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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 25, 1960, Darmstadt, Hesse a october 25, 1960 Arm pc a puerto Rico a Minot Marin old he it to the vat icon imme. The. Nov. 8 election 11 put Oral letter by three Catholic Bishop Here for f Church Mem Lar from vol popular of wish to involve the in puerto Rico s political in he mid in n statement Why it will wait Lection. He at Catholic Church. Marin in o slate in a party Cen of howl Riff n 7i Insung Arpon a to std it error grave problem for religion racy in Pucylo it co and listed slate arising from Tho it err a of 1 he Throe Bishop Road known la lie Vatican. Or that thousand of Catholic in puerto it ice unl1d set to Tirol a tag roiled off i he Jhk of b Lor the first time since2& 1s5. Sunday Muon conk Hlad of in live won fsr Relt sri us he be Public had Only on Sun for the unit twin but ih9nti to senatorial incumbents.-. Republican senator democratic senator 1 to senatorial. I no acne Iunisi 1 j race this Yar my to n Llma 31 inti m hoi ill Nyji slim Toront cd t Tom nov. �. demos hold wide Majsiri Irr. " " for Senate seals at stake project in Start on four p to to Bull a of i million to Lujian instr j Airport. That or of the presidential fun i could Conci in ii tily Chitry Bis party s St a Lonj Notni Neo o Victory. In his Thi of rom Nln Antonft s Kuss Coni now hold Man the cuts in a in were m i c h i k n a , Montana of Cason. Avast Verj Inui and Wyoming it involved in Colorado Idaho of jul Iowa. Thi dam chits a into use a scr ton a he & him of 4 Sii ats thu Rue not up the year while Tho he Public tis Only �1 Holdover. Thus the Denitia Nitt. Himl Only nine to he the Mruk of 51 while the would Sivc to pick up w. But ilm Dan birr ii let Iii Usu la hav 10 or first Winn is it lie to i would put them. Ono Tho Rocquin a sen Lyndon b. Johnson of to tins the trim mile Vico president Tel nominee who is run Milru also for re a Letlon to the Sennoto is aim of hit Mulhern group Din the Lii to poll Mystle ions Tiit Mxon Wilt a Hiick into kids in the South be Hullak to fists Tkv Nye Hille Hope of a inline soil Drtad nine of i spitty co up Ftp m to. In where. Kennedy t us Ilont outcome. Is re tired h toss ii. Damoc in Lac o. Knitl hut of i a Over Chi Jordt of Korth Cero list find Kelt s Leftt Tver of ten Nessee lire Blu Dos almost. Son. Allen j. Kllc Der Riding in ii l of what looks like a Ken a Pill off lid system lace can opener Mifty in come Otto motor ult of anole or invention Antral suite Cun co of Mauie j3. W. Busk co and aluminium c o m b \ n d to to 1hat is virtually the lid in tit Eva off by pulling a tub unit re t the to wit flt Atn. The Cun counter Tukik go. Of the old put Buck on a Jitt in i Suc for round soit macs Ilhom Mim a is and can be to nnn that Ohvo inti Monum lops hut Hudoc of other annl phils. The that o con Panlos ivc in a ounce a Unchino for Guikink Acuma is c i n i m la shul it will flu Monum fully Imp Illic Wilh the ten Pluto con. The tuns w k h Ojie Ali in Mann Jil Lii i Iliin Antu i i Rochl Lynt ii o i act Nch. Noted. In i ice. 30-. On in subject Tufit to turn path tons would told up to $2,2. Billion to Jutt Pri sent us billion f or non by Vlco if ii a Propf suts arc Tho Lovurn Nurul s to null. A is on Bill Tould he s12.8 billion by inc year 200 j to Nett Mlot $37 Lillon my for tin a d under present Hill Ronch it Otic Tho foun Nuon k t Fiso la Thui. The Yuri huh Syu Liui Aid ileitis Tumcl soul Rel con Dillons pensions in necks Nody acrid in sen. A Vii 1i of Toby Timon bus Only to Ken of Post Ion i n Vire jul a i which o to Nix i. i talc inc met nos look Ilko i Yuri Nur s fit the fat no let a is i l in to in i Slotik that their Al it ifs either Wrt doubtful or Levin Long to Nixon. Those i n c i u re i Sens pit ii. j of \ ,.-. J t i Bart if firm Percy of m in Sot try Numi i Anderson of Natiw Mcl � r Fis of or . ".sen, Al. Air Lloil of a a Jan the on of the few. Qemo Eralic. Tinicum brits outs Iii the South Yii St tvs to inv in n a of Nitu try. Sury dbl Rik Wolti him Lei Bis a in , Penton Nitle nominee. Clyti i Ornis ill could Haye the same sort of trend Storik for hint Lopuh lucunsbnvt1 five i Finci inn. Bents Vita arc. Lily ten in Silil a Abc re in Xiv is reported to Hij. Lond Niti tic a 1 be d a Sens. Andrew f. Sch Keppol of Iii Isis stir Karl Chat be Silt of. I inf be curl to Curtis of a Brit Skjei url Lwi Sof new rep shr to Rind Tiri for Soju Tii "dft.kotd, two. Flip Lii ii is fire Cro tilt jul. Now we Tai i Chat Misc. .10 Hii Kii Kin it sly Tuk in. Thor is rite they dirt s Chii Clifford. To c i of of Inow Jar St a. I and u vim cd of lit doubt fill Kim Tricky clop John i ?1"is Sci a Lof of if. ? r4s up Lari i is is i Ujj Ivi. ?. Fesi a pts App -.s. U4. K Ifni up of a i i 5 .1f a Union Ray us Niles it has a pro dict it Elk. A Fivi work log yet la 3r brands of wifi 2l Amer inn Gritl in Uri thib a i to fam oils Ufa Tonji service Nodi tilt Ted its t Hom Isia and Loste experts were is . Juht in t Triy a e a Dlf i i a in in a guns Sld eur s consumer rep Polsi Murton -. A Init and London a men in fact. Add qut the really tto / a a v ,ife5y-y. Vij a -."". A Snong ten. Protil Dentali 9? Leto jts Ilii Fiji 1 two Voe ii with the High Itsvo Tacti. Party counting is Tiv enough. , Genii urfa ii Tilry cause Thoy it no Colli to Fia to pc evil try a a porn Lent is rmoracutfous7 but St shows Pic president Chard on Fiqiri Ono Utah we cad to we Naif a were to male Tifton in Riestr Rcdlead,1 of the biisi56i ii Iluf find put int e plus f ibid. Rcpt res to Neil a Runi dowry i8 a run cd itch eat in20 states Wethi 38 Lector a bids Nixon in front in i Amin Tel Wotli Al electoral votes this tenses it95 ". B. A Republic in obsess by it it. Nixon ahead. In. 28r St Tinea with a electoral. Yatcak Nady Iii Uli. Epcot Drill votes in doubt. A Lou a would need Only tight of thfta36. The. Winnervyul.n0a t,2 9relic. Toni 1 Yotes v. I Jib Ralty by the 5�7 nine blk states with Tho of exec Obriti Yotsen / c new vork45pennsylvftnlii and Cettl Fornola ci2 Erc Hinto Iii 127ohio Miksits Isis 24a Chat nth 20miil Imo Stit a setts and the con Rit Dys aliud in Kiili the disc settles by Litho ulv to not id pm Cruts a ii v Alou Bur on the cof in by . Kennedy a co needed n rvs an by of Lead july Valri his who Nve fit ii Tibt Hsi Wii helps in Ohk the Fitnet sit Les to v conceded no taught Ute to in Neil Vork now a Ocscar ctn my Chiumui nit his Lead. N. These san pcs to eater bed a Grio thut can be or Weil Brinit the1 Emht tier of the Emu in --1& shied in front in Ohop Ihnots. To Una Kennedy 2 favorite in items vegas betting j Las tin Vii Ujj Fiill of Sij. Join i v in Atli previous Odds � t to Luff on Kennedy Hud put lip it to win ill Veo i Rochl Dent Khz Laird Nixon Vvhs. I 75. I Yinru curly i Tho r is n Fly not be the Tajn the verniquth.1 or. The u a run i u lid any four. A t its in vhf taste exp Juri rut her liked a fruity i it air int but 8ttul cd \ of a undo Hedly a a hot Noo incur. Len to w Hen the taster 8 were j naked in i Dyanne the by Arija a _., of in Thiry pret red la server Jan t he i r own to Artitia of Osif Bif the f Tiv w a tripped the Var Short Testa with to fils a v " a

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