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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - October 12, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePago 4 population Boom keep expanding by Joseph r. Coyne Washington a the United states will Mark two historic events next month a 200-million population and its Long est economic took the nation until 1915 to reach its first 100 million peo ple and until 1950 to pass 150 million. If the economic Boom continues through next month and economists see it expand ing Well into 1968 it will Mark 81 months of expansion the longest Ever. The present record is 80months, extending through world War ii. The current expansion began in february 1961. The Boom has t been with out its troubles. It took two tax cuts in the Early 1960s to keep the stars and stripes study urges new approach to liquor thursday october 12, 1967 it going and a tax increase Las year suspension of the 7 per cent investment tax credit to prevent it from going ahead too fast. The Boom took a breather Dur ing the first half of this year but economists count it As Parton the expansion. Now the Johnson administration wants Congress to approve a 10 per cent surcharge on individual and corporate income taxes to slow Down what it believes will be excessive growth which the administration con tends will result in inflation. The Boom is partly the pro duct of the so called new economics the philosophy that the Economy can be regulated by raising or lowering taxes an Federal spending. Some government economist contend the very existence of the new economics is at stake in the fight Over the surcharge bogged Down in congressional demands for spending cuts of $5 billion. James s. Duesenberry member of the president s Council of economic advisers said the current expansion has not Only been Long but very rapid As Well. Since Early 1961, he said the nation s output of goods and services the Gross National product has grown by $182 million when adjusted for Price increases a Rise of nearly 38 per cent or More than 5 per cent yearly. The Commerce depart ment is expected to report with in the next few Days that thegne is approaching an annual rate of $790 billion. Government figures also show that americans As individuals have More Money than they Didin 1961 and can fill a larger mar Ket Basket with it despite inflation. Income after taxes totalled $1,-983 for every Man woman and child in the nation in 1961 an reached $2,716 for each of the nearly 200 million americans be tween april and june of this year. Even figuring in inflation there was still a $481 Advance. Positive boozing9 is stressed by Joan Hanauer new York up a government financed study has concluded that an ounce of prevention or whiskey is Wortha Pound of prohibition Laws in handling America s drink prob lems. The report released wednes Day and endorsed by the National Council of churches proposes that americans accentuate the positive aspects of drinking within a social situation and eliminate the negative lures of boozing As a for Bidden Delight or pleasure to be indulged in for its own it also makes such startling proposals As lowering the drinking age to 18 As a transition step to Ward eliminating Legal age barriers in the Sale of alcoholic beverages. Liberalizing the method i which alcoholic beverages Are advertised in mass Media Al lowing alcohol consumption to be shown in family settings letting people in ads including women be portrayed actually drinking and generally portray ing drinking As a family rather than a bar room occupation. Making alcoholic beverage available to Young people at adult supervised activities Suchias Church functions. These and other specific suggestions were made in the re port alcohol problems report to the nation pre pared by a panel of expert forming the cooperative com Mission on the study of alcoholism. If the suggestions seem sur prising it is because attitudes toward drinking in the unite states have been shrouded by hypocrisy guilt feelings an the emotional hangover of the Chiang cheered nationalist China presi Dent Chiang Kai Shek Waves his hat to acknowledge the cheers from thousands of soldiers and trend to continue citizens during chinese National Day at Taipei Formosa. With him at the ceremonies is mrs. Chiang. Up photo doctors9 fees soar in 966 Washington a Doc tors fees in the United states which have increased spectacularly in the last year Are Likely to continue rising sharply government officials said wednesday. And doctors incomes to among professions Are in creasing even faster than their fees. The medical Cost Outlook forthe american Public appears grim. The demand for doctors services is expected to in crease by one third Between 1965 and 1975, according to report on medical costs submitted to president Johnson earlier this year. The Supply of doctors for the period is expected to increase by Only 17 per cent and not even that much for family Doc tors. As demand runs ahead of the Supply of doctors the report says this exerts pressure which leads them to raise fees. Doctors fees increased forbears at about the same Pace As wages. But in 1966, the jumped 7.8 per cent. And the latest Bureau of labor Statis tics figures show an increase of 8.9 per cent from august1966 to August this year. Doctors incomes apparently have been rising much faster because they work More and because of medicare. Under medicare doctors can charge full fees to elderly patient Many traditionally had under charged. The same is True Forlow income patients qualifying for the new medicaid program. Reliable figures on doctors salaries Are scarce. The Bureau of labor statistics admitting its information is sketchy says the annual income of doctor sin private practice in 1966 appears to be Between $20,000 and$27,000 generally. Doctors Are paid under med icare on the basis of what they say is their reasonable and Cus Tomary fee. Several private health officials say this is an open ended invitation to higher fees. 50-year-old Battle Between wets and the report and the position taken by the National Council of churches and an increasing number of religious groups in the United states cites Statis tics on alcohol problems. It Calls for cooperation of wets and Drys to solve the Amer ican drinking the statistics note that70 per cent of All americans drink a figure which include canadians As Well As . Citizens. The majority do so with out becoming problem drink ers. But the report also notes that in 1965 slightly less than one third of arrests in the unite states were for Public Drunken Ness. There also were More than 250,000 arrests for Drunken driving plus hundreds of thou Sands of arrests for alcohol based crimes such As disorderly conduct. More shocking to some Andone reason Why the Preven Tion suggestions of the report receive top priority Are the figures that outline teenage drinking. They leave no doubt that drinking and attitudes to Ward alcohol consumption be Gin Early. The study states that More than 75 per cent of High school students report the have had alcoholic beverages More than once before graduation and one third say they drink with some this despite the fact that the Legal drinking age is 21 inmost states and 18 in the rest. Specific recommendations inthe report for changing drink ing patterns include reducing the emotional stand the wet is. Dry approach to alcoholic beverages clarifying and emphasizing the distinctions Between acceptable and unacceptable drinking discouraging drinking for its own Sake and encouraging its Inte Gration with other activities and assisting Young people to adapt themselves realistically to a predominantly drinking the latter would include the eventual abolition of age restrictions on drinking the of Fering of alcoholic drinks Dur ing properly supervised activities and alcohol education in schools. The report proposes establishment of a National organization to help Chang drinking patterns a Federal interdepartmental committee and leadership in this Effort a permanent committee within the department of health education and welfare a Centerton alcoholism within the National Institute of mental health and funds to Aid states and communities in planning programs to work with problem drinkers. European edition col. James w. Campbell Usa. Editor in chief it. Col. F. S. Michael jr., Usan. Deputy editor in chief Eduora Hnry r Epson. Production manage Henry r. Epstein. Circulation manager an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed forces published by the commander in chief . European command and printed daily at Darm Tadt Germany. Military address the Start and stripes Apo 09175. International mail the stars and str pet Postrach 1034, 61-Darmstadt, Germany. Tel Griesheim c prefix 08155 2071 j m Darmstadt air strip prefix 2376 71. New York office 641 Washington St. New York 10014, Tel area code 212 620-5771. Second class postage paid at new York . ". The United states s an open society in us a the people s right to know is cherished and i run deut j and a it. Johnson

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