 41, undecided 14 Johnson 48,Romney 35, undecided 16 Johnson 51, Reagan 33, undecided 16 and Johnson 50, Percy 29, undecided 21. The new Hampshire results Johnson 41, Nixon 42, undecided 17 Johnson 41, Rockefeller 39,undecided 20 Johnson 48, Romney 30, undecided 22johnson 47, Reagan 30, undecided 23. Etc bars safer cigarette ads Washington a the Federal Trade commission rejected thursday the idea of advertising particular brands of cigarettes As Safe As or Safe than their competitors. In a review of its policies on advertising the tar and nicotine Content of cigarettes the commission said scientific data indicate that a substantial reduction of tar and nicotine in take May lower the harmful effects of smoking. But it added there is no Reli Able evidence that the health hazards of cigarette smoking Are thereby eliminated or avoid hence no matter How relatively Low its tar and nicotine Content no cigarette May truth fully be advertised or represented to the Public expressly or by implication As Safe or safer the commission policy summary was pre pared for the National association of broadcasters Nab which said there have been re cent indications of a possible shift in government policy on cigarette advertising. Nab said it appears the government would like to stress the relative advantages of Lotar and nicotine cigarettes. The commission said this i True and noted that it favors mandatory Labelling of tar an nicotine Content on cigarette packages and in a general Rule the Etc said the commission will no Challenge tar and nicotine state ments As Long As they Are accurate and proven by tests con it May be How you smoke Miami Beach up University professor said thurs Day it was not Only How Mucha person smokes but How he smokes that May make him More susceptible to lung cancer. Speaking at a meeting of the american Public health association or. Saxon Graham pro Fessor of sociology and Preven Tive Medicine at state univer sity at Buffalo n.y., said the puff patterns May be the answer to Why Many heavy smokers never get lung said his research showed persons taking the most puff shortly after the cigarette is lighted run a much lower risk Flung cancer than those who puff most frequently toward the endow a cigarette or those who puff evenly throughout. Graham said he and his assist ants with the Aid of a smoking machine found the late puff pattern yields the most tar of four methods puffs he said yield twice As much tar As these findings May be related to the fact that puffs taken on Shorter Butts May have Bee subject to less filtration and con Tain More tar As a result Graham said. He also said puff ing evenly through the life of cigarette also resulted in a High tar most puffs Are taken just after the cigarette is lighted Graham said the amount of tar intake is significantly said a study of lung cancer patients at Roswell Park memo rial Institute in Buffalo the new York state cancer research an treatment Center showed those patients were among the slow smokers As those who puffed evenly throughout a cigarette or saved most puffing for the end. Astronaut remembered James Webb space Agency administrator presents the Agency s exceptional service medal to mrs. Roger b. Chaffee widow of one of the three Astro nauts killed in the Apollo spacecraft fire last january. Up photo gop writes l1m Victory formula Denver up president Johnson would be eminently unbeatable next year if he too Republican advice for a Quick military Victory in Vietnam Amend to crime at Home and tighter Domestic spending Jopsen. John c. Tower a fellow texan said thursday. But Tower speaking at a new conference at the 15th annual Republican women s conference in Denver did not indicate that he expected Johnson to follow gop advice. Tower mentioned As candidate to take Over group trying to win the presidential nomination to the 1968for Richard m. Nixon said the United states should use the military might it possesses trend the Vietnam War quickly. The Texas Republican mentioned inflationary pressures on Johnson s fiscal policies which he described As spend an spend borrow and Tower the first Republican senator from Texas since reconstruction Days said the Federal government should not tolerate Antiwar demonstrations or oth ers that interrupt government or military operations. If the president followed the recommendations largely offered by republicans on the War crime and inflation i fear he would be eminently unbeatable next year Tower said. Shower of questions unnecessary ducted by methods and procedures used by the commission. Where comparisons of Tarand nicotine Content with other brands of cigarettes Are made the advertising should be fac Tual fair and not misleading the commission said. Example a cigarette relatively High or not the lowest in tar and Washington up it none of the government s Busi Ness whether or not you share your Shower with someone else Congress was question of privacy was brought up tuesday before Ahouse census subcommittee after a recent Federal census test Survey in new Haven conn., asked do you have a Bathtub or Shower and if so is it share with another household rep. Albert Watson d-s.c., Ina statement prepared for the subcommittee hearing said the question amounted to do you share your Bathtub or Shower whose business is it if you d rather not share your Shower asked Watson. I Don t believe they have the right to ask S.C. a question said rep. Jackson e. Belts a ship author of a Bill that would revise the census Bill would require Citi Zens to answer Only seven questions S.C. As name and address sex Date of birth race marital status and visitors in the Home at the time of the census. Other questions could be included in the census but the present mandatory requirement of answering would not apply to . Ross Eckler director of the Bureau of the census opposed any tampering with the census said making answers to some questions mandatory an others voluntary would result in confusion in increased costs delays in completion of the Cen sus and serious gaps in for testing among nicotine yield should not be represented to be otherwise either expressly or by innuendo the Etc added. Fatigue Factor put 3rd Man on minuteman ii Washington a fatigue Factor prompted the air Force to put three Man Crews i launch Sites of the nation s lat est land based nuclear missile the minuteman ii sources re ported thursday. This was a increase of one launch control officer Over teams Manning the older minuteman i. The three Man Crews we remade Standard by the time the first minuteman ii unit was declared operational in april 1966. This was at grand Forks air Force base neb. The minuteman ii the air Force found requires three men to alternate at resting and carrying on the hour by hour Check outs of the missile s readiness and other activities. The air Force in response to questions officially attributed the need for the additional offi cer to the greater sophistication of the 6,300-mile Range intercontinental ballistic missile. More sophisticated As the air Force explained it the minuteman ii with pre set directions to hit installations inthe soviet Union and China has More sophisticated com Puter and console equipment which requires More consistent monitoring by members of the missile combat Are 200 minuteman h missiles stationed in hardened firing silos throughout the mid dle and Northwest United states along with 800 older minuteman i launch Sites each controlled by two officers. The three Man Crews spend24-hour shifts in the missile Hole one sleeping while two work. The team consists of a missile combat Crew commander a Deputy and an alternate commander ranking from lieu tenant colonel Down to Lieuten ant. Silent silo Sitters Manning the silos is an assignment of prolonged tension that has gained missile specialists a tag As the silent silo Sitters of the 60s." the pressure has forced some missile dropouts. The air Force said that be tween february 1962, when a human reliability test system was started and last june 30, a total of 106 officers lost actual or potential missile Crew assign ments because of unreliable rat Ings. The air Force did not Specif to what extent the Factor of fatigue May have been second minuteman mis Sile has greater Range than the first special penetration aids to help it get through enemy de lenses and a warhead of just under one megaton. The minute Man i has a single warhead packing slightly less explosive Power

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