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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 17, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseOctober 17, 177 we stars and . Suicides blamed on i _ san Francisco a san Francisco is the suicide capital of the United states be cause san franciscans Are harder drinkers older lonelier and More socially disorganized than other City dwellers says University of California re Francisco s suicide rate is further boosted by More care Ful examination of the cause of death or. Richard Seiden told Athree Day symposium on suicide that ended Here University of California psychologist studied the prob Lem for the National institutes of health. Here is what he found " ninety eight per cent of the City s suicides Are san Francis cans not people who have Cometo the end of the Trail in a West Ward migration to find a Solu Tion to personal problems. San Francisco s reputations a hard drinking town rather than its Chic and sophisticated image contributes to the Sui cide rate. Alcohol facilitates suicide by overcoming inhibitions reducing judgment and producing depression. It is also a Means of suicide in Pider people Are More Apt to take their own lives. San franciscans have a median age of37.3. The National median is 29.5. Single persons kill themselves More often than those who Are married. In san Francisco 43.9per cent of those Over 14 Are sin Gle divorced or widowed. Nationally the percentage is 32.5. San Francisco is an sex foes of parochial Aid win a round in court Tremley Small area with proportionally More of those sections Rooming House and apartment areas in which High suicide rates san Francisco s High suicide rate is partly due to More accurate records. The Coroner s of fice performs autopsies on 99 per cent of bodies brought to the morgue including toxicological tests for drugs arsenic and barbiturates. Some cities report suicides Only where notes Are left and Only one in three suicides leaves a note. Doctor s death certificates cannot be relied upon to disclose suicide. The City s Bridges which get most of the suicide publicity account for Only 5 per cent Ofsan Francisco s suicides and Only a minor fraction of those who take their lives by jumping. Regarding drinking and Sui cide or. Seiden observed san Francisco claims nation Al honors for alcoholism. Sacra mento which has the second highest ate of alcoholism also has the second highest rate continued from Page education leaders last june by a 2-1 prevented determination of the taxpayers claim that spending of Federal funds for parochial schools violates the principle of Church state separa Tion contained in the first amendment to the . Circuit court judge Paul r. Rays joined by . District judge John f. X. Mcgohey said the seven taxpayers had no standing to sue because they could not show they directly suffered damages the stand the supreme court took in another ruling the court re fused to review an Arkansas la that permits adults to be punished for contributing to the delinquency of minors. The Case brought to the court involved a party Given Jan. 39, 1965, by John Henry and Sylvia Dokes in their apartment in an All negro housing project in Little Rock. Five youngsters under the age of 18 were among 22whites and negroes who at tended. Members of the City Vic squad alerted by a night watch Man arrested the couple an their guests. The adults were charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors. The minors were charged with illegally possessing alcoholic beverages. Dokes and his wife were tried in Little Rock municipal court found guilty and fined $25 Appeal conceded that guests brought Beer and rum tothe apartment. But it argued that the Law is not Clear on what specifically is delinquent conduct Clear enough for an Ordinary adult to know the Boundary be tween the Legal and the illegal. Attorneys from the National association for the advancement of coloured people arguing forthe Doke ses also reiterated a claim made by their clients Ina Kansas courts that they were permitted a peaceable interracial gathering in their Home want to go too wife joins drowning Man it a to to to of _ t m. _ _ Miami Fla. A if Tom s gone i want to go too the Young woman said and gave herself up to eight foot wave that had washed her husband from the sinking boat they had been clinging to survivors said. She removed her life jacket the survivors said then she slipped away. Wainwright Vickers 39, and his wife Barbara 40, told of the deaths of their companions an their own Rescue after being 14 hours by Waves on Bis thrashed for wind whipped Cayne Bay. They said they joined to Mcarter Miami Central High school principal and his wife Dolores for the saturday Outing in a borrowed boat. The foursome was bound for Home Vickers said when a Squall struck about 8 boat s Anchor slipped from the Bow and snagged on the Bottom he said and the line airline robbed of $102,000 in new York new York a three fast working masked gunmen held up the valuable cargo Cage of american airlines at Ken Nedy Airport sunday night handmade off with $102,000 in Cash and gems an airline spokesman in a said. The robbery occurred cargo handling hangar in a re Mote Section of the Airport. Newyork City police port authority police and the Federal Burea of investigation began an immediate investigation. The gunmen locked an unarmed guard and six freight clerks in the valuable cargo Cage and fled without injuring them. The Gem packages contained sapphires and rubies an airline spokesman said. Students visit upheld at nazi War crime trial Darmstadt Germany is a lawyer for one of the major defendants at a nazi War crime trial Here demanded monday that a High school class be ejected from the courtroom be cause they appeared too Juve Nile to him. The lawyer Fritz Steinacker who has also defended the accused at several other War crime trials told presiding judge Vinzenz Paquet that he did wish to have the general Public excluded from the trial but that he wanted minors kept out. Paquet turned Down Stein Acker s motion explaining that he had expressly Given Permis Sion for the teacher to bring his class of ninth Grade boys to the trial. Steinacker then insisted on formal ruling from the entire court. He said he had nothing Stock Market closes lower new York a the Stock Market closed sharply lower monday in Active Rose irregularly at the Start in a follow through to Fri Day s technical rebound but they failed to hold their gains an moved lower the rest of the session. Losses outnumbered gains by More than 2 to 1. Some of the giant Blue chips including Dupont and Eastman Kodak were weak. A scattering of specially Situ ated issues were Active and Strong but the Over All list was Down. Brokers said the tight Money situation overshadowed the Market and that stocks were technically loss was the sharpest since june 5. The Dow Jones Industrial aver age fell 9.65 to 905.46. The ticker tape was a minute late at the end. Volume was 9.07 million share compared with 9.04 million Fri Day. Key Blue chips took Sharp losses. New speculative issues were Strong. . Stock Market prices Admiral mean Mic chm Airl a can a Cyan pm m Fly a Mot mex a photo it to Tob Anaconda Armour co 3axt lab 3eth steel 3oeirvq 3rls my Brunswick Burroughs Jamp Spater trac celanese Enco in Hes � o Chrysler Joca cola ol9 pal Comsat ont Airl Lorn or Low chem 3u Pont ast air ast Kod air Cam Irestone Ord my up Fruehauf sen Dyn sen elec sen cd oct. 16 oct. 13 23% 23/2 26% 26% 34 35 /2 32 321/2 54% 55 a 32% 33% 21% 21% 12% 13 a 33% 33 /2 10 /4 10 511/2 51% 33 a 33% 46 45% 33 /2 34 51% 52% 401/2 40 /2 36i/4 3g /2 80% 81 /2 791/2 81 nyx 11% 11% 161 1631/4 30% 31% 42% 43 /2 63% 63% 48% 49% 66% 66% 52% 521/4 1221/2 121 /2 46% 44 49i/2 50 /4 25% 26% 42 /8 41% 84% 84% 167% 173 46% 48 132 /4 1361/a 86 /4 881/4 48 48% 52% 52% 37% 38 341/2 35% 61 /4 611/4 1063/4 108% 72 73% Gen Mot Gen Tel Gen tire Gillette Goodrich Goodyear it a a Gulf Oil Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper int to Jones & l Kennicott Ling Tern Litton ind lock air Lorillard Mac Donn Magna Vox Martin m Merck Mem Minn my Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nat disc by cent no am a Northrop new Airl Qutb mar pan am Parke do Penn or Pepsi Pfizer pm will pet Polaroid proct & g oct. 16 oct. 13 84 /2 84% 451/2 46 a 27v-4 27 /a59% 60% 71 /2 70% 47 48% 32% 31% 74 74% 85% 87 583 586 35% 35% 1101/4 1101 4 27% 27% 114v 8 1141/4 591/2 60% 46% 46% 113% 117i/a 1031/8 103% 64 64% 49% 50% 48/2 49 a 471/s 46% 22 22�/4 88 /2 88% 581 4 58% 891/4 90 /2 47% 48% 23% 23% 136% 132 471/4 47v 4 69 68? a 36v 2 37vs 36/2 36% 95 98% 25 a 26 25 25% 28% 29 /2 55 56% 37v4 38� 7814 78 59 691/2 1931/2 202% 89 88% Ria Raythelon re Publ St Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ronson Roy out Safeway Schering Sam up Scott Pap Seabra Sears r so Pac Sperry r St o Cal St o ind St o no Studebaker Swift Texaco Tex g sul Tex ins Thi Okol Twa try up 20th cent in carb in Pac Ltd air Ltd fruit us rub us steel warn Lamb West in Westa Elwinn Dix Wool with Xerox angst sat Zenith oct. 16 59% 98 45% 70 /2 34% 48 /2 401/4 99% 291/4 42 /2 23% 64% 52% 291/8 26% 56 30 /4 46 /4 61% 57 /2 67v8 52% 29v 8 821/4 " 141 118 21 /2 55 8214 52% 46% 39 /4 59% 55% 45 /4 45 41% 34 751/s 28% 30 271% 32 66% oct. 1 58v 979 46 / 707 35v 48 40"x 101 28? 42?. 24 647 53v 29 27v 57? 30 / 47v 62? 58v 681, 55 29 82v 143 117v 221 55 81 / 53 48? 39 / 61v 54 455 45v 421 33? 75 / 28v 29? 278 32?/ 641, against a school class As such attending the trial but some of those in court monday seemed too juvenile to him. After a recess Paquet said that the two auxiliary judges and the jury had concurred with Himin the final ruling against the motion. Steinacker was joined in his unsuccessful motion by Gerhard Goellner another of the 23 Law yers defending 11 men charged with 80,000 murders in a world War ii Bloodbath that extended across Southern Russia and included the massacre of Babi Yar. Steinacker said during the recess that since German judges Don t allow juveniles to attend traffic court he could t see Why they should be allowed to attend War crime trial. The students 15 years of age except two who were 14, had spent several Days of preparation in class before coming to court their teacher said. Parents had approved the children s attending the trial and it Wasat the elders initiative that the class project was undertaken. Fouled in a propeller of the twin engine Craft. He said the 17-footer snapped around tearing an engine and part of the transom from the boat. It began to take water an soon swamped Vickers told offi cers leaving the four occupant clinging to the Bow. Some time later Vickers told police he was t quite certain when Carter just disappeared in the mrs. Vickers said that shortly afterwards Dolores said if Tom s gone i want to go too then she Vickers told officers he donned mrs. Carter s discarded life jacket and that he and his wife floated through the night clutching the boat then each other after it Sank. Mrs. Vickers said when a fish ing boat spotted them and changed direction she thought it was a Man sent by Leroy Pendarvis said when hand his partner George Apos Tol saw the couple they though they were ski divers. When she waved with both arms like that i knew there was went were pretty Well exhausted. They told me two other people drowned Pendarvis said he grabbed the Wom an while., Apostol held wife kept saying save him " and he kept saying save her " Pendarvis said. Vickers operator of a Miami funeral Home and his wife were hospitalized and treated for exposure and skin irritation caused by floating , 46, was a graduate of the naval Academy at Annapolis. His wife was 26 and a teacher at a Miami High school. They had been married one year. Something wrong an straight to them. They Joan Baez and Mother seized in draft protest Oakland Calif. A about800 ant draft demonstrators tried to Block entrances to the Oak land army induction Center Mon Day and 35 or More were arrested including Folk Singer Joan Baez one of the Long haired vocalist was leading a crowd in a hand clap Ping chant want my Freedom now when police moved in handled her and a dozen others to a waiting patrol was the second wave of arrests in the mass a dozen army draftees who arrived Early entered the building by stepping Over the shoulders of huddled busloads of draftees arrived two hours later and entered a Side door while miss Baez and her group were being arrested. The picketing was organized and led by a group calling itself the civil action Day committee and claiming support of various other san Francisco Bay Are peace groups. Among the first arrested was mrs. Joan Baez Mother of the Singer. The demonstrators Range from youngsters to bearded san daled hippie types to Gray haired old women and some conventionally dressed Middle age men. They carried signs lettered with such slogans us hell no,1 won t go kill for peace and make love not War an picture posters of children sup Posedly killed in Vietnam

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