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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 8, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 2 the stars and stripes sunday october 8, 1967 administration denies plan to invade North Washington up the Johnson administration startled by a democratic senator Scharge that it is under Pentagon pressure to invade North Viet Nam was on record quickly with a denial and a declaration that no consideration is being Given to such a is no question that an invasion is being seriously considered sen. Vance Hartke of Indiana told up Friday. Presi Dent Johnson is under increasing pressure to do Nightfall the Pentagon said no consideration is being Given by the department of defens Eto an invasion of North Viet state department officials concerned and somewhat sur prised at the c u r re n c y that Hartke s charge appeared to get abroad emphasized that the Pentagon spoke for the administration in the matter. Hartke contended the pattern of past escalations is being repeated a contrived leak atrial balloon a carefully worded Pentagon claimed that Henry Cabot Lodge former ambassador to South Vietnam had sent up the trial balloon in Pittsburgh where he was reported As advocating an invasion. Lodge has denied making such a is known that invasion of the North was one of several contingency alternatives under study recently when the Marine sat con Thien and other outposts just South of the demilitarized one Doz were being bombarded by intense artillery fir coming from across the zone. There Are in the words of on military source contingency plans for invading just about any place you can think defense department sources said there Haj been no indication that the joint chiefs of staff had actually recommended invading North Vietnam. Furthermore in the last few Days the artillery pounding has been sharply reduced under con Stant Aerial bombing by b52s. One of the alternatives studied was a Marine assault into the Northern half of the demilitarized one or into North Vietnam it self to break up the artillery positions. Marines have made forays into involved in . Kidnapping top soviet agent identified by John o. Koehle new York a the mys Tery russian official involved inthe recent hassle Over a Young soviet scientist in London was identified Friday As the top secret police agent who handle the release of american u2 Pilot Francis Gary positively identify the Man As Ivan Alexand Rovitch Schisch Kin with whom i negotiated the Exchange of Powers and col Rudolf Abel new York at Torney James b. Donovan revealed that . Intelligence officials believe Schischkin to be the head of operations in Western Europe for Kab the soviet secret police. He guessed that Schischkin rank was either major general or perhaps even lieutenant Gen eral. Top cases they Are obviously using him on their top cases Donovan told the associated press. Schischkin s name cropped Upin London sept. 16 when British police pulled or. Vladimir Kachenko off a Moscow bound so Viet Airliner charging the physicist had been drugged and kid , 25, had been study ing in Britain. He was seen being forced into a car identified As belonging to the soviet embassy in London. He was driven to the Airport. Scotland Yard was alerted and the departure was was speculation never confirmed that the soviets we retrying to forestall what might have become a defection. The soviets protested angrily claim ing the physicist was a mental Case. Not Long after British authorities released Kachenko and he was flown to soviet official identified As Consul Ivan a. Shishkin Wassail to have arranged the de sen. Morse to support lbs in 968 Washington a Morse d-Ore., indicated Friday he will support presi Dent Johnson for re election. While criticizing Many John son policies Morse told the sen ate that nevertheless he prefers to take my chances with the president As compared with potential Republican nominees. Morse who himself is up for election next year has been critical of Vietnam me say when i compare this Man with any of the offer Ings of the party of the opposition Morse said " will still take my chances with my presi Dent despite my disappointment with the course of action he is following in respect to the budget and. Aspects of foreign parture. Speculation had it that he was the same Man involved in the Exchange of Powers Zorabel convicted in the United states As a soviet spy. The offi Cial s last name was spelled differently reporter identified Schischkin from a photograph showing two soviet officials drag Ging Kachenko Back to the so Viet embassy. We had met Many times incest and East Berlin in 1962 and 1963, where Schischkin said hews an assistant press attache at the soviet embassy. His Busi Ness card identified him As a second Secretary. It was com Mon knowledge however that he was the Man who handled the Powers Abel Exchange for the establish the identity be revealing photo this is the sept. 18 photo from which attorney James Donovan identified i. A. Schischkin right As a top soviet secret police agent. A photo Pond doubt the photograph was shown to Donovan who pointed to Schischkin without , who also handled the release of the men imprisoned in Cuba after the Bay of pigs invasion negotiated with Schisch Kin in East Berlin for More than a week in february 1962. The lawyer was the court appointed attorney for said the fact that Schischkin who Speaks flawless English German and swedish besides his native russian was involved indicated strongly that the British suspicion of Kachenko s kidnapping was justified All along. Importance betrayed an indication of Schischkin s stature in the soviet Hierarchy Isan incident which occurred in the presence of this reporter at the soviet embassy in East Berlin four years ago. I was waiting for Schischkin Inan anteroom. Also in the room was a soviet army brigadier general. When Schischkin entered the general stood up Andall but snapped to attention. Schischkin dismissed him with and. I thought at the time that the general s deference to a second Secretary of whom there were at least a dozen was revealing. Shrewd intelligent Donovan describes Schischkin As a highly intelligent an shrewd negotiator. During their negotiations Schischkin insisted Abel was merely a poor East German who got into trouble in America and that the soviet Union was acting Only on humanitarian grounds. He dismissed As ridiculous the . Charge that Abel was in fact a soviet intelligence colonel. Abel admitted his spy activities in a soviet Magazine article and during a broadcast Over radio Moscow last year. Alarm system not on during Dupont Miami Fla. A Willis Harrington Dupont confessed Friday that the ultramodern electronic alarm system at his b a y f r o n t mansion was switched on when the most expensive Holdup in Miami s his tory occurred. We forgot to turn it on Dupont said. The system remained silent thursday when five armed men slipped through an unlocked Patio door to grab $1.5 million i rare coins including part of the russian collection Worth $1 million. The alarms were on again Fri Day at the Dupont estate and a private detective was ready Topay Cash for the coins. The detective maintained a frustrating Vigil beside a silent phone. The detective William Stanton was hired by Dupont As the go Between ready to set up a ran som Exchange with the robbers. Miami police say the armed robbers entered the mansion through an unlocked Patio door which Dupont acknowledged sometimes fails to russian coins including every Coin struck from Peter thereat s reign in 1721 until the russian revolution 50 years ago were originally collected by Prince George Mikhailovich director of the Hermitage museum in Leningrad in the final decades of czarist Rule. Phantom of the Airport London up the phantom announcer of London Airport struck again Friday. Ears perked up All Over the sprawling Airport As the voice on the Loudspeaker announced the plane standing at platform three will land at London Bridge Char ing Cross and the three Are London s chief railway commuter stations. It s not the first time it s happened. But Airport authorities say quite frankly they re other Day the voice told Airport passengers owing to technical trouble there will be a three hour delay on the flight Tonew York unless any passenger can Supply us with a Large the Southern half of the Doz but have never crossed the Ben Hai River which defines the Centero the 6-mile-wide zone. Administration officials have always said there were Strong policy arguments against Dis Patching troops into the North and have emphasized that such action could Widen the War through russian or communist chinese intervention. Several hour after administration sources but not the defense or state departments a such had denied Hartke s charges up questioned Hartke further. He contended that plans for possible invasion of North Viet Nam have been around foursome not Only Lodge Hartke said but also it. Gen. Lewis Walt former Marine corps command Erin Vietnam and now Deputy chief of staff for manpower have mentioned the possibility of invasion if the need . Walt said it was a Dis service to deny that we May in Vade the North Hartke said. Until ambassador Lodge and Gen. Walt mentioned it no one had even suggested we May Beo Lanning an he added. But we should recall that administration denials have pre Nervd All other said he was hopeful it would not happen since All other escalations so far have resulted in additional escalations by theother Side More casualties greater alienation of our allies continuing neglect of unfinished business at senators rarely comment on each other s statements unless the statements reflect a genuine departure from established views or possible new solution for Long standing problems. But on the specific subject of Hartke s charges the general feeling As indicated by informal questioning was one of accepting the administration senators including the Hawks that have been pressing for escalation of the War say the situation would have to be considerably More desperate than it is now for such a step to be seriously contemplated. A spokesman for sen. Thruston Morton a Republican who has been urging restraint in . Pol icy said Morton has never Given serious consideration to theser mors of invasion plans. Hartke was the organizer of group of 16 senators who earlier this year sent a letter to Johnson urging a halt to the bombing and de escalation of the said he still believes strongly in this is the president who is the dissenter now who is dissenting front the will and the opinion of the american people he election of 1964 was a Man Date for peace. We Are now Fol lowing the policies of former sen. Barry Goldwater. Who now pro claims Iii support of or. John son s escalation of the weather h l 55 44 79 53 86 64 84 57 65 54 57 51 50 42 50 41 56 52 59 53 56 50 65 52 53 47 89 66 87 64 87 71 63 55 88 61 63 30 78 61 86 58 68 58 . T my erasures Albany Albuquerque Amarillo Atlanta Birmingham Boston Buffalo camper Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland de Moines Detroit Elpaso fort Worth Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Lac vegas los Angeles Louisville h 58 52 Milwaukee 61 41 Minneapolis 86 56 new Orleans 68 55 new York 59 46 North Platte 88 66 okla. City 66 59 Philadelphia 89 64 Phoenix 5$ 48 Pittsburgh 55 47 Portland me 65 50 Portland Ore. 56 48 rapid City 67 25 Reno 80 60 Richmond 61 58 St. Louis 80 70 Tampa 59 43 Salt Lake 84 65 san Antonio 75 55 san Diego 70 58 san Francisco 88 61 Seattle 88 61 Shreveport

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