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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 15, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseSunday october 15, 1967 the stars and stripes s set pay s death Cam be explained cold w Alamos a Colo. A snippy the horse was not killed by a flying Saucer a scientist who examined the carcass said Friday. Or. Robert o. Adams of Colorado state University s col lege of veterinary Medicine an biomedical sciences said his investigation revealed nothing that could not be explained in Nat ural residents of this area including the 3-year-old Appaloosa s owners claimed snippy was a victim of a flying Saucer after judge adds 5 years to Man s life new York a because he wanted to Start the jewish new year with a clean slate a Brooklyn liquor store owner legally became five years older Friday. Joel Shuman once a prison Erin a nazi concentration Camp applied to a Federal court Mohave his Legal age changed from 38 to 43 and . District court judge George Rosling granted the request. Twenty years ago another judge this one polish had is sued a court ruling reducing human s age five years so he could qualify for a foreign stud program for polish youths 18 and under. Shuman went to England then came to the United states in 1953. His carcass was found with flesh stripped from the head and . Adams said his findings at this Point Are speculative but there was some evidence that severe infection had been pres in in the right flank that can kill a horse in a Short . Adams also said there was evidence that the skin in front of the shoulder had been incised. This could mean he said that someone found snippy Down and suffering and Cut his Throat to Dubuque Iowa up seven children told authorities thursday night that they saw a egg shaped object evidently preparing to land in the Back Yard where they were seated. The children members of the Richard Lamour and John Wai achy families said they were end the horse s . Adams said the incision could have attracted Birds another predators which stripped away the flesh from the Neckband head. Bacteria Birds and Coyote were responsible for the absence of organs in the abdominal cavity or. Adams said. Predators had eaten away part of the horse s Rump exposing the cavity he added. It was Normal under the circumstances that the brain cavity was devoid of fluid he said. Because All tissue was gone from the Skull the opening in the Back was exposed to Theair. Since the brain after death liquified in hours the fluid evaporated quickly in the warm Prairie air he was at least 30 Days after snippy s death before anyone examined the carcass and the longest that fluid could have remained would have been two weeks or. Adams know it s going to pop the Bubble or. Adams said but the horse was not killed by a see flying he said it appears that Light Ning can be ruled out As the cause of death. Mrs. Berle Lewis snippy owner said those findings did not explain the absence of blood on the ground absence of tracks in the area and a Strong Medici Nal odor in the area when snippy was found. Meanwhile two Alamosa businessmen have started a fund raising Campaign hoping to erect a Monument to snippy for making the town seated at a picnic table at about6 30 . When the object flew Over the area close to the ground. They described it As Silver and egg shaped with legs on the Bot Tom. They said it was the size of a Large picture window. They said that As they ran toward it it took off in a northerly direction near Clarke College. A similar object was reported sighted a few hours later by the Hal Block family of East Dubuque 111. Block told authorities he saw the object flying Over his Home and called the family outside to see it. Prospective fathers take a lot of kitting new York a Pap pacifiers Are now available to ease the anguish of being a neglected first time father. The importance of being father kits Are on Sale at a new York department Cost up to $18. Each is emblazoned with an Emblem of Warrior armed for Battle. It s a completely new concept for the Man who usually is left Only with the Bills the head aches and the questions of How re the wife and baby Aid a store spokesman. Circulation before becoming a papa the prospective father can play the Dice advice game which the store says is As accurate As any for predicting the sex of the baby. For use in the Hospital waiting room there s a father in wait ing kit Complete with flask Liston 2,000 possible names for baby puzzles and games. The recovery kit holds flask aspirin smelling salts a change Holder for pay Telephone Sand a few things to freshen up with. Back at Home with baby the new father May find the Teeth ing ring pacifier and diaper and pins in the practice and appeasement kit coming in Handy. There also is a father baby twin bottle kit for 4 . Feed ing with a flask for father and a bottle for baby. Phone numbers Germany Greece Berlin Civ 739308 Bremerhaven Civ 45341, Mil 7664 i Frankfurt Civ 06108-2047, Mil Offenbach 765 i Kaiserslautern Civ 5117, Mil Vogel Weh 7050 leghorn Mil Camp Darby 1465 my Helm Civ 871402, Mil rheingau 618 Spain Munich Civ 5165923, Mil 7356 Madrid Civ 2228290 ext 3011nuernberg, Civ 7766-17, Mil 6513 Madrid Civ 2228290, ext 3011 1 Stuttgart Civ 854225, Mil 7230 United kingdom Wiesbaden Civ 420779, Mil 28595 London Civ rules lip 32264, ext 127 judge gives go go sign to topless Ness Miami a a topless go go dancer with the unlikely but real name of Queen Victoria Vanilla Williams bounced one of Miami s last vestiges of the Vic Torian age into the history books Friday. In a two word ruling Crim Inal court judge Carling sted Man upheld miss Williams plea that Public exposure of the breasts need not always be inde cent. Not guilty the judge said and dismissed a disorderly con duct charge against the shapely Virgin islands native. Stedman s ruling came after he personally inspected a local topless. Night spot to see if the dancers of fended Public decency. Sheriff killer captured after 50-hour Hunt South Bend ind. Up Awill of the Wisp jail breaker who killed a sheriff and eluded massive posse for More than 50 hours was flushed from hideaway and captured Friday As he pleaded shoot me please shoot Arthur jes Lewis 29-year-oldaccused Saloon Bandit was surrounded and seized without a shot being fired when he tripped and fell on a playground in a desperate dash for Freedom. Police said Lewis of Gary,ind., readily admitted his identity and the killing of Pulaski county sheriff Milo Lewis 50, at Winamac ind.,wednesday. But he insisted he did not intentionally kill the sheriff they said. The search for the fugitive was one of the greatest in Northern Indiana since the celebrated break of desperado John Dillinger from the Crownpoint jail in 1934. Received tip a posse of state and Cit police sheriff s deputies and Federal Bureau of investigation agents routed Lewis from a douse after receiving a tip Thattie was hiding there. The unarmed Quarry ran Zigzag course through the West Side neighbourhood for 2y2dlocks. He dashed to the rear of a youth Center and started across its playground area. There Lewis tripped an sprawled to the ground. Apparently realizing he could no escape he shouted to police closing in to shoot resubmitted meekly when state Dolice detective sgt. Charles ofeery clamped Handcuffs on him. 4 filipinos to get choir for assault. Manila up a woman judge saturday sentenced four Young filipino men to death forthe forcible abduction and rape of a 24-year-old movie actress last june 26. The complainant was sultry Maggie de la Riva. The four accused Jaime Jose,21, Edgardo Aquino 26, Rogelio Canial 24, and Basilica pinedajr., 25stood stiffly As the decision was judge pronounced them guilty and sentenced them to die in the electric chair. All four of the youths Are Mem Bers of Well to do filipino fam Ilies. Well guarded for most of the time since Hermase broke into the open miss de la Riva has lived inside Awell guarded military Camp out Side Manila she has Only recently returned Home to live with her widowed charged that the four men forcibly dragged her out of he car As she was about to drive into her House and forced her into their own car. Later she was brought to a Motel where she testified in court each of the four took turns in assaulting her. The defense tried to refute the charge by saying miss de la Riva willingly went along with the four to a Motel to do a strip tease for a $250 fee. Court Springs thousands of speeders Washington a in what appears a chronic speeder s dream come True and a Bureau cratic Nightmare an appeals court has ruled invalid the convictions of thousands of washingtonians on driving District of Columbia court of appeals ruled thursday that anyone penalized Between 1949 and last feb. 1 on a charge of exceeding the posted Speed limit was incorrectly charged. The reason there was no such Law governing posted speeds. Subscribe now government housing Only Best Man has a heart of steel London up when actress Jill Bruce 25, and actor inventor Bruce Lacey 40, go married thursday their Best Man was a town Hall registrar made some remark about the robot be ing rather unusual but said it could stay for the the robot invented by the i Groom not Only stayed it served As the Best Man. It handed Over the ring at a signal from the radio transmitter around the Groom s neck. It kissed the Bride too with a Large set of foam rubber lips. Then the newlyweds and their Best Man walked outside the town Hall for the customary wedding photographs. It was Here that the Best Man further displayed versatility by empty ing confetti and playing her comes the Bride on its built in seems to be some doubt of the Best Man s sex s called Rosa bosom which stands for radio operated Simu lated actor Battery or standby operated Mains

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