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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 15, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseA decade in space Start recording dual frequency data -46min. Sensor detects planet Start recording Ultra Violet data -60min sensor detects Shadow line Antenna Angle changed 18 Deg 8 min end occultation begin occultation 5 min. Closest approach about 2,000 my. Omin. End recording 60 min. Play Back 14 hrs Caver Chart and drawing by Nasa diagram shows projected path of Venus probe Mariner v in close up on cover while inset details deductions made from earlier Mariner ii. Some time this week we May know whether Venus the planet is hot or cold wet or dry Friendly or forbid Ding. On oct. 19, a spider like instrument created by american scientists is expected to curve around the heavenly body at a distance of 2,000-Miles and peer through the heavy yellow Clou cover that has eternally veiled its mys by Sid Whipple staff writer a comparison of . And soviet attempts to probe Mars and Venus . Five attempts three failures two successes one pending Mariner v scheduled to pass Venus oct. 19 Russia 18 attempts 17 Mission fail ures one pending Venus 4 scheduled to reach Venus or its Vicinity around oct. 18. The soviet attempts include five successful launches of spacecraft whose radios went dead before they could re turn any planetary information teries. Fourteen hours later it will Tel the Earth by radio what it found there. The Small but Complex machine which left America four months ago on its 213 million mile Loop through space is manner v. It weighs 540 pounds has a Span of 18 feet when its solar panels Are extended and is 9% feet Long from its foot to the top of its longest radio Antenna. The russians also have a rocket on the Way to Venus due to arrive at its destination oct. 18, but the soviets have not revealed whether this is to pass the planet or drop to us surface Venus the third brightest object in the Earth s sky ranking Only behind the Sun and Moo also provided a mystery for ancient greek astronomers who thought the heavenly lady was really two different features in the evening they called her Hesperus and in the morning phosphorous. It was eventually determined that this morning and evening Star were but one and the romans labelled her Venus for their goddess of love and Beauty. This year s american space Experiment is a continuation of an exploration begun in 1962 by Mariner 11, which passed within 21,700 mites of Venus and relayed Back facts and figures some of which were regarded As important but for the most part the new probe is designed to answer a question debated by scientists for Cen Turies Are conditions on Venus such that any form of life either Plant or lower organisms can be supported among the reasons advanced for be Lief that life May exist on Venus is its dimensions closely approximate those of the Earth s. With Venus estimated Dia meter of 7,800 Miles compared to Earth s 7,927. It is speculated that the similarity in size As Well As the proximity of the two planets could justify the theory that life in some form maybe found on Venus. Venus in its orbit approaches close to us than another planet. Further analysis of data from space Craft and from ground and balloon observations has resulted in a shift of think ing by some previously sceptical. A recent National aeronautics an space administration Nasa report said it can be postulated that life May exist on Venus or in its atmosphere with a probability deserving of biological exploration. The pressure and temperature in the upper Clouds and the presence of Large quantities of Carbon dioxide and some water vapor Are clues which favo the possibility of the report noted the possibility of error in Mariner n readings which it called far from it said observations eradicate there Are mountains on Venus where lower temperatures might make it possible for lower forma of life to this theory other astronomers argue that Venus passes much closer to the Sun than Earth does at that its surface becomes too hot for any form of life to survive. Mariner is instruments indicated a surface tempera Ture of Between 800 and 800 degrees fahrenheit. Other readings Lead to the theory that Venus May be mountainous and that the temperature on some of i Speaks might drop As Low As 7ft degrees below Zero. _ he controversy has one heightened by recent scientific investigation into the possible presence of water in the form of vapor or crystals on of abound Venus la May of this year a Jet outfitted by the National aeronautics and space adm Stratton flew to height of 37.ww feet far above the Earth atmospheric water vapor wet instruments designed to measure vents water Content it Gerard Kuiper of the University of Arizona Leader of the expedition reported conclusive evidence that the True amount of water vapor on venue was one half of one billionth of the venusian atmosphere compared with one four Hundredth of the atmosphere on Earth. Kipper s conclusion was we know that the environment of Venus by our standards is very hostile. There is no water on the planet and the surface temperature is close to the melting Point of Lead and the boiling Point of Fulfur. So what kind of life could you have there Kuiper s figures however were i conflict with those of William Plummer and John Strong Johns Hopkins univer sity researchers who lofted balloons with instruments to a height of 87,00feetnearly three times As High As Kuiper s Jet and found definite Evi Dence of water vapor on Mariner v s visit to Venus it is hoped Witt Settle the argument. Mariner v carries no camera but its payload includes Many instruments car ried by Mariner in to the planet reaching the Vicinity of Venus these instruments will provide data on the properties of the atmosphere. An Ultra Violet photometer will measure two ele ments Hydrogen and oxygen. Tempera Ture cant be deduced from these measure ments. From data radioed Back to Earth bythe flying traveler other important facts May be determined. Among them Are the presence or absence of a magnetite Belt similar to that which girdles the Earth More accurate figures on the mass not Only of Venus but of the Moon and the Earth More information on the Day by Day positions of Venus the Earth and other celestial bodies As they hurtle around the Sun. Page 10 i the stars and stripes sunday october 15, 1967

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