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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 16, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseMidway Tumin Pointin the Pacific japanese heavy Cruiser Mogami is soldering Hulk in aftermath of attack. Navy continued from Page is by dive bombers from the Hornet now on the scene. At 7 15 the Soryu went under twelve minutes later the Kaga slipped beneath the Pacific. Early june5 the Akagi was scuttled at 8 . The Hirayu did t give up. He attempted to Lead spruance into a night ship fight but the americans did t care to match guns with the mighty cruisers could t get to Midway in time for a night bombardment so Yamamoto cancelled that. On june 5 at 2 55 he sent a message occupation Ofaf Midway is the rest was a grim form of tidying up. Spruance s planes found two of the cruisers detailed to hit Midway Sank one the Rikuma. Another the Mogami was hit but made it Back to Truk. A the morning of june 6, the York town was still crazily afloat. The battered Carrier was under Tow when it. Cmdr. Yahachi Tanabe brought his sub Marine 1-168 to within 1,000 Yards. Six destroyers were on escort another the Hammann was alongside for Power to work the pumps. Hey look porpoises said co Joe Kisela in the Early sunlight. Two of the porpoises slammed int Yorktown another into the Ham Mann which Sank in three minutes. But the Yorktown Hung on. Dawnjune 7 showed the Carrier heeled to port. At 4 54 All ships half masted their colors writes lord All hands uncovered came to attention. Two patrolling pays appeared overhead dipped their wings in Salute. At 5 01, Well Down at the Stern the Yorktown slowly Sank from sight. There were the usual noises but to most of the men she went quietly with enormous dignity like the great lad she was the Battle of Midway was overwhelming Odds with the most meager equipment often a fearful self sacrifice a few determined men reversed the course of the War inthe a few determined men a Balky Cata Pult a desire for neatness. � leisurely cruises through Britain s extensive network of my canals Rivers Are becoming increasingly popular now rnfipfnf66" has an ounces plans to develop More than 1,400 gang 6 d Waterways As cruise ways for boating the cruise ways make it possible to travel from the River ret Lime a Ldla a to Yorkshire la Shire norths2 2lthe West country. The 1,400 Miles includes near y 1,100 locks 276 aqueducts 40 tunnels. The system goes from sea sol feet 3t a Whest p�i0t at g Anhar i ro11 the British Waterways Board information about them can be obtained from the Board Shea quarters at me Bury House me Bury Terrace London n w 1 of h night at the Hann a base officers club oct. 17 beginning at 8 . Travel films will a w featuring Africa photo safaris Tours of the Holya question answer period will follow the film showings is of 52 graphs made by Berlin artist Manfred Blunt to illustrate the american novel moby Dick by her at Munich Fol de Captain Ahab his Crew on their Long Hunt Tow old is a Vineyard the oldest in Germany Are prob 7 a those planted by the romans along the Neckar Rhineland Mosel Rivers in the first Century . But the oldest continuously harvested grape vines in Germany Are said to be those found in a Rhineland Pfalz Vineyard in the Village of Rhode near Landau. This Vineyard with vines As thick As tree trunks is More than300 years old produces Trainer grapes the 80-year-old owner of the vines says they yield wine Superior to the usual run of Trainer. The Vineyard is protected by Law has been entered in Chebook of Germany s National monuments. A Poga the International Trade fair featuring sporting goods camping equipment Garden furniture has signed More than 6w firms i from 40 nations to display their wares in oct. 20-22. Acc i s dear Ann Landers Summers Over but i would like to say a word to parents who May note paying much Atten to their Chil Dren because they think they arc Nice Normal kids. I was a play ground instructor for 10weeks. Play ground instructors have very Little authority Over the children. Al most every Day playground equipment disappeared acoustical tiles were knocked out of the ceilings carried off class projects were stolen be fore the paint had a Chance today. It is impossible to watch every child every minute never believed it was necessary until i became a playground instructor. Please Tell parents to Keenan Eye on what their children bring Home. If a kid turns up with a strange Ball Bat or other sports equipment he should be made to take it Back. Kids who Are allowed to keep things they have carried off get the idea that it s perfectly Allright to do so. Bug eyed at what kids steal dear Bug thank you for your letter. Small acts of dishonest when ignored encourage More Page 14 daring acts. Take heed parents. Dear Ann Landers Philadel phia Gram prompts this let Ter. She is the woman who sent her grandchildren Cash for birthdays Christmas an never received an acknowledge Niece Nephew were extremely negligent about let Ting me know they received my gifts. Sometimes their Mother would write of by the Way the kids sure like their Christmas one Day when they were visiting told my sister i was getting tired of wondering if my gift Shad arrived. She snapped of get with it. Thank you notes Are out of the children were present. I told her an the children that thank you notes weren t out of style Asfar As i was concerned that i was t going to Send anything else until i heard from them. That was several years ago they have never failed to write thank me for Ever gift since we had the under standing. We have a much warmer relationship now 1 have Only their love but their respect As Well. Aunt Margaret dear aunt you did those Chil Dren a bigger favor than you May realize. Burning in silence is no Way to improve a Situa Goren on Bridge Tion. I am a Strong believer inserting he record straight. Often people Don t know How you feel until you Tell them. Dear Ann Landers other shave aired their pet peeves in your column. May i when the phone rings i always drop everything answer it Assoon As possible. Sometimes i am unable to get to the phone until the fourth or fifth ring. If the caller has Hung up i get terribly upset wondering if i missed something important. It is exasperating when on runs from the attic or the base ment or the Garden the picks up the receiver hears a dial tone. Please Tell your Reader about the information which is printed in the front pages of the Telephone directory. It says the phone will ring 10 times in the space of one minute. I believe As a matter of Ordinary Cour Tesy a caller ought to give a person 60 seconds to get to the phone. Will you kindly pass the word nobody there dear . Here s your letter with it my pledge that in the future i will give the other party 10 rings before i hang up. I confess 1 did t realize 10rings was equivalent to 60 seconds. Thanks for telling me millions of others. 1907, publishers Hall Syndicate the stars stripes North South deals. North 442 vkj10932 0 j43 64 West eastaaj9 475 vaq84

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