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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 28, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseLog 20 Rue i Tam a Virv of Rita of " -,.- Wea i Tiaw iss Sethe stars and stripes i a France Iloda title iitog4eis on Indian Ranger skirmish. By boi1 Wick Kils a an Fri m o r it u a n Teti Klitz Usa Kun a Jinx lust tiry. Mrs in pitied a an to Vii Corn flyweight Jim is be thnh Lime and Lwibt-1 infck1 Juki minute the it verve to Pirisi bout at thut xxi let in the the a re Dir other to on lit i Wrd lip i Init but the Tyllo it angry Indian sort Row tics a Hunt who they be to Kern in n Row from Tho Quatt torn cd Edv table Moncton All Amer jon1 from North cd Rolanti Stul ind guru Morion tub Hon who pm Yod four Uura at Southern Illinois und ont a coif flu Tho Chlor Jjo Jilson Ima two Othor he by a nod in in 1055, when the indians do eid Ted to drop out of Tho com z conf Fronco and try Thor Luck i France us tract kor us walked Ului the title Toul reigned Tutor the next two Yon a and now Loon him Tonkon two Ulos in Row. During those Hong and yours Forth Indiana the hottest rivalry lit a Ranft went like Lilg i of Loon 13 21, non 51057uon 21. Shape 20 ia38lflon 18, shape 0it69loon 12, shape 0 conch Burney Clu a indians Tir heavily favored to even Tho series Rel three by ties a Pluro a thin your outfit apparently mix no Rajil. Alclo and uni Tiki Moc Tirry not to no fit Lon pull of ult to All Amor leu end Bill so buoy tra in Rob weren t beov1 o four Al to alight football Gleason / a 3r " i new Losovs o. F6u flt Vaulght foot Elj since Mthr Trig to Dan big a in Iio w try in do Mph Rudfelt of. The port athletic director esd word. Nor Jih bid a Tho learn at old at a to okla of t. A i of a i Hor Ihnn n to son unit of Ohl in foot Bill by Tho soutkind., school or Mizio Aalto Tholt conch Joe Kun Halcli wan Hoot by problems some of which will to fio Olum on Juth fro only5 torts without Mtika not Sel the ind Fetik 0 inned b4 voc Roll. Ritvo it grand to til of 1w to their of Wtltrwtloxl-0�n tit Talta. Vil Mirtte. Vol or i. Vii Vii a it in a of to to ajar vhf c a Vii a Titti april Lnor a snot pin Imd Northend them and Yrtti Whon you Titko on the of it Sortai Alyi it Rind m texted Tho four peo that Hugo he wet the Irish natio tin Ehyrlen cd and of loj urlus Tiu of Rod Mack the Hutu Burk and pus was injured in Tho 5m9 up cuff and is lout to Rafter i Tunc has three two Jun torn at Only Crof ? in font r proyous Vit Ralty play Ink Hafl Mriln Utoft hts Junul and Cornel to lost Gufor taif 12 and White both pretty of nor Hoy surmise mild Tatj team him been note to replace know he Ait cram Mafli Ciccol am Sola Loti Al la arty hut the run Odds us Undy Crry i tic Woight uhen the incl wins and Mike re Tankle. Jib a car when the two fruit act Shack file Day Tuiuli to Toul and i run to Imp do i Linn Dkl i fim by Tsiun uni int tin Loci attn with 1h Luyi i who he Jim i to Isth of cosh talc Emu then1 Fri two he him a shul hut for not patriotic Wius Lii Thimi Patriot Lui irim Kuthy Wilb Truh o Iii my on the live ital no Iti 1111 Anu re Tutti foot ult Bui Iio intr ulring Tho Hrico it Denvor a Tuioi Piont inter to Tuul i till wan to Cove i d by ii a hut Torfli enl a Noil Tom Xiv Lintl hid lib own Honro latin film adv. In Norv a Abonit Mem 41 olt weft in for Tho Tuc Lii. Loci Ivor in i i. l up photo crippled giants face is. Loiuis Willious three Veteran stars bal new Yolk aim the York , Idle to he not Lonny foot ill i Kurt a. will not Hivo lilo scr vat is of i meter i Saik . Dts talc i 1 to a flux total ,.ny, my Mollit m wit a thai e to 10 i Tchai ,.tr a Mai f f aka at i h id it 1 1 i 1 in i Loti it Vilt i. Yah 711 m 4 1 1 in 0 i 0 7 it to4 1 b a r k Chart y co orly. A a Al Flor and punier Don Chen dlr win n Piny Tho St. Lou in cml Nat a Fin la a Sundlum Thi cilfint.4 fun he kit Lorn do Whlon with a 1 k Hito p Gont to Hud mu1 Olhow by toxic Rind upon rift rho Ltd no. Pm. Thai t Llumi t Isam i i d c Harlf a Murns ital from thu Lii Lori tin1 in ii it the pm of full Kirk ground Fofi int another full Btu a Toft Only of not of Mack it to wits oif nol Fiatt Claua at n l the Knop sch tag and Hoo mod to of along tilt re Fth when he w wot the boo Oil Hurt Purdue. He was on of the Phil to we w incl for 1 at Ludlon to inst los-1 to a Kiun Kuhui u h Ott to Lien Tolmoff this your whim i played him and should t wive Utt it cd rat a bit ruin Wilmo done n flu Joh at and Lull Roady. Leo Groin up also is St t to Piny it we need him. him Chen on hit sinew he injured his to Corly to the Oahu Botlon Liepus on the Tell Hribyk la Hytt tint in not cell Kublo to Piny to thu giiuils1firl four mimes jew o i t Tivo the atom inn to Piny for i 0 n a i lows Vil said to it been working out and Lllan i unti Fik a Nyk but itch a still Havon t Ihu no Unish enough Cor Grolou Ofutt Pluy Chiu Idair hurl bin Knoo in the Opont r a Aln to san Pratt would her Cotich Krutsi imy. Othern Lumus Ellko to win in Var Cone for tint Fuks Uit Dunn to at Tho time a would Jelv scoreless topic to pass off for to flip up i Twobull titles hero Widm Cihiy of h Point in the Tiu in com Cisco Ltd White in a punian up50 Light in Toulkt Nitu to n to deckle to Wanh tar

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