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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 19, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes thursday october 19, 1967 russians soft land instruments on Venus continued from Page Landing apparatus a scientific Laboratory after it had already entered the planet s interplanetary lab which the soviets announced earlier had been sterilized to keep it from carrying Earth microbes tothe planet then was slowed Down by friction with the heavy Carbon dioxide layer which sur rounds the planet the report said. Tass instruments of the Landing apparatus conducted continuous stable measurement Sand transmission to the Earth of the parameters features of the atmosphere for an hour and a half Over a stretch of 15 slice the description of a 15-mile"stretch" was taken to indicate a vertical slice of the planet atmosphere extending from its entry into the Clouds which sur round the planet to its Landing satellite s description of the planet s atmospheric pres sure As varying from the same As that at the Earth s surface to15 times As much tended to Bear out this Here tended to Dis count at first the possibility that the soviets would Send a tracked or wheeled vehicle to explore the planet s surface before making such an attempt on the nearby Moon. The probe found no noticeable magnetic Field or radiation Belt around the planet Venus such Ashe deadly Van Allen radiation Belt which girdles the Earth according to the Tass account. Good Sig this was expected to Bode Well for future cosmonauts who May try to Fly to Venus equipped with air conditioned space suits to sus Tain them in its inhospitable successfully past the Earth s own radiation hazards such Long distance space travel ers would have to fear Only the sudden cosmic storms caused by sunspots or other interplanetary disturbances and not an additional electronic obstacle course just before setting Down on Venus observers soviet Academy of sciences president Mstislav Kel Dysh said Only tuesday that such manned flights to Venus and Mars could be expected Dur ing the present said Venus 4 covered 217 million Miles Over an arcing course to make its rendezvous with Venus on its 129th Day of night. During this time it sent Back extensive information about the physical properties of outer space the report said. The instruments radioed backdate for 96 minutes before Stop american league seems 12 teams Chicago up the Ameri can league has Given official notification of its desire to expand to 12 clubs it was Learned wednesday. The american league specified no Date for the proposed expansion but the action bore9ut a up dispatch of sept. 27 in which it was reporte Dcharles Finley would receive permission to move his Kansa City athletics and american league owners would vote to expand to 12 clubs. In serving notice of its pro posed expansion to the proper baseball officials the american league wished to get on record with its intention As prescribed under the major league rules. Ping. An official announcement did not say Why they stopped but the top temperature re ported was 280 degrees Centi Grade hot enough to begin melting earthly instruments. Tass news Agency later quote astronomer Vitaly Bronshteyn As saying however that the instrument package will give More in formation in the Are being maintained with it Bronsh Bensaid. After transmitting data to Earth in its hour arid a half Des cent the instrument capsule placed a second medallion with the coat of arms of the soviet Union on the planet s soil according to the first medallion was car ried to the surface of Venus by soviet spaceship Venus 3, which crash landed on the plane March 1, 1966, after an unsuccessful attempt at a soft Landing by Parachute. Venus 4, launched june 12,reached the planet at a Point about 50 million Miles from Earth Only 36 hours before the scheduled Fly past of an Ameri can probe. Mariner 5, which was launched two Days the american ship was not programmed to attempt a soft Landing. It was designed to probe the planet s atmosphere with radio Waves from a distance of about 2,000 russians had waited for nearly seven hours after the Venus probe had made its soft Landing before confirming what most of the world had Learned already from sir Bernard Lovell director of Britain s Jodrell Bank m16 probes rap army continued from Page Ito the Rifle upon his retirement. Claimed there still is no proof that modification pro posed will eliminate malfunctions experienced with the my in Vietnam and called for an in dependent test of the combined weapons system the subcommittee report was signed by All three members reps. Ichord speedy 0. Long d-la., and Williams g. Bray Rind. They said army and Marine troops had been hit by serious and excessive malfunctions with the controversial Rifle the worst being a failure to extract the spent Cartridge. Shortages of cleaning equip ment and Lack of proper train ing instructions arid supervision in care and cleaning of the weapon played a part in the Mal functions they said. But the major contributor was use of a ammunition not designed nor developed for use in the weapon they said. The report army changed to a different powder without adequate test data in1964. It added that the Adverse effect on the Rifle of ammunition loaded with the newly adapted powder was known to the Amyas Early As March 1964 but it continued to make Quantity Pur chases for use in Vietnam. Several modifications to the Rifle were made necessary be cause of the new powder the investigators said including a de vice to slow Down the rate of new Oso. Continued from Page l from its launching pad. An hour after the launching Nasa reported Oso 4 was in an orbit that was o n 1 y a couple Miles off the desired path. The 599-Pound payload carried nine experiments to continue so Lar investigations begun by three earlier osos launched in 1962, 1965 and earlier this year. A total of seven observatories is planned in the series to Chart a full 11-year solar Cycle from a quiet period in1962 through a period of Peak activity when numerous explosions on the Sun spill torrents of radiation into space. A period of maximum activity is just Start ing to build. Scientists believe Sun Ray Sand the directions in which they travel hold clues to the origin and history of the solar system. These rays also control our weather interfere with communications and alter the composition of the Van Allen radiation Belt which surrounds the Earth. The Oso studies also could Lead to a foolproof Means of predicting when dangerous so Lar flares might erupt on the Sun. Such a warning system would help protect Moon bound astronauts and High flying supersonic air planes. Fire and Chrome plating of the barrel chamber to prevent pit Ting. Some earlier reports had touched on this. There still is no proof that the modifications proposed will eliminate the malfunctions experienced with the m16 in Viet Nam the new report congressmen called for a test by tin Independent Organiza Tion of the modified Rifle and ammunition in Vietnam As Wellas both types of propellant being loaded into the army is committed to buy More than 1.4 million m16s.the investigators said army officials were advised by the gun manufacturer that More than half the rifles would fail to pass an acceptance test called for under the contract if ammunition loaded with the new pow Der was used. But they contractor was allowed to use the original powder1 for test purposes so the rifles could be accepted by the army. The failure on the part of officials with authority in the army to cause action to be taken to Cor rect the deficiencies of the am munition Borders on criminal negligence their report investigators also criticized the sole source Purchase aspects of the m16 program pointing both to Olin Mathi Sonand Colt. They said Colt has negotiate fixed Price contracts on a 10 per cent profit basis but a review revealed profits of 19.6 per cent for 1965, 16.8 per cent for 1966and 13.4 per cent for the first four months of this to Olin Mathieson the report said this firm sole source position on Ball propellants for Many years an their close relationship with the army May have influenced the decision makers at array Muni Tiosh command army weapon command and the army mate Riel investigators also claimed there was a shortage ofm16s for training purposes both in this country and in Vietnam when Colt received approval to sell 20,300 rifles to Singapore. General s Job in questioning the actions of Lynde the subcommittee general approved terms of the contract negotiated by his subordinates for procurement of the Rifle. He went to work for Fairbanks Whitney now Colt industries jnc., on aug. 3, 1964, after retiring from the army i March 1964. The subcommittee said Lynd testified and told the adjutant general he did not or would no engage in any activity connected with the m16 where the government would be directly involved. However they said rec ords show on aug. 26, 1964, he requested from the army classified document comparing the Rifle s effectiveness with an other weapon. In spite of his assertion of no interest in the m16 Rifle activities the subcommittee report said his name appears on distribution lists for involving the m16."they also five month delay Between Lynde s army retirement and employment would appear not to constitutes sufficient Cooling off period since the offer was made before his Date of retirement. Police arrest 30 Oakland pickets continued from Page constr actors inside. While the ant draft people picketed another Small group stood on one Corner protesting the picketing. They carried such signs As draft All several news radio and television representative complained they had been roughed up and their camera equipment damaged by police. Wednesday police barked out orders to these representatives but avoided police operated wednesday under a Federal order issued . District judge Alfonso j. Zirpoli in san Francisco res training them from interfering with newsmen covering the demonstrations. It was the third straight Day of confrontation Between Law enforcement officials and demonstrators at the induction Center. No Early attempt was made in repetition of the tuesday Dis orders to Block the streets for use by. Buses bringing in army inductees. Instead the pickets formed lines on both sides of the Street marching and shouting hell no we won t a flying wedge of police emerged from a garage across the Street from the induction enter and moved swiftly to break up the ant draft demonstrators had capped a violent 24-hour period tuesday night by deciding to avoid new Battles with police and shift the emphasis to peace Ful Joan Baez was sentenced tuesday to 10 Days in jail. Miss Baez her Mother Baez and her sister Mimi Farina were among More than100 persons Given 10-Day jail sentences in Oakland calif., Munici pal court for their role in Block ing the Entrance of the Oakland army induction Center monday. All had pleaded no contest to charges of disturbing the peace. Charges of creating a Public nuisance and trespass lodged against the Singer and her Mother were dropped. Radio Bernard reported shortly after Venus 4 intercepted the planet s orbit that the main body of the spaceship had crashed into Venus and ejected an instrument capsule which had Parachute to safety. Shortly after 3 . Tass an radio Moscow almost simultaneously confirmed this version of what had happened. It was a soviet request for scientific cooperation from Jorell Bank which helped sir Bernard to break the news of the soviet space Success to the world. Kendysh sent him a Telegram tuesday announcing that Venns 4 would approach the plane wednesday morning and asking for his help in listening to the bagpipe like sounds by which it transmitted its flight Dat Aback to Earth. Jodrell Bank tuned in on the spaceship As it hurtled towards Venus and listened to it steadily until suddenly at 7 38 . Mos cow time 4 38 get the Sig nals stopped. At first sir Bernard though the spaceship had trashed into the planet and been a different signal began to come in and sir Bernard Rea soned correctly that it was from an instrument capsule with in the planet s atmosphere. In a special one Sheet edition devoted to the Experiment the soviet communist party news paper pravda revealed a few. Additional details on the instrument transmission Antenna was attached by Ordinary sugar which would melt i the package landed in liquid automatically detaching it. The floating Antenna then would continue transmitting to Earth pravda said. The instrument package itself was constructed with a weighted rounded Bottom to Bob up vertically if it landed on a hard surface the newspaper declared in Banner headlines soviet station on for the first time the world hears signals from the far off Mindszenty report due Munich up an Austria Cardinal who reportedly failed in negotiations to obtain the de parture of Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty from the . Legation i Hungary arrived Here wednesday Enro Ute to Rome where he was expected to report to Pope Paul i on his am sorry i am alone Franziskus Cardinal Koenig told newsmen As he alighted from an aircraft. His remark was Sakenas reference to his failure to bring the 76-year-old Mindszenty with him. However he refused to amplify on the statement. I am sorry that i cannot give any further information he told the Cardinal looking tired was ushered through a cordon of shut Ter clicking cameramen to an air port bus that took him immediately to another Airliner which was bound for Rome. Airport Wel coming officials accompanied him to the plane to assure them selves that his needs and Comfort were taken care of while it was being prepared for Takeoff. Authoritative sources in Buda pest said High level negotiations aimed at finding a solution for Mindszenty s departure from the . Legation there had broke Down. F m f 4 t

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