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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 24, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseNoun Fiji Uprigh f j fit May i not is the Cut Elf the town Trie Tortino of the a. Thut anniversary. Najy. Are inf a Ora j a i a if 11 to 1 i Ivi it or u Fin to 0 a j to i i tit f i. I l 11 �vj1 a " " Ujj ii yet for millions of it Opte it still j to on St Lelary of , signed offers the bpm hoi of bringing a we o a. Sving hat 29, no jaw and of apr out of Tiv in Nerhy 11. To \ Iii i of Inteman Lonny nations. F Whid do a ined at tin in was born of in flip Romsy Finif Cisco the pro Lou a Funo i Nib shortly before Barnes Powers in 1945 it his go a admin Al Trail a Flat including China to their Kwh that the China of Genera ifs i Imo chef tag knt Shek would be the org no Tjon hns lost m us it of the Promise Tif Gritt ache a Nieth which jilt not a its Iirth pm can of in strongest suit san a any longer of its into a kind of upor gov with some lower Sils own Mill try fore a a. But to Jelv Yefton chinese com Muni to a wrested thy real land Chiang and. Drove him to Tremari attended the ill ceremony of ent luring pc Ace under the Gutel. Unce of,god.". Of is a up Andrj to Haj a envoy Ojo of Stirlin a. N which exislenct1 of go a proxy Dpi 6tnick, perhaps the Only. note possible to him i a if working qut i minis tier a m. Molotov foresaw Betti a than t t he world leaders Preioni in i tuft Iii unties whip cup i destined to plague Al . Previ Rit Al from j j i Shes Hopes had for vat among pc ptas crash rom world War ill of a i Nilk or j Gromo of id Moi Iov undo us to 1" for example a i in Over the is Kreun was the cold Wiir to f ,., .,._, world order pc rated not in Rou Lett to hut through0theey be Iii of m i butt by a i a More realist of the future including Masti Anier Fean it. Much of British at san franc Loco prey riling the u lop close an with Tkv Stylet u n Tori at Britain arid other we t eur Octan Cou wirtes. " v / j a a Fri " s riot uhf Al that the in to mobilize its Fri i War in 1945 or find scr Tori of sett Tel Edwrrd were. 9thi trying the dream Jbf Roosevelt that the a Coulett cooperutt1, in building ii and it Tice in. This Post Tir. J tars Ujj the u,s.� .1 Jiom haled the to and Rusiina in at the Haj Nln of the 1/nkij int Foitik churl a look in a twi oily at in or rat in on Jun Zyk. Wifi. Rift 1 than 1n-Nldcnt Truman. Itt Luw i Smycz Chi Ute to r vote a font Thi in sour Ltd pm met shortly of re is . Ali Wolf in it who u Prmt crumple of to Puj of. In Gantt Mlott fret on oct. That u it Mhz rat in. Charier. Con j Terence. And the concept of 7 great Power . A Star Buljat Inlo , veto Elf bite brought out sharply the key. To. To sic Ess in Tiit or. It d is of the big Powers pre served i heir wartime cooperation the in would hider a be�li6nh soil kit its Hilik thu sit end Itig. Tho. Nln Yed u role British pc Cecli a Krucli Lonya Rio i of Thi sex crisis but i filed at the Sunie time to bran to Heel in the crisis. ,."- wife tis gift i a Lin Tea it Ernes a the. Cil. To 195o. When Russia i r to f y b Oscat Ted the to Uhoch the u, won Quick sup port for i n Tervehn Tib Hii in Koren Gal is t com m u it 1st i by Sjon i trom the nor tit. Sue 1 Rig themselves1 a Mahie us ired the it u vat Kkt s 5hortljfretour ii a to the Touncie to " As a Refl if of the korean con in d to is. Fact h Ivy e n used a \ t his. decide to a her it Chest. V.-.,.,-. Now the Aiti Lattori appears Holliet. Chi taking. The p Ioc. The Assembly has been exp heed to 9& Hefti Vorisj Marty of them from Calisla and a f Rich con tries riot Aleci , control about 50 per sent of the in further Difiore it is " a cent. Beh Vaylor Assembly that he is Radi Tilty a Kering the in to rus it s Ayari Tabt / this. Turn of events has three dangers for of on Sirull Pulli out " internet tonal g,3econd at Ger Ltd i of beg Iris to run a 4 i re y t he us v it we surge Ofin Eif or to. Be Ken Slit he. One c6nimtmsj by if lie may"1. Uis is a v. To up Fritton e it of successor 1 new s. Ten John Arnold Sunnett Hus Romfh a. Cable Elmer 0. Frank forces circulation service in proper a a a of Fenkl Elj the pump of the info malign of Villon usab6ur. Al front efort Al Cwm or Dormer add

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