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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 28, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseIna tors Angle my locution of another Tuu inflow a and men on the Street grf a the new with and St Paul have never he major league . Since Ino urn of the Nett said bubbling my Smith. Tit Blumit s by Jan of 1ong"omeumo� la looked As though we d Nev a i Kiln the Lral Tew a mutts uie stadium Bluff received u half for 8qtjn ticket to Tho Man Neapolis St Paul ,1001 Homo a so in in american league. " n probation by Uio Mcaa Weron Day Rule Tuut of comi Vellon for of Yew in oot Boll and two up for in Ink Cobau Tow Mcaa policy in Ken com Mit i a concluding a uire0-Dy or 6l lifted probationary Aln to North Carolina the University of its a suppl and the University of Wyoming. Kansas or the Only a Nult around. He a b Mcaa 11 j. Ijo Orcott Schier College Wolok Hyt n. Mcaa a Urcullu Sec ret a r reported that a Basket Bull he bal Canter tops a poll tin for old a to no a thursday Ashe in Frawi o the we a by the at it six years it Surv cd one period from my 7, ift54, to Muy 7, t55. It on probation to non on no 13, 19jh3. A a of involving pros Jack Moro Jan i Orfu prompt Hun Theca a wild ho1 was off Rod Cash gifts Hurt a Mivon your %rh0fftruli. For 6 Fri Fenil seh0ls of Mcaa probe Tibia of various Shiigi s in in Dillon to Kan Skib and Oklah Otna Ore Ariz inn Uhl versus South Oft Call for Monnin Stutt Auburi tul a although not a Mcmoor of to 18-Niafl to Dimill of attn coif of vouch of the University of we Conslyn Law sch k i Churman of the Mcaa com niuta on Irir Cottons and Brut do the report on diction was to tit a the american league expansion a tips Outdy on us Ugro mint with a still so a. To u Tho a prot thing i Wor heard of to . To aortic charged that the time nit Lionnet Lon us had ally Nett Road to exp nut by town in four Ronno Vitae from the Continental Loa Kuo and culled for comm Kord prick to make it lat on the mutter. Low How to in Wyluna a or. Frisk to Flat it it Nittlo on this Lois blow Hhan to a a thing for what lit called t h o to a in Uio hands q two word in t thai Ilia american Netlon took him com a y Surprise but said to that hunk tuft bin a pack or Tho Chicago White sox were planning in Tortike a Jurk ill Tel gains 4oal and Triko Over the n w i y formed club and a. " j Een hers and Cveck a plan too to that new Washington franchise and they tie if they Onwu said 8h a what tha Amer Lynn sch Tuo Flohl today a fld Lampl proof that you can t a word of a tit they a Collor i cooled at vexed Fiat to lip. Emanuel cell a . Hot express god the move. Shoo replied ii b in fooled a Cau of Trentt Ilont league has put p act Ira in new York to apparently Dowin t it l Whit has then he added this move in certain to Ronco iii1 pc Faux or committee s in nation to bring shout Perin Sci ving earns Belliii Back laurels t ii a Jones Kace win Eurith apr ii till ii Ouston Torrance calf. I Jones the now m id Western apron a ear Hwn pow to n08 won the us Auty Clith Rog Tonat ref in Pion help a h to n mrs a 50-Lap apr Lett ctr raws a Moyer sub flyway Hir in 195il 12 ions Honit out huh Tel Wisest Rovai Pon brn Risovi chnvpa1n,. Ill531 a blot to 458 Points in la a. A Poy to Obi won. In the,7one Swap fit t h Toad five before to no went aha i Utho 48th jtip.,Lim Way City id Una the iffy on my in at Las vegas after 36 Las v Upu--a1 or studio City Calif hot a Flo Una tar Par 07 Wardni Wodny to take to one Stroka i sad after two route in of tin Fil Holt a Bah Tara the 1 1pro-urn Golf of m n turd Wilh a sey ii to inti to a Rita within one Sirr Tus of i incr if or Tim with i 1, 0 web Marr to Vuitton Tio shot n 07 of loaf of Ulicini hand Jerry a Toronto with Udd Tel Long for in open draft Rule to Tillyer Talent of Methling base Bill Doorn t a i m jut Happy that the Ntow with the National Lengu and not with the " he Tho Joo not vhf not a Mother to Whon he but i few Tex top state Hub act Boh Palu is for that Elk of the to Mexico Star total Long of 15 Mic Dowit versions 1. Sixth Stilt she to us. Steel v frit Gimli Toa tight All b Tuv it 2pya re of his Tuljus Wuh a sly i Limban to 1 Ani Ecton but go for Apo butt no to Abb tilt Liti Tott Nawar news i cat. Odd i Orf i to it n m Oruh a Civ a a Rols Jav with Pewor. Artel it one of Tho Mosca Colln Hurt Etc h i be yer seen it s not his m m l up Multi aah till tit a l til l rioi8g, poll � r i Power v. A. " a i. Bollito paws Fri Only Ort t a Trik biiytni".yrdi1?, Hazimi Roturna Sclitt " us it i Yards to the Shyy sex Gani Fra his is til not Yards in at Al tip Cor fun no Srabo of 4,2 stir tvs Ore a ho1 of a Tom n of Titi mfr Fang to Ujco m week in feel. Appeal wac Tang Jav wlttniolor1 us m Wota duct Trowt to Tbs but oth on a it guff Hub own of a sep thu time Urf Fitti wild us it wonderful int to chose of the for new attn drum q mils from Iti Wren Only profit att us i Witk a the club o and of teat and which Provic rom confession attic the.1 pro Foo Hauworth More Chiin -1 re fatty us Lonait it would have to justify it 50-year-old soft Aco Frett repose 1002 to bed proposed in Iionno Long us clip in. To month that now York and would no added to Altale to who dab Orguita Atlon for they hrs. We to 4 Catt Hep with Trdat Togo to Brooklyn Der Fow York Olaf a and St Browns during he playing eng Puiul soccer i tweet entries Middletown new ban Rutm cd us to Twitt Ceu in the ram tit at " " Lowell Floh

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