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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 15, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseSunday october 15, 1967 the stars and stripes Page 5 Shim Pike probe May be widened Washington a a House subcommittee indicates it May extend to other cities its investigation of whether Safeway stores raised prices in poverty Are Asoh Days welfare checks and food Stamps Are Given out. The panel currently is probing the Chain s pricing policies in the Washington area. A House government operations subcommittee received conflicting testimony thursday from three Washington women who charged their Survey prove Safeway engaged in such practices and from Safeway official who denied it. I tend to think that the ladies made a very persuasive Case said chairman Benjamin s. Rosenthal . Rosenthal and rep. Henry , d-wis., told newsmen they thought the probe should be widened to include slum areas in such cities As los an Geles Cleveland and new York. Cd claim rep. William l. Dawson d-111., chairman of the full govern ment operations committee commended Rosenthal and pledged to the three women Well try to do something about the three Marguerite Kelly Janie Boyd and Lisa Schloss Berg made the Survey for thed. C. Democratic Central com Mittee. They said prices i three poverty area Safeway stores averaged 9.1 per Cen higher on sept. 1 than at six other Safeway stores for 10 selected items sold in All stores. The Federal Trade commis Sion is also looking into the charges but suspended its hear Ings thursday so Safeway officials could appear before Rosenthat panel. Price charts the women presented to the subcommittee charts purporting to show that prices on 10 item tended to Rise to a Peak at the first of the month when Wel fare checks and food Stamps Are distributed. Prices then would drop a few Days later to await the next month s distributions they contended. Basil Winstead Safeway Washington area manager and five local store managers de Nied any deviations from Safe Way s Standard Price could have occurred and said their records proved this. Informant the Rev. Delmar Dennis a itinerant preacher holds the Hood which he says he wore As a Kun Konx Klansman who was giving information to the Fri. He testified atthe trial in Meridian miss., of 18 klansmen charged in deaths of three civil rights workers. Psychiatrists termed bad suicide risks san Francisco a taking their own Medicine May be one reason psychiatrist commit More suicide than other people a neurologist suggest Dat a suicide seminar Friday. Or. Walter Freeman chief of neurology at Santa Clara county Hospital san Jose cited the prevalent notion that Only by undergoing a personal psychoanalysis can a physician be come a real Success in psychiatry. It is suggested Freeman said that the insistence upon thorough insight into one s own personality cannot be endured by All who would essay . Freeman said studies indicate that doctors of Medicine Are More prone to suicide than men in other occupations and psychiatrists appear to be at the top of the . Freeman spoke before about 600 persons attending Athree Day symposium sponsored jointly by san Francisco stat College and presbyterian medi Cal Center. One of defendants tells How rights Trio died signs May become All greek Gen. Says Athens up Interior min ister Stylianos Pattakos said sat urday that the government May outlaw foreign language signs outside shops and offices i Greece the move could make it hard for tourists to find their Way around but Brig. Gen. Pattakos colourful insect trap disappoints ufos fans Astoria Ore. A police said wednesday they received a dozen Calls saying a unidentified flying object was seen near Swenson East of Asto Ria. Officers found a four foot tall department of agriculture in sect trap which they said gives off a Blue glow at night. Said a tourist suggested the move. He showed newsmen a let Ter from a greek Canadian who visited his Homeland this sum Mer and complained that Withall the foreign language signs Athens looks like any other european he was right Pattakos said a special ministerial commission would take up the matter. Past campaigns against for eign language signs have been waged by Ultra nationalists an communists. Study groups have taken up the question during the past decade without reaching Street signs Are written Only in greek. Past efforts Mohave the latin alphabet equivalents posted for the Benefit of foreigners have failed. Anti Franco groups charge vote coercion Madrid up Spanish opposition groups spearheaded by the Christian democratic Union cd Friday bitterly accused the Franco government of frauds or irregularities in tuesday s parliamentary five provinces Soria Las Palmas Oviedo Logrono Andla Coruna provincial election bodies discussed formal com plaints aimed at invalidating local results of Spain s first pop ular elections in More than three 108 of 313 candidates were seeking election to family representative seats in the Cortes parliament. The turn out was reported to be 64.36 per cent. In a communique release from Soria the cd charged the closed totalitarian regime with several cases of coercion and even Strong suspicions of Raud in several polling stations in the Soria claimed that cd candidate Fidel Carazo Hernandez had gained 80 per cent of the votes in Soria town and 50 per Centin the province but was dropped from first to fourth place in the unofficial results. Soria s traffic director Luis to Roba was moved into the first spot from fourth place the cd communique alleged. Only the first two Candi dates in each province can be elected. Meridian miss. A Federal lawyers read a defend ant s signed statement picturing Backwoods murder of three civil rights workers then rested the conspiracy Case against 18 White men Friday. The defense began with a rap id presentation of witnesses including one of the men on trial Herman Tucker. He claimed he was Home in bed during the hour the Justice department says the victims were kidnapped shot an buried in 1964. Twenty four witnesses took the stand for the defense. . Dist. Judge Harold Cox granted a re Cess after defense attorney Mike Watkins said he had a number of other witnesses to Call. Statement read the prosecution topped its Evi dence1 with asst. . Atty. Doar Reading a statement from Horace Doyle Barnette defendant to the All White jury of seven women and five the judge s orders All but two names in the statement were deleted. As he read for seven minutes Doar repeatedly used the term Blank where names once Only mentioned the names of Barnette and a Jim e. Jordan 41, also indicted for conspiracy in the Case gave his Story of the deaths s statement told a Story of How Michael Schwerner,24, Andrew Goodman 20, both new York Whites and Jame Chancy 22, a Meridian negro were taken Down a gravel Road and shot to death. Grabs Schwerner Barnette was quoted As saying that someone ran past his halted car grabbed Schwerner spun him around and said Are you that Nigger Lover sir i understand How you feel the statement said Schwer Ner shot Schwerner it statement said Schwerner was shot As Blank had his hand on the worker s shoulder. Blank shot Goodman it continued. Save one for me the state ment said Jordan yelled. In the meantime Chancy was Landing on the opposite Side of the Road backing up it said. Jordan stood in the Middle of the Road and shot him the statement said. It added tha Barnette said he did not know How Many times Chaney was shot. The statement said the bodies were then taken to an earthen dam and that Barnette and an other person went looking for the Bulldozer operator when redid not arrive on time. It said the workers station Wagon Wasto be burned with gasoline. Afterwards the group Westback to Philadelphia miss., the statement said. It quoted an other person As saying anyone who talks evenly Barnette s statement said the group initially arrived in Phila Delphia about 9 30 p.m., the night of june 21, 1964, after gathering in Meridian. It Sai Barnette drove one of the cars. Blank stated we have place to Bury them and a Bull Dozer to cover them up the statement said. This was the first time i realized that the three civil rights workers were to be ill kill if it is marijuana could lose felony tag san Francisco a the Federal government is consider ing proposals to change its classification of marijuana from narcotic to dangerous drug according to the san Francisco newspaper said in Satur Day s editions that such consideration is going on at the highest Cabinet level and would remove Possession and use of marijuana from the felony Cate gory. The chronicle said a confidential position paper circulated within the department of health education and welfare Calls marijuana clearly a r e c r National the department paper includes h e following recommendation the newspaper said undertake a planned program of research to determine the pharmacological psychological social economic and political feasibility of removing present restrictions on the Sale and distribution of marijuana in the same fashion in which alcohol new pay scale Here is the new annual salary schedule for Federal employees other than those in the postal service As passed by the House wednesday by Grade and step within Grade Grade annual rates and Steps gs-1 $3,776 g8-2 4,108 gs-3 4,466 gs-4 4,995 g3-5 5,565 g8-6 6,137 gs-7 6,734 gs-8 7,384 gs-9 8,054 gs-10 8,821 gs-11 9,657 gs-12 11,461 gs-13 13,507 g8-14 15,841 qs-15 18,404 gs-16 20,982 gs-17 23,788 gs-18 37,055 2 $3,902 4,245 4,615 5,161 5,751 6,342 6,959 7,630 8,323 9,115 9,979 11,843 13,957 16,369 19,017 21,681 24,581 3 $4,028 4,382 4,764 5,327 5,937 6,547 7,184 7,876 8,592 9,409 10,301 12,225 14,407 16,897 19,630 22,3fco 25,374 4 $4,154 4,519 4,913 5,493 6,123 6,752 7,409 8,122 8,861 9,703 10,623 12.607 14,857 17,425 20,243 23,079 26,167 5 $4,280 4,656 5,062 5,659 6,309 6,957 7,634 8,363 9,130 9,997 10,945 12,989 15,307 17,953 20,856 23,778 26,960 6 $4,406 4,793 5,211 5,825 6,495 7,162 7,859 8,614 9,399 10,291 11,267 13,371 15,757 18,481 21,469 24,477 7 $4,532 4,930 5,360 5,991 6,681 7,367 8,084 8,860 9,668 10,585 11,589 1i,753 16,207 19,009 22,082 25,176 8 $4.658 5,067 5,509 6,157 6,867 7,572 8,309 9,106 9,937 10,879 11,91114,135 16,657 19,537 22,695 25,875 9 $4,784 5,204 5,658 6,323 7,053 7,777 8,534 9,352 10,206 11,173 12,233 14,517 17,107 20,065 23,303 26,574 10 $4,910 5,34 5,807 6,489 7,239 7,982 8,759 9,598 10,475 11,467 12,555 14,899 17,557 20,591 23,92

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