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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 23, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseAnnounce of to Conn sad Pitt a from the Raol ii. Jul try Academy in Idsal. A apr tag wedding in planned. � / v Korwan vol in inv. Rynn nj5w Yahk spec i Mew Janet la us. Vote of nth a and. Or i Pirn Uirt i f4rnbw, or of Frisin Furu Onchi id8tTtford Imbt tip school vows with ? la Hirw a pain by Cipy Una land Mew York in the com pc of 8u Lii a Choo in a nah my Volt Liow Fli a ii a in Tojin Hank grit Duato from Tho Frankfurt Amoh Cath Lii Jih be Howll. Yen. On of mind my t to ii Sibeth von the ddn school ii Hoshin 111, North in Frankfurt and Smith England it my on chm i. Wit air la commander aim i. Sirten or. 3i�i support up Quier und of duty. Award Lor 100 hour a uwk., newly i Furuc h. Pm it. Smith Jam a Thomas a Litvyn Vida and x �.jr0r4%�m Tiami out sing to Junter for ill it r. On a or if to of to met a Lii and my two Yir Trio to . Irs. Depriest awarded medal scholarship German John it it Lullion i of or Ulm liar he Fth ,01 in air a or Mataln of Only a tort help to achors k u d Lor duty w i t it Tho de incl took found a Tench in but Ulch a five Zioni incl Eldun in pm a Itil Lewyln by j a by Tim blur to fact for air Foroe Mimi in Paulw Etc. A g. Muni Hatif Jim Jerk us leaders attend area arc session Hindon Mas a two Day for Ltd Crow sum in t to to or Lintn beheld to the col Matt club her mrs Mior o. Try of jute Omi Uny newly Tju of Nutil Chol Iruin of ohm to upon Al on the Volun Ieiri in Kurp we incl cd Tupy und Jon lit Roy both of Iphy a Fork a Jar try on the a Iid Nihls count it thl pm a gun sumy will a they dec nod and m my Maud Tripti find Ijac non in Owdij of Toto ill tue hed Cro a Laid the Junior Hotfil Cro related or and the Flor topic included or. Moi Yeti a gum Ilu by Park. Nurton mrs lit or. John i with. Mild a Jill. He vol Luzmoor to to butt. A Tut Dur Derop r on nil Ion ctr or. Or Vetr 1 Youdka London Ihu Junior Itol Cro prot Tronni in to mid my Kim a mall Lily base initiates ladies Council of r in 11 i y Vav Cwun-e.\\, Iti it in i Uttof Ray witty to Iii Stirr Ftp of one of the Deputy i. In Hon Hyrc it tin to Haj a Ujj iwo a of Ronvich of Uio Trio wive Iii in i the but and pro Lam Frivol Virti poll rep. A. We aim. And Anttn m wives cd maj or. Hobby u. Cost it end mrm. Wurr to a , Wilbur j. Gnim Blyn Wolf. Of the 40lh Otto la Tel Al ii 4 win will Norvus in tin ,. Of or Nihil a Thonna a. It of wifi of win " a Turt to ii Lunod from i to ton he Hool of Commedo in slut to Tho"-fl6up la til Riis to lip in Nis work m1�r i Liti Koft a in a of cd and to Oscr of i Oll k t m a m i i of t j i h Ino a a tar it nor Turlo d Fri t1i0 b to i i a maj a a. In the hrs Del d fish str in i Roclor of civil of mulch flt Lair for to l Ihil to Munich Cpl Iii ten Jonilu Uloth i v 0 r h in y to Uit it glory to ent la in Smul of Honor find it Tito Kiwi pc tend i. Niit a a Tjohn Woolsey mis of m of nil Nix it u Stan Lijoi Ason of mrs Lull in a of so an Drilo the Dpi Al mar Rand it la in Here by i in i a Fig Stin Toi in nil miss audr0y null put Lolu find Ulli Rigi inn a cuim1 in John it and capt Ca of 6al a aniline Sand if. In torr0 of. Tremor a Ihben 200 Oien Foo nigh a will pm by Rint and or therm the provide atm Limhi it or to nit of a d in he thu a Strid a Oil Polf r of ameriam Wom in drily find to Proiti Oti cob Rentye i of la worn ii 6vlluib pay left Tifilo Simth 1ter i of \ that Jit ? Solhi pity Yoff of Tojo of. The tin i of Tio win until to wait a m Trubshaw Mullins in ou1j5an8, 3 mulling of and Lenni Oil 1 i Ink a a win Bini a of i n., a Titi Mitre i dby Shii Phil pit cil attn in in a in i Tum l Titi. My twin but is non Teloh int i in wih Jim Roll Hon Pittil in Ort Niew it Hui find id ,ejtfl1 Christmas by win Hnit mix id used for 12 noon to 7imi nov. 1-4 in Tho Krill cd Mun club Jar � by i to Ul. officer Alvs sins line in win in dds Dulo for nov. 5-7 in t he Liv it in Mph. a Hong Duponti if Byi in Mutt Nix inv Oral Corn Wlsh club a Jun huh will in Mew boat i j of Tod courses instruct red Cross get Lon in s a trip Yndia mra Byi of cd or Tho i Offu ors Styes club nok to flit Ait truant a for you tit for tint Hoitz Lenl. To six Given Roe Hiya Tud Rob Courno 1� id it Jetton franc Al taught by mrs. To Rry shall Tho of i i cd inc Idt to a Ninny Ufi Felon Wonky. Huron it a sol Horn Mich idiot m. Bane apr Ali. Hum m. Oui teen in Terri Lim i � kind Bruhin girl he jut Trooy air by a a tilt it us til Homo for Iho Sauil or Mph month. Lilo to school a Vii to net i birth any Purl a Formy cell re is in o. B. Whorl cell Rowcli a Pliny hour at a Model Propof ocl by lilo who Ibadan of Cori ulv i club a a Boio cor1 wives club and co ulv to club for o local a save Ihori Gori iian amort dih a Oman club ii my of who clip Fay Hhd a Foi Lori Jiow of ill i mod led by am re can up Jill to f. Molitor War Al Cliby i 3

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