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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 5

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Darmstadt, HesseSunday october 4, 1970 the stars and stripes Page 5 White House shaves defense budget boost by William Beeche Washington it White House has told the Pentagon to plan on seek ing an increase in defense spending next year but considerably smaller than it had been counting on. The new presidential guidance Issue within the last few weeks Calls for a spending level of $74.5 billion. This i almost $1 billion More than officials expect to spend on the military this it is Well Over $4 billion below earlier administration guidance give officials working on the budget that will go to Congress in of inflation and a variety of pay increases the higher budget would finance a considerably diminished de sense establishment officials say wit continuing Sharp cuts in the number of Active duty troops planes and defense Secretary David Packard in an interview said top de sense officials were troubled by the new directive. We re going to be very severely pushed to come within the new ceiling he said. While the administration has asked for $71.8 billion in defense spending for the current fiscal year officials printout that actual expenditures including pay increases already voted by con Gress should raise the total to about �/3.6 billion. This compares with $78.6 billion two years ago and $77.8 billion last year. Thus the next defense budget if i goes to Congress at the presently contemplated level would represent the first upturn in military spending after a series of annual the recent White House Deci Sion the Pentagon had been working Upa proposal of $79 billion for the fiscal year starting next july 1. About $3 Bil lion of this was to have provided for most Omi ving pay raises and additional increases for servicemen in the lower ranks to increase the attractiveness of military careers and thus reduce dependence on the placed administration officials said that final decisions will not remade until next month but that the out lines of the budget Are already apparent. They said it is Likely to be based on the following but about 40,000 to 50,000 of the 390,000 troops in Vietnam will be with drawn and Many will be released from service during the new fiscal year opening the Way for cuts in the Active duty forces of anywhere from 400,000 to600,000 men. The higher number could be reached by eliminating Many of the400,000 training and Supply jobs in the United states associated with the Effort in Vietnam. The Navy scheduled to reduce it attack aircraft Carrier Force to 14 i the current fiscal year ending june 30 the first time it has fallen below 15 carriers in More than 10 years May lose two More and possibly some anti submarine carriers. The air Force and Navy will each lose several squadrons of Vintage Jet fighters. Planes will be turned Over tothe air National guard and air re troop cuts and base Clos Ings will take place in Thailand Japan and the Philippines. No decision has yet been made on whether to Cut backing West Germany As Well. Defense planners say that inflation alone will add about $1.5 billion to the Cost of goods and services during the next budgetary year. Sophisticated new weapons such As Jet aircraft helicopters and tanks Cost considerably More than they did a few years ago. In addition the administration Hopes to add anywhere from $2 billion to $5 billion inlay raises. With such factors pushing up spending estimates the anticipated savings resulting from the cutback in Vietnam Are not sufficient to maintain even current Force Levels officials say. Poultry plants roasted for soggy chickens Washington up too much water in a supermarket Chicken Means added weight and higher Cost to the the agriculture department plans to insist that the Birds be drip dried if necessary to meet Federal moisture regulations. The new policy announced Friday grew out of a 1969general accounting office report which cited 44 poultry plants for exceeding moisture tolerances on their processed Birds. All marketed poultry contains some water because the Birds Are chilled in an ice Bath after Slaughter to kill Bac Teria. But the amount of water remaining in the poultry i regulated by Law. In ice packed Chicken for example the limit is 12 per cent added new rules which take effect Jan. 4, empower Federal inspectors to test poultry at least every Day for moisture con tent. If a Batch of Birds is too soggy it can be held for drying before being sent to the Market. Sgt. David Mitchell 1st court martial in my Lai Case will begin tuesday at it. Hood it. Hood Tex. Up . David Mitchell charged with intent to murder 30vietnamese civilians in the alleged my Lai massacre Goeson trial tuesday in a newly remodeler military will be the first Soldier court Martiale on charge arising from the 1968 incident. His attorneys Ossie of Baton Rouge la., and cats. James Bowdish and Thomas Parachini of it. Hood have challenged virtually every phase of the military Justice system from selection of courts to the constitutionality of military have succeeded in getting a new court martial panel to hear the Mitchell Case and perhaps in getting the government to be More specific in saying in Advance exactly what they Hope to prove Mitchell did at my new panel comprises two colonels one lieutenant colonel two majors three captains and two first lieutenants Mitchell defense team disclosed Satur Don t think they followed the recommendations of the military judge Brown said. There Are no warrant officers or no second Brown the Fla Shily dressed civilian who Heads the defense team says col. George s decision to recommend a new court martial pane was unprecedented in military Finch assails pornography panel report Washington a Whitehouse counsellor Robert h. Finch accused the presidential commission on pornography Friday of condoning utter Finch said the commission was set up by former president Lyndon b. Johnson and staffed predominantly by persons appointed by As a Parent and private citizen and As an offi Cial of the Federal government this report concerns me deeply Finch said in an official White House least by implication the majority of the commission members recommended that permissiveness be sanctioned and even promoted As an offi Cial National policy he invoke the name of Freedom to condone utter License in the area of such behaviour and morality. I reject this approach totally he said. It represents the abdication of parental and adult guidance of the Young until such time a they Are competent to make these critical decisions for themselves. In common with what i believe to be the Over whelming majority of american people i Challenge and condemn such counsels of irresponsibility he said. Prosperity per led expert says return to old values called vital new York not perhaps you be heard a Story like this. The irate customer brings his new car Back to the dealer several times complaining about a mysterious rattle. Bafflement turns to Shock when it is discovered that production line worker had deliberately welded the gasoline tank together with a pop bottle inside. Such shenanigans do not Shock Robert n. Mcmurry. He deplores this kind of thing Smuch As anyone but he has come to expect it As a personnel consultant and head of the Mcmurry co. In Chicago. He Isa student of employees go to hell attitudes. Mcmurry has a doctorate i psychology and is a prolific writer on business topics. His paper in defense of the protestant ethic has been submitted to the Harvard business review for possible publication. Mcmurry says he believes the nation s value system has been drastically eroded with permissive attitudes replacing the calvinist or protestant ethic and their victorian overtones. He blames life As portrayed on television where hedonism and self indulgence Are exalted along with crime violence and sexuality. Mcmurry says value systems Are internalized and hard to change except under condition sin which the worker s Peers share the old values. You la find such people he says by and Large in Rural or Small City environments in mid America and in the South rather than on the West coast especially in California and the East coast Between Norfolk and Boston. Voters favor ted9 2-1, for senate9 poll says Boston up sen. Edwardm. Kennedy holds a 2-to-l margin Over his Republican opponent inthe november election according to a poll published saturday inthe Boston Globe. The poll conducted by Hebecker research corp. Between sept. 17 and 22, shows the demo cratic senator with 57 per cent and Josiah a. Spaulding with 29per cent. Fourteen per cent were undecided As to How to vote inthe Senate contest. Spaulding made a slight gain from a similar poll in May which gave Kennedy 60 per cent an Spaulding 25 per cent. The division was largely along party lines. He says people reared i areas of conflicting cultures Are not Likely to accept the protestant ethic. They Are Likely to be somewhat confused an alienated in their values since they have been subjected to widely varying and conflicting ideologies. Mcmurry is protestant but he stresses protestant Type values As opposed to values strictly associated with protestant denominations. Threat of disaster he believes that these value shave contributed to the building of America into the colossus it i today. But he sees disaster if the old values Are not restored. Look at Russia China an Japan he says. Protestant Type values Are in Vogue there and these nations Are beginning to Prosper As a result. If we Don return to the old values he says Well wind up emulating South America or Indian society with their Low standards of living for All but a few. Mcmurry s thrust is aimed a helping employers find employees with the old values and where the values Are weak or mixed with the new he suggests ways to bring out the old. military judge in effect dismissed the court martial panel selected by the command ing general of the 1st armore division maj. Gen. William desobry and asked desobry Topick new men for the Job. The judge did t order a new panel which in army circles would have been considered a affront to desobry but his i aides indicated he might change the venue of the court martial unless he was assure Mitchell could get r. Fair trial at it. had alleged in a pretrial motion that lieutenant were systematically excluded from the original court martial panel. 7 criteria in his recommendations Robinson set out seven specific criteria for selection of the new proposed that the new panel from which the court trying Mitchell will be selected not exclude any class of persons that the panel include a Cross Section of rank an that it be made up if possible of officers who were outside the United states when the my Lai incident was making headlines. The court martial panel will be made up of a dozen or More officers five to nine of whom will sit on the Case. Mitchell the son of minister from St. Francisville la., sat quietly through seven Days of Long pretrial sessions speaking Only when questioned by the judge and occasionally whispering to one of his attorneys. His attractive wife has been at most of the sessions and the two talk in Low tones during court recess. Jordan still Hunts for guerrilla chief Amman not jordanian authorities Are Hunting for George Habash the left win commando chief despite the cease fire Between the troop Sand the guerrillas army sources said sources said the authorities had maintained the re Ward of $15,000 offered for the capture of Habash the Leader of the left Wing popular front for the liberation of palestine.,they said the Reward would be paid Only if Habash were found alive

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