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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 23, 1960, Darmstadt, Hesse, 3a3/ft960 the stars and stripes an in $5 million Ahi Mont of heroin hidden of Idren i pow was Selwod shortly after it was unloaded Jauan liner turn la. Tyro men who picked up the illegal irl the Dupye with it to suburban West Costor had been under surveillance for three weeks on the Boisis 2i pounds of pure heroin wrapped in Long cellophane packages was concealed under a false Bottom Jit a a wooden crate packed with clothing blankets stuffed animals dolls and a Hobby horse. A relay of officers Strung out in 10 car from Manhattan s pier to Yonkers to kept lab on the men us the crate was unloaded and Hmil cd ji3 a malt sure know if you have Smi disease Doc dentists there could be Aorl Pua a filling or tooth sex far new detail dental Given by a panel and physician heart. A Vylia it will. Patients to drugs. They could uly from tooth sex or even cutting Al Gums bands a placed i to Chin to the or become Dent us or Paul cult try of Kirk Wood to they can but a what Lions a it i Lamb Dan Una ii fornia medical Teofll re Ommandt d of jii1ieoajeumn or thin Ruex before dental treat with the drug Given show that dim Stry aft local for thai con to such a Tortor other blood Fain killer u used lok Eph it had in feared that Kim adrenalin might make a not work too hard. Ihra mount of adrenalin i Small and if it in t used stain killer drug quickly Dee then Pettiti and for can the iia Lient produce far More Lin of i own. Id More f the Teton in Versh. School of try Al St Lou i police old the two. Arrested wore Salvatore Rinaldo. 4c5 of mount version ., and Muller Paturi 43, of Slaten Island Authorities said the crate wan shipped from Palermo a. Italy. A part of the baggage of an alien Fazlli. was we Hoeltl. Claim checks lot the crate How Ever wer mailed Here from Italy to Rinaldo authorities added. Mated fit is million in the retail dope Trade and $15aooo at whole Sale a a. The crate a addressed to Gal Jerie Dominic a. Icart. Gallery at 10 South second Aye. Mount Var non author Lues said adding Kin a do operated the establish he and quest Ion ing a Tomerl her. Were under is Ivrus Philadelphia Cap the forc Mah of wreck Irig Crew broke in Pya Hoile i of Afi old Liberty ship and Therp to were 522 bags of Timu. They Hail been there for is left Rev the8hlp is the a flirt Bidwell put of sorvlcoislnce1 .1945 and now being broken up a the mull bags held thou Juuls of letters pc Katiea and ring Alnes. Tiey will be relayed to their Destini tons. " ". ". If apostal officials said the mail waa from Muny parts of the world much of. It from Britain Mexico and he shop i Nisi owed to j la to put f from Ith hot forage in?.the ? 1" scent Ofa i i 11 a i it of it is Fri actor of ctr a -. Naiwen of Timilia right who i1 they plan to marry Chat in Neil York City. Boytt i other Butor Joseph cot Tott its sigh Inar Rafte la new a Foro he wan wed to Boltl a Patty one Man Marshall " l a of plan say he Bas distributed two package of Garden Dii in far Emi in he own Archie Munford Finnson. i,. 6 f Northfield wts., Vvhs Keld by police for being us Sci w lthovit./�romy.the". Ariy federal., author Lulea Fruim a thine. A. Planned . Him ?.-. -. L Linnsen married and their her of thre Culfen is Rye Safiti Ahert Ella Lent in. The army at the i end of world War Hnntv was la charged in lid. Lie spent the next three Vennt in. Norl Neldi and in 1jw9 he vanished.,. I Vall efforts a -,.hl?n.-, railed. N id seven years Ltd Tori in 1sj56, he was Cle Clifred leg Tilly . His wife i Emir red Ami noved away. Hemsen told police in veer enlisted in the army in .1950 anti went awol f rom it. In 195b. He said that he Jbf isfried n different serial number when he just drop ii Doii t just in Chicago up a pres re Luas received by new a pers St Tui All of the Cal Cagut net Ropo Letim urdu Hnyp been invited. To it tepid in open House it Tho Urilov it ratty of us nil chief top undergraduate division on wednes Day ,. And Riidu Ruday up ruling to the Assn. Of. Commerce Nodi. In Uhlry there Are 6.43,316 residents of the Chicago t oblige thief s prison wish or will it 5cl s All Point pen snarls the wheels of Futan Cusco up it ail started Robert a Mono cry admitted Taj Hajj Point pen so he could go to prison there is some Conj Slon about when suld finish ". Mery a 4fi year old unemployed a Star told Postoff pc inspector fur Al in june by saying "1 have pen arrest me i want to go Back be told Montgomery to go Home but hours Law the determined craftsman cd again. This Lime he said he he Lell and demanded thai he be no la obliged Montgomery who was duly and pleaded guilty july 15. Hoex planned that he Hud served a one your sen tence for mail Chev la men in the us medical c e h t e r it to and thought it was u pretty food Way of Elf . District judge Louis e. Goodman was t convinced. Lie said Montgomery lucked the intent a tax usury for the crime set aside the Plu and Kugge tatted Thul the . Attorney might i miss the truent dates for Upp Eurance came and Pav cd but there was no nifty of Montgomery lie was picking Rule in Kluh Calif where the Sunshine and Freh air Hud convinced him that prison want such u Flo place after All thut should have ended thu Story or but the wheels of Justice Don l operate that Way a Bench warrant was issued Imd wus brought to court this time Fer fore us pts strict Julg a ova a i Raj or ass stunt . Attorney ?j6hii. Kapl Airi told Carler that he Ner Shally Fel the Goveri to Merit taht to dismiss the Caise Why tic stole Lac loiter is of not important k pin St he ,. You Jukic a t jul everyone because \ they have committed an. Antisocial it Ani i a u 3t fir cause. Man has sompvfaoll8h notion that Pri Woit is where Liia wnt6 ," Thojudge d. Al m not us dy.?u-. Tiv Hini " Kaplan agreed to Izaak. The a apartment of Justice in Washington. If i Velsh Editp Pru a the charge ii drop e a and the m Auer was put River once Ugnon this time Lor of. 15. A. Santa claws v los angb1uks up Well it i Only two months to Christmas and y ear old we u i am Solonynka beg a " ". His a rid. A Friend 7, Rpbert clerk 8, had to be a for it Jie selves. They. Fash i piled a Ruhe Type contraption 9trope, and More Thun a Luke Laring to get from Al.ropvtp/.th a Root top Ojiri he a Alq Berft v Uncle arid there it wins the. They Hoji both tse ii that fire Pac & Mel a. It. B u t thes wins Spei 1 to Shirney Dpi in. Chimney of pfc v to part Way Sowri Wotli no to Homney widened and v a Sikl till the Way to the Bottom. Ujj l Lark i a Here a who got him out. _ but l bruised a feel nest was read hone by .Hismother Tor j Bftts. By he a pal say Wyt Huhg Hii. To tithe to id firemen. A he s l top pm t1- searched for a k lie Hen sink from t he jj3torenc. Fields residence. v 1 n i and. No Inife o 1. F w Lviv Tom fining 4 room High taif in tire a Coll of picket Fence a and pump Ajaj l the Kitchen sink i of m

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